Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Chicago & NorthWestern Railroad EMD diesel locomotive # 4470. The Sterling Illinois switcher. Sterling Illinois. September 1985.

An early 1970's era Illinois Central Gulf Railroad caboose hop.

Photographed at the Oak Park Society of Model Engineers,H.O
Scale Model Railroad Club in Oak Park Illinois.

Belt Railway of Chicago EMD Yard Switcher diesel locomotive # 521 idling at Clearing Yard. Bedford Park Illinois. March 1985.

Classic Steam Train Collection Flying Scotsman

An old beat up 1950's era International Harvester conventional tractor. Northlake Illinois. April 2016.

The Illinois Northern Railroad. My old neighborhood railroad I grew up with in Chicago, before I was born. Chicago Illinois, early 1950's era.

Hi Everyone! This is Eddie K, Your host and photographer
here at Eddie's Railfan Page.
I was born in Chicago Illinois, during the year of 1962. I grew
up in Chicago's Little Village neighborhood near West 26th
Street and South Kedzie Avenue, on the west / near southwest
side of the city during the 1960's thru 1990.
An icon of my old neighborhood, was the former Illinois Northern
Railroad, which was an industrial short line railroad, that had once
serviced the numerous industrial / factory spur sidings in my gritty
old blue collar industrial neighborhood. I vaguely remember the
1960's era I.N, which operated with a fleet of Alco S4 switchers, that
wore the 1950's era Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad's black
and silver "Zebra Striped" color scheme. During the year of 1972,
the parent railroad Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe, bought the I.N
outright, and operated the neighborhood I.N local from Corwith Yard
Monday thru Friday, with Santa Fe diesel switchers.
This photograph, shows what kind of locomotives had served the
Illinois Northern Railroad, prior to dieselization in 1953.
The old Illinois Northern branch is now abandoned through my
old neighborhood, and the tracks and crossing signals have since
been removed. Still...this was my neighborhood railroad.
Eddie K.


Oak River Railroad caboose hop.

Passengers boarding the Kiddieland Limited train ride at the Kiddieland Amusement Park. Melrose Park Illinois. June 2007. (Closed in 2009. Gone -Demolished.)

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The 66 Drive In Movie Theatre. Countryside Illinois. (Gone -Demolished.) In business from 1949 to 1976.

Currently the site of the Countryside Plaza Shopping Center Mall.

The Santa Fe's former "I.N -Illinois Northern Railroad" local.1980's era.

Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad Alco S 2 diesel switcher # 9300, switching mail cars at Denver Union Station. Denver Colorado. December 1968.

The Valley Railroad: Steamin' Along the Connecticut Valley Line

Chicago & Joliet Electric Railroad lightweight interurban streetcar # 242 at the Archer and Cicero Avenue east terminal. Chicago Illinois. Robert V. Melhenbeck photograph.

Photographed the year prior to abandonment in 1934.
This terminal at South Archer and Cicero Avenues, was at the
eastern edge of Chicago's Garfield Ridge neighborhood.
This electric interurban railroad, transferred passengers to
and from the Chicago Surface Lines electric streetcar on
the CSL Route # 62 / Archer Avenue line.
This rail line, operated between this terminal at South
Archer and Cicero Avenues, and terminated on Jefferson
Street in downtown Joliet Illinois.
Stops were made in Summit, Justice, Willow Springs,
Lemont, Lockport and Joliet Illinois.

Pennsylvania Railroad 0-6-0 steam locomotive # 42. Chicago Illinois. August 21st, 1948. Aurthur B. Johnson photograph.

From the internet site Fallen Flags.Org

Monday, April 11, 2016

A photograph from my recent visit to Chicago's Mount Greenwood neighborhood. Chicago Illinois. Early March 2016.

View facing east on West 111th Street, near the intersection
at South Kedzie Avenue.
Being a native southside Chicagoan myself, I have always
enjoyed my many visits in past years, to Chicago's unique
and lovely Mount Greenwood neighborhood, on the south
side of the city. I was quite a regular visitor here during
the 1980's. I still enjoy stopping by on occasion.
Eddie K.

1960's era Santa Fe local freight rolls by.

The Stone Park Fire Department's Hummer special duty fire chief's car. Stone Park Illinois. Monday, April 11th, 2016.

Rio Grande Scenic Steam Special: August 26th, 2010

Your host and photographer roller blading in Bedford Park. Bedford Park Illinois. Late March 2016.

Northbound Amtrak Hiawatha. Glenview IL. Feb 2009.

An early 1950's era Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad, "Zephyr" streamline passenger train crosses the Missisippi River.

Photographed at the Oak Park Society of Model Engineers,H.O
Scale Model Railroad Club in Oak Park Illinois.

A Day at the Shore Line Trolley Museum

Classic 1960's era freight cars from the former Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad in H.O Scale.

I took this photograph recently, at the Oak Park Society of Model
Engineers,H.O Scale Model Railroad Club in Oak Park Illinois.
My good friend and fellow club member Jason, was running his
really long 1960's era Great Northern Railroad freight train, which
just like the prototype, had several cars from then affiliate railroad
Chicago, Burlington & Quincy coupled aboard.
Trains with cars like the ones in the picture, were a common
everyday site in Chicago and the Twin Cities during the 1960's.

A Union Pacific Railroad EMD -Genset Hybrid diesel electric yard switcher locomotive at work. Northlake Illinois. Monday, April 11th, 2016.

Thursday, April 07, 2016

Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad EMD SW 7 yard switcher diesel locomotive # 9265. Location not given, but appears to be taken at the C,B & Q's Clyde Yard facility in Cicero Illinois in the 1960's era.

I believe that this photograph was taken sometime during the late
1950's or even sometime during the 1960's.
The highway overpass bridge in the background, looks as though
it might be the South Laramie Avenue overpass bridge in west
suburban Cicero Illinois.
Today, this yard is owned and operated by the BNSF Railway.

Best Steam Run By's of 2015

Chicago Surface Lines Company electric streetcar # 201. Photographed at the west terminal for the Route # 21 / Cermak Road streetcar line at sunrise. Cicero Illinois. Late 1940's / early 1950's era.

Photographed at the Chicago city limits intersection at West
Cermak Road and South Kenton Avenue, in west suburban
Cicero Illinois. This location was across the street from the
huge Western Electric Company factory.
From the internet site "New Dave's Railpix."

Belt Railway of Chicago Alco model RS 2 diesel electric roadswitcher locomotive # 452. Chicago Illinois. 2-1-1970. Lee Hastman photograph.

From the internet site Fallen Flags.Org


Tuesday, April 05, 2016

A late 1960's / early 1970's era Illinois Central railroad switching local in H.O Scale.

Photographed at the Oak Park Society of Model Engineers,H.O
Scale Model Railroad Club in Oak Park Illinois.

All Skate at the Orbit Skate Center. Runbys # 3.

Hi everyone!
This is Eddie K, Your host and photographer here
at "Eddie's Railfan Page!"

Aside from my obvious interests in trains and transportation subjects, I
also happen to be a very avid and life long fan of roller skating as well.

Here is a video I photographed on location last week Wednesday night, at
the locally popular Orbit Skate Center Roller Rink in Palatine Illinois.

It was a fun outing, and I very highly recommend visiting this family
friendly and very nicely maintained roller rink, in Chicago's
northwest suburbs.

Eddie K.

A late 1960's / early 1970's era Gulf, Mobile & Ohio Railroad caboose hop modeled in H.O cale.

Photographed at the Oak Park Society of Model Engineers,H.O
Scale Model Railroad Club in Oak Park Illinois. 2015.

Old Pueblo Trolley - Tucson, Arizona

A northbound CSX Transportation Company freight train. waits on a hold order at sunrise. Bridgeview Illinois. Wednesday, March 18th, 2015.

Traveling over the Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad.

Flagg Coal Company No. 75 Winnsboro South Carolina Oct. 2007

The Canadian Pacific Railroad's 1950's and 60's era maroon and gray color scheme.

One of my personal all time favorite railroad color schemes, was
the very stylish maroon and gray color scheme used by the
Canadian Pacific Railroad from the 1950's, until 1968, when
the company switched to a solid bright red color scheme, with
black and white stripes and a modern multi mark (Pac Man) logo.
This color scheme was used on both passenger and freight service
diesel locomotives by the Canadian Pacific railroad.

Monday, April 04, 2016

A lovely springtime morning, at the Riverside Illinois, Metra commuter rail station. April 2007.

A BNSF Railway switching local backing up.

Downtown La Grange Illinois. June 1986.

I took this photograph way back in June of 1986.
A pedestrian, is viewed walking across the La Grange
Road railroad crossing, heading northbound toward
Hillgrove Avenue, on a lovely summer day.
Many things have changed at this location since I
took this photograph. The bank building, railroad
lineside telephone poles, and just to the north, that
Wendy's Hamburgers fast food restaurant have all
since disappeared, and given way to new buildings
and construction development projects today.

THE RASCALS - 1967 - "A Beautiful Morning"

Former Gulf, Mobile & Ohio Railroad EMD F3A diesel locomotive # 808B at Bloomingtin Illinois. August 31st, 1973.

I found this photograph from the early years of the former
Illinois Central Gulf Railroad at my Link page -
Fallen Flags.Org, which is located to the right of your
commuter screen at
The Illinois Central Gulf Railroad, was created on August 10th,
1972, with the merger of the Illinois Central and Gulf ,Mobile
& Ohio Railroads, creating a much larger system now controlled
by the former Illinois Central management.
One year in to the merger, these two former G,M & O engines,
were photographed still wearing their former company color
schemes and markings, but now working for the ICG.