Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Chicago & NorthWestern Railroad steam locomotive # 1385. The July 1983 West Chicago Railroad days celebration. West Chicago Illinois USA.

I took this photo at the West Chicago Illinois RTA (pre Metra) commuter rail station. A special operating visitor to the 1983 West Chicago Railroad Days Celebration, was former Chicago & NorthWestern 1907 built 4-6-0 steam locomotive # 1385, from the Mid Continent Railroad Museum in North Freedom Wisconsin. The # 1385 and two executive service EMD F-7 locomotives pulled a demonstration short excursion train for the festival. C&NW # 1385 was built at the American Locomotive Company plant in Schenectady New York in 1907, and worked in various parts of the C&NW system. It's final C&NW working assignment, was spotting ore cars at Escanaba Michigan in the mid 1950's. It has been lovingly restored.

Westbound Santa Fe intermodal train. Forest View Illinois USA. Early December 1990.

I took this photo on top of the railroad embankment near South Harlem Avenue / U.S Route # 43 in suburban Forest View Illinois. I was very cautious when I went to this location to obtain this photo, and haven't attempted it since.
A westbound Atchinson ,Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad intermodal piggyback train, is seen with locomotives painted in the 1989 Passenger Warbonnet "Revival" scheme reintroduced by the A,T & S,F the previous year. It made a lovely sight glimmering in the late day sunshine, on a mild early December afternoon in 1990.

Westbound Burlington Northern Railroad light transfer train. Riverside Illinois USA. November 1989.

A lovely and relatively mild late Autum afternoon in 1989, finds this westbound BN transfer train rolling through west suburban Riverside Illinois. Judging by the Torpedo Tube air reservoirs on the roof, this could possibly be a former pre 1970 Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad passenger service EMD GP-7.

The Blue Goose locomotive from Chicago's Brookfield Zoo. The Hesston Steam Museum. Hesston Indiana USA. July 2007.

Looking like a large "Toy" inside the new museum barn, is the 2-4-2 Blue Goose locomotive. This locomotive was one of three that pulled the Chicago Brookfield Zoo train from May of 1967 to September of 1985. The 2 foot narrow guage Brookfield, Salt Creek & Western Railroad, circled the outer perimeter of Chicago's Brookfield Zoo in a counter clockwise rotation for 18 years. The railroad was discontinued for several reasons, one being construction of the new 7 Seas Dolphin Show building located on the railroad right of way. Other reasons were more Econimical in nature. ( operating costs.) The old train ride has been replaced at the zoo with rubber tired vechicles with open air towing trailers, and it is known as "The Motor Safari". The little Blue Goose originally was painted in a light blue color scheme with white C & O markings.
It is modeled after American steam locomotives from the late 1800's. The Blue Goose is currently the only operational ex Brookfield Zoo locomotive at Hesston, and is operated on Fathers Day, or other special occasions.

H.O model railroad under construction. July 2007.

One of My current projects I had started after work recently, is this little 40 inch by 48 inch H.O scale model train layout. This is actually My previous layout with correctly relaid track. I officially moved to Elmwood Park Illinois last year upon My wedding, and I am currently limited to this tiny H.O layout in My basement apartment, as it spends most of it's time in storage on it's side. My layout is an industrial branch line with two one way facing team track sidings, and a fake junction with a tower. Once We eventually move to roomier accomodations, I hope to at least have a 4 x 8 layout to operate with structures and scenery. This will do for now.

Sunset in Franklin Park Illinois USA. July 2007.

I took this photo last Friday evening. Another working day is coming to an end in northwest suburban Franklin Park Illinois, as the sun is lowering on the horizon. An eastbound Canadian Pacific auto rack train, is waiting for clearnce to begin it's nocturnal journey. Railroading is a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week operation.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Big changes are coming to the village of Cicero Illinois. March 2007.

Hi everyone!
Welcome aboard Eddie's Railfan Page from the city of Chicago Illinois. I took this photograph after work in March of 2007. Seen here behind a temporary construction / demolition fence, is a Back Hoe crane on the abandoned property of the Plaza Motel at South Cicero Avenue and west 31st Street. This transient motel complex, is being redeveloped into a strip mall shopping center. Other changes on the drawing board include redevelopment of the abandoned Bel Air Drive in Movie theatre across the street, and the former Sportsman's Park horse racing track. For a while during the 1990's , the old Sportsman's Park was redeveloped into the Chicago motor Speedway. Numerous complaints of noise pollution from Cicero residents eventually closed the converted horse to auto racing track. Soon this will become a large hotel and convention center.

Ash Street Junction. Chicago Illinois USA. July 2007.

I took this photo looking through a chain link fence, in the parking lot of the Enterprise Oil Company at South Western Avenue and West 33rd Street. I used to be a delivery truck driver, and Enterprise Oil Company was one of My old delivery accounts. Ash Street Junction, is in a very innacessable location today. Seen here is the now boarded up interlocking tower that stands at the crosstracks. The Canadian National freight train with former Grand Trunk Western diesels on the head end, is traveling westbound on the former Illinois Central Iowa Division Mainline. The north and south tracks, belong to the Norfolk Southern and the CSX Railroads. The BNSF Railway's ex Atchinson, Topeka & Santa Fe mainline run side by side through here.

Former Milwaukee Road unit on Canadian Pacific transfer train. Hayford Junction. Chicago Illinois USA. July 2007.

Old color schemes die hard. I had spotted this ex Milwaukee Road EMD diesel switcher on a westbound CP Rail transfer train in June of 2007. The Milwaukee Road was a very bankrupt railroad when the Soo Line bought them out through a merger in 1985. The Soo Line promptly painted over the Milwaukee Road markings with black paint and painted "Soo" markings as seen on the cab. This color scheme, ugly as it is, was refered to as the "blackbeard" color scheme. Many of the former Milwaukee Road units did not recieve the white and red Soo Line color scheme. The Canadian Pacific bought out the Soo Line in a 1990 merger. This old blackbeard unit, is still rolling around in it's original owners colors 22 years after the fact.

Colorfull coiled steel cars from the Kansas City Southern Railroad. Hawthorne Junction. Chicago Illinois USA. June 2007.

I spotted these Kansas City Southern Railroad coiled steel cars, on a southbound Canadian Pacific freight train. The old KCS logo and pre 1969 Southern Belle passenger train colors, are being revived by the current KCS management.
Although the Kansas City Southern was never a Chicago area railroad, just seeing their colorfull equipment passing through the windy city occasionally is a real treet for this railfan.

Eastbound Metra approaching metropolitan Chicago. Chicago Illinois USA. June 2007.

I took this photo on a rainy afternoon one day after work, in June of 2007. Seen here speeding eastbound along West Kinzie Street, is a Metra commuter rail train enroute to the Richard B. Ogilvie Transportation Center ( Formerly NorthWestern Station) in downtown Chicago. In the background can be seen, the Union Pacific Railroad M-19A Diesel Shop at 400 North Pulaski Road, and the Chicago city skyline.

Discarded wooden railroad crossing gates. Hawthorne Junction. Chicago Illinois USA. June 2007.

One can never know what they may find while railfanning with a camera on location. I had discovered this pile of forelorn wooden crossing gates near the crosstracks at Hawthorne Junction. The red and white color scheme seen on todays crossing gates, became the industry standard in the year of 1972. Prior to this they were painted black and white. Two bladed crossing gates were the standard for many years. After numerous crossing gate highway accidents where cars or trucks wouldn't stop when the gates were lowering, and they were destroyed, Single bladed metal gates with breakaway hinges became todays industry standard.

Westbound Canadian National train waiting for clearance. Crawford Yard. Chicago Illinois USA. June 2007.

I took this photo after work one day, in June of 2007. With former Illinois Central locomotives on the head end, a westbound Canadian National freight train waits it's turn for clearance to leave Crawford Yard. The nearby Hawthorne Junction, was tied up with many north and south transfer trains, on the Belt Railway of Chicago at this time.
Crawford Yard is located along West 33rd Street between South Pulaski Road and South Kostner Avenue, on the outskirts of Chicago's Little Village neighborhood. This is near the city limits with west suburban Cicero Illinois. In past years, this yard was an Illinois Central property. The yard was switched by the Illinois Central's corporate subsidiary railroad, The Chicago & Illinois Western. A former C & I W 0-4-0 T steam locomotive, is preserved at the Mid Continent Railroad Museum in North Freedom Wisconsin near the town of Baraboo.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Indiana Harbor Belt maintenance department dump truck. Argo Yard. Summit Illinois USA. July 2007.

One of many important pieces of equipment needed to keep a railroad running, is this maintenance of way dump truck. The maintenance of way department, is one of the many unsung hero facetts of day to day railroad operations.

Running gear of East German 0-8-0. The Hesston Steam Museum. Hesston Indiana USA. July 2007.

I took this photo last weekend, at the Hesston Steam Museum in northwest Indiana. The meter guage 0-8-0 from the former East German republic, is an outside frame steam locomotive, with external counter weights. In America, the narrow guage K Class 2-8-2's from the Denver & Rio Grande western have this mechanical feature.

The Union Pacific Railroad M-19A diesel locomotive shop. Chicago Illinois USA. June 2007.

Seen here along the northside of West Kinzie Street between Pulaski Road and North Kilbourn Avenue, is the Union Pacific M-19A diesel shop.
This is located at 400 North Pulaski Road. This is a very busy locomotive terminal on Chicago's westside. Mid day hours can find Metra engines being serviced prior to the evening rush hour at this location. This is on the Metra / Union Pacific -West line to Elburn Illinois. Prior to 1998, this was the Chicago & NorthWestern Railroad line.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Welcome aboard Eddie's Railfan Page!

Hi everybody!
Welcome aboard Eddie's Railfan Page. Today is BUS DAY, here at My transportation blog site from Chicago Illinois.
Here I am in April of 2000, on a chartered fantrip in Kenosha Wisconsin. I had spent the day, riding on and photographing a 1975 vintage GMC Fishbowl bus from Kenosha Transit.
This was a fun outing I enjoyed, with a group from the Chicago chapter of the Omnibus Society of America.

Preserved CTA 1951 Marmon Herrington trolley bus. The Illinois Railway Museum. Union Illinois USA. June 2001.

I took this photo during a June 2001 visit to the Illinois Railway Museum, located in Union Illinois.
I was fortunate enough to have grown up in the city of Chicago, during the 1960's and 70's era when these electric buses were rolling out their final miles. As a little boy, I frequently rode these with My family, on the Route # 52 Kedzie/ California Avenue bus line. The Chicago Transit Authority had 20 Electric Trolleybus Routes, and from 1959 onward, they were gradually being phased out. The last CTA trolley buses operated on the weekend of March 25th 1973. Many were sold to Mexico secondhand. The Illinois Railway Museum operates these during the summer season, on selected scheduled weekends.

Official Yellowstone National Park bus. Wyoming.June 1984.

I took this bus photo in June of 1984, while on vacation at America's Yelowstone National Park in northwestern Wyoming. This large highway style bus with the beautiful color combinations, was just too good of an opportunity to miss taking a photograph of while on vacation.

Westbound CTA Route # 62 Archer / Harlem bus. Chicago Illinois USA. April 1989.

I took this photo on South Archer Avenue near West 43rd Street, aka Pope John Paul 2nd Drive, during April of 1989. Seen in the background to the left behind the bus, is the now demolished Brighton Theatre. This old 1970's era GMC bus, was recently rehabbed and is wearing the new color scheme, that was introduced in 1989.
The 1970's GMC buses would be retired from daily CTA passenger service in 1996.

CTA Route # 62 Archer / Harlem buses at west terminal. April 1988.

One of My all time personal favorite bus photos I had taken, was this one in the Spring of 1988.
Seen here in April of 1988, are two Chicago Transit Authority 1970's era GMC Fishbowl buses sitting in the bus terminal near Archer and Harlem Avenues, on a lovely and mild spring afternoon. This is just east of the Chicago city limits, near the village of Summit Illinois.

Kenosha Transit bus garage. Kenosha Wisconsin USA. April 2000.

I took this photo in April of 2000, at the Kenosha Transit bus garage. This was a transitional period for Kenosha Transit, as a new electric streetcar line would soon begin service, and that the old 1975 vintage GMC Fishbowl buses were rolling out their last years of service hauling local high school students during the weekdays.

A message from Your host and photographer.

Hi everyone!
This is Eddie K from Eddie's Railfan Page.
I have recieved numerous E-Mails from many former Chicagoans living in other parts of our
great nation today, and the input I recieved was
absolutely the best! I want to thank everyone out there on the world wide web, for taking time from Your busy day, and clicking on Eddie's Railfan Page from the city of Chicago.

I have a question for the viewers out there.
There have been many people who wrote Me and said that they found this site by accident, and absolutely loved it! Many people said that I brought them happy memorys just looking at My past and present photos from the windy city.

I would like to know...."How did You discover Eddie's Railfan Page"? I would love to read some E-Mails from some of the viewers out there, who found My site, and what they think of it.

Having a great Chicago area transportation photo blog site, is made possible from all of the important information and stories from people with a past or present connection to My photos and story postings that I present here at Eddie's Railfan Page.

I would love to hear from You.

Thank You.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

The car spindle sculpture. Cermak and Harlem Shopping Plaza. Berwyn Illinois USA. July 2007.

I took this photo after work one day in July of 2007. I had just recieved word via the local Chicagoland grapevine, that the car spindle sculpture at the Cermak and Harlem Shopping Plaza, was going to be removed from the property by late July. The sculpture site is to be redeveloped for a new Walgreens Drug Store. I spotted a few other local photographers that day, documenting the sculpture for historic posterity. This sculpture was seen in the 1992 motion picture "Wayne's World", and has been viewed by local citizens and visiting tourist alike. The Artist is trying to find a buyer / good home - for the tall sculpture of old cars.

Former East German meter guage 0-8-0. The Hesston Steam Museum. Hesston Indiana USA. July 2007..

I took this photo at the curve along the museum's pond. This tiny industrial 0-8-0 steam locomotive, originally worked on industrial railroads in the nation formerly known as East Germany. Imported to the United States many years ago, this locomotive is now lovingly restored and hauling tourist trains in northwest Indiana.

Rare photograph! Chicago's Brighton Junction during CTA Orange line construction. January 1990.

As I was rumaging through some of My personal railfan photographs last week, this rare artifact of Chicago history showed up. I had taken this photo on location at Archer and Western Avenues, during January of 1990. I was down to My last few pictures on a roll of black and white film I was experimenting with. January of 1990 in the city of Chicago Illinois,was quiete mild. No snow, but plenty of mud. The Chicagop Transit Authority's Orange line rapid transit to Chicago's Midway Airport, was under construction at the time of My visit.This view is looking southeast from the Norfolk Southern, CSX, and Illinois Central crosstracks just north of the shanty. The CTA Orange line passes this junction overhead.

Electric rapid transit cars from Chicago Illinois, and Philadelphia Pennsylvania USA. The East Troy Electric Railroad and Museum. East Troy Wisconsin.

A two car museum train of electric rapid transit equipment, is seen just east of the museum's carbarn in East troy Wisconsin USA. The lead car is a 1920's era rapid transit car from the city of Chicago Illinois, while the second car hails from the city of Philadelphia Pennsylvania. The East troy Electric Railroad and Museum is just north of Lake geneva Wisconsin, and is definately worth a visit when in the area.

Equipment from past railroads. 1970's era Chessie System covered hopper. Hawthorne Junction. Chicago Illinois USA. June 2007.

The nice thing about railfanning on location, is that You can still occasionally find equipment from previous railroads long lost through corporate mergers rolling around after the fact. I took this photo after work one day in June of 2007. Seen here heading southbound on a Canadian Pacific freight train, is this old 1970's era Chessie System covered hopper car. The painted over reporting marks to the left of the car, indicate that this car now belongs to CSX Transportation Co. This car hasn't been repainted yet. The Chessie System was formed in 1972, through the mergers of the B&O, The C&O, and the Western Maryland Railroads.

Southbound transfer train. Hawthorne Junction. Chicago Illinois USA. June 2007.

I took this photo after work one day, in June of 2007. Framed by the seasonal lush green summer trees, a southbound transfer freight train is photographed heading to Clearing Yard on the Belt Railway of Chicago north / south -trunk line. I am looking southwest on the Canadian National ex Illinois Central interchange track. This track is used as a switching lead track when cars are being switched at nearby Crawford Yard.

Antique Semaphore and modern Block signals. Brighton Junction. Chicago Illinois USA. Early September 2006.

Sometimes when You least expect it, You can find those important reference photos that You forgot You had even taken in the first place. I took this photograph last September at Chicago's Brighton Junction, located at Archer and Western Avenues on Chicago's near southwest side.
The signals to the left, are the antique manual Semaphore signals that date back to the steam era. To the right, are the modern "Industry Standard" block signals. Brighton Junction was long rumored to be on borrowed time when I had taken this photograph last year. By the spring of 2007, new signals were being prepared and installed on site.
In early July of 2007, Brighton Junction was officially closed and the Semaphores were dismantled and removed.
The good news, is that the Norfolk Southern Railroad is contemplating restoring and donating the shanty and signals
for a future museum display. I hope it happens.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Early morning Chicago & NorthWestern Railroad switching local at work. Rapid City South Dakota USA. June 1984.

I took this ariel railfan photograph out of My hotel window, in Rapid City South Dakota.
I was on a motorcoach vacation with My Mother enroute to Yellowstone National Park in northwestern Wyoming. Our motor coach tour from Chicago via Mayflower Tours...Took us to many scenic and historically signifigant locations.
I woke up to the familiar sound of train cars being switched one morning, in Rapid City South Dakota. The Chicago & NorthWestern Railroad, was just across from our hotel's parking lot.

Happy vacation memorys. Yellowstone National Park. Wyoming. June 1984.

Yellowstone National Park in northwestern Wyoming, is beautifull and quiete vast. The National Park itself, covers part of the states of Wyoming, Montana, and part of Idaho. Seen here is a photo of one of the official Yellowstone Park buses used for sightseeing service inside the park.

Happy vacation memorys. Yellowstone National Park. Wyoming. June 1984.

Seen here is a photo I had taken of Lake Yellowstone, at America's Yellowstone National Park. Lake Yellowstone is a lovely and very picturesque body of inland water in Yellowstone National Park. There is some degree of fishing and recreational boating to be enjoyed here on Lake yellowstone, but don't look for swimming beaches. The water is Icey Cold!

Happy vacation memorys. Yellowstone National Park. Wyoming. June 1984.

This is an ariel photo I had taken, of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. In June of 1984, I went on a motor bus vacation to Yellowstone National Park in northwesrtern Wyoming. The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, is a beautiful and highly scenic natural wonder in the park.

Happy vacation memorys. Yellowstone National Park. Wyoming. June 1984.

This is one of the rivers that run through America's Yellowstone National Park in northwestern Wyoming, near the state of Montana. It has been a long time since I made this one and only visit so far, and I have since forgotten the name of this River. If anybody can tell Me, I would really appreciate it. The rushing rapids breaks the silence of the immediate wilderness in this section of Yellowstone. The bright sunshine reflecting off the water, makes the trees look dark. It was hard judging what to set My 35 MM camera lens settings in this area.

Happy vacation memorys. Yellowstone National Park. Wyoming. June 1984.

I took this "Post card like photo", on a June 1984 vacation I went on to Yellowstone National Park in northwestern Wyoming. This is one of the many areas in Yellowstone National Park that feature these steamy thermal hot pools. Safety has always been a number one concern, and visitors are urged to stay on the walkways. The hot pools have a temperature of 200 degrees Farenheight, and have a pungent sulfer smell.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The crossing gates at the front entrance gate. The Hesston Steam Museum. Hesston Indiana USA. Saturday, July 21st , 2007.

Hi everyone!
Welcome aboard Eddie's Railfan Page.
This past Saturday, My lovely Wife Cheryl and Myself decided to make a weekend road trip to The Hesston Steam Museum in northwest Indiana, near the border with New Buffalo Michigan. A recent addition to the museum, are these operating full size railroad crossing gates in the museums entrance driveway on adjacent road County Line # 1000 N. The museum's 14 inch guage railroad passes through here along the south fence, and crosses the driveway. In past years, two wooden crossbucks were used to tell people that this was a railroad crossing. In this day and age of proboubly a few near misses and other safety concerns, these full size crossing gates with ringing bells now guard the miniature 14 inch guage demonstration railroad line.

East German meter guage steam locomotive. The Hesston Steam Museum. Hesston Indiana USA. Saturday, July 21st , 2007.

I took this photo at the Hesston Junction open air depot at the Hesston Steam Museum in northwest Indiana near the border with Michigan. The locomotive shown here, is a " Meter Guage" ( 2 foot American narrow guage)
0-8-0 steam locomotive from the former East German Republic. The locomotive was used overseas in industrial railroad operations, one being a logging railroad in Germany's Black Forest. This locomotive has two distinct steam whistles. One is the original one it used in Germany that has a medium to slightly higher pitch, and a loud American 4 chime model. The air operated locomotive bell is also unique to European locomotives, as it is operated with an external clapper that taps the bell.

Riding the 7 and 1/2 inch guage Santa Fe diesel streamliner. The Hesston Steam Museum. Hesston Indiana USA. Saturday, July 21st , 2007.

The large 2 foot narrow guage passenger train that My Wife and Myself were riding on, was just leaving the depot when I photographed this pacing shot. Seen here is the 7 and 1/2 inch guage 1 and 1/2 scale miniature railroad at the museum. The gasoline powered two unit replica locomotive, is an EMD F-7 A and B unit decorated in Atchinson, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad pre Amtrak "Superchief" colors. Trains both large and small are a hit with everyone here at the Hesston Steam Museum.

Rounding the curve along the pond. The Hesston Steam Museum. Hesston Indiana USA. Saturday, July 21st , 2007.

A very timeless and picturesque view. I took this photo on the grounds of the Hesston steam Museum in lovely northwest Indiana. A meter guage 0-8-0 compact industrial steam locomotive, from the nation formerly known as East Germany, pulls a short train of former Brookfield Zoo coaches around the curve alongside the pond. The train was a short distance away from the Hesston Junction depot.

The former Burlington diesel switcher from Chicago's Brookfield Zoo. The Hesston Steam Museum. Hesston Indiana USA. Saturday, July 21st 2007.

Do You remember the train that used to operate at Chicago's Brookfield Zoo? After many years in storage, the three locmotives ( 2 steam, I diesel )
and the collection of open coaches, were officially donated to the Hesston Steam Museum in 2002.

Undergoing mechanical restoration, is the replica diesel switcher in Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad markings. The 2 foot narrow guage Brookfield, Salt Creek & WesternRailroad, circled the outer perimiter of Chicago's Brookfield Zoo from May of 1967, untill Labor Day Weekend of 1985. The railroad was dismantled in stages for a number of years afterwards.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Traveling around Chicago's western suburbs via The Morton Cab Company. Berwyn Illinois USA. July 2007.

Growing up in Chicago during the 1960's and 70's, was filled with happy memory's of an occasional Family ride or two in a Morton Taxi cab. When I was a little boy growing up back then, The Morton Cab Company was using early 1960's vintage Checker Marathon Motor Company sedans and station wagons in a maroon and cream color scheme. Some were in a cream and brown color scheme. Many years have passed by, and the classic Checker Marathon and Nash Rambler taxi cabs, have given way to Chevrolet Caprices, Ford Crown Victorias, and now Chevrolet Impallas. The old cream and maroon color combinations have since given way to a bright and solid red color scheme. After all these years, the Morton Cab Company is alive and well. Moton taxi cabs are still seen serving Chicago and the immediate western suburbs of Cicero, Berwyn, Oak park, Riverside and other local destinations today.

Southbound Canadian National Railroad freight train on the Hayford Junction interchange. Chicago Illinois USA. July 2007.

I took this photo after work one late afternoon, in July of 2007. A Canadian National freight train has just left the Belt Railway of Chicago's Clearing Yard. The train is now proceeding southbound on the former Grand Trunk Western mainline. This view is looking south toward the crosstracks and interchange at Hayford Junction. Hayford Junction is located on the Southwest side of Chicago at West 75th Street and South Central Park Avenue, in the Ashburn Neighborhood.

Westbound BNSF Railway freight train. Riverside Illinois USA. July 2007.

I took this photo one morning at the Metra commuter rail station in Riverside Illinois. Seen here heading westbound and gaining speed, is a BNSF Railway freight train.

Norfolk Southern transfer waiting on a hold order. Cragin Junction. Chicago Illinois USA. July 2007.

Waiting at the north terminal for the Belt Railway of Chicago, is a soon to be westbound Norfolk Southern transfer train at the Cragin Junction interchange. The Norfolk Southern train, has travelled northbound over the Belt Railway of Chicago from Clearing Yard, all the way to Cragin Junction at Grand and Cicero Avenues, on the northside of Chicago. Once an inbound Canadian Pacific freight train enroute to the BRC's Clearing Yard passes through the interchange, and a westbound Metra express rides through the Grand / Cicero commuter rail station...This train willl recieve clearance and proceed to the CP Rail Bensenville Yard.

Winter time at Hayford Junction. Chicago Illinois USA. January 1987.

One of My personal all time favorite Chicago railfan photographs I had taken, is this one looking east toward Hayford Junction.
An eastbound Belt Railway of Chicago transfer train, has just left Clearing Yard after a heavy morning lake effect snowstorm.

Cigarette advertisement. NorthWestern Station. Chicago Illinois USA. June 1983.

I took this photo of Northwestern Station in downtown Chicago, in June of 1983. Seen on the North Clinton Street side of the building just north of West Madison Street, was one of many billboards advertising Marlboro Cigarettes.
There have been many campaigns by parents, civic and church groups to have tobaco adds removed from public places. NorthWestern Station was demolished in the summer of 1984. The replacement station and glass hi rise building was known as The NorthWestern Atrium Center. After the 1998 Merger and absorbition of the Chicago & NorthWestern Railroad by the Union Pacific, the buildings name was once again changed to the Richard B. Ogilvie Transportation Center, in honor of the late Illinois Govonor who passed away in 1988. These old stone and brick walls in the train terminal area on the east and west side of the building, are still standing today.

Speeding along on the Chicago, South Shore & Southbend Railroad. Somewhere east of Gary Indiana. August 1984.

I took this photo looking out of the front door window, next to the motormans cab. I was traveling with a group of railfans, from the Railroad Club of Chicago, on a one day trip to the Hesston Steam Museum. Our trip began at Chicago's Randolph Street Station, and rode to Michigan City Indiana. From here, our group boarded two air conditioned motor coaches, and headed to nearby Hesston Indiana. Our train was traveling close to 75 miles an hour on the single track mainline east of Gary Indiana.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Chicago's Lincoln Park. A pleasant place to visit.

One place that Me and My Family have always enjoyed visiting in the windy city, is Lincoln Park near the Chicago lakefront. This lovely and very large park on Chicago's northside features beautiful gardens , a zoo, paddleboat rentals, walking paths, and softball fields. I took this photograph near West North Avenue and North Clark street. This is an excellent place to take Your family to in the city of Chicago. Lots of lovely landscaped scenery, fresh air, and happy memories for years to come. Lincoln Park is on the west side of Lake Shore Drive, with a walk over bridge that leads to the North Avenue Beach and the Lakefront trail. Absolutely a lovely sight.

Chicago's Pilot Hobby shop at 5450 West Belmont Avenue. Going Out of Business. July 2007.

Pilot Hobby Shop, located at 5450 West Belmont Avenue on Chicago's northside, is officially going out of business. A neighborhood institution just east of Belmont and Central Avenues is closing after 50 something years in business. The stores building is up for sale, and the owners have decided to retire. Their final closing day will proboubly be at the end of July. Some remaining items are marked down, so hurry up and get in on those last minute deals while You can. Pilot Hobby Shop is one of Chicago's oldest hobby stores. They will be missed.