Friday, December 29, 2006

Northbound Norfolk Southern switching local. Brighton Junction. Chicago Illinois USA. September 2006.

A northbound 4 car Norfolk Southern switching local, is seen passing under the Chicago Transit Authority's "Orange Line" rapid transit line to Midway Airport. This train will soon pass over the Canadian National -ex Illinois Central crosstracks at Brighton Junction.

Brighton Junction. Chicago Illinois USA. September 2006.

This is the view looking southwest at Chicago's Brighton Junction. These old manually operated Semaphore signals from the steam era, were still in use.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Seasons Greetings from Chicago. December 2006.

This large Christmas tree, is seen in the lobby of one of My business accounts. I serve a convenience mini market located in a large apartment skyscraper building, on Chicago's Lake Shore Drive. Being a sales representative by trade allows Me to see some very festive local Holiday sights around Chicago.

Eastbound Canadian Pacific freight train. Franklin Park Illinois USA. December 2006.

I took this photo looking west from 25th Avenue, in suburban Franklin Park Illinois USA, in December of 2006. Passing the Metra commuter rail station, is an eastbound Canadian Pacific freight train. Prior to 1985, this railroad line was the former Milwaukee Road railroad line.

Canadian National Railroad freight train in River Forest Illinois USA. December 2006.

A Canadian National -Ex Illinois Central railroad freight train, is seen waiting for clearance from
the railroad dispatcher. This photograph of a "Stopped" freight train, is looking east on Chicago Avenue in suburban River Forest Illinois USA.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

After work Holiday cheer.

It's the -most -won-der-ful -time...
for a beer! yeah! happy holidays
from the city of chicago!

Happy Holidays from Chicago!

I took this photo of this unique holiday decoration, in suburban Elmwood Park Illinois.
This flying Santa sleigh was a definate eye catcher, even during the daytime.
Yes its true folks...Chicago had a "Brown" christmas in 2006 due to mild weather conditions. But why compain? it was nice.

Your host and photographer on location. Berwyn Illinois USA. October 2006.

Hi everyone!
Welcome to Eddie's Railfan Page. Today is "Bus Day" once again at My blog site. Today will be the last bus day for 2006 here at Eddie's Railfan Page, as the end of the year is just days away.
2006 was a great year for Myself, and I wish to extend many "Thanks" to all the wonderful people who have supported this blog site. I have recieved numerous E-mails
from local Chicagoans past and present, as well as many
international responses from people around the world.

Eddie's Railfan Page made it's debut on Febuary 8th 2006, and it has been a great ride ever since.

Thank You everyone.
Happy new year soon from Chicago Illinois USA.

Eddie K.

Eastbound Pace bus on Cermak Road. Berwyn Illinois USA. October 2006.

Seen here enroute to the town of Cicero Illinois, is a suburban Pace bus in the blue commemorative
color scheme introduced in 2005.
I was told from a friend of mine who is a Pace bus operator, that the "Blue" color scheme honors one of the Pace predecessor transit companys
known as -"The West Towns Bus Company" wich was based in Oak Park Illinois. The old West Towns bus lines are now known as the Pace
"West Division".

Northbound Pace bus on Des Plaines Avenue. Forest Park Illinois USA. October 2006.

I was passing through suburban Forest Park Illinois USA, in Chicago's western suburbs.
I was enroute to a business / sales call in
the area. I spotted this Pace bus heading north
on Des Plaines Avenue out of My windshield.

Westbound Pace bus on Cermak Rd. Berwyn Illinois USA. October 2006.

I took this sunset photo in Berwyn Illinois USA, located in Chicago's near western suburbs. A Pace bus in the "Blue" commemorative color scheme, is enroute to the Yorktown shopping mall in Lombard Illinois.

Westbound Pace bus on Grand Avenue. Elmwood Park Illinois USA. December 2006.

I took this photo of a Pace bus, heading to the end of the line at the Elmwood Park Public Library. This scene was photographed looking south from the Citgo convenience gas station at the intersection of 75th and Grand Avenues, in the suburban village of Elmwood Park Illinois,

Southbound Pace bus on Taft Avenue. Berkeley Illinois USA. December 2006.

I took this photo looking north on Taft Avenue, in suburban Berkeley Illinois. A Pace bus is making the scheduled run through town on a lovely Tuesday afternoon in December of 2006.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Chicago's River Grove, suburban commuter rail station. October 2006.

One of many beautifully maintained, and very astheticly pleasing train stations in the greater Chicagoland the lovely station in the village of River Grove Illinois. This is located on thatcher Avenue just north of Grand Avenue. The railroad line is now owned and operated by the Canadian Pacific Railroad, and until 1985
was the former Milwaukee Road line.

Your Host and Photographer on location. River Grove Illinois USA. October 2006.

Hi everyone!
I am Eddie, Your host and photographer here
at Eddie's Railfan Page. Welcome aboard for
some Chicago area railfan photographs and
happy memories from My archives. Here
I am on location in October of 2006, at the
Metra, River Grove commuter rail station
in Chicago's northwest suburbs.

Be sure to check out my "Other" edition of
Eddie's Railfan Page at Yahoo Groups. com

Thank You.
Eddie. K

Westbound Metra express commuter train. River Grove Illinois USA. October 2006.

A fast moving Metra express commuter train is seen racing through suburban River Grove Illinois. This is the former Milwaukee Road mainline, now owned by Canadian Pacific.
The locomotive is an MP-36-PH built by
Motive Power Industries of Boise Idaho.
This company was the former locomotive rebuilding firm known as Morrison Knudson.

Unusual public safety message. Elmwood Park Illinois USA. October 2006.

Seen here, just across the street from the Metra River Grove commuter rail station, is this large sign alongside the Elmwood Cemetery.
Straight foreward and definately "To the point"!
There have been a fair number of Accidents along this rail line in recent years. Some fatal.

Eastbound Metra commuter train stopping at the River Grove Illinois USA commuter rail station. October 2006.

I took this photo looking west from Thatcher Avenue aka Ist Avenue /Rt 171 in northwest suburban River Grove Illinois. An inbound Metra commuter train local, is stopping for passengers enroute to downtown Chicago Illinois USA.

Eastbound CTA Green Line rapid transit train. Oak Park Illinois USA. October 2006.

I took this photo, while on location in suburban Oak Park Illinois. An eastbound Chicago Transit Authority "Green Line" train, is passing over the Euclid Avenue viaduct along South Boulevard on an overcast October Chicagoland weekday

Friday, December 22, 2006

Christmas card train scenes from Chicago. December 1st 2006.

Merry Christmas from Chicago everyone.
Happy holidays for you this year from
Eddie's Railfan Page.

I took this evening rush hour photograph, of an approaching inbound Metra commuter train, at the Norwood park Metra station. This wooden steam era depot is at Northwest Highway and Raven Street on Chicago's northwest side.

This rail line, is the Union Pacific's former Chicagp & NorthWestern Railroad NW Line

from Chicago to Harvard Illinois.

Eastbound Canadian Pacific Railroad freight train. River Grove Illinois USA. December 1st 2006.

The heavy morning snows had just stopped falling approximately one hour before I had the pleasure of taking this photograph. I was in northwest suburban River Grove Illinois on the afternoon of December 1st 2006. Shortly before I arrived here...I heard the distant "Tooting" of a railroad air horn, coming from the Franklin Park area just west of here. In approximately 6 minutes, this eastbound Canadian Pacific freight train rolled past the River Grove station in a Holiday / Christmas card setting. It was cold and windy, but definately worth the wait in a wool hat and a pair of gloves that afternoon.

Eastbound Canadian Pacific freight train. River Grove Illinois USA. December 1st 2006.

I took this photo from the North or "Westbound"
platform, from the Metra River Grove commuter rail station, located just west of suburban Elmwood Park Illinois. The heavy snowfall we had experienced in Chicagoland on December 1st 2006, helped to create a number of Christmas Card scenes for railfan photographers like Myself and a few others out there.

Westbound Metra express commuter train approaching the Hanson Park station. Chicago Illinois USA. December 1st 2006.

A fast Metra express commuter train, is racing past the Metra Hanson Park commuter rail flagstop station, just west of the Central Avenue overpass bridge. It was snowing very heavilly at the time of this photograph. Those little ground leval pedestrian crossing signals, were covered in Ice and Snow, and were making an unusual 'Tinny /Flat soundinmg ring tone.
This depot is on the Canadian Pacific Railroad's -
Ex Milwaukee road mainline.

Westbound Metra express train racing through a snowstorm. Hanson Park station. Chicago Illinois USA. December 1st 2006.

The morning of December 1st 2006 brought a heavy snowstorm to the city of Chicago Illinois.
Seen here racing westbound and kicking up snow dust in near "White Out" conditions, is a Metra express commuter train passing through the Hanson Park station near Central and Grand Avenues.
After two weeks, the temperatures warmed up and the heavy snowfall melted. It looks like Chicagoland will have a Rainy and Brown Christmas for 2006.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Chicago's Brookfield Zoo train. 1967 -1985.

I had taken this photo on location in October of 1984. This 2 ft narrow guage steam train was operated at the Brookfield Zoo from May of 1967, to September of 1985. The steam locomotive seen here, is a coal fired world war 1 era industrial steam locomotive from Germany. It was Americanized cosmetically, and painted to look like a Milwaukee Road 1940's era "Hiawatha" passenger train engine. The zoo railroad last ran on labor day weekend 1985, and was slowly dismantled in stages.
The 3 locomotives and open coaches sat in storage for 17 years, and in 2002, they were officially donated to the Hesston Steam Museum. The museum is located in Hesston Indianna near New Buffalo Michigan.

The Santa Fe's former Illinois Northern branchline local. June 1984. Chicago Illinois USA.

I took this photograph while I was still living in My old neighborhood I had grown up in. We are on Chicago's near southwest side, at West 28th Street near South Kedzie Avenue in the Little Village Neighborhood. The Atchinson, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad served this slow speed 6 mile industrial branch line 5 days a week. This rail line is operated by DRS Rail Services in 2006,and the line itself has been cut back to Spaulding Avenue just north of west 31st Street. It's almost abandoned.

Inside NorthWestern Station. Chicago Illinois USA. January 1984.

An elderly EMD E-8 Passenger locomotive, is seen ideling between commuter runs inside the old, and soon to be demolished NorthWestern Station on West Madison Street in downtown Chicago. This locomotive originally hauled Pre Amtrak passenger trains on the Chicago & NorthWestern Railroad, and spent it's final 2 decades hauling Chicago commuter trains. These vintage locomotives were retired on October 28th 1989 on a "last run" charter from Chicago to Harvard Illinois.

A night time fast freight train leaving GTW Elsdon Yard. Chicago Illinois USA. April 1983

I was out on location with a fellow railfan acquaintance from Curie High School, on a friday night in April of 1983. A Grand trunk Western Railroad freight train, has just recieved clearance, and is leaving the depot area on west 51st street. A crew member is making a last minute inspection after boarding.

Frisco Railroad steam locomotive # 1630. The Illinois Railway Museum. Union Illinois USA. Sertember 1985.

Seen here between departure times, is St.Louis & San Francisco Railroad
aka "Frisco" engine # 1630. This locomotive was built by the Baldwin Locomotive Works in Philadelphia Pennsylvania USA in 1918, for export to Russia. The Bolshevik Revolution broke out, and the shipment was diverted to various united states railroads. The locomotives builders plates are both in English and Russian "Cerelic" language. The locomotives driving wheels were converted from Russian 5 Ft guage, to American 4Ft 8In standard guage. This locomotive pulled freight and light passenger train assignments in the state of Oklahoma. It's last days in service were spent working for the Eagle Pitcher Mining Company, on
their Industrial railroad during the 1950's.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Milwaukee County Transit System 1970's GMC Bus. May 2000.

Hello everybody!
Happy Holidays from Chicago, and welcome to Eddie's Railfan Page.
Today is "Bus Day" here at My blog site.
The bus photographed here, is a 1970's vintage GMC transit coach
from the city of Milwaukee Wisconsin. I was on a charterred fantrip /bus excursion with a group from the Midwest Transit Bus Museum in cresthill Illinois, and several members of the Omnibus Society of America, seen here in May of 2000. It was a nice outing.

Secondhand Seatle Washington USA M.A.N articulated transit coach. Bridgeview Illinois USA. October 2002.

Seen here heading westbound on 79th Street in southwest suburban Bridgeview Illinois, is a used transit bus from Seatle Washington, purchased to fill a shortage on Chicago's CTA roster.

Pace buses at the end of the line. La Grange Illinois USA. December 1998.

Seen here at the west terminal of the Pace routes # 304 La Grange -and # 302 Ogden / Stanley bus lines, are two Pace Orion transit coaches awaiting their scheduled eastbound departure times.

Corner of Archer Avenue and Pulaski Road. June 1986. Chicago Illinois USA.

I took this photo looking at the northeast corner of Archer Avenue and south Pulaski Road in June of 1986. A 1970's era Chicago Transit Authority GMC bus, has just picked up some passengers, and is waiting for the traffic light to turn green.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Happy Holidays from the greater Chicagoland area.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays
to all from Chicago, and the surrounding
This Christmas house was photographed
in west suburban Riverside Illinois in
December of 2006. It looks like Snoopy
and his buddy the Grinch, are having a
fine time out on the front lawn tonight.

How I arrived at My favorite railfan locations. Hayford Junction. December 1988.

Yes its true folks....I didn't always own a car.
Prior to Febuary of 1991, This is how I got around when I wasn't taking the bus, or -
riding in the back seat of My families car.
This blue "General New Horizon" 12 speed
mountain bike, gave Me dependable transportation and a great physique. It helped Me to keep My weight off for about 6 or 7 years.

Eastbound Chicago, Central & Pacific freight train. North Riverside Illinois USA. December 1988.

The C,C & P was a short lived "Regional Railroad" created from the sale of the Illinois Central Gulf railroad's Iowa Division Mainline.
This rail line ran between Chicago Illinois and Waterloo Iowa for approximately 11 years. The newly reorganized Illinois Central, bought the line back around 1996, and operated it as such until the big merger with the Canadian National Railroad in 1999. A trio of former Illinois Central Gulf diesel locomotives is bringing the train of mostly grain hoppers into Chicago Illinois.

Westbound Burlington Northern freight train. La Grange Illinois USA. December 1988.

Moving west and gaining speed, is a Burlington Northern freight train passing through suburban
La Grange Illinois. December of the year 1988
was actually mild and did provide a fair number of sunny days and no snowfall to be seen.
It was a brown christmas that year in the Chicago area.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Merry Christmas from Eddie's Railfan Page.

Seasons Greetings from Chicago everybody!
Seen here adding a very "Festive" touch to My blog site, is a lovely Christmas Tree, at the Bridgeview Illinois public library. Located in Chicago's southwest suburbs, the Bridgeview library is one of the most up to date librarys,with one of the nicest and most helpful staff in Chicagoland.

Block signals at work. Chicago Illinois USA. December 2006.

Seen here at the Metra Hanson Park commuter rail station, are a set of block signals. These signals are used to control "Train Traffic" on the very busy Canadian Pacific railroad mainline.
According to the upper right side one...An approaching freight train heading to the Belt Railway of Chicago's interchange at Craigin Junction, has just recieved clearance to proceed.

Eastbound Canadian Pacific freight train. Hanson Park Metra station. Chicago Illinois USA. December 2006.

I took this sunset image, at the Metra Hanson Park commuter rail station. This little station stop is located near Central and Grand Avenues on Chicago's northside. Here is where the Canadian Pacific's former Milwaukee Road freight mainline branches off the commuter mainline to interchange with the Belt Railway of Chicago at Craigin Junction approximately one mile east of here.

Light engine movement. Western Avenue station. Chicago Illinois USA. December 2006.

An MP-36 -PH passenger locomotive working for Chicago's Metra commuter rail agency, has just left the Grand Avenue coach yard, and is seen begining it's 'Reverse" journey to Chicago Union Station downtown.
These populair "New" diesel locomotives are built by a company known as Motive Power Industries, wich is based in Boise Idaho.

Union Pacific Railroad M-19 Diesel Locomotive Shop. Chicago Illinois USA. December 2006.

Seen here basking in the bright winter sunshine,
are several examples of EMD and G.E diesel
locomotives awaiting servicing and maintainance. This is the Union Pacific -former Chicago & NorthWestern M-19 Diesel Locomotive shops.
This place is located on Chicago's westside at 400 North Pulaski Rd. This scene was photographed along West Kinzie Street looking northeast.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Winter on the Kenosha Wisconsin trolley line. January 2001.

I had taken these weekday photos, on location in the city of Kenosha Wisconsin during early January of 2001. The weather featured lots of clear skies and brilliant sunshine, however....
it was a very dangerous 5 above zero with sharp windchill factors around 10 below zero. It is a wonder My camera didn't freeze. There were frostbite advisories announced on the local radio stations.
Cold weather or not, the Kenosha electric streetcar system was still up and running. I took a couple of rides around the streetcar loop, and the car had very adequette heat inside. The streetcarr operates mostly on private grassy right of way. The sections of private right of way, had tall snowbanks on each side up to the bottom of the cars windows in some sections. The city was recovering from a recent lake effect blizzard. Kenosha Transit plows the streetcar right of way, with a small 2 axel Unimong truck. This vechicle is equipped with a wedge plow, and retractable "Hi Rail" wheels for track running.

Kenosha Wisconsin streetcar heading east on 56th Street. Kenosha Wisconsin USA. January 2001.

Before I ever became a "Salesman", I was employed as a local delivery truck driver. The company I worked for in Romeoville Illinois, would occasionally send Me into the Kenosha Wisconsin area on deliveries. After making one of those Late Day -Last stop deliveries, I took a lunch break and photographed the Red Kenosha streetcar near the city's lakefront on Lake Michigan. Heading east on 56th Street, is the red car wich hails from Toronto Ontario Canada. This trolley was built in 1951, and was rebuilt and refurbished during the late 1990's. It is painted red to honor a Pennsylvania streetcar company called "Pittsburgh Railways", wich operated this type of streetcar in the same color scheme.
It was a very windy and bone chilling 5 above zero in Kenosha on this day. Brrrrrrrr.

Kenosha Wisconsin electric streetcar. January 2001.

Heading west into the late afternoon sunshine, is a former Toronto Transit Commision (TTC)
electric streetcar, now operated by Kenosha Transit. It was a very windy and blustery 5 above zero farenheight, when I took these winter photographs. It was wool hats -gloves -a scarf -
or a really good Ski Mask if You had one handy.
The crystal clear bright sunshine compensated for all that nasty bitter cold.
The tall snowbanks on the streetcar's private right of way, gives evidence of a recent and very heavy "Lake effect" snowstorm.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Your host and photographer on location. Forest Park Illinois USA. November 2006.

Hello everyone!
Seasons Greetings from Chicago and surrounding suburbs.
Here I am at work, on location in west suburban Forest Park Illinois. I had just finished servicing a Sales Account, and thought it would be fun to include an occasional "Mug Shot"of Myself here at My blog site.
I am employed working as an outside sales representative
for a local Chicago soft drink bottling company. Sales is a
challenging career to follow, but it does have it's rewards.

It's -be-ginning -to look a lot -like Christ -mas.

The greater Chicagoland area has been ready to put
up Christmas / Holiday decorations from the word "Go",
and apparently, the merchants on Chicago Avenue in the suburb of Oak Park Illinois, are not an exception.
Christmas 2006 in Chicago, looks like it will be a very
festive and colorful season this year.

Seasons Greetings Everyone.

Inbound Metra train at the Forest Glenn station. Chicago Illinois USA. November 2006.

I took this right time/ right place railfan photograph of a Chicago bound Metra commuter train at the Forest Glenn station, located on North Elston Avenue. This commuter flag stop station is located on Chicago's northwest side. The rail line seen here is the former Milwaukee Road line to Fox Lake Illinois. The billboard advertising Coca Cola is using snow scenes and polar bears, to remind us that Christmas is coming to Chicago soon.

Eastbound Canadian Pacific Railroad freight train. Elmwood Park Illinois USA. November 2006.

I was on My way to work on this Tuesday morning in November of 2006, when I had spotted the approaching headlights of an eastbound Canadian Pacific (Ex Milwaukee Road)
freight train , passing through suburban Elmwood Park Illinois. I just barely had enough time to pull over, and jump out of My car with a trusty digital camera in hand. The train is being pulled by two relatively new General Electric AC44 CW diesel locomotives.

Westbound CTA Blue Line train stopping at Oak Park Avenue station. Oak Park Illinois USA. November 2006.

I took this early "Rush Hour" afternoon photo,looking east from the Oak Park Avenue overpass bridge on the I-290 Congress Expressway.
We are in the village of Oak Park Illinois, just west of the Chicago city limits, and the evening rush hour commute is just begining for many people heading home from work. The Chicago Transit Authority rapid transit lines have already dispatched several 8 car rush hour trains on line.