Friday, November 30, 2007

Seasonal Christmas Holiday preparations at the Harlem and Irving Shopping Plaza. Chicago Illinois USA. Late November 2007.

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Like the song says..."It's begining to look a lot like Christmas". This is the Santa House, wich was being set up for the upcoming Holiday Shopping Season at this active indoor mall near the Chicago city limits.

The various hanging Holiday mall decorations had just been set up the day before, and soon the mall will take on a look of seasonal Christmas cheer for the 2007 Chicagoland Holiday Shopping Season.

Northbound Chicago & NorthWestern Railroad transfer train passing Argo Tower. (Gone.) Summit Illinois USA. December 1990.

A mild December Saturday afternoon with outside temperatures in the upper 40's, was spent photographing transfer trains at Argo Tower and Junction in Summit Illinois during the final weeks of the year of 1990. The tower was in it's last years of service as an interlocking train traffic control operation at these crosstracks, and would officially close in 1993. The tower was slowly demolished in stages untill 1995.
The Chicago & NorthWestern transfer train is heading northbound on the Indiana Harbor Belt railroad, and is crossing the Ilinois Central ex Gulf, Mobile & Ohio mainline at Argo Junction.

1870's era Virginia & Truckee Railroad 2-6-0 locomotive "Tahoe". The Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania. Strasburg Pennsylvania USA. August 1990.

I took this photo inside the grand hall at the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania located in the town of Strasburg PA.
Seen here is an 1875 built 2-6-0 Mogul type locomotive from the Virginia & Truckee Railroad. The Virginia & Truckee was a short line railroad that served the gold mining industry in the State of Nevada, and had went out of business in 1950.

The Virginia & Truckee was a unique little railroad, as they were using equipment that had long since qualified as being Museum Relics from the 1800's into the 20th century. Wood burning locomotives from the 1800's like the Tahoe seen here, had got the attention of Hollywood California Motion Picture Studio Producers, and many pieces found work as operating props in numerous Western Movies. One of the signifigant motion pictures using the old V & T equipment from the Victorian era, was Cecil B. DeMille's epic historic feature "Union Pacific" wich was occasionally shown in Chicago on the WGN TV Channel 9 Sunday afternoon program "Family Classics, wich was hosted by the late great Frazier Thomas.

Although the Tahoe had worked on a Nevada railroad, it is historically signifigant with the State of Pennsylvania, as it was built by the Baldwin locomotive Works in Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

Eastbound CTA 3 car 4000 series Rapid Transit train. The Illinois Railway Museum. Union Illinois USA. August 2000.

I took this photo on the operating museum mainline at the Illinois Railway museum during an August 2000 visit. A three car train of 1920's vintage rapid trainsit cars from the Chicago Transit Authority, are seen speeding eastbound on the museum's mainline as a thunderstorm was approaching. The faint and distant runble of thunder and occasional lightning flashes in the clouds, would soon turn into a torrent of heavilly pouring rain just moments after this photo was taken. Snap the photos quickly and take cover!

Northbound Canadian Paific transfer train. Chicago Illinois USA. January 2007.

The sun is going down on another Chicago winter day in January of 2007, as a northbound Canadian Pacific transfer train is passing over West Lake Street on the Belt Railway of Chicago enroute to nearby Cragin Junction approximately one mile north of this location.

Metra evening commute. Berwyn Illinois USA. January 2007.

I took this photo looking west along the BNSF Railway mainline in west suburban Berwyn Illinois, back in January of 2007.
There is multiple train activity on the Metra / BNSF Railway 3 track Chicago to Aurora Illinois mainline, as the winter sun sets on another Chicago winter day. This view is looking west from Ridgeland Avenue. This is a very busy location with frequent train activity at any time.

Evening switching chores at Crawford Yard. Chicago Illinois USA. Early November 2007.

The available daylight hours are now becoming shorter and shorter at this late time in the year.
I took this twilight photo on a cloudy evening in early November of 2007.

A former Grand Trunk Western EMD roadswitcher acquired through merger by the Canadian National Railroad, is seen assembling tank car trains at the former Illinois Central Crawford Yard near the Chicago city limits.

In about 10 to 15 minutes, the area here will be too dark for any practical railfan photography.
Early November darkness at 5:00 PM.

Canadian Pacific switching local approaching. Franklin Park Illinois USA. November 2007.

The crossing gate has just lowered, as an eastbound Canadian Pacific short train of hopper cars is passing the historic Tower B-12 in Franklin Park Illinois. Franklin Park is a very busy railroad location in Chicagoland, with frequent transfer and switching local freight trains , and Metra commuter rail service.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Autum in Berkeley Illinois. November 2007.

I took this bright, sunny and very colorfull Autum photograph one afternoon, in Berkeley Illinois. Berkeley is a scenic suburban town located near Elmhurst Illinois. The foliage along Taft Avenue and the surrounding side streets in Berkely, made for a spectacular Autum season in 2007.

A CN former Wisconsin Central EMD locomotive idling in the yard. Schiller Park Illinois USA. Early October 2007.

I took this photo one morning, in northwest suburban Schiller Park Illinois. In todays world of Mega Merging railroads, one can often find equipment and color schemes from former railroad companies acquired through merger. This former Wisconsin Central locomotive now works for the Canadian National Railroad, as is often seen working this small yard near West Lawrence and 25th Avenues near Chicago's O" Hare International Airport.

From the distance, this locomotive looks like something that You would find in the N Scale model train section of a local Hobby Store.

Westbound Canadian Pacific transfer train waiting at Cragin Junction. Chicago Illinois USA. December 2006.

I took this photo on an overcast morning in December of 2006. This view looking up an embankment is no longer available due to recent construction activity. We are looking east, just north of Grand Avenue. A three unit set of mixed heritage Canadian Pacific diesel locomotives acquired through mergers, wait for clearance with their freight train on the interchange curve at Cragin Junction, on Chicago's northside.
Once clearance is given, the train will leave the Belt Railway of Chicago tracks and head westbound on Canadian Pacific ex Milwaukee Road trackage to Bensenville Yard, or points west. This is a very busy Chicago railroad junction location, with numerous freight trains and Metra commuter rail passenger trains.

The Fox River Trolley Museum's open car # 441. South Elgin Illinois USA. May 1983.

I took this photo on a May 1983 visit to the Fox River Trolley Museum, located in South Elgin Illinois. This red open car wasn't being operated at the time of My visit. but made for a nice photographic subject. At some point in time, I believe that the Fox River Trolley Museum possibly traded open car # 441 to another Museum somewhere. ( These things can happen)

Open cars like # 441 were once common in many North American citties during the early 1900's, and saw seasonal warm weather use on routes that served Beaches, Picnic Groves and Amusement Parks. Citties in hotter climates like Rio De Janero Brazil, and Vera Cruz Mexico used open air cars like this for many decades.

If anybody has any information as to the where a bouts today of car # 441, I would greatly appreciate it. I never got to experience riding on this particular car at the museum in the 80's.

The East Troy Electric Railroad and Museum in East troy Wisconsin, has a homemade replica 4 wheeled open trolley at their museum operation today.

Nickel Plate Road # 765. Sterling Illinois USA. September 7th 1985.

On September 7th 1985, I rode an all day fantrip charter from Chicago to Sterling Illinois with the 20th Century Railroad Club. Our excursion travelled from Chicago to Sterling Illinois over the Chicago & NorthWestern Railroad "West Line". The steam locomotive pulling our excursion was this 1943 built Lima Locomotive Works 2-8-4 Berkshire type steam locmotive originally from the New York, Chicago & St. Louis Railroad , aka the Nickel Plate Road.

This locomotive was put on display in Fort Wayne Indiana in 1963 at a local city park. The locmotive was removed from the park during the 1970's by a group known as the Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society, and mechanically restored at an outdoor industrial storage facility.

The restored locomotive ran under it's own power for the first time in 1979, and was briefly tested pulling freight trains on the Toledo, Peroria & Western Railroad in 1980. This locmomotive pulled chartered railroad excursion specials untill 1993, when it was taken out of service for a lenghty overhaul in Fort Wayne Indiana. Locomotive # 765 was returned to service in 2006 after completion of the mechanical overhaul.

Reading & Northern Railroad coal hopper. Franklin Park Illinois USA. December 2006.

Being a railfan in Chicago certainly does have it's occasional "Perks" of some kind or another.
I took this photo last year in December of 2006. seen here passing through town on an eastbound Canadian Pacific freight train, is this black and orange hopper car from the Reading & Northern Railroad, wich operates former pre Conrail -Reading Railroad lines in the State of Pennsylvania.
During the early to mid 1980's, this was originally known as The Blue Mountain & Reading Railroad. The B,M & R originally operated freight trains on a few acquired lines, as well as steam powered passenger excursion trains between Hamburg and Temple Pennsylvania. The freight business grew by leaps and bounds, and the railroad eventually left the steam excursion train business. The railroad still has two steam locomotives on their property today. Former Gulf, Mobile & Northern 4-6-2 Pacific Type # 425, and also former Reading Railroad T-1 Class 4-8-4 Type # 2102 in Pennsylvania.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Welcome aboard the BUS DAY SPECIAL.

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Today is bus day once again at My Chicago area Transportation Blog Site.

Today, We will be viewing a collection of some of My all time favorite Transit Bus photographs. I hope that You will sit back and enjoy Your ride.

Next Stop........Todays posting.

Thank You for riding Eddie's Railfan Page.

Northbound Pace bus crossing the BNSF Railway tracks on Prairie Avenue. Brookfield Illinois USA. November 2007.

I took this rainy morning photo last week in west suburban Brookfield Illinois. A northbound Pace bus in the 2005 Blue color scheme, is seen crossing the BNSF Railway tracks by the Metra Brookfield Commuter Rail Station. After the tracks are crossed, the bus will turn right and head east along Brookfield Avenue.

Clinton Iowa MTA shuttle bus. Clinton Iowa USA. September 2002.

I took this photo in early September of 2002, while on a business trip with a former Marketing Job that I used to work for. This unusual looking short transit coach, was working in Shuttle Bus Service working at the nearby Malls in Clinton Iowa. The bus is seen leaving the parking lot of the large Kohls Department Store.

Two Chicago are suburban Pace bus at the west terminal on Hillgrove Avenue. La Grange Illinois USA. March 1998.

I took this evening rush hour late winter photograph after work one day, in March of 1998. Seen here at the former West Terminal for the Pace route # 302 Ogden Stanley bus route and the Route # 304 La Grange route on Hillgrove Avenue east of La Grange Road, are two Pace buses waiting for their scheduled departure times. After the demolitiion of the La Grange Bank where these buses are seen idling, the buses were moved to a new terminal location on the south side of the Metra La Grange Road commuter rail station, located on Burlington Avenue.

Gary Public Transit Company Optimus Opus transit coach. Gary Indiana USA. August 2004.

I took this photo in August of 2004, whilepassing through downtown Gary Indiana. This very short and unique looking bus, is manufactured by a company called Optimus. This is an example of their "Opus" model small transit coach.
Short buses like this of 30 feet or less, are refered to by "Bus fans" as being "Baby Buses".
The body styling is somewhat simular to NOVA model transit coaches.
The Geographically nearby Chicago Transit Authority recieved their first Optimus Opus bus in the year of 2006. Many are used in the area around north suburban Norridge Illinois.

Gary Public Transit Company Flxible Metro coach. Gary Indiana USA. August 2004.

I took this photo while passing through the city of Gary Indiana in August of 2004.
Seen here is a Flxible Metro model transit bus,working for the Gary Public Transit Companyon a quiet Saturday afternoon.

A foreward interior view from the rear of a 1959 General Motors old look TDH series bus. The Midwest Transit Bus Museum. Cresthill Illinois USA.

This is a view that greeted many a bus commuter in the city of Milwaukee Wisconsin. I took this interior photo looking foreward from the rear of a 1959 General Motors "Old Look" TDH Series transit coach, origianlly from the Milwaukee Transport Company. This vintage bus, is one of a handfull of Milwaukee City buses preserved at the Midwest Transit Bus Museum. General Motors discontinued this body style on 40 Foot long transit coaches in 1959, as the "New Look" General Motors buses with the Fishbowl Windshield, slanted sliding side windows, and fluted streamlined siding was being introduced at this time.

Milwaukee County Transit District May 2000 GMC Fishbowl bus charter. Milwaukee Wisconsin USA. May 2000.

I rode on this chartered 1960's and 70's era GMC Fishbowl Windshield Milwaukee Wisconsin city bus, on a May 2000 bus fantrip charter.

This trip was put together with members from the Chicago Chapter of the Omnibus Society of America, and the Midwest Transit bus Museum located in Cresthill Illinois near the city of Joliet.

We travelled all over a large part of the city of Milwaukee Wisconsin, as well as several outlaying areas. It was a fun charter to be on with a really great group of guys.

Technical difficulties. The Midwest Transit Bus Museum. Cresthill Illinois USA. September 2000 Members Day.

For two years, I was a Member of the Midwest Transit Bus Museum, located at Route # 53 and Caton Farm Road in Cresthill Illinois near Joliet.

I took this behind the scenes photo during the September 2000 Members Day gathering.
West Towns Bus Company 1950 GM TDH Series old look bus # 776 began experiencing some sort of a Mechanical Problem on one of the operating trips around the Museum Property, and Laddie Vitek on the left ( A professional Amtrak locomotive engineer), and David Buzek -(the museum President and full time Pace bus driver)
have popped open one of the rear engine servicing compartment hatches, and are using some tools to make any needed adjustments.
The bus in front of them, is a former Chicago Transit Authority 1961 Flxible Fishbowl Windshield new look bus. It is nice to know that there are a few places in this world, where You can see and ride vintage antique buses.

A special thanks to Dave Buzek and the various members for Historic Preservation efforts.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Autum in the city of Chicago Illinois. Early November 2007.

I took this photo one morning, in early November of 2007. This colorfull and rather golden Seasonal image, was photographed on North Osceola Avenue near west School Street on the northside of Chicago.

A rainy day scene on Prairie Avenue. Brookfield Illinois USA. November 2007.

I took this photo last week Wednsday, during an all day rain in the greater Chicagoland area. Although the conditions were cloudy, wet and cold...It was business as usual in west suburban Brookfield Illinois nonetheless.
An eastbound BNSF Railway unit grain train is seen speeding toward Chicago Illinois, while a local pedestrian makes sure that it is safe to cross Brookfield Avenue in the rainy and cold weather.

Miniature railroad crossing at work. Kiddieland Amusement Park. Melrose Park Illinois USA. July 1985.

I took this photo, on a July 1985 visit to the Kiddieland Amusement Park in northwest suburban Melrose Park Illinois. This is one of the few operating miniature railroad crossing signals, that warns both motorist and pedestrians alike in the east parking lot, that the 14" Guage Kiddieland Limited amusement park train is approaching the crossing.

My old H.O Scale Trolley Layout. 1998.

For a brief period from 1997 to approximately 2001, I was bitten by the "Traction Bug". I was living in small accomodations at My Parents place in Bridgeview Illinois, and didn't have the available space available to bring My old H.O Model Trains out of storage and build a new layout.
Somehow, I turned to low budget "Traction Modeling" as an alternative to a lack of space. My layout, just like all the ones before it, spent most of it's time standing on it's side in storage. Overhead wire was impracticle, so I used 2 rail DC instead. My first traction layout shown here,t was only 2' x 4' , wich is actually more of an N Scale sized layout. I only had room for a small loop of track with no track switches. I used Atlas Code # 100 Flextrack, as the layout required very tight 9 Inch Radious curves at each end. Although I couldn't operate switching locals or Amtrak trains like on My previous layouts, My Bachman Brills, IHC Four Wheelers, and Bowser Trolleys looked nice passing a row of storefronts in traffic.

Many things were happening in Traction / Electric Streetcar events at this point in time, such
as the "New" Kenosha Wisconsin Electric Streetcar line wich opened on June 17th 2000.

Eastbound Metra commuter local entering River Grove Illinois. Early November 2007.

An eastbound Mid Day local commuter train, has just left the Village of Franklin Park Illinois, and is now entering the northwest suburban town of River Grove enroute to Chicago Union Station. Autum 2007 was a very lovely and colorfull time in the greater Chicagoland area during the peak period of Autum colors on the foliage.

Westbound Iowa,Chicago & Eastern RR freight train. River Grove Illinois USA. January 2007.

I took this photo just west of the Metra commuter rail station, in northwest suburban River Grove Illinois. A westbound Iowa, Chicago & Eastern freight train, is seen moving along the Canadian Pacific ex Milwaukee Road mainline on a bright and sunny January morning in 2007.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Sunset in Norridge Illinois. Early October 2007.

I took this photo one evening after work, looking west from the parking lot of the soon to be replaced and relocated Eisenhower Public Library. Another sunny Chicagoland day, was coming to a bright and very colorfull close in Chicago's near north suburbs.

Chicago bound Metra commuter local crossing North Central Avenue. Chicago Illinois USA. August 2007.

Some of My railfan activities involve being stuck in traffic. I stood just outside of My car, looking north on North Central Avenue near Lehigh Avenue, in Chicago's Edgebrook neighborhood to take this photograph. There are many scheduled Metra commuter trains passing through here during the morning and evening rush hours, as well as several Amtrak Hiawatha Service trains to and from Milwaukee Wisconsin. Edgebrook is a scenic, pleasant and upscale community, located at the Chicago city limits near Niles and Skokie Illinois. The Metra trains operate through here between Chicago and Fox Lake Illinois.

1930's era German industrial steam locomotive under restoration. Thresherman's Park. Edgarton Wisconsin USA. September 2007.

My Brother in Law Ralph took this photo, at the Labor Day Weekend 2007 Rock River Thresheree in Edgarton Wisconsin. Seen here in one of the sheds at Thresherman's Park, is a rusty and slighty weatherbeaten Henschell 0-4-0 T Meter guage industrial steam locmotive from Germany, currently undergoing mechanical restoration.

Interior view of a retired pair of Chicago Transit Authority 6000 series Rapid Transit cars. The Illinois Railway Museum. Union IL. August 2000.

I took this photo, on an August 2000 visit to The Illinois Railway Museum, located in Union Illinois. This site greeted many a Chicago CTA Rapid Transit commuter going and coming from work on any given weekday. This is an interior view of a Chicago Transit Authority 6000 series Rapid Transit car. The 6000 series Rapid Transit cars were refered to as PCC Rapid Transit cars, as they were built from components that were salvaged from scrapped CTA PCC or Presidents Conference Commitee streamlined elecreic streetcars. These cars were in service from the early 1950's, to the mid 1990's. Phasing out, and last run fantrips began in the mid 1980's, as well as several being demoted into Maintenance of Way, or "Work Service Motors". The cars originally had two tone green interiors, but several wound up into the brown and cream colors that are shown here after rebuildings took place in the late 1970's and early 1980's. The standard two car permanently coupled "Married Pair" shown here, hauls visiting museum patrons today.

Eastbound morning Metra local commuter train arriving at the River Grove Metra commuter rail station. River Grove Illinois USA. October 2006.

I took this photo one morning, in October of 2006. This is how the Metra commuter rail station in near northwest suburban River Grove Illinois actually looked like last year,
"A Few Paint Jobs Ago" . In 2007, the station recieved two different coats of Green paint below the roof. A coat of light pale aqua in August, and a New coat of dark green with gold letters in October of 2007. This station has also seen recent roof repairs.

Chicago bound Amtrak train passing through Argo Junction. Summit Illinois USA. December 1990.

With a late 1970's era EMD F-40 PH passenger diesel locmotive on the head end, an Amtrak train enroute to Chicago Union Station, passes through Argo Tower and Junction in southwest suburban Summit Illinois. The single leval Horizon Fleet coaches indicate that this may be one of the Chicago to St. Louis Missouri corridor trains on the Illinois Central ex Gulf ,Mobile & Ohio mainline. This was a lovely and somewhat mild December day in 1990, with outside temperatures in the upper 40's.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Autum in Riverside Illinois. October 2007.

I took this lovely Seasonal photo in downtown Riverside Illinois, in Chicago's western suburbs. The vintage buildings and quaint Victorian style gas powered streetlights, add an Old Fashioned and very classy touch to this upscale town in the geater Chicagoland area.

Your Host and Photographer at the Royal Gorge Park in the Stae of Colorado. July 1981.

Howdy everyone!
Welcome aboard Eddie's Railfan Page.
Here I am at age 19 way back in the year of 1981, on a Family vacation to Colorado and New Mexico. Yes it's true folks....I didn't always wear contact lenses. Here I am at the Royal Gorge Park in Colorado, posing for a photo on a piece of displayed miniature railroad equipment. It was a fun and enjoyable family summer vacation. Although this was a motorbus tour, We seen a nice little selection of railfan attractions in the State of Colorado.

The Memphis Main Street Trolley. Memphis Tennesee USA. September 2007.

I took this photo on My September 2007 vacation to Memphis Tennesee. Seen here is a little orange and cream colored 4 wheel replica trolley built by Gomaco in Ida Grove Iowa USA. The blue car rounding the curve by the corner Walgreens Drug Store, is a refurbished 1920's era W-2 Class tram car from Melbourne Australia. Electric streetcars are alive and well in the city of Memphis today. This photo was taken looking east, at the corner of Madison Avenue and Main Street in downtown Memphis Tennesee.

Classic EMD. The Illinois Railway Museum. Union Illinois USA. June 1986.

I took this photo on a June 1986 visit to the Illinois Railway Museum locateed in Union Illinois. Seen here are three classic examples of 1st Generation EMD diesel locomotives recieving some maintenance at one of the museum barns. The silver diesel locomotive is from the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad. It is the sole surviving EMD E-5 passenger cab unit diesel, and was built in 1941. The second cab unit seen in orange and maroon paint, is Milwaukee Road EMD F-7 # 118C built in 1951. The last unit to the left in green and yellow paint, is a 1953 built EMD GP-7 from the Illinois Terminal Railroad. These were some of the early mass production diesel locomotives, that spelled the end of the line for steam locmotives on North American railroads.

Grand Trunk Western freight train leaving Clearing Yard. Hayford Junction. Chicago Illinois USA. January 1987.

I took this winter railfan photograph, in January of 1987 after an all morning snowstorm had fell on Chicago. Seen here in the early afternoon, approximately one hour after the snow had stopped falling, is a Grand Trunk Western freight train enroute to the nearby southbound interchange curve at Hayford Junction. The train had just recieved clearance from the dispatcher, and is departing the Belt Railway of Chicago Clearing Yard.

The Union Pacific M-19A Diesel Shop. Chicago Illinois USA. Early October 2007.

I took this photo from West Kinzie Street looking northeast. This is the very busy Union Pacific M-19A Diesel Shop located at 400 North Pulaski Road on Chicago's westside. This is a former Chicago & NorthWestern Facility that maintains locomotives from Union Pacific, Chicago's Metra commuter rail agency, and an occasional visiting locmotive or two from other railroads. This is a major locomotive terminal in the city of Chicago.

Canadian National backing up on the Belt Railway of Chicago interchange. Hawthorne Junction. Chicago Illinois USA. May 2007.

There is nothing like some Springtime after work railfanning. I took this photo after work one lovely Spring afternoon in May of 2007. We are looking west on the CN former Illinois Central Iowa Division Mainline at Hawthorne Junction, on a sunny and pleasantly mild afternoon,with outside temperatures in the upper 70's.

A Canadian National two unit set of EMD roadswitchers, has just left nearby Crawford Yard, and is backing northbound on the interchange tracks, that run paralel to the North /South Belt Railway of Chicago line. The large manmade hill in the background, is the site of the long abandoned Bel Air Drive In Movie Theatre at the Chicago City Limits by Cicero Illinois.

Westbound arrival at the Metra Grand / Cicero commuter rail station. Chicago Illinois USA. May 2007.

I took this photo on a lovely Spring morning, in May of 2007. A westbound Metra commuter rail passenger local, is pulling into the Grand / Cicero commuter rail station on North Cicero Avenue in Chicago's Cragin neighborhood. This view is looking south on Cicero Avenue near Armitage Street. To the left and out of view in the photograph, is Cragin Junction.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Christmas Holiday decorations are up on South Archer Avenue. Chicago Illinois USA. Early November 2007.

Hello everyone!
Welcome aboard Eddie's Railfan Page from Chicago.
I took this photo one afternoon in early November of 2007.
We are looking east on the diagonal South Archer Avenue near South Sayre Avenue, in Chicago's Garfield Ridge neighborhood near Midway Airport. It was the first week of November of 2007, and some local crews from the Chicago Department of Public Works took advantage of the sunny and mild weather by putting up the Seasonal Christmas lampost holiday decorations that are placed along Chicago's main city streets anually.
Just in the nick of time too! One week later, and the weather turned Wet, Overcast, and Cold.

Thanksgiving is now upon the Greater Chicagoland Area, and soon it will be Christmastime in the windy city.

Passengers boarding the eastbound Amtrak Broadway limited. Lancaster Pennsylvania USA. August 1990.

I took this photo upon arrival at Lancaster Pennsylvania, during an August 1990 vacation that I had taken to the Keystone State. A group of passengers are seen boarding the eastbound Amtrak Broadway Limited enroute to New York City. I rode the Amtrak Broadway Limited from Chicago to Lancaster and back, on a one week vacation to Lancaster and Strasburg Pennsylvania in southeastern Pennsylvania.
It was a pleasant vacation filled with plenty of fun and relaxation in the fresh country air.

The Kelle Moraine Railway. Northlake Wisconsin USA. August 1985. ( Gone.)

I took this photo during My "One and Only Visit", to the Kettle Moraine Railway in Northlake Wisconsin. I visited this tourist railroad on a one day motorcoach charter, with a group from The Railroad Club Of Chicago. I wanted to return again someday to the Kettle Moraine Railway....but I never did.
The Kettle Moraine Railway, located 20 miles northwest of Milwaukee Wisconsin, shut down for good early in this decade, and went out of business.

If anybody has any information in regards to the current where abouts of the vintage antique locomotives and rolling stock of this once quaint Wisconsin Tourist Railroad, please let Myself and our fellow railfans know about it. Ok?
One report I heard, is that the locmotives and equipment are now at the National Railroad Museum in Green Bay Wisconsin awaiting Mechanical evaluation. Is that true? Please...We all would like to know.

Thank You.
Eddie K.

Two train meet in La Grange Park Illinois on the Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad. January 2007.

A southbound Canadian National freight train has just passed the locomotives on a northbound Union Pacific empty unit coal train, in west suburban La Grange Park Illinois. I took this photo looking north from the Harding Avenue railroad crossing, on a brilliantly sunny but cold nonetheless January Chicagoland afternoon.

Chicago Transit Authority's West 111th Street bus terminal near South Pulaski Road. Chicago Illinois USA. November 1989.

I took this photo in Chicago's Mount Greenwood neighborhood near West 111th Street and South Pulaski Road, on a gloomy Saturday afternoon in November of 1989. Many changes were taking place at the Chicago Transit Authority at the time of this photograph. The old 1970's era GMC TDH Series Fishbowl windshield buses, were being repainted into a new White with Red and Blue striped scheme wich would become the official "New" CTA colors after many years of wearing two tone green and off white, as seen on the bus to the right. The bus to the left, is a 1985 M.A.N transit bus from the nation formerly known as West Germany. The GMC's would be retired from the CTA in 1996, and the 1985 M.A.N coaches just recently themselves. The evolution of the CTA fleet in Chicago.

Westbound BNSF Railway empty unit coal train. Riverside Illinois USA. October 2007.

I took this photo one lovely October afternoon in 2007. Seen here gradually picking up speed as it passes through the west suburban village of Riverside Illinois, is a westbound empty unit coal train enroute to the Powder River Basin in the State of Wyoming. The BNSF Railway sees numerous freight trains through here on any given day. Riverside is a great place for railfans like Myself and a few others, to obtain some great mainline photographs in Chicagoland.
Prior to 1970, this line was originally the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad.

C&NW /Metra EMD E-8 last run fantrip. Photo runby at Richfield Illinois USA. Saturday, October 28th 1989.

I took this photo during a photo runby at Richfield Illinois near Harvard. The Chicago & NorthWestern Railroad, Chicago's Metra commuter rail agency, and the Chicago chapter of the National Railway Historical Society, operated this one day only "Last Run" charter fantrip from Chicago to Harvard Illinois on Saturday, October 28th 1989. The occasion was the retirement of the last three early 1950's vintage EMD E-8 passenger cab unit diesels owned by Metra. The last three EMD E-8's with commuter coaches in tow, are seen performing one of a few photo runbys at Richfield Illinois.