Thursday, April 27, 2006

Corner of Montrose and Western Avenues. January 2006.

Hello Everyone! Welcome to another edition of Eddie's Railfan Page. Today is "Bus Day" at my blog site. Today We are going to the Northside of Chicago Illinois, and photograph the Rt #78 Montrose Avenue bus line. The restaurant shown here is on the Southeast corner of Montrose and Western Avenue. This little "Homestyle Diner" is called Jerri's Grill. The food here is very good and the prices are very much
"Cost Effective". The Biscuits and Gravy is what I highly recommend. mmmm! Photographing buses on a January Chicago day can really work up a good appetite. If You are ever visiting the
Windy City, By all means "Stop Here". Chicago is known for good food, and this is a good place.

Chicago Transit Authority Montrose Avenue El Station.

This view is looking east on Montrose Avenue. A southbound CTA Brown Line rapid transit train has stopped at the Montrose Avenue Elevated Station. January 2006.

Westbound Route #78 Montrose Avenue bus.

This photograph was taken in January 2006. We are on Montrose Avenue looking east toward the CTA Brown Line Rapid Transit station. A westbound Montrose Avenue bus is seen passing a restaurant on the Southside of the street called "Chicago's Pizza and Pasta", wich is a small and somewhat upscale local restaurant chain.

Eastbound CTA bus on Montrose Avenue.

An overcast day in January 2006 is the scene of this photograph on Chicago's Northside. We are on Montrose Avenue just east of Kedzie Avenue. A Chicago Transit Authority 1991 model Flexible Metro transit coach is heading eastbound during off peak hours. This scene was photographed at the corner of Montrose avenue and North Albany Avenue looking Southwest.

Chicago tax dollars at work.

A City of Chicago department of streets and sanitation street sweeper, is seen heading westbound on Montrose Avenue. Keeping Chicago's streets clear of debris and dust is a constant job. The normal street sweeping season, depending on snowfall, generally runs from April to November of any given year. However...if conditions are Mild or Dry (above freezing) the program will continue on through the Winter months, as seen here in January 2006.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Westbound BNSF freight train. La Grange Illinois. November 2001.

Hello everyone!
Welcome to Eddie's Railfan Page. My railroad and bus photo's featured here at this site are from the 1980's and beyond. Today we will Showcase some of my "Beyond" photographs from the 1990's and later. Many events in the Transportation Business had occured between the time My original 1980's Chicago area train photographs were taken, and later when I resumed photographing during the later 1990's.
During the mid 1990's, The Burlington Northern Railroad and the Santa Fe merged, and became BNSF. Here is one of their Hodge Podge diesel lash ups speeding westbound through western suburban La Grange Illinois. La Grange Illinois was - and still "Is" a great place for railfanning.

Atlantic Coast Line Railroad engine # 250. Wilmington Railroad Museum. Wilmington North Carolina. April 1995.

This beautiful ten wheeler type steam locomotive, is seen on display at the Wilmington Railroad Museum, in Wilmington North Carolina.
There is even a cord attacthed to the locomotive bell so you can ring it too. Claaang -Clang -Clang!

Kenosha Wisconsin electric streetcar. April 2001.

A pleasant Saturday afternoon in April of 2001 is spent photographing the recently opened electric streetcar line in downtown Kenosha Wisconsin. The Kenosha Electric Streetcar system, is a 2 mile loop of track connecting the Metra Station,
the Harbor Park real estate developement-The lakefront, and natural history museum. They operate with 5 former Toronto Transit Commision 1951 built electric streetcars from Ontario Canada. The red car pictured here is painted to honor "Pittsburgh Pennsylvania".
The other cars are painted in such a way honoring other u.s citties that used this type of electric streetcar in years past. They even have one car painted to look like a Chicago CTA streetcar. Todays Kenosha Electric Railway opened on June 17th 2000. Its nice to ride it.

Antique "fireless" steam locomotive on display. Tinley Park Illinois. October 1998.

This industrial railroad relic, is seen on display at the south suburban Tinley Park Illinois Metra Station. Fireless industrial steam switching locomotives, unlike other steam locomotives, didn't burn -Coal -Wood -or Oil fuel. These industrial engines were used where fires were a hazzard. There is a connecting hose "port" connection on the front or side of the boiler. A steam hose from a Boiler house was connected to the locomotive, and then was given a "Charge" of steam. Once charged, much like a battery, the steam locomotive could actually work for a few hours at a time spotting cars before it would need to recharged with fresh house steam at the plant.

Southbound Indianna Harbor Belt freight train at 31st Street. March 1990.

A chilly but crystal clear sunday afternoon in march of 1990, is spent photographing trains on location with 2 friends. We are just south of 31st Street. This location in the western suburbs is on the Brookfield / La Grange border just west of Chicago Illinois. This photo location is between 1st Avenue (Rt 171) and La Grange Road.
(Rt 12-45) The Indianna Harbor Belt railroad's north / south mainline goes through here.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Night time Chicago train photogtraphs.

Hi Everybody!
This is your Host and Photographer "Eddie", inviting You aboard this edition of Eddie's Railfan Page. Here I am pictured in January of 1984 at Chicago's old Northwestern Station. I was 21 at the time of this photograph, and had been shooting railfan photographs for a short time. These 35mm photographs of night time settings where an experiment I was conducting at the time. All aboard for some Night time Chicago railroad photographs

Inbound Milwaukee Road Commuter Train. March 1983.

An inbound Milwaukee Road (Pre Metra) commuter train is seen approaching Chicago Union Station, on a Cold Night in March of 1983.

Southbound GTW Train leaving Elsdon Yard at 51st street. (Gone.)

A southbound Grand Trunk Western Railroad manifest freight train has got a green signal, and is picking up speed as it leaves Chicago. This photograph of Night time Chicago railroading, was taken on 51st street just east of Lawndale Avenue on Chicago's Southwest side. In a matter of 4 months from this May 1983 scene, The GTW Elsdon Yard would close for good.

GTW Elsdon Yard Roundhouse at night. May 1983. (Gone.)

We are at the Grand Trunk Western Railroads Elsdon Yard Enginhouse and service tracks, located at 49th Street and Kedzie Avenue on Chicago's Southwest side. This is a good example how railroads operate 24 hours a day -7 days a week. These engines look like they have been put to bed for the night. They are actually between assignments and are getting some much needed
mechanical attention.

The Tastee Freeze stand at 58th Street and Pulaski Road. June 1984.

After a fun evening of shooting "Night Time" railfan photo's, we will call it a night, and end our evening with some Refreshments and Ice Cream Treats. This old Tastee Freeze restaurant stand was located at 58th Street and Pulaski Road, near Chicago's Midway Airport. This Seasonal Ice Cream stand is still there, only it's under a different name now.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

South Shore Railroad train awaiting departure. Chicago's Randolph Street Station. June 1988.

A Chicago South Shore and South Bend Railroad commuter train, is seen awaiting it's departure time from Chicago's former Randolph Street Station (Now Milenium Park Station) in June of 1988. This train will travel from Chicago Illinois, to the Michianna Regional Airport in South Bend Indianna.

Eastbound museum steam train. Illinois Railway Museum. Union Illinois. July 1988.

A dry Sunday afternoon with cloudy skies and not much else, was spent at the Illinois Railway Museum in northwest Union Illinois. We were in the middle of a serious "Drought"condition. It hadn't rained in nearly 2 months, and the grass and vegetation was starting to dry up. There were also a minor brush fire or two along the Museums right of way, due to Hot Embers from the coal burning steam locomotive #1630 seen here.

South Shore train unloads passengers in Michigan City Indianna. June 1987.

A Central Electric Railfans Association chartered excursion to the Hesston Steam Museum in Indianna, is seen here unloading passengers at the 11th Street Station stop. The Motorbus on the left will soon take them to the museum, wich is located not far from here on the Indianna / Michigan border.

Steam Train approaching depot. Hesston Steam Museum. Hesston Indianna. June 1987.

A beautiful bright sunny afternoon in june of 1987, is spent at the Hesston Steam Museum. This Museum, wich features antique steam trains , farm tractors, and antique automobiles is located in Hesston Indianna, Just a few miles south of New Buffalo Michigan. The green 4 wheel industrial "Meter Guage" steam side tank locomotive is from Czechloslovakia. The open coaches seen in the photograph were originally from Chicago's Brookfield Zoo. The Zoo railroad closed on Labor Day weekend 1985. In 2002, the Brookfield Zoo's 3 Locomotives and coaches were officially donated to the Hesston Steam Museum.

Eastbound Belt Railway of Chicago transfer train at Hayford Junction. May 1987.

A late 1940's EMD Cow and Calf TR-4 2 unit diesel switcher set , still in service in 1987, pulls an eastbound transfer freight train through Hayford Junction on Chicago's Southwest Side. This lovely day with temperatures around 76 degrees with lots of hazy sunshine, was indeed a great day to photograph the Belt Railway of Chicago as it was during the 1980's. This equipment has since been replaced.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Westbound Santa Fe caboose hop approaching Nerska Junction. November 1989.

We are approximately 4 to 5 blocks east of Cicero Avenue on Chicago's Southwest Side. A Santa Fe caboose hop with 2 Diesel Locomotives is about to speed pass the Belt Railway of Chicago's crosstracks at Nerska Junction. We are looking toward the I-55 Stevenson Expressway embankment. The second locomotive in the Red Color scheme with the large "S F" was painted hastilly in advance for a Proposed Merger with the Southern Pacific Railroad that didn't materialize.

Northbound Norfolk Southern freight train at Nerska Junction. November 1990.

A very sunny and pleasant Saturday afternoon in November of 1990, Is spent photographing trains at a location known as Nerska Junction.
Nerska Junction is located near the Chicago City Limits on the Southwest Side of the city, Near the village of Cicero Illinois. Nerska Junction is located between the I-55 Stevenson Expressway and the Chicago Sanitary and Shipping Canal. This is around 42nd Street (approximately)
4 blocks east of Cicero Avenue. At Nerska Junction, The Belt Railway of Chicago, crosses over and Interchanges with the Santa Fe railroad. This train has just crossed over the Santa Fe mainline and is seen heading North over the Belt Railway of Chicago's north / south mainline to Craigin Junction at Grand Avenue on Chicago's Northside. Craigin Junction is at Grand Avenue and Kostner avenue.

Indianna Harbor Belt EMD Diesel Switcher on display at EMD Open House. September 1989.

In September of 1989, Electro Motive Division of General Motors, Held an Open house in September of 1989 at their La Grange/ Mc Cook Illinois Industrial Plant. Here we see a Freshly Painted Indianna Harbor Belt Railroad EMD rebuilt Diesel Switcher Locomotive.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Thank You everybody.

Hello everyone.
This is your host and photographer Edward Kwiatkowski, saying Thank You for all the great support you have given My "Railfan Page". This web page is meant to be fun and educational. You have made that a reality.
This particulair Site is open to anybody who enjoys transportation or photography subjects. You don't necesarilly have to be a Train or Bus fan to enjoy My site, or Native Chicagoan either.

Finding those old Photographs I took 20 years ago or so during My "Railfan Heyday", the support and Encouragement many friends gave me, and a New Found motivation to go "Back" to shooting Train and Bus photo's after Many years, will Keep this site going for a long time.

You have been a Wonderful Cyber Audience, and I enjoy having You aboard. You the people who "Log On" to Eddie's Railfan Page" are My creative inspiration.

Thank You.
Edward Kwiatkowski. Chicago area railfan photographer.
p.s All My friends call me Eddie.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Maintenance of way movement. Hayford Junction. May 1987.

A beautiful sunny and pleasant day in May of 1987, is spent watching trains at Hayford Junction. This was on Chicago's Southwest Side at 76th Street and South St Louis Avenue.
A maintenance track crew is seen passing the Control Building at the GTW / BRC crosstracks.

Westbound Belt Railway of Chicago freight train. August 1987.

A hot day in August of 1987 finds us on top of the Kedzie Avenue overpass bridge on Chicago's Southwest Side. I was waiting for a Northbound route #52A south Kedzie Avenue bus at the time. I was lucky that a westbound Belt Railway of Chicago freight train, was passing underneath the bridge at the time. The Belt Railway of Chicago was still using these small "Steam Era" Cabooses at this point in time. Many of them were eventually retired and "Scrapped". One survived and is on display at the Illinois Railway Museum in Union Illinois. This photograph was taken at 73rd street (approximately) and Kedzie Avenue, across the street from the large "Nabisco" factory. This bridge was nicknamed "Nabisco Hill".

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Southbound Belt Railway of Chicago train at ICG/ BELT Tower and Junction. March 1987.

Theres a good and bad to everything in life. This is March of 1987. The bad thing was that, I was "Unemployed" at this point in time. However...The weather was great, and I had LOTS of time to go Railfanning. One day when I was between Job adds to Chase in the local News Papers, I hopped on my Bicycle, grabbed My camera and went Railfanning. This was the only time I ever Visited ICG/ BELT Junction. Here we see a Southbound Transfer Run heading to Clearing Yard. The Bridge in the background is 31st street. ICG/ BELT Junction was just outside My old Neighborhood. It was near Cicero Illinois.

ICG / Belt Tower. March 1987.

This is My only photograph I have of this forgotten Railroad interlocking tower. This is a photograph of a building that the Belt Railway of Chicago crews simply called, ICG / BELT Tower.
This was approximately 5 blocks south of 31st street and 6 blocks east of Cicero Avenue, near the Chicago City limits.
This tower controlled the train traffic on the Belt Railway of Chicago's north/ south Mainline, and the Illinois Central Gulf railroad's Iowa Division mainline. This control tower building was demolished around 1990.

Southbound Belt Railway of Chicago Transfer Train. March 1987.

A sunny but chilly late weekday morning in March of 1987, finds us watching a Southbound Belt Railway of Chicago freight train heading for Clearing Yard. We are on Chicago's southwest side, near the border of the town of Cicero Illinois. This location is just south of the 31st street vechicle overpass bridge. This train has just went over the Illinois Central Gulf railroads crosstracks, at a Location the Belt Railway crews refered to as ICG / Belt Tower.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Downtown Chicago. June 1986.

Hi Everyone! Welcome to Eddie's Railfan Page. Today is Bus Day here at My blog site. A cloudy Sunday Afternoon in June of 1986, is spent enjoying Downtown Chicago Illinois. We are on Michigan Avenue. A Northbound "Trailways" Eagle Coach is seen passing cars in the windy city. Grayhound eventually bought out Trailways Bus Lines around 1990.

Kedzie Avenue Bus Terminal. 63rd Place and Kedzie Avenue. March. 1986.

We are at the Route 52 Kedzie / California south bus terminal at 63rd Place and Kedzie Avenue in March of 1986. The old bus in the foreground is a 1960's Era Flexible "New Look" or "Fishbowl" bus. (nicknamed for it's unique windshield)
This bus is rolling out it's last miles in revenue service. This actually might be it's last run.
Behind it are the 1985 M.A.N Coaches from Germany, that replaced this bus and several others in service.

South Terminal. Route 52A South Kedzie Avenue Bus Line.

We are at the end of the line for the Route 52A south Kedzie Avenue CTA Bus Line. This Turnaround is located at 115th Street and Springfield Avenue, At the Chicago City Limits.
We are just near walking distance from the town of Alsip Illinois. This is a 1983 Flyer Coach photographed in Febuary of 1986.

English double deck buses. Ottawa Illinois. August 1986.

A summer trip I made with a friend to Ottawa Illinois in 1986, Finds 2 Privately owned former London England Double Decker Buses. I have never been to England...But it was nice actually getting to see a London Bus up close here in the United States. In Illinois mind You.

Corner of Archer Avenue and Pulaski Road. June 1986.

A sunny weekday afternoon in June of 1986, finds us at the corner of Archer Avenue and Pulaski Road. A 1977 era Chicago Transit Authority GMC Bus is waiting for the traffic light to change. The building by the bus is the old Mount Pindo's Restaurant, wich was soon to be demolished. The replacement Strip Mall type of building is already under construction. This new building will soon house the New Mount Pindo's Restaurant, as weel as other stores.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Northbound Grand Trunk Western freight train. Alsip Illinois. August 1990.

We are looking northwest from Kostner Avenue at 119th street in the South Suburban town of Alsip Illinois. A northbound Grand Trunk Western Railroad freight train, is seen speeding along on the Indianna Harbor Belt Railroad mainline. Alsip was a favorite railfan hangout for me during the late 1980's and early 1990's.

Westbound Burlington Northern Commuter train. Hindsdale Illinois. October 1989.

A westbound Burlington Northern Railroad commuter train, has just stopped at the Hindsdale Illinois commuter station. The afternoon train, seen here on a lovely Sunday afternoon in October of 1989, is heading west to Aurora Illinois. The Burlinton Northern line was still using these early 1950's EMD E-9 Passenger Diesel Locomotives until September of 1992. By the time of this photograph, The Burlington Northern placards on the side of the commuter coaches, were already replaced by Metra blue placard signs.

Northbound Chicago and Northwestern Railroad freight train. Argo Tower and Junction. (gone) December 1990.

This is a photograph of another fallen railroad landmark. The Control Tower building seen here was known as "Argo Tower", wich was located in the town of "Summit" Illinois. I used to spend time here in the early 1990's photographing the busy junction. The Chicago and Northwestern train, is seen here traveling north on the Indianna Harbor Belt railroad mainline. The tracks it is seen crossing over are those of the Illinois Central railroad. This IC line was originally the Chicago and Alton Railroad mainline, and later-the Gulf Mobile and Ohio
Railroad. in 1972 it became the Illinois Central Gulf Railroad. The Illinois Central line also sees Amtrak service, while the Indianna Harbor Belt is 100% freight traffic only. Argo Tower was closed during 1993, and was demolished in stages over the next two years. Today...only the crosstracks and freight traffic can be found today at this busy Chicagoland railroad junction.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Old Cicero Avenue station sign. June 1985.

Welcome to Eddie's Railfan Page!
Hello Railfan's. Today we are going to enjoy some sunshine, and 1980's era Chicagoland railroad photo's taken in the Western Suburbs. These photo's were taken in the towns of -Cicero -Brookfield -and Melrose Park Illinois during the mid 1980's by Myself. I am your Host and Photographer, Edward Kwiatkowski, Inviting You to enjoy some Mid 1980's Chicago Area railfan memories. All Aboooaaard!
Next stop...Cicero Avenue!

Eastbound morning express commuter train. Cicero Avenue Station. June 1985.

An inbound Express commuter train is seen passing through the Burlington Northern Railroad's Cicero Avenue Commuter Station, in West Suburban Cicero Illinois. Notice the "Orange" safety stripes on the Control Cab Car.
Today "Red" is the standard safety stripe color used by Chicago's Metra on commuter trains.

Burlington Northern Railroad's Clyde Yard, Cicero Illinois. June 1985.

This view was taken from the Cicero Avenue station, looking southwest. A Burlington Northern yard switcher is seen switching a freight train just under the Yard Tower. The bridge ramp behind the engine is Ogden Avenue, aka Old Route 66.

Remember Chicago's Brookfield Zoo Train?

This photograph was taken in October of 1984. This would be the last autum of operation for the Brookfield Zoo Railroad. The Brookfield, Salt Creek and Western Railroad, ran until Labor Day Weekend of 1985. The tracks were dismantled over the next few years or so in stages, and the 3 locomotives and cars sat in storage for 17 years.
In 2002, the two steam locomotives -one diesel locomotive replica -and open coaches, were officially donated to the Hesston Steam Museum in Indianna, not far from New Buffalo Michigan.
The equipment is currently under restoration.

All aboard The Kiddieland Limited. June 1984.

We are at the Kiddieland Amusement Park located in Northwest Suburban Melrose Park Illinois. The ride operator is making one last visual check of the passengers onboard. In a moment, The Kiddieland Limited passenger train will take off for another lap around the park.This train is modeled after America's 1950's era Pre Amtrak Streamlined Diesel Passenger Trains. The Kiddieland Limited Streamliner is painted in colors simulair to Southern Pacific Railroad's
"Daylight" passenger color scheme of the 1940's and 50's era.