Friday, June 30, 2006

West Archer Avenue CTA bus terminal. April 1988.

Hello everybody!
Welcome to Eddie's Railfan Page. Today once again is "Bus Day" here at My blog site. I took this photograph on a lovely spring Saturday afternoon in April of 1988. We are at the West Terminal for the Chicago Transit Authority Rt# 62 Archer / Harlem bus line. We are a 1 block east of Harlem Avenue, at the Chicago city limits near the village of Summit Illinois. The buses shown here are 1970's vintage GMC Fishbowl, or new look buses, nicknamed so due to their unique windshield design. The era of Bubble windshields, slanted side windows, and fluted stainless steel siding was coming to a close within the next 8 years for CTA transit buses.

Toronto Transit Commision bus at Castle Loma. August 1989.

During the summer of 1989, My family and I took a motorcoach vacation from Chicago Illinois USA, to Toronto Ontario Canada, with a group called Mayflower tours. Toronto Canada, is a fun city to visit with many nice things to see and experience. I loved it!
The Toronto Transit Commision was still using these old 1960's and 70's vintage GMC buses. These coaches were called "New Look GM's" or even "Fishbowls" due to their unique windshield design. Castle Loma is a beautiful tourist attraction to see while in Toronto Ontario.

Colorful chartered motor coach. South Cicero avenue near Midway Airport. October 1988.

This beautiful motor coach was photographed on Chicago's southwest side on Cicero Avenue, just north of Midway Airport. I was riding My bicycle through here on a late Sunday Afternoon in October of 1988. The viaduct bridge with advertising on it, is the Belt Railway of Chicago.
This is just a few blocks south of Archer Avenue.
The orange and blue color scheme look nice in the late day sunshine.

Chicago Fire Department ladder truck #52 racing to an emergency call. March 1985.

I did not own My first car until Febuary of 1991. In My early days of photographing trains and buses, many times I either "Took the bus" or used My Bicycle to go on location to shoot photographs around the Chicago area in the 80's.
I was waiting for a westbound CTA Rt # 62 Archer / Harlem Avenue bus, when I heard the approaching siren of a Chicago Fire Department truck responding to an emergency call on Chicago's southwest side. This "Panned" photograph of a fire engine at speed was taken from the northeast corner of Archer and Kedzie Avenue's on the southwest side of Chicago. This neighborhood community is known as "Brighton Park", and this is a very busy intersection.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Crossing Signal Technology. May 2006.

Hello everyone!

Welcome to Eddie's Railfan Page. This photograph was taken by Me, in southwest suburban "Hodgkins" Illinois in May of 2006. This is an example of Changing Technology. The old "Solonoid" operated bells, are gradually being replaced by "Electronic" types as seen on top of this signal mast. The electronic bells are actually "Pleasant" on ones ears, but also the sound carries for quiete some distance as well. They have gained considerable popularity, and are rapidly becoming the Industry Standard. This crossing signal is located on east 67th Street, on the BNSF railroad line.

My old neighborhood railroad. The end of the line? May 2006.

This is whats left of the former Illinois Northern railroad, wich ran through My old neighborhood on Chicago's near southwest side. This line, later operated by Santa Fe, ran from Santa Fe's Corwith Yard, to Western and Blue Island Avenues, and interchanged with the Chicago Burlington and Quincy Railroad. This sad scene photographed here in May of 2006, shows the new end of the line approximately 70ft east of Spaulding Avenue. This line has been cut back, and possibly may be facing "Abandonement". I grew up in this neighborhood known as "Little Village" during the 1960's and 70's. I moved from here with My family in the year 1990 to Oaklawn Illinois. Before I had left, Santa Fe operated this line Monday thru Friday serving the factories on line. Santa Fe and the Burlington Northern Railroad "Merged " in 1995, and became BNSF. BNSF sold this line in 2000 to DRS Rail Services. It now appears that there may be only one industry left, and it is switched as needed only. This very well may be a "Last Look" at an old neighborhood friend I grew up with.

Bridgeview Illinois childrens safety city. West 81st Street and South Beloit Avenue. May 2006.

Photographed here, is a former Indianna Harbor Belt Railroad cupola caboose, that was donated to the city of Bridgeview Illinois, and is now the centerpiece of the Bridgeview Childrens Safety City display. This exhibit wich was built in the Mid 1990's features Small buildings -Streets -Traffic Signals -and of course, this full sized IHB Caboose. This caboose was built in the 1920's and retired sometime in the early 1980's. I moved to bridgeview in 1993. Back then, the caboose was on park property, but the town was raising money for the Childrens Safety City exhibit, seen here in Commisioners Park at 81st Street and South Beloit Avenue. The caboose was still in IHB / New York Central "Jade Green" with IHB Markings in the early 1990's. Childrens safety citties with retired cabooses are becoming populair. There is also one in Lemont Illinois with a former Illinois Central caboose, and in Romeoville Illinois with a former Virginian caboose.

Eastbound BNSF train on the Belt Railway of Chicago tracks. Photographed at West 60th Street and South Oak Park Avenue, Chicago Illinois USA. May 2006

An eastbound Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway freight train, with a borrowed Canadian National diesel, is seen after leaving the Belt Railway of Chicago,s "Clearing Yard". This transfer train is more than likely heading east to the former Santa Fe "Corwith Yard" at 47th Street and Archer Avenue on Chicago's southwest side. This scene was photographed by Me when I was heading home from work, and seen that the crossing gates at West 63rd Street and South Harlem Avenue had just lowered to block traffic. I headed north on Oak Park Avenue to where it ends at 60th Street. Here the Belt Railway of Chicago tracks curve and head east.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Colorado and Southern Railroad No # 9. Keystone South Dakota. June 1984.

I took this photograph in June of 1984, while on a vacation to Yellowstone National Park in Northwestern Wyoming. Our bus tour group from Chicago Illinois USA had stopped in South Dakota to see Mt. Rushmore -The Chief Crazy Horse Monument (Under Construction ) -Wall Drug store -The Badlands -and even a stop in Keystone South Dakota. This 3 foot Narrow guage 2-6-o type locomotive, is actually Colorado and Southern Railroad N0# 9. It was owned by parent company -The Chicago Burlington and Quincy Railroad. It was built around 1881 , rebuilt in the early 1900's with a larger boiler, and ran in regulair service into the 1930's. The Burlington later had "Fixed it up" and "Backdated it" to look like something out of the old west. This engine was used at the 1948 and 1949 "Chicago Railroad Fair". And other special "Public Relations Events" until retirement. After retirement, it was acquired by the "Black Hills Central" tourist railroad, wich ran from Keystone to Hill City South Dakota. They never used it on their trains, it was a display piece. This locomotive in recent years was acquired by the Georgetown Loop railroad in Colorado, has been completely rebuilt, and will soon be under its own power pulling tourist trains in Colorado.

General Electric 44 Ton Diesel Switcher. April 1984.

This photograph was taken many years ago, by a railfan acquaintance I used to know in the 1980's.
A guy named Jeff who I attended high school with, took this photograph in Chicago Illinois USA, during April of 1984.
The little privately owned , or leased industrial diesel switch engine, is a G.E 44 ton locomotive. It is seen spotting cars at the R.H Donnelley Publishing Company near 22nd Street and Lakeshore Drive. R.H Donnelley publishes the Chicago "Yellow Pages" telephone directory.

Eastbound Santa Fe intermodal train at Nerska Junction. May 1990.

A warm Saturday afternoon in May of 1990, finds an eastbound Santa Fe intermodal -TOFC
"Trailer on flat car" freight train speeding across the Belt Railway of Chicago crosstracks. Trains that haul truck trailers for many years were referred to as a "Piggy back" operation. Nerska Junction is on private property on a service road. It is located approximately 4-to 5 blocks east of Cicero Avenue, along the northside embankment of the I-55 Stevenson Expressway at 41 St Street.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

1960's era CTA Flxible transit coach at 63rd place and south Kedzie Avenue. July 1985.

Hello Everyone!
Welcome to Eddie's Railfan Page. Todays posting is dedicated to all the "Bus Fans" at My blog site.
We will start this "Bus Day" posting with a "Retro" photograph from the mid 1980's on Chicago's Southwest side.
This photograph was taken at the route # 52 Kedzie / California Avenue south terminal at South Kedzie Avenue and 63rd Place. I took this photograph in July of 1985. The old bus in the foreground is a mid 1960's era Flxible new look transit coach. This bus and its members of that fleet were in their last year of service. The old Flxibles were retired from service in 1986. The bus in the background is a 1970's era GMC New Look coach. The GMC's were retired from service a decade later in 1996. From 1955 to 1969, this bus turnaround terminal was used by Chicago Transit Authority "Electric Trolleybuses".

Eastbound Pace commuter express bus in Oaklawn Illinois. March 2006.

A cloudy morning in March of 2006, finds us at the intersection of west 95th Street and 54th Avenue in Southwest suburban Oaklawn Illinois. Passing the intersection, is an eastbound Pace Commuter Express bus. These special duty buses have padded high back seats, and luggage racks. This particulair type of bus stops at and between comuter railroad stations, between downtown Chicago, and the outlying suburban villages along commuter rail lines.

Northbound Broadway Avenue CTA bus at Granville Avenue. March 2006.

This photograph was taken by Me, in March of 2006. We are at the intersection of Broadway and Granville Avenues on Chicago's far Northside, near the city of Evanston Illinois. A northbound Chicago Transit Authority RTS Coach has just picked up a passenger, and is heading to the north terminal at the Howard Street CTA Rapid Transit terminal. a little less than a mile north of this area is Loyala University. The tall apartment skyscraper in the background, is located at Devon Avenue. After Devon Avenue, Broadway becomes Sheridan Road. Sheridan Road is also a lenghty but scenic route to take, when visiting Kenosha Wisconsin much further north. It's beautiful in the Autum.

Pace bus honoring the Chicago Bears NFL Football Team. Chicago Illinois. April 2006.

This photograph was taken by Me in April of 2006. We are on Chicago's far north side near the Chicago city limits, in the area near the city of Evanston Illinois. This eastbound Pace suburban bus, is seen here on Touhy Avenue approaching the intersection of Bell Avenue.
This bus was specially decorated with silk screen, shrink wrap decals honoring the Chicago Bears NFL Football Team. "Da Bears."

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Springtime in Cicero Illinois. April 2006.

Winter is giving way to early Spring in this April 2006 scene. We are in Cicero Illinois, a suburban village just west of Chicago Illinois USA. Two engines of common heritage are seen here at the Hawthorn Yard engine servicing facility on the former Illinois Central Railroad Iowa Division. The GT or Grand Trunk Western railroad, was a United States subsidiary of the Canadian National Railroad. The engine to the right is a Canadian National locomotive seen here in the "New Image" color scheme. This color scheme combination came about after the merger with the Illinois Central railroad. The old Illinois Central yard and engine terminal here is alive and well, but the old "Sportsmans" horse racing track in the background has since closed, and is slated for redevelopment very soon.

Springtime in Cicero Illinois. April 2006.

This photograph was taken by Me, on a lovely partly cloudy spring afternoon in April of 2006.
Behind the former GTW locomotives is the abandoned "Sportsmans" horse racing track. At some point during the late 1990's, This park was rebuilt and became the short lived "Chicagoland Motor Speedway", where many Nascar and other Auto and Stock Car racing events took place. The park had closed in 2004 after numerous complaints of noise from area residents across the railroad embankment. The railroad line shown here is the former Illinois Central Railroad "Iowa Division". This area is the Hawthorn Yard engine service facility. After the Canadian National Railroad had absorbed the Illinois Central through merger, Grand Trank Western railroad locomotives had become a common sight in Cicero Illinois USA.

Switching in the rain. Chicago Illinois USA. May 2006.

This photograph was taken by Me, on a rainy May afternoon in the spring of 2006. Out of view to the right is a small freight train yard along Kinzie Street. The Union Pacific Railroad EMD GP-15T light diesel roadswitcher, is in the process of assembling the local switching train that serves the industries in this industrial park section of the city. While all this switching activity is taking place, a Union Pacific Railroad maintenance crew is busy inspecting and maintaining the crossing gate signal on north Kilbourn Avenue. It too occasionally has been known to malfunction and stop traffic on Kilbourn Avenue. Sometimes during rush hour.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Abundant use of reflective material. May 2006.

This photograph was taken by Me, on a May evening in 206. We are looking southwest from the Roosevelt Rd bridge just south of downtown Chicago Illinois USA. I was at least 100 feet away from the inbound Metra commuter train, and My camera flash effectively caused the reflective striping material to react. Safety has more than became a number one priority on Chicago's commuter rail system in recent years. This reflective material is very light sensitive.

What to do when a railroad crossing gate "Malfunctions".

This photograph was taken in May of 2006, in the Northwest suburban village of Elmwood Park Illinois. We are at the 73rd Avenue railroad crossing. These signs have become quiete common in the greater Chicagoland area, and are actually a great public service offered by the railroad companies, as signals do occasionally malfunction and cause vechicle traffic congestion.

Southbound Union Pacific Railroad grain train passing through Bridgeview Illinois. April 2006.

A lovely spring evening in April of 206, finds a southbound Union Pacific unit grain train, passing the railroad crossing at 71st Street. This train is running over the Indianna Harbor Belt Railroad.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Riding the 14 inch guage miniature railroad. The Hesston Steam Museum. Hesston Indianna USA. June 1991.

A lovely summer day is enjoyed at the Hesston Steam Museum in northwest Indianna. This unique transportation museum is located near the Indianna / Michigan border just a few miles south of New Buffalo Michigan.

This is a very pleasant place to visit for a day in the country. This museum features larger Narrow or Meter guage steam equipment, as well as the 14 inch track guage railroad seen here, a 7 inch guage miniature live steam train ride, Antique automobiles -farm tractors, and pleasant outdoor settings for photography.

Miniature 14 inch guage live steam train charging upgrade. The Hesston Steam Museum. Hesston Indianna USA.

A miniature live steam 14 inch track guage railroad, is one of the many pleasant things to ride and experience at the Hesston Steam Museum in Northwest Indianna.

The locomotive pulling this train is a 4 -6 -4 Hudson type steam locomotive. The prototype wich was used on a number of U.S and Canadian railroads, was used almost exclusively in fast express passenger trains. Near the end of the steam era, some saw limited freight train service.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Chicago,North Shore And Milwaukee RR train at Spaulding Tower. Illinois Railway Museum. July 1996.

Hello everybody!
Welcome to Eddie's Railfan Page. Today we will be honoring "Electric" railroad subjects. These photographs were taken during a July 1996 visit, to the Illinois Railway Museum, located in the town of Union Illinois USA. This 2 car demonstration train of Chicago,North Shore and Milwaukee railroad multiple unit interurban coaches are seen here passing the Preserved and Relocated Junction tower from Spaulding Illinois, wich was near the city of Waukeegan. This photograph could easily be mistaken for one taken decades ago, between the old tower building , and the antique "Wig Wag" crossing signal in the foreground.
All Aboard!

Chicago,North Shore, and Milwaukee 2 car Interurban electric train. Illinois Railway Museum. July 1996.

This 2 car set of Chicago,North Shore, and Milwaukee Electric Railroad M.U or Multiple Unit coaches are seen here moving quickly westbound on the museums mainline right of way. These electric interurban coaches were built in the 1920's, and operated between the citties of Chicago Illinois and Milwaukee Wisconsin until January 21 st 1963 when the North Shore line went bankrupt. The car to the left is wearing the 1940's color scheme of Green -Gray -and Red. The car to the right is wearing the 1950 "Silverliner Scheme from when the car was modernized. Those are actually "Not"fluted stainless steel panels on the side of the silverliner. That fluted effect was actually "Painted" on to look like modern Streamliner Cars of the time , such as those on the Santa Fe Superchief, or the Burlington Denver Zephyr trains. The North Shore trains would begin their journey from Chicago to Milwaukee over what is today, the Chicago Transit Authority's elevated rapid transit line on Wabash Avenue at Roosevelt Road. They also used an "L" line to 63rd and Dorchester Street on the South Side.

Illinois Terminal Railroad car # 415 at the Illinois Railway Museum. July 1996.

Seen here is Illinois Terminal Railroad suburban streetcar # 415. This early 20th century vintage electric streetcar , was used in suburban / interstate trolley service between Granite City Illinois, and St. Louis Missouri just across the Missisippi river until June 22nd 1958.
This car is equiped with padded leather seats, and railroad style airhorns, as well as a standard trolley bell for street running.
This car can be seen and ridden today at the
Illinois Railway Museum located in Union Illinois.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Conrail at Sunset. Cicero Illinois, June 1983.

This photograph was taken from Ogden Avenue aka U.S Rt #34 in the west suburban town of Cicero Illinois. A Conrail "Run Through" freight train is waiting for clearance to proceed east, and leave the Burlington Northern railroads "Clyde Yard", located in Cicero Illinois. This is what happens when you spend a fine summer evening taking photographs on location with a railfan buddy or two. This was a great ending to a fun day that day, as far as the photography went.
The weather was simply wonderful that day.

Chicago and Northwestern RR Steam locomotive #1385 at West Chicago Railroad Days festival. 1983.

A visitor from the Mid Continent Railroad Museum in North Freedom Wisconsin is seen here at the June 1983 West Chicago Railroad Days celebration. C&NW #1385 is an ALCO, American Locomotive Company 1907 4-6-0 Steam locomotive. It was pulling demonstration trains on the C&NW mainline at the festival.

Santa Fe / ex Illinois Northern RR crew member on switching local. June 1984.

This photograph was taken during much better times in June of 1984, on location in My old Chicago Neighborhood. The engine shown here is AT&SF (Santa Fe) rebuilt EMD GP-9 #1310, seen here working the Santa Fe's "Illinois Northern" railroad industrial branch line, in the "Little Village" Neighborhood on Chicago's near southwest side. The I ,N was a six mile industrial railroad branchline originating at the north end of the Santa Fe Corwith Yard, and Terminating at Blue Island and Western Avenues, where it interchanged trains with the Chicago Burlington and Quincy RR , and from 1970 to 1995, The Burlington Northern RR. This railroad line has been featured recently on My blog postings under the title,
"My old neighborhood railroad. The end of the line?" and also one entitled "Neglect!" Today in 2006, the old I,N line is practically "Abandoned", But in 1984, The line was "Alive and well" with 5 day a week service and decent maintenance. The unknown crew member seen here was photographed at work at 28th Street and South Kedzie Avenue, while switching a factory siding.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Pace training buses. Bridgeview Illinois. August 2002.

Hello everybody!
Welcome to Eddie's Railfan Page. Today is yet another "Bus Day" posting here at My blog site.
A light rain has passed through about an hour before I had taken these photographs. I was out running some family "Shopping Errands", at the Strip Mall at 87th Street and Harlem Avenue in suburban Bridgeview Illinois when I luckily had My camera handy. Right place/ right time!
Here are two older Pace Orion transit coaches, working as a bus driver training classroom. The Pace southwest garage is just a mile south of here, wich is where these buses proboubly originated their training sessions at this day.
Pace is Chicago's Suburban Bus Agency, wich is operated by the RTA.
Chicagolands "Regional Transportation Authority".

Pace training bus. Bridgeview Illinois. August 2002.

In this view looking west toward Harlem Avenue from a strip mall parking lot, we see an older suburban Pace bus, with it's electronic route sign indicating that this is a "Training Bus".
This view was taken from the strip mall on the southeast side of 87th Street and Harlem Avenue, in the village of Bridgeview Illinois. This was photographed in August of the year 2002.

Pace bus driver training buses. Bridgeview Illinois. August 2002.

Two of the suburban Chicago area Pace buses, are seen here in a strip mall parking lot at 87th Street and Harlem Avenue, in the village of southwest suburban Bridgeview Illinois. I had just came out of the Walgreens store, and spotted these two buses being utilized for bus driver training classes on this hot August day in 2002.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Neglect! June 2005.

Hello everybody!
Welcome to "Eddie's Railfan Page". Today we will see some photographs taken in and around Chicago Illinois from 2005 and 2006 respectively.

In the "Archives" section of postings for May of 2006, I had did a couple of postings entitled "My old neighborhood railroad. The end of the line?" I am sad to say that the old industrial former "Illinois Northern Railroad" branch line that Santa Fe had operated until 1995 and BNSF until 2000, has been cut back to "Spaulding Avenue just north of 31st Street.

This railroad line has experienced much "Deferred Maintenance" by the succesor company DRS Rail Services. This is the 30th Street railroad crossing seen in the May archives. Notice that "Vegetation" has been allowed to grow uncontrolled and has obliterated the lower crossing flashers. The fact that it was in this bad of shape in June 2005 gave suspicion that this section of railroad was already abandoned or unused. The former once prosperous Illinois Northern railroad has gradually lost it's online Industries one by one. The rails east of Spaulding Avenue, have been disconnected beyond a temporary fence.
There is only one or two customers served by rail on this line, and are switched as needed.

Industrial Chicago. April 2006.

This photograph was taken in April 2006 on Chicago's near North and West side at Kilbourn Avenue and Kinzie Street. I am standing in front of My Company I am employed at looking east along Kinzie Street. The fast westbound METRA express commuter train is traveling on the former Chicago and Northwestern Railroad mainline, passing the street crossing on Kilbourn Avenue. The blue truck in the foreground is a City of Chicago residential "Garbage Truck" enroute to a large waste recycling plant 5 blocks north of here, known as the "Northwest Waste to Energy" plant, located at Chicago Avenue and Kilbourn. For those who are "Unfamiliar" with Chicago trash collection trucks, That copper colored attatchment in front of the grill, is for "Snowplow Service". When the city of Chicago Illinois experiences heavy winter snow storms, Many times garbage trucks are fitted with snowplows to help keep the city streets clear, as the Salt Trucks are usually booked solid.

Abundant use of reflective safety materials. March 2006.

This evening rush hour photograph, was taken in the West Suburban town of La Grange Illinois in March of 2006. I was on My way home from work, and had decided to take a few METRA photographs at the La Grange Road Station. I had taken these photographs of local and express commuter trains with an Inexpensive Disposable Camera. The light of day was fading at The time of My visit. Todays safety standards have certainly come a long way in recent years. The reflective safety striping material is very "Light Sensitive". Although the incoming train at the left, and the outgoing one at the right were actually a good distance away, the "Flash" from My camera had actually made the reflective material stand out. Even the "Lettering" on the side of the commuter coaches is reflective.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Welcome to Eddie's Railfan Page!

Hello Railfans!
Welcome to Eddie's Railfan Page. Here I am, your host and photographer celebrating My 44th Birthday in March of 2006 at My fiancee's house.
In todays edition of My blog site, We will view some photographs of Contemporary Chicago Railroading from the Spring of 2006. Many things have come and gone from Chicago railroading since I began taking photographs back in the early 1980's. There have been many Mergers -Abandonments -Equipment changes -GPS technology, and last run train excursions. I was photographing until around 1993, took a break for about 5 years (except for museum photos) and started making a gradual "Comeback"
around 1998. The opening of the Kenosha Wisconsin Streetcar system and several "Last Run" GMC Fishbowl bus excursions in Milwaukee Wisconsin in 2000 got Me shooting film again.
Here is some of "Todays" railroading in the city of Chicago Illinois. Welcome Aboard.

Thank You.

Southbound Union Pacific railroad freight train at Bridgeview Illinois. April 2006.

This photograph was taken in April of 2006 looking east on 71st Street, in Southwest suburban Bridgeview Illinois. This Union Pacific freight train is heading south on the Indianna Harbor Belt railroad, behind the latest in high tech superpower diesel locomotives. I was on My way home from work, I had a disposable camera handy, and couldn't resisit the temptation. If you use your Imagination and listen closely...You could just hear and feel the power of these brutes!

BNSF / METRA commuter coachyard and repair shop on Canal Street. May 2006.

This location is at Canal Street just south of Roosevelt Rd, just south of Downtown Chicago.
This facility owned by BNSF, maintains the commuter coaches used on the METRA Chicago to Aurora 3 track commuter mainline. Prior to 1970, this was the Chicago Burlington and Quincy railroad. From 1970 to 1995, it was the Burlington Northern railroad. The Chicago mainline suburban commuter trains are all operated by Metra. In this case, old host railroad names and traditions die hard. There is great corporate pride taken here. Notice the orange BNSF logo to the left of the coach center door.

The ugly side of urban railroading. May 2006.

This photograph was taken in May of 2006 at 22nd Street and Canalport on Chicago's near southside. After the 1995 Burlington Northern / Santa Fe merger, there was some systemwide downsizing. This line had served the factories and lumberyards along 22nd Street , as well as the factories in an industrial section of the Pilsen neighborhood under Burlington Northern. After the merger, this line was sold to DRS Rail Services. The lines 2 EMD SW series diesel switchers are kept behind a chain link fence at Cermak Rd (22nd Street) and Canalport Street. Though this is on private property, Some not so nice individual, or a gang of young vandals may have climbed over the fence at night and let their spray paint cans do the talking. This is not one of the nicer areas of Chicago obviously, but there is not one city on the face of the earth, that is a "Garden of Eden"either these days. The large smokestack behind the locomotive, is the Commonwealth Edison Throop Street power plant.