Monday, February 27, 2006

Eastbound Santa Fe transfer train at 60th street and Narraganset Avenue. September 1988.

We are looking east from Narraganset Avenue and 60th street near Chicago's Midway Airport.
Sunset is now approaching on this fine late summer day in 1988. The second diesel unit in tow, an EMD GP30 from 1963, has been hastily repainted into a proposed merger color scheme that did not materialize. The Santa Fe and the Southern Pacific were getting ready to merge in the mid 1980's...but the Interstate Commerce Commision ruled "No". The two Railroads went their seperate ways corporately. The Union Pacific Railroad Merged / Bought out the Southern Pacific in the mid 1990's, and the Burlington Northern Railroad merged/ Bought out the Santa Fe shortly after that.

Eastbound Santa Fe transfer train with caboose. September 1988.

It is a beautifull late summer evening in 1988. We are looking east from Narraganset Avenue at 60th Street near Chicago's Midway Airport. An eastbound Santa Fe Transfer run is seen traveling over the Belt Railway of Chicago tracks. The Freight train has just left the BRC's Clearing Yard a few minutes ago, and is now heading to the Santa Fe's Corwith yard. This photograph was blessed with beautifull sunset skies approaching this evening. Cabooses were starting to vanish around the time Took this photograph.

The Merger that never Materialized. April 1987.

We are looking northeast on Archer avenue at 47th Street. In this sunset photograph we see a quartet of Santa Fe diesel locomotives backing down the south hump at Santa Fe's Corwith Yard on Chicago's Southwest Side. The 2 lead units were hastily painted into a proposed merger color scheme , pending a big merger with the Southern Pacific Railroad in the mid 1980's. The two Rail carriers had been talking of merging, and even painted several diesel locomotives into this paint scheme, wich was nicknamed the "Kodachrome" scheme by many railfans. The Interstate Commerce Commission said "No" to the proposed merger between Santa Fe and Southern Pacific in 1986, and several pieces of equipment from both railroads,rolled along in this color scheme for a number of years after.

The end of the day at The Illinois Railway Museum.

The October 1986 Members Day Weekend has come to a close. I stayed past closing time and took this photograph of J. Neil's Lumber Company, Logging locomotive #5 being put away for the night at sunset. I have personally found, that some of the "BEST" Railroad Museum photographs, can be taken during or after closing time. Equipment is often switched onto other areas of the museum property. I like it better when the public doesn't clutter my photo's, plus the museum is a different world at this time of the day or evening.

An era is ending. December 1988.

We are looking west from Lawndale Avenue and 49th Street on Chicago's Southwest Side. The Sun is not just setting on a fine Chicago day...but
also on the set of train tracks in the photograph.

The railroad branchline seen here belonged to the Indianna Harbor Belt Railroad. This line was known as their Chicago Stockyards Industrial Branch. This was the last year of service as a freight railroad line. The line was "Abandoned" shortly after this photo was taken. The tracks were dismantled in 1989, and the line was Reconstructed and Redeveloped into the Chicago Transit Authority's -Orange Line Rapid Transit line to Chicago's Midway Airport, wich opened to the public in the fall of 1993. The silhouetted building with the floodlight posts at the far right of this photograph, is Curie High School. I attended school here from 1977 to 1981. The rail line itself was in poor condition. The rails were kinked and the wooden ties Rotted in many places.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Welcome aboard a 1950 General Motors Bus. September 2000.

Hello everybody.
Welcome to another installment of Eddie's Railfan Page. I decided to do another Bus installment today...I hope this brings back some very happy memories to you. This is me driving (under museum supervision)
a 1950 GM Transit coach from (pre pace)
"west Towns Bus Company". We are at the September 2000 Members day at the Midwest Transit Bus Museum, located in Crest Hill Illinois. Next stop....Cermak rd in Berwyn Illinois. Or maybe...Lake Street in
Oak Park Illinois. Lets have some fun.

Hey! Wait for me! Aw -dang it!

An eastbound 111 th Street CTA Bus races past an empty bus stop in August of 1990. Notice old 1960's era CTA bus stop sign still in use.

Old and new in Kenosha Wisconsin.

An August 2000 outing to Kenosha Wisconsin finds an Ex Toronto Canada TTC Electric Streetcar, painted in Chicago CTA colors...meeting a newer Kenosha Transit RTS Transit Bus . they are picking up and exchanging passengers on this fine sunny Wisconsin day.

Old 1960's era CTA Bus Stop Sign. August 1990.

This is a photo of an old 1960's (possibly earlier) era Chicago Transit Authority Bus Stop Sign. Still in day to day use, but on borrowed time in this August 1990 Photograph. We are on 111th Street east of the Pulaski Bus terminal , on Chicago's Southwest side in the Mount Greenwood Neighborhood.

Todays CTA Bus Stop Signs are Blue and White with a newer, much more modern Logo.

Lunchtime on Belmont Avenue. April 2002.

This photograph was taken in April of 2002 While i was Enjoying a Lunchbreak from a Nearby Job site Assignment. This view is looking west at the Intersection of Belmont Avenue and Luna Street on Chicago's Northside. The diner I was having Lunch at was called "Jerry's Snack Shop", wich had good food at reasonable prices.
An eastbound CTA Flexible Metro Coach is passing by the restaurants dining room windows.

Jerry's snack shop has since closed, and a polish overseas import/mailing service occupies it.
This is in the Belmont and Central avenue area.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Your Host and Photographer.

Hello everybody!
Welcome aboard to "Eddie's Railfan Page". I am your Host and Photographer EDDIE, inviting you to enjoy a selection of Chicago CTA bus photographs from December 2005. Today is "BUS DAY" here at my blog site. I hope you enjoy this selection of Chicago bus Photographs.

Thank you.

Bus service on my Model Railroad.

Not a real Bus photograph, but an incredible model of an old GMC New look "fishbowl" passing through the Downtown section of my H.O scale Model Train Layout. My layout is currently under construction. The commuter bus just missed being held up by the Alsip Railroad Switching Local crossing Main Street.

Northbound CTA Bus at Lincoln Avenue and Berteau Street. December 2005.

We are on the Southwest Corner of Lincoln Avenue and Berteau Street on Chicago's Northside. The bright afternoon sunlight is glinting off of the buildings, as a Northbound Lincoln Avenue Bus approaches it's stop.
The temperatures were cold on this early december afternoon in 2005...but the Chicago sky was very crystal clear.

December 8-2005 Chicago Snowstorm during Rush Hour.

This dramatic photograph of the December 8 2005 Chicago Snowstorm was photographed heading north on Cicero Avenue
near Augusta Boulevard around 6:30pm. Chicago's rush hour commute was a nightmare that evening. It took forever to get home that horrible evening. Driving speeds averaged about 5 -to-10 mph. Visibility was next to nothing. It was easy to Imagine that it was actually the Chicago Blizzard of 1979. Believe it or not...this dramatic weather photo was actually taken with an "Inexpensive disposable camera from Walgreens".

Northbound CTA Bus at Sheridan Road and Devon Avenue. Dec 8-2005.

On this cold december day in 2005, we are looking north on sheridan road approaching Devon Avenue on Chicago's far north side near Evanston Illinois. In a matter of a 4 Hours...a huge Blizzard with hazardous driving conditions will be falling on Chicago that evening.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The end of the line. January 1990.

This photograph was taken in january of 1990 on Chicago's southwest side near Midway Airport.
We are a few blocks south of Archer Avenue near 52nd street and Keeler avenue. We are looking east as the Indianna Harbor Belt Railroad's -Chicago Stockyards Industrial branchline is being torn up. This line was torn up , and redeveloped into todays CTA Orange Line Rapid Transit to Chicago's Midway Airport. I used to walk this quaint and quiete scenic branchline while I attended Curie High School nearby, from 1977 to 1981. The track was in Bad shape, Speeds were generally between 5 and 10 mph for the daily switching locals that had serviced this laid back 1950's style stretch of Chicago Railroad line. Slow speed derailments happened often, and the ties were Rotted in many places here.

Trolley Motorman raising Trolley Pole.

This photograph was taken inside of a retired Chicago Transit Authority 4000 series El Car. We are at the Fox River Trolley Museum located in South Elgin Illinois in September of 1990.
The Motorman is raising the overhead Trolley Pole to change direction for the return trip.

Retired Chicago Transit Authority 3 unit articulated El Train.

This experimental 1945 built lightweight Rapid Transit train worked for the Chicago Rapid Transit Company -later the Chicago Transit Authority, and was retired in the late 1980's.
These cars worked their final years in service on the CTA Skokie Swift, now known as the Yellow Line rapid transit. Photographed in September 1990 at the Fox River Trolley Museum. South Elgin Illinois.

Chicago Transit Authority antique rapid transit cars.

These retired CTA Rapid Transit cars are seen here operating and on display at the Fox River Trolley Museum in South Elgin Illinois. The Grean and Cream color car was built in the 1920's , and the modern Silver and Red 3 unit articulated was built in 1945. Both cars are from the "Chicago Rapid Transit" company. (pre cta)
Notice 3rd Rail shoes still in place on car trucks. Photograph taken in September 1990.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Westbound Amtrak Southwest Chief leaving Chicago Il. October 1989.

The late day sun is setting on a sunday evening in late October of 1989. This is the Amtrak Southwest Chief (formerly santa fe Superchief)
Leaving Chicago on the original Santa Fe right of way, about to pass below the Central Avenue Bridge south of 39th street (Pershing Road) near the towns of Stickney and Forest View Illinois, in the Western suburbs. During the Early 1990's, the Santa Fe built a huge Intermodal Yard west of here in Willow Springs Illinois. This soon caused many Delays On this particulair line.
After the merger with the Burlington Northern Railroad...This train was re-routed on the old CB&Q mainline (Burlington Northern) where it would rejoin the old Santa Fe mainline at Galesburg Illinois, and proceed west along the original route to Los Angeles California. During pre Amtrak -pre Jet Airline days...This train carried Movie Stars to Chicago and Other citties East (transfering trains at Dearborn Station.) back when this First Class Luxury Train was known as the Santa Fe "Superchief".

Preserved steam at night. March 1986.

This time exposure photograph was taken on a cold Friday night in march of 1986. The location is Veteran's Park in the Northwest Suburban town of Bennsenville Illinois near O'hare Airport.

Chicago Gravel Company Steam switcher #18 is seen just east of Church Road, Just south of Irving Park rd I-19 On the Northside of the Soo Line (ex Milwaukee Road.) Mainline. Since this Photograph was taken...the display has grown with the addition of a Milwaukee Road passenger
car and a Bay window Caboose from the same Railroad as well. VANDALS BEWARE! Not only is the display "well lit" at night...But it is in plain sight of the Bennsenville Police Station too.

Preserved Steam at night. March 1986.

The Antique Steam Locomotive seen on display here, is Chicago Gravel Company #18, on display at Veteran's Park in Northwest suburban Bennsenville Illinois. This 6 wheel switching locomotive was originally the "Studebaker" auto plant switcher in South Bend Indianna. It was later sold to the Chicago Gravel Company and used at their quarry in South Elgin Illinois. It was retired and later donated to the city of Bennsenvile Illinois in 1961, where it has been on display since then.

Illinois Central Gulf transfer waiting for clearance. May 1983.

This photograph was taken at 33rd Street just west of Pulaski Road in the Little Village Neighborhood on Chicago's Southwest Side. A light rain has started to fall (those are actually Raindrops on my Camera lens) as an eastbound Illinois Central Gulf Railroad transfer freight train, waits for clearance to proceed east. Once this freight train gets a Green Block Signal, it will proceed east to the downtown Chicago area, Go up and over the Saint Charles air line right of way, and South on Illinois Central Gulf's North -South mainline to Markham Yard near Harvey Illinois. The Train is in the area where the old wooden "Crawford" station stood untill the mid 1970's.

Night in the City.

This Photograph was taken on a cold March Night in 1983. We are along side the Chicago River at an area known as "Wolf Point". The Interlocking Control Tower seen here controlls Passenger Train Traffic on the North End of Chicago Union Station. I never knew the actual name of this Tower or Junction location, but I frequently referred to it as "Wolf Point Tower".

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Looking back at much better times.

Hello everybody. Welcome to another installment of my New Railfan Page. One of the most important things that I give Credit to, is the fact that these Photographs and personal recollections, were definately Important Treasures to share with all at this time and place.

I am so glad that i actually Photographed and Recorded things as much as i did back in -
Pre September 11 2001 Times. I was a very Responsible Railfan, and seldom ran into any Security Problems with Railroad Personal.

I showed Respect...and many times -Got it Back.
Although a lot of my time these days is "spent", and I don't Railfan as much as i did back then...I still can be handy with an Occasional Rail or Bus photo these days too. There will be many upcoming photographs past and somewhat present in the near future.

Thank You.
Your Host and Photographer...."EDDIE".

Remember the Brookfield Zoo Train?

This photograph was taken in August of 1982 near the South Entrance Gate of Chicago's "Brookfield Zoo". The Train is heading east as it makes yet another round trip around the zoo property. the Brookfield Zoo Railroad was known as the "Brookfield ,Salt Creek, and Western Railroad. The Railroad operation here ran in service from May 1967 to Labor Day Weekend of 1985. The tracks were slowly dismantled in stages and the equipment sat for 17 years in storage. The engines and cars now have a new home at the "Hesston Steam museum" in Hesston indianna, near Michigan City Indianna.

Chicago Ridge Tower and Junction. October 1989.

A lazy but pleasant Sunday afternoon in october of 1989 is being spent photographing a fast northbound Conrail Auto Rack train at Chicago Ridge Tower and Junction, near the town of Oaklawn Illinois. This Junction were the Norfolk Southern (ex Wabash) Line , Crosses the Indianna Harbor Belt Railroad, was a populair
Railfan Hangout for many years. The Control
tower seen here was closed in 1993 and demolished a few years later, after a few suspicious arson fires were set.
Satalite Communications and GPS systems Phased out these manual Traffic control
towers in recent years.

Westbound Union Pacific freight at Hayford Junction. September 1990.

A westbound Union Pacific freight train is passing through Hayford Junction at 76th street and south St Louis avenue on Chicago's Southwest side. The large factory in the background is the Nabisco Plant. An afternoon of train watching at this location many times found the air filled with the smell of fresh cookies baking. Notice Missouri
Pacific markings on lead locomotive. The Union Pacific Railroad Merged and bought out the Missouri Pacific Railroad in the early 1980's.
The train is heading to the Belt Railway of Chicago's Clearing Yard, near the Ford City Shopping Center.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Eastbound CTA Leaving Archer Avenue West Terminal.

An afternoon Rain Shower has just passed through on a Saturday May afternoon in 2002.
An eastbound Chicago Transit Authority 1991
Flexible Metro transit coach is seen leaving the west Archer Avenue Terminal at Archer Avenue just 1 block east of Harlem av on Chicago's southwest side. This particulair CTA color Scheme was introduced in 1989 replacing a Two Tone Green and Off White color combination.

Intersection of Archer Ave and Harlem Ave. April 1988.

We are on the Northwest Corner of Archer and Harlem Avenues on a Beautiful Sunny and Warm
Saturday afternoon in April of 1988. The colorful
bus seen here is a "pre pace" Southwest Suburban Transit Co" GMC coach getting ready to make a left turn and proceed south on Harlem Avenue. This location is on the southwest border of Chicago and the town of Summit, near Midway airport.

Intersection of 43rd Street and Archer Avenue. April 1989

We are at the Intersection of 43rd Street (aka Pope John Paul 2 nd Drive) and Archer Avenue on Chicago's Southwest Side. A "Rebuilt" 1970's era CTA General Motors "New Look" bus is seen heading Eastbound to Downtown Chicago.
These GMC Buses were introduced in 1959 and were in Production until 1983. Chicago got their first GM "New Look" or "fishbowl" buses (nicknamed for their unique windshield design)
in 1962 and their last in 1977. They operated in Chicago day to day until retired in 1996. Some became Maintenance / work services buses.

Westbound "Pace" Bus at 79th street and Roberts Road May 2002.

This Photograph shows an afternoon scene at 79th street and Roberts Road in Chicago's Southwest Suburbs. The Bus is a Brand New "Orion" coach scene leaving the town of "Bridgeview" and entering the village of "Justice Illinois. Notice the "reasonable Gas Prices" on the Marathon convenience gas station sign in 2002.

Welcome aboard the Bus Fan Express

Hello everybody. This is your Host and Photographer "Eddie"
inviting you along for a ride on todays post Photo charter "The Bus Fan Express". Today is "Bus Day" at my Railfan Page.
The Bus in the photograph is a 1975 GMC Transit Coach from
Kenosha Wisconsin. The Photograph was taken on april 29
2000 during an "Omnibus Society" charter fantrip in Kenosha wisconsin. It was a Chilly Day, but fun indeed.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Norfolk Southern Freight at Chicago Ridge Illinois.

Norfolk Southern at Chicago Ridge Illinois.

This freight train is seen on a sunday afternoon in October of 1989 heading southwest through southwest suburban Chicago Ridge Illinois near the town of Oaklawn. We are looking northeast from the Metra -Chicago Ridge station platform. This was a "right place / right time" situation because freight trains seem to be "rare" on this former "Wabash" railroad line, and commuter train service is only Monday thru Friday.

Steam Logging Locomotive #5 at the Illinois Railway Museum

Steam Logging locomotive #5 at the Illinois Railway Museum in Union Illinois.

This picture was taken in the late afternoon at the october 1989 Members Weekend.

Westbound at Riverside Illinois.

Westbound Burlington Northern commuter train.

This photograph was taken on a sunday afternoon in late october of 1989, at suburban Riverside Illinois. The 1950's era EMD E-9 passenger diesel locomotives were in their last years of service, and were retired in 1992.

Northbound Indianna Harbor Belt train in Bridgeview Illinois.

Northbound IHB freight train.

This photo was taken around august of 1995 looking east on 71 st street in Southwest suburban Bridgeview Illinois. Notice old Milwaukee Road boxcars still painted for their former railroad ten years after Soo Line merger.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

St. Louis & San Francisco #1630

This is St Louis & San Francisco Railroad #1630 operating at the Illinois Railway Museum in Union Illinois.

NKP #765

NKP#765 being serviced before departure to Sterling Illinois. September 1985.

NKP #765 at Chicago's Northwestern Station

We are at what used to be "Northwestern Station" in downtown chicago. This is september of 1985, and we are going on a 20th Century Railroad Club excursion from Chicago to Sterling Illinois on the Chicago and North Western Railroad-"west line". The big steam locomotive is NKP #765 wich was built in the 1940's for fast freight service on the Nickle Plate Road Railroad. The temperature that day topped 100 degrees and was the "hottest day of the year".

Meet Your Photographer ... Me!

Hello Everybody. This is "ME" , your photographer Edward Kwiatkowski -aka EDDIE FROM CHICAGO ON A MAY 1983 Central Electric Railfans Association fantrip to South Bend Indianna and back. They were showing us the then NEW South Shore Railroad japanese built M.U (multiple unit) commuter coaches. I had just turned 21 at the time of the photo.

Hayford Junction

This photograph was taken in january of 1986. we are at "Hayford Junction" at 76th st and st louis avenue on the southwest side of chicago. This is an eastbound pre CSX Chessie System transfer train heading east toward the Kedzie Avenue bridge in the backround. The freight train is crossing over the GTW tracks.

EMD Locomotive at the GTW Elsdon Yard

This photograph was taken in July of 1985. We are looking north from 51st street near St Louis avenue on the southwest side of Chicago. This is an EMD locomotive on the Grand Trunk Western railroad, recently acquired through merger with the Detroit Toledo and Ironton railroad. 2 years before this picture was taken...this was the GTW Elsdon Yard wich was abandoned in 1983. The engine servicing and yard operations were moved to the Belt Railway of Chicago's "Clearing Yard" at 70th and Central Avenue. For a few years after the abandonement...engines were staged between runs at this 51st street location, and were fueled there by tank trucks.

Santa Fe EMD gp7#1310

This photograph was taken in august of 1986. We are looking southwest around 28th street just east of Kedzie Avenue in the Little Village neighborhood on the south west side of Chicago. Santa Fe rebuilt EMD gp7 #1310 is working the I-N (formerly Illinois Northern Rail Road) branch line local...wich ran north out of Santa Fe's Corwith Yard Monday thru Friday, serving the many industries along the I-N branchline. Washburne Trade School is the large building on 31st street in the background behind the engine.

Amtrak EMD SW Series Switchers

This photograph was taken in november of 1983. We are looking south from the Roosevelt road bridge, as a pair of AMTRAK EMD sw series diesel switchers are working Chicago Union Station.

Hello Everybody!

Hello everybody.
Welcome to EDDIE'S RAILFAN PAGE. The following photographs were taken
by me during the 1980's and early 1990's by me -Edward Kwiatkowski (eddie)
when I had the time and film to go railfanning in the Chicago Illinois area.


Eddie from Chicago.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Clyde Yard, Chicago

This photograph was taken in June of 1986 by Chicago area railfan Edward Kwiatkowski. We are looking east from the Laramie avenue bridge in Cicero, Illinois. This is an ariel photograph of the Burlington Northern Railroads "Clyde Yard" in the town of Cicero, Il.

Welcome to my new site

Soon, I'll be posting some of my original rail photos along with some buses too.

I'll insert photos and then give you a detailed description of the subject. I hope it will be interesting and informative.