Monday, February 29, 2016

Friday night family fun, at the Fleetwood Skating Rink. 7231 West Archer Avenue in Summit Illinois. February 26th, 2016.

                                          Hi Everyone!

                                        This is Eddie K, Your host and photographer here at
                                         Eddie's Railfan Page.

                                        Aside from my interests in trains and other transportation
                                        subjects, I am also an avid skating enthusiast as well.

                                       Just recently, I began hosting a skating page site on Facebook
                                       entitled "The Skaters Photo Rink."

                                      Be sure to visit this fun and very family friendly Facebook site.

                                      Eddie K. Fellow railfan and inline roller blader skate fan.

A southbound Belt Railway of Chicago switching local passing through Hawthorne Junction. Chicago / Cicero Illinois. March 1987.

Snow Plow With Steam! - Dampfschneeschleuder am Berninapass

A westbound Canadian National Railroad freight train, waits on a hold order. Berwyn Illinois. Late December 2015.

Photographed just east, of the Riverside Drive railroad crossing.

Trains Of The Southern Pacific Railroad - 1950s Transportation Film - S...

An inexpensive used Life Like H.O Scale 0-4-0T "Dockside" steam locomotive, pulls a short freight train across the tall steel trestle.

I took this photograph recently, at the Oak Park Society of Model
Engineers,H.O Scale Model Railroad Club in Oak Park Illinois.
What would normally be considered a cheap, toy train set type
of locomotive, turned out to be a surprisingly good performer
on the club's large model train layout. With a two car freight
train in tow, which was typical for a small industrial steam
locomotive switcher like this back in the day, this little engine
put on a mighty fine performance that night.
A prototypical short line that once owned a similar 0-4-0T
steam locomotive , was the Illinois Midland Railroad.

Monday, February 22, 2016

The soon to be demolished Evergreen Park Aqua Club on South Troy Avenue. Evergreen Park Illinois. Saturday, February 20th, 2016.

After several decades in operation, the locally popular
Evergreen Park Aqua Club, will seen be having a date
with a demolition contractor. Preparations are already
in place, at this fun local suburban neighborhood seasonal
family entertainment venue, in Chicago's south suburbs.

A Union Pacific Railroad freight train, entering the west end of Proviso Yard. Northlake Illinois. January 2016.

Life Like H.O Dockside 0-4-0 T with short freight.

A Kansas City Public Service Company electric streetcar in 1955.

After disappearing from the streets of Kansas City Missouri
in 1957, new modern light rail articulated streetcars, will
soon be operating in downtown Kansas City Missouri.

Plandampf 2013, steam locomotives on freight duties in Germany

An inexpensive Life like H.O Scale 0-4-0T "Dockside" steam switcher locomotive, pulls a short freight train.

Photographed on Friday night, January 19th, 2016, at the
Oak Park Society of Model Engineers,H.O Scale Model
Railroad Club in Oak Park Illinois.

For a cheap little locomotive associated with Children's
toy train sets, this little locomotive performed quite -
surprisingly well on the model railroad club's mainline,
with a short two car train in tow, much like the prototype.

Friday, February 19, 2016

A 1940's era color photograph, from the Chicago, North Shore And Milwaukee electric interurban railroad.

Illinois Central & GTW Geeps Switching Markham Yard, Homewood, IL, 04.21.13

A Classic ornate, polished American 4-4-0 steam locomotive from the 1870's era.

An unrepainted former Pennsylvania Railroad 1960's era plug door box car. Photographed in May of 1978. Charles Bowyer Photograph.

Although railroad companies merge eventually. sometimes it
may take a good while, perhaps several years...before some
equipment from the former railroad /railroads are repainted.
In the year of 1968, the New York Central and Pennsylvania
railroad companies merged and became the Penn Central R R.
By the early 1970's...the Penn Central and several other  -
Northeastern United States railroad companies were in a bad
state of bankruptcy, and were bailed out and reorganized by the
U.S Government, thus becoming Conrail in 1976.
Technically, this could be a Conrail train in this photograph,
but ten years after the 1968 merger, this 1960's era PRR -
plug door box car is still rolling around in it's original
markings and color scheme in Conrail service.

RPSI No. 85 'Merlin' with the Steam Enterprise - 7th June 2015

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Eddie's Railfan Page celebrates it's 10th Anniversary!

Thank you for all the support fellow Railfans!

Westbound CTA Skokie Swift train. Feb 3rd, 2011.

A 1960's era Gulf, Mobile & Ohio Railroad local freight train, passing the junction tower.

Photographed at the Oak Park Society of Model Engineers,H.O
Scale Model Railroad Club in Oak Park Illinois.

Your host and photographer Eddie K enjoying some wintertime roller blading. Mc Cook Illinois. Late January 2016.

A somewhat mild winter for Chicago in 2016, has given
me the unusual opportunity, of enjoying some outdoor
roller blading early in the year. Normally unheard of this
time of the year, in the greater Chicagoland area.

Trains at Rondout, IL 3/27/97 Part V(w/crane and Pepsi Can)

A westbound Metra local commuter train. Elmwood Park Illinois. January 2016.

I took this quick snap shop photo in traffic, through my
quickly opened driver side window while I was stopped.

A Self propelled Sperry Rail Services track inspection car at Chicago Ridge Junction. Chicago Ridge Illinois. May 1990.

First run of WW&F #9