Monday, April 30, 2007

Chicago's Adam Furniture store. 6815 south Archer Avenue. Played an important role in Chicago Music History.

I took this photo one morning in early April of 2007. Seen here at 6815 south Archer Avenue, in the Garfield Ridge neighborhood on Chicago's southwest side, is the locally famous Adam Furniture Store. Where does the music history kick in do You ask?
During the 1970's, the city of Chicago had a large imigrant ethnic population of Eastern Europeans, mainly Polish -Lithuanian -Czechloslovakian -and Yugoslavians.
Back in the 1970's on Sundays, W T A Q Radio in La Grange Illinois on the AM radio dial...featured many polka music programs. One in particulair that My family listened to...was the Chet Golinski Show. Chet featured many "Local" Chicagoland polka recording artist such as Eddie Karosa -
Little Wally -Joe Pat, as well as famous stars like Frankie Yancovich and whoopie John.
"Adam Furniture" was one of the shows main sponsors. This unique southside Furniture store even had a distinct "Polish Polka Style Advertising Jingle" and it was entitled"Adam on Archer".

It sounded something like ..."Bet-ter pri-ces ev-ery -day at A-dam on Ar-cher
You can shop here Any-day at A-dam on Ar-cher.
A-dam. - Fur-ni-ture. A-dam Fur-ni-ture.

Another sponsor of the Sunday polka programs, was the long gone "Babydoll Polka Club".

WTAQ Radio became a Spanish Language radio station sometime during the early 1980's.
After all these years...It was nice to know that Adam Furniture is still here on Archer Avenue.

Eastbound Canadian National freight train. North Riverside Illinois USA. April 2007.

I took this photo after work last week. Seen passing Common's Park on Des Plaines Avenue, is an eastbound Canadian National Railroad transfer freight train. Prior to the 1999 merger, this was the former Illinois Central Railroad's Iowa Division mainline. There is talk and feasability studies in the works at this time, for reviving Amtrak service on this line within the next few years.

Central Electric Railfans Association fantrip on the Metra Electric Lines. Randolph Street Station. Chicago Illinois USA. May 1990.

In May of 1990, I rode on a chartered fantrip out of Chicago, with the group known as -The Central Electric Railfans Association. We had spent the day riding and photographing the former Illinois Central Hi Liner electric multiple unit commuter cars. I took this photo at Chicago's Randolph Street Station prior to departure. This is the chartered groups "Drumhead" marker on the front of our excursion train. Today, these cars are rolling out their last miles, and the former Randolph Street Station -is now the underground Millenium Park Station. Just below the drumhead sign, is the cars "Warning Bell" when approaching crossings and depots.

Preserved 0-4-0 T "Fireless" steam locomotive. Tinley Park Illinois USA. August 2006.

I took this photo one evening in August of 2006. Seen here on south Oak Park Avenue just west of the Tinley Park Illinois Metra commuter rail station, is this colorful 0-4-0 t Porter Locomotive Works Fireless industrial steam switching locomotive. These locomotives would have a steam hose connected to the port valve from the boiler house or steam plant of an industry. There, steam would be charged into the boiler upon opening the valve. Once the boiler recieved a full steam charge, the valve would be shut off and the hose disconnected. These little locomotives could chuff around for 2 to 3 hours on a charge of steam, and were used in industries where fires were considered too much of a hazzard. This locomotive is decorected in attractive colors for display, but in their service lives, they pretty much wore just basic black paint.

Putting an electric streetcar to bed for the night. Kenosha Wisconsin USA. Saturday, June 17th 2000.

This is a rare behind the scenes photo I took, at the Kenosha Transit's electric streetcar barn.
Saturday, June 17th 2000, was the official Grand Opening day for Kenosha Wisconsin's "New" electric vintage streetcar line, and I was there.
Seen here at the end of the day, at approximately 6:30 or 7:00 PM...Is one of the streetcar operators / motormen lowering the trolley pole after bringing the yellow car in the shops for the night. The car is a former Toronto Transit Commision 1951 vintage PCC electric streetcar.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Welcome to the "Bus Day" edition.

Hello everyone!
Welcome aboard the "Bus Day" edition of My transportation blog page. The bus in this photo, is a preserved Chicago Transit Authority 1965 Flxible transit coach. This transit coach and many others are privately owned, and are part of the Chicago Historic Bus Museum, wich is an up and coming attraction. This is much like an antique car club, except that this group is about buses.
For the time being, the collection is stored on the old Frontier Coach Lines school bus garage property, on west 99th Street in Chicago Ridge Illinois, approximately 4 blocks east of south Harlem Avenue-U.S Rt 43.
You can look them up at

Preserved former CTA 1962 GM fishbowl bus. The Chicago Historical Bus Museum. Chicago Ridge Illinois USA. September 2006.

I took this photo last September, in southwest suburban Chicago Ridge Illinois USA. A friend of mine from the Midwest Transit Bus Museum in Cresthill Illinois , in recent years had started a historic bus collection of his own. Along with a few other people, the Chicago Historical Bus Museum was eventually formed. Seen here on the former Frontier Coach Lines school bus property on west 99th Street, is the museum collection. The bus in the center, is a 1962 GM bus from the Chicago Transit Authority.

Chicago Trolley Company replica sightseeing bus. Downtown Chicago USA. July 2006.

I took this photo one day at work, in July of 2006. Seen here heading west on 11th Street passing the intersection at south Wabash Avenue, is a sightseeing trolley replica bus. The Chicago Trolley Company operates these unique buses on sightseeing and charter service. Built on a truck chasis, these bus bodies are designed to replicate the old electric streetcars from the early 1900's. Seen above the drivers compartment, ahead of the deck roof, is a trolley gong,

Green River Lines bus. Chicago Illinois USA. July 2006.

I took this photo at work one hot summer day, in July of 2006. Seen here on south Canal Street near west Roosevelt Road, is a very large interstate highway style motor coach from the Green River Lines. This bus looked so comfortable, that I would have loved to have ridden on it.

Busy State Street in downtown Chicago Illinois USA. Early September 2006.

I took this photo looking out My cars front windshield. I was enroute to a sales call in the downtown section of the windy city. I am not sure what intersection this is, but as You can see...downtown Chicago is a very active and fun place to visit. Brand new CTA 2006 buses from the New Horizon Company, are picking up passengers on "State Street that great Street", as the late great Frank Sinatra sang about on one of his songs.

Northbound evening Pace bus on La Grange Road. La Grange Illinois USA. Early September 2006.

I took this photo one evening after work, back in September of 2006.
The sun has already slowly descended over the western horizon, and night is falling in west suburban La Grange Illinois. A northbound Pace Route # 330 bus has just crossed over the BNSF Railway tracks, and is now passing the intersection of La Grange Road and Hillgrove Avenue. The bus will terminate it's northbound run, at Chicago's O'Hare Airport.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Southbound CSX Transportation light engine movement. Hawthorne Junction. Chicago Illinois USA. March 2007.

I took this evening photo after work one day in March of 2007. We are on location looking north at Hawthorne Junction. A southbound CSX Transportation EMD SD 40 -2 roadswitcher is seen travelling over the Belt Railway of Chicago tracks, enroute to Clearing Yard in suburban Bedford Park Illinois USA. This locomotive looked familair to Me, as I recalled seeing it working the CSX 16th Street local in nearby Cicero Illinois many times. The Bridge in the background is west 31st Street. The hill in the background is the long abandoned Bel Air drive in movie theatre at the Cicero border.

Changing directions at the East Troy Wisconsin depot. The East Troy Electric Railroad and Museum. Sept 2006.

The little four wheeled open streetcar is seen between runs at the East troy Wisconsin depot. The motorman is seen changing the trolley poles direction for an eastbound trip. This little electric streetcar was built from scratch using blueprints.
Strangely enough...this little car has a multi chime airhorn just like the modern diesel trains.

Brighton Junction between train movements. Chicago Illinois USA. April 2007.

I took this photo in early April of 2007, at Chicago's Brighton Junction. Seen here, are the soon to be replaced wooden operators shack, and steam era style manual semaphore signals. Brighton Junction is located just west of the intersection of Archer and Western Avenues. Here the north and southbound CSX Transportation, and the Norfolk Southern Railroad tracks cross the east -west Canadian National Railroad trackage. Passing overhead behind Me, is the CTA Orange line rapid transit to Chicago's Midway Airport.

Brighton Junction. Chicago Illinois USA. April 2007.

I took this photo, looking north at Brighton Junction near Archer and Western Avenues, on Chicago's near southwest side. Big changes are in the works for this old manual steam era interchange junction. To the far left can be seen a brand new large signal relay box. There is talk circulating amongst the local railfan community, that Brighton Junction is to be eventually "phased out", and the operators shack and old semaphore signals will be removed after all these years. All signalling will be automated. There was even evidence that day, of a new overhead signal bridge foundation under construction. You may want to take some photos while you can.

Shay locomotive # 5 pulling a caboose train. The Illinois Railway Museum. Union Illinois USA. July 1996.

I took this photo at the museum in July of 1996. Seen here heading eastbound, is J. Neils Lumber Company locomotive # 5. This locomotive, with its verticle side mounted marine style cylinders and driveshafts going to the locomotives trucks, is what is known as a "Shay" locomotive. Shays were a slow moving, but powerful and agile industrial locomotive used in logging and mining operations mainly. Those three short stroke cylinders make the locomotive sound like it's moving faster than it actually is. This particulair locomotive hauled log trains in Washington state.

Former Detroit, Toledo & Ironton Railroad locomotives acquired through merger. The Grand Trunk Western RR Elsdon Yard site. Chicago IL. June 1984.

I took this photo just north of west 51st Street, at the former GTW Elsdon Yard site. Elsdon Yard had closed in October of 1983, but somehow...they were still using the yard office and were staging and fueling locomotives on site until September of 1986. Seen here just north of west 51st Street, are a group of former D,T & I locomotives acquired by the GTW through a merger in 1981. Notice the GT logo initials on the locomotive cab.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Eastbound CSX Transportation 16th Street industrial switching local. Cicero Illinois USA. April 2007.

I was heading eastbound on west 16th Street in the suburban village of Cicero Illinois, and photographed the slow moving switching local that travels along west 16th Street. The train is seen returning to the Belt Railway of Chicago interchange east of south Cicero Avenue. This line travels on private right of way surrounded by curbs. The train runs on no set schedule, so I was definately there at the right time for a railfans chance encounter that evening.

Strasburg Railroad train heading home for the night. Strasburg Pennsylvania USA. August 1990.

I took this sunset photo on an August 1990 vacation I took in Strasburg Pennsylvania.
Seen here speeding to the station in East Strasburg Pennsylvania, is the last run of the day returning for the night. I noticed that the last train always seemed to run just a little bit faster than the other runs during the day did. The locomotive here, 2-10-0 type # 90, had originally worked for the Great Western Railroad of Colorado, hauling sugar beets and freight trains until 1964. This locomotive was sold to the Strasburg Railroad in 1967, and has since been rebuilt and repainted to it's original appearance.
Another tourist railroad day is ending in 1990.

Southbound CTA Yellow line train passing the Main Street grade crossing. Skokie Illinois USA. March 2007.

I took this photo at work one early spring day in March of 2007. Seen here speeding past the crossing gates on Main Street, is a southbound CTA Yelow line train. This train is heading to the Howard Street station in downtown Evanston Illinois. In past years, this short shuttle rapid transit line was known as the "Skokie Swift"line.
This line was once part of the defunct Chicago, Northshore and Milwaukee electric interurban railroad. The CTA rescued the section from Howard Street in Evanston to Dempster Street in Skokie after the 1963 North Shore line abandonement. It opened as the Skokie Swift in April of 1964. Prior to September of 2004, the north suburban village of Skokie had an ordinance banning third rail for fear of pedestrian electrocution accidents. The segment from East Prairie Road to Dempster street was operated under overhead catenary wire. The cars had rooftop pantographs that would automatically raise and lower via sensors, when switching from third rail to overhead operation at speed. In the background can still be seen the overhead girder catenary support structures. Notice the bright lime green safety vest worn today by Transit -Police -Railroad -and Public Service personel.

Evening diesel locomotive quartet. The Belt Railway of Chicago's Clearing Yard. Bedford Park Illinois USA. March 2007.

I took this photo one evening after work in March of 2007. We are on south Central Avenue at approximately west 69th Street on BRC property. Seen here on a curve just west of the diesel shop and headquarters building, are a quartet of big diesel locomotives idleing in the late day sun.

Eastbound Canadian Pacific Railroad transfer train approaching the Mars depot. Chicago Illinois USA. December 2006.

The crossing gates are lowering on north Oak Park Avenue, as an eastbound CP Rail transfer freight train is enroute to Craigin Junction.
I took this photo looking west from the Metra "Mars" depot on north Oak Park Avenue near Fullerton on Chicago's northwest side. The depot is so named "Mars", as it is adjacent to the famous M & M Mars candy factory. Chicago's weather in December 2006 was relatively mild with temperatures in the 50's at times.

Your host and photographer in 1982.

Here is an old photo of Myself taken back in the summer of 1982. Here I am at age 20, enjoying an outing to the Illinois Railway Museum in Union Illinois USA.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Chicago urban archiology. The forgotten CTA Route # 80 Irving Park Road Electric trolleybus turnaround. West Irving Park Rd and north Neenah Avenue.

I felt the same excitement that those famous archiologist experience, when they find the ruins of an ancient forgotten city. Although this site has been redeveloped with hi rise apartments or condominiums, the black cast iron poles with the white sections below, give proof that this was a transit terminal at one time. Notice how the poles make a half circle indicating where a driveway once existed. The bases were painted white for visibility. The poles themselves had supported the overhead twin wires and special work required for electric trolleybus operation. This was the west terminal at Irving Park Road and north Neenah Avenue. The CTA Route # 80 Irving Park Road bus line was converted to 100 % diesel bus operation in January of 1973.
The buses now terminate at west Irving Park Road and north Cuberland Avenue. The Illinois Railway Museum in Union Illinois has a small collection of former CTA Electric trolleybuses, as well as some of the line poles and overhead wire from west Irving Park Road. I found it amazing that this ruin of a former transit terminal still existed in 2006.

Eastbound Chicago & NorthWestern Railroad covered hopper train. Elmhurst Illinois USA. August 1989.

Seen here passing the commuter rail station at York Avenue, is an eastbound C,& N,W train of covered hopper cars. The train was moving at a crawl as it was slowly entering nearby Proviso Yard. It was a very swealtery hot day with outside temperature readings in the upper 90's.

Tickets please! Riding in the enclosed wooden coach. The Hesston Steam Museum. Hesston Indiana USA. August 2005.

I took this picture onboard the Hesston Steam Museums only enclosed passenger coach. This 2 foot narrow guage coach was built in the museums own shops, and is used in December during the Santa Clause specials. Notice the beautiful woodwork.
This car features comfortable soft seats with armrests.

Westbound Metra express commuter train. Hollywood depot. Brookfield Illinois USA. October 2006.

I took this lovely evening photo after work one day, back in early October of 2006. An express commuter train is seen racing through the Hollywood depot on the east side of suburban Brookfield Illinois.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Dinnertime at Russel's Bar -B-Q. Riverforest Illinois USA. April 2007.

Hello everyone!
Welcome aboard Eddie's Railfan Page.
It has been a long day at work, and now My stomach is telling Me -"I'M HUNGRY". Grrrr! Bring on the food!

I thought that I would start tonights posting by meeting at Russel's Bar B Q, in northwest suburban Riverforest Illinois. Russel's is located on north Thatcher Avenue approximately one block north of Route # 64 -North Avenue.

The food is good here, and there is plenty of seating room inside. A nice place to take Your Family out to dinner anytime. Mm-Mm Good!

Former Wisconsin Central boxcars on south Halsted Street viaduct. Chicago Illinois USA. April 2007.

I took this photo at work one day in April of 2007.
One of My company's outside sales reps quit suddenly one day recently, and until they hire a new rep...I am doing My northside route as well as part of the other guys southside territory.

Seen here on the viaduct above, is a trio of former Wisconsin Central boxcars (now CN) at 41st Street and Halsted in Chicago's Bridgeport neighborhood.

Wanted..outside sales rep position.
apply in person at the Clover Club Bottling Company . Located at 356 north Kilbourn Avenue in Chicago Illinois. Or call 1-773 -261-7100 and ask for Stan Parsons. Must use own car.

Westbound Amtrak Illinois Zephyr. Brookfield Illinois USA. April 2007.

I took this photo after work one overcast evening, in April of 2007. Approaching the railroad crossing at Maple Avenue with airhorns tooting, is the westbound Amtrak Illinois Zephyr. The train was slowing down for the upcoming station stop in nearby La Grange Illinois.

Eastbound morning BNSF Railway freight train. Riverside Illinois USA. April 2007.

I took this photo, on a beautiful and very brightly lit spring morning, in April of 2007. Seen here passing slowly through the west suburban Riverside Illinois commuter rail station, is an eastbound BNSF Railway freight train enroute to Clyde Yard in nearby Cicero Illinois.

Eastbound Metra commuter train. Chicago Illinois USA. October 2006.

I took this photo from the concrete wall along west Kinzie Street near north Pulaski Road. Seen here racing past the Union Pacific M-19 diesel shop, is an inbound Metra commuter train speeding to downtown Chicago. The tall weeds and dried up sunflowers, indicate that this is Autum once again in the Windy city.

Chicago Surface Lines car # 144 logo and number. The Illinois Railway Museum. Union Illinois USA. August 2006.

I took this often overlooked "car detail" photo, in August of 2006 at the Illinois Railway Museum. While portrait or action photos of Museum exhibits are the most common, photos of simple car details can be important tools for modelers and historians alike as well. Seen here on the car side, are the CSL (pre CTA) logo -the car number -Safety steel screen window mesh -and a few underbody car details. Chicago Surface Lines car # 144, was built in 1908 by the Pullman Standard Car Company of Chicago, and was in service until May of 1954. It was kept on the CTA roster for fantrip charters until the end of Chicago streetcar service on June 21st 1958.

Westbound CTA Brown line train passing north Rockwell Street. Chicagi Illinois USA. April 2006.

I took this photo after work one evening in April of 2006. Seen here looking north from west Lealand Street, is a westbound Chicago Transit Authority Brown line train, heading to the terminal at Lawrence and Kimball Avenues.

Friday, April 20, 2007

La Grange Illinois USA at night. March 1983.

I took this night photo looking east from the La Grange Road commuter rail station. Seen here slowing for the La Grange Road station in downtown La Grange Illinois, is a westbound Burlington Northern commuter train. This is an all stops local enroute to Aurora Illinois, and is being pulled by a 1953 vintage EMD E-9 passenger diesel locomotive.

The Snowflake Special chartered CTA/ IRM excursion. Chicago Illinois USA. April 1986.

In April of 1986, the Chicago Transit Authority and the Illinois Railway Museum operated this rapid transit charter in Chicago. Seen here is a train of soon to be retired CTA 6000 series rapid transit cars. The two yellow cars have already been demoted to maintenance and snowplow service. The train is spotted here at the end of the days run, at the Kimball Avenue terminal. This is todays west terminal for the Brown Line, but back then...It was known as the Ravenswood Elevated line.

Interior view of 1950's era CTA 6000 series rapid transit car demoted to maintenance service. April 1986 fantrip charter.

I took this interior photo of a Chicago Transit Authority 6000 series rapid transit car, on a chartered fantrip excursion back in April of 1986.
Although this car looks like a normal commuter servvice car on the inside, this two car married pair of cars were painted Yellow, and had tools , 55 gallon drums -and work supplies in the front of the car near the motorman. The rest of the car had seats and advertisements still in place. This car had a snowplow on the front.
This was a chartered fantrip excursion entitled "The Snowflake Special", and was sponsored by the CTA, and the Illinois Railway Museum in Union Illinois USA. The old 1950's era 6000 series cars were nearing the end of their service lives, and would be retired within the next few years. Shortly after this excursion, a number of these 6000 series cars began arriving at the Illinois Railway Museum for display and operation.

Eastbound Union Pacific Railroad intermodal transfer train. Hayford Junction. Chicago Illinois USA. March 2007.

I took this photo one evening after work in March of 2007. Seen here approaching the crosstracks at Hayford Junction, is an eastbound Union Pacific RR container train. Hayford Junction is located at west 75th Street and south Central Park Avenue in Chicago's Ashburn neighborhood.

Westbound Metra express commuter train. Franklin Park Illinois USA. March 2007.

Seen here racing past the railroad crossing on Scott Street, is a westbound Metra express commuter train heading to Elgin Illinois. The train was racing westbound with airhorns blaring as it was racing through northwest suburban Franklin Park Illinois.

Amtrak train about to be serviced and turned. The June 8th 1985 Galesburg Railroad Days celebration. Galesburg Illinois USA.

On June 8th 1985, I rode a chartered excursion to the Galesburg Railroad Days celebration in western Illinois. Our trip was sponsored by the 20th Century Railroad Club of Chicago. Our Amtrak train to and from Galesburg had temporary markings on the locomotive's nose that read "Galesburg Zephyr" for the trip.

I took this picture after our Amtrak train arrived in Galesburg Illinois. Seen here is a 1st Generation EMD 1950's vintage EMD SW series diesel switcher, that has coupled on to the Amtrak consisit. Once the order is given, the train will be towed to the servicing area near the Galesburg shops, and then will be turned around on a Wye switch for the trip back to Chicago Illinois later in the evening. This is a behind the scenes look at railroad terminal operations on the old Burlington Northern Railroad.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Canadian National RR switching local in the rain. Forest Park Illinois USA. August 2006.

I took this photo after work one rainy evening, back in late August of 2006. Seen just north of west 22nd Street / Cermak Road, is the very eleusive CN switching local that serves a dead end spur line that paralels Woodlawn Cemetery. Notice the diesel units in color schemes and markings from the Illinois Central, and Grand Trunk Western Railroads. Both were acquired By CN through mergers in recent years. This train runs on no set schedule.

Miniature live steam locomotive. The Hesston Steam Museum. Hesston Indiana USA. August 2005.

This locomotive is a 7 and a half inch track guage 4-8-4 Northern class live steamer. These engines may be small...but they are quiete powerful just like their prototypes were decades ago. This husky 4-8-4 with a Burlington Route logo on the tender, can pull heavy loads of visiting museum patrons. It can even give off loud exhaust noise and smoke working upgrade too.

Southbound BNSF Railway unit grain train. Hawthorne Junction. Chicago Illinois USA. March 2007.

I took this photo after work one evening, in March of 2007. A BNSF Railway unit grain train, is seen heading southbound over the Belt Railway of Chicago line. These locomotives have just passed over the Canadian National Railroads former Illinois Central crosstracks at Hawthorne Junction. Once this train reaches the nearby Sanitary and Ship Canal bridge, it will stop and wait for a lenghty period of time, as the BNSF Railways ex A,T & S, F Nerska Junction south of the bridge will be occupied with many east -west freight trains being dispatched. Notice the elderly early 1950's vintage EMD SD-9 in Burlington Northern colors on this freight train.

Transit activity at the intersection of north Milwaukee and west Armitage Avenues. Chicago Illinois USA. Late March 2007.

An eastbound Chicago Transit Authority Route # 73 Armitage bus, is seen crossing the intersection of north Milwaukee Avenue. In the background can be seen an outbound CTA Blue line rapid transit train heading to Chicago's O'Hare International Airport. This is a very busy intersection on Chicago's northside.

Safety mural. The Belt Railway of Chicago, Bedford Park Illinois headquarters.

Seen here on south Central Avenue at the north entrance to the Belt Railway of Chicago's huge Clearing Yard, is this mural promoting safety amongst the other railroads involed in the BRC operations. Very artistic.

Old neon sign from the Chicago, Aurora & Elgin railroad. The Illinois Railway Museum. Union Illinois USA. August 2006.

Seen above the doorway of a display barn, is this neon sign from the long gone Chicago, Aurora & Elgin electric interurban railroad. This line operated it's core mainline from Chicago to Wheaton Illinois using 3rd rail much like todays CTA Rapiid Transit lines. A few of there branches, such as the freight only Cook County Branch that ran alongside Manheim Road U.S Route # 12 -45 in Hillside Illinois as well as the branch to Aurora, used overhead trolley wire. Prior to 1934, the Cook County Branch hosted "Funeral trains" to Oakridge and Mount Carmel Cemeterys, with high leval platforms at the cemeterys. The C,A & E went out of the passenger business suddenly on July 3rd 1957, leaving commuters stranded as the trains were dispatched back to the Wheaton shops mid day. The freight operations continued until 1959. Several Chicago, Aurora & Elgin cars are preserved here, as well as the Fox River Trolley Museum in South Elgin Illinois. The former C,A & E mainline from Maywood to Wheaton Illinois, is now the Illinois Prairie Path Bicycle Trail. The old Villa Park train station is now a drug store.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The St. Charles Belle sightseeing boat. St.Charles Illinois USA. June 1984.

I took this photo in St.Charles Illinois on the scenic Fox River. The St.Charles Belle, is a diesel powered semi replica paddlewheel tourist boat. The boat has twin propellers underneath the hull, and features a free spinning paddle wheel.
These sightseeing Fox River cruises depart from
Potawotami Park. This is a fun family activity.

Union Pacific Railroad maintenance of way crew at work. Chicago Illinois USA. August 2006.

I took this picture at work one day in August of 2006. We are at the intersection of west Devon and north Ravenswood Avenues looking west. A union Pacific Railroad track crew is hard at work. This is on the Metra / Union Pacific north line to Kenosha Wisconsin. This line was formerly the Chicago & NorthWestern Railroad.

Preserved Illinois Central caboose. Lemont Illinois USA.

This now retired 1970's era Illinois Central caboose, is on display in Lemont Illinois. This is part of a display called the Lemont Safety Village.

Coach interior view of C,B & Q 1934 Pioneer Zephyr streamlined passenger train. The Chicago Museum of Science and Industry.

This is an interior view of the coach section.
I took this photo in August of 1984 on a family outing to the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry. The train is the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroads famouse 1934 Pioneer Zephyr passenger train. This 3 unit articulated fluted stainless steel streamliner, was in service until 1960. It was donated to the museum shortly after retirement. This is what the passengers saw while riding onboard. The patriotic bunting was in honor of the Zephyr's 50th aniversary, wich was a special event entitled "A celebration of railroading". Me and My family enjoyed it.