Tuesday, June 14, 2016

New York Central Odyssey Vol-1 Remastered to HD


The Walther's Mainline Series, Chessie System EMD SW 1 yard switcher in H.O Scale.

William K. Walther's Incorporated of MilwaukeeWisconsin,
has recently released an H.O Scale model, of a 1970's era
prototype I grew up seeing, on the southside of Chicago.
I fondly remember seeing these Chessie System yard switcher
locomotives, working the former B & O lines in my own -
hometown city of Chicago Illinois, during the 1970's when
I was growing up in Chicago.
It's kind of nice, seeing something in miniature that you
may have grown up with witnessing in person back in
the day.
I just happen to have an H.O Chessie System caboose in
my collection. I just might consider adding one of these.
Eddie K.


Thursday, June 09, 2016

Welcome aboard Eddie's Railfan Page!

Coming to you, from the city of Chicago Illinois USA!

The Oak Park Society of Model Engineers

An Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad transfer train, passing through heavy lineside vegetation. Alsip Illinois.Late October 1990.

The Doobie Brothers - Rockin' Down the Highway

An H.O Scale Milwaukee Road steam powered freight train.

Photographed at the Oak Park Society of Model Engineers,H.O
Scale Model Railroad Club in Oak Park Illinois.

AE&FR and CNS&M cars at the Fox River Trolley Museum - 8/15/15

Tuskegee Railroad steam locomotive # 101 being serviced bettween runs. The Illinois Railway Museum. Union Illinois. September 1986.

This photograph was taken, during the September 1986
Member's Day Weekend event at the museum.
Tuskegee Railroad Baldwin 2-6-2 steam locomotive # 101,
would soon be removed from service after I had taken this
photograph, pending a complete and yet unfinished
overhaul. 1986 would be locomotive # 101's final season
in operation at the museum.

Sante Fe in California

The Burington Northern Railroad's Clyde Yard facility. Cicero Illinois. June 1985.

View facing west / southwest from the top of the South
Laramie Avenue highway overpass bridge.

An old rusty weather beaten Indiana Harbor Belt jade green caboose.

From the internet. More than likely photographed during
the late 1970's or early 1980's, around the time it may
have been removed from service.

The amazing backyard railroad of Jim Sabin - full HD program

Thursday, June 02, 2016

Welcome aboard the "Bus Day" edition of Eddie's Railfan Page!

Your host and photographer now drives double decker sightseeing buses in downtown Chicago Illinois. May 2016.

Hi everyone! This is Eddie K, Your host and photographer
here at Eddie's Railfan Page.
I have been a bus driver for 8 and 1/2 years now, and it has
indeed been a very rewarding experience for me.
A really unique career offer came my way this spring, and
now I am driving double decker sightseeing buses in Chicago,
for a company known as "Big Bus Tours." I love what I am
doing, and the people I work for are very nice as well.
We are currently hiring for Bus Drivers, Sightseeing Guides,
and of course, for Ticket Agents at Big Bus Tours.
For more information, log on to bigbustours.com
Eddie K.

Trolleybuses in an ice storm

Dunbar Transportation Company school bus being fueled at the end of the workday. Chicago Illinois. June 1st, 2016.

Double decker bus yard back up. May 2016.

A southbound Chicago Transit Authority Route # 49 / Western Avenue bus. Chicago Illinois. October 2007.

Photographed at the intersection of West Belmont and North
Western Avenues. The "Riverview Flyover" bridge on
North Western Avenue in the photograph, was demolished
in 2016.

NJ Transit Buses - Hackensack, NJ (North Jersey)

San Diego MTS transit bus. San Diego California. June 2013.

It's raining inside the bus.

Daybreak at the First Transit / North Cook Garage. (Closed in 2015.) Glenview Illinois, Circa 2012.

This was actually my first job as a bus driver.

Fueling the bus at the end of the workday, at a local BP Amoco station. Chicago Illinois. Early June 2016.

Another long day of downtown Chicago sightseeing bus
driving has come to a close. Time to head back to the
company garage for the night, clock out and go home.