Friday, February 29, 2008

Belt Railway of Chicago transfer caboose. Clearing Yard. Chicago Illinois USA. May 1987.

I took this photo from the east, or the Chicago side of Clearing Yard in May of 1987. This is an example of the little cabooses that were still in use at the time by the Belt Railway of Chicago. Two examples are known to be preserved today.
One at the Illinois Railway Museum in Union Illinois, and another one in a park in the town of Hobart Indiana.

Chicago Terminal Railroad EMD SW Series yard switcher. Chicago Illinois USA. September 2007.

I took this photo in Chicago's Goose Island industrial district near Elston and North Avenues. Sitting in the tiny engine terminal between assignments, is this rebuilt 1950's era EMD yard switcher. This little locomotive is ideal for industrial switching operations today over light rail and sharp curves found in factory districts.

Union Pacific M.O.W truck. Chicago Illinois USA. August 2007.

I took this photo in August of 2007 in the city of Chicago Illinois. This is an example of the many types of vechicles used in behind the scenes railroad support operations. This M.O.W or maintenance of way pickup truck, is used in such an operation helping the crews to maintain the railroads infrastructure.

Eastbound Metra express commuter train at sunset. Elmwood Park Illinois USA. Early September 2007.

I took this photo after work on a pleasant evening in late summer. An eastbound Metra express commuter train enroute to Chicago Union Station, is seen approaching the railroad crossing on Grand Avenue, in near northwest suburban Elmwood Park Illinois. Another summer day is now coming to an end as the sun sets in the western sky.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Argo Bowl. ( Gone.) Summit Illinois USA. April 2000.

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I took this photo at the intersection of South Harlem Avenue / Illinois U,S Route # 43 -and West 59th Street in the village of Summit Illinois near the Chicago city limits, in April of the year 2000.

This was Argo Bowl, wich had just recently closed and was in the process of being demolished at the time of this photographic visit. Notice the temporary demolition fencing surrounding the building along side West 59th Street. Today, this is the site of a large Thornton's Convenience gasoline station. The crossing gate in the background, is along the Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad industrial branchline out of Argo Yard.

CSX Transportation Company switching local at work. Forest Park Illinois USA. June 2007.

I took this photo on a hot summer afternoon in June of 2007. A two unit CSX Transportation Co switching local is busy spotting covered hopper cars on the spur track at the Ferrara Pan Candy Company. We are looking east from the Circle Avenue overpass bridge toward South Harlem Avenue / Illinois U.S Route # 43, wich is the bridge in the background above the locomotives.

Southbound Indiana Harbor Belt transfer train approaching West 71st Street. Bridgeview Illinois USA. August 2007.

The crossing gates on West 71st Street in southwest suburban Bridgeview Illinois have just lowered, and all traffic has came to a stop. This is the very busy Indiana Harbor Belt railroad, wich features numerous transfer trains going or coming from any number of Chicagoland railroad terminals. This scene was photographed just west of the Toyota Park Stadium. Home of the Chicago Fire soccer team, and numerous live concerts.

The preserved victorian era Grossdale train station. Brookfield Illinois USA. August 2007.

I took this photo last summer, in west suburban Brookfield Illinois. Seen here in a parklike setting on the north side of Brookfield Avenue near the current Brookfield Metra commuter rail station at Brookfield and Prarie Avenues, is the original late 1800's era Grossdale station. This wooden victorian era train station, was Brookfields original train station. Brookfield Illinois was originally an outlying settlement known as Grossdale, located along the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad mainline. ( Now BNSF Railway.)

The old station is maintained by a local historical society and features a small indoor museum. There was a small outdoor front lawn flea market going on at the time of My visit that day.

Westbound Union Pacific empty unit coal train crossing North Kilbourn Avenue. Chicago Illinois USA. September 2006.

I took this photo on a rainy afternoon in September of 2006. A westbound Union Pacific Railroad empty unit coal train speeds past the railroad grade crossing on North Kilbourn Avenue in Chicago's Northwest Industrial Park. A late afternoon thunderstorm was approaching at the time of My visit.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Metra Franklin Park commuter rail station. Franklin Park Illinois USA. June 2007.

I took this photo on a hot summer afternoon, in June of 2007. This is the former Milwaukee Road commuter rail station in downtown Franklin Park Illinois. Located just west of 25th Avenue, this station is a very active location with numerous Metra commuter trains, and countless freight transfer trains entering and leaving the CP Rail Bensenville Yard just west of here. Preserved just west of here in a trackside city park, is an old steel 1920's era Milwaukee Road caboose and historic Tower B-12.

Northbound Metra departing the Edgebrook commuter rail depot. Chicago Illinois USA. May 2007.

I took this photo on a lovely springtime afternoon in May of 2007. A northbound Metra commuter local enroute to Fox Lake Illinois, is seen departing the Metra Edgebrook commuter flagstop depot near the Chicago city limits.

The 16 " guage Whiskey River Railroad. The Little A Merrick A Amusement Park. Marshall Wisconsin USA. September 2007.

My Brother In Law Ralph took this photo for Me on Labor Day Weekend last year, at the Little A Merrick A Amusement Park located in the town of Marshall Wisconsin. One of the amusement parks large scale 16 inch guage steam trains, is seen here between runs at the train station simmering away on a hot early September day.

No snowplowing today. Just a little minor pothole patching. Berwyn Illinois USA. Early January 2008.

I took this photo one morning at the intersection of Harlem Avenue / Illinois U.S Route # 72 and Windsor Street, in west suburban Berwyn Illinois. It was a bitterly cold but sunny morning in early January of 2008, and a constant wave of heavy lake effect snowstorms were yet to hit the greater Chicagoland area. The lampost Christmas Holiday decorations had yet to be removed, as Christmas and New Years had just passed.

Although there was not a flake of snow to be found, ( Not just yet anyway.)..The plow is attached to the front of this Ford dump truck, and ready for action at anytime. While the streets were dry and clear, this crew from the Berwyn Department of Public Works took advantage of the opportunity and did a mobile pot hole patching detail on this cold but clear day in January.

Eastbound Metra express commuter train. Elmwood Park Illinois USA. January 2008.

I took this photo one morning, in January of 2008. We are looking south at the railroad crossing near the intersection of Grand and 75th Avenue's in near northwest suburban Elmwood Park Illinois. A Metra express commuter train is seen at speed enroute to Chicago Union Station on an overcast winter morning .

Old 1971 era Norfolk & Western Railroad logo. Worth Illinois USA. Febuary 2008.

I took this photo looking north on Harlem Avenue / Illinois U.S Route # 72 -and West 111th Street in southwest suburban Worth Illinois.

This was the newest and last corporate logo from the pre 1982 Norfolk Southern predecessor railroad Norfolk & Western. This railroad crossed South Harlem Avenue at street leval with railroad crossing gates, untill this bridge and grade seperated embankment were constructed in the year of 1979. The NW logo shown here, dates from 1971, replacing a circular N & W logo from 1964 that resembled a hamburger. This modern NW logo was used untill N & W and the Southern Railroad merged and formed todays Norfolk Southern Railroad in the year of 1982. Prior to the year of 1964, this railroad line was originally the Wabash Railroad, wich N&W merged with.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Westbound Amtrak train approaching Brighton Junction. Chicago Illinois USA. April 1984.

I took this photo on My first visit alone to Chicago's Brighton Junction, way back in April of 1984. We are looking eastbound where the mainline slightly rises over South western Avenue, as a westbound Amtrak train slowing to make the mandatory brief stop, at the manually operated semaphore equipped junction near Archer and western Avenues approaches. This was taken on a lovely and mild Saturday afternoon, in April of 1984. The CTA Orange line that passes overhead here today, was still 9 years away.

Eastbound Illinois Central Gulf transfer train approaching the South Kedzie Avenue overpass bridge. Chicago Illinois USA. January 1986.

One of My personal favorite early railfan photos I had taken during the 1980's, is this late day winter scene taken in Chicago's Ashburn neighborhood. An eastbound Illinois Central Gulf transfer train, is seen traveling over the Belt Railway of Chicago trackage just below the South Kedzie Avenue overpass bridge adjacent to the Nabisco factory. ( out of view to the right.)
This orange and white Illinois Central color scheme dates to 1967, and had replaced an older black and white color scheme. ( but not entirely.)
In the early 1980's, ICG began using a somewhat ugly gray and orange color scheme with large orange ICG initials on the sides. When the Illinois Central emerged from bankruptcy after reorganizing and physical plant downsizing around 1987, a new version of the black and white color scheme prevailed, and lasted into the merger with canadian National in 1999. It is now gradually being phased out. Orange Illinois Central Gulf shots were rare for Me back then.

Canadian National locomotives being hostled. The Belt Railway of Chicago Clearing Yard diesel locomotive shop. Bedford Park Illinois USA. 2007.

I took this photo after work one lovely summer evening in 2007. Two Canadian National locomotives, one being a former Illinois Central unit acquired through merger in 1999, are seen moving westbound from the servicing tracks along the southside of the Enginehouse, and are now moving to a set of staging tracks near the main yard office at Clearing Yard. Notice the large Belt Railway of Chicago logo on the fuel storage tank in the background.

Belt Railway of Chicago 6 axel EMD roadswitcher and slug unit working in Clearing Yard. July 2007.

I took this photo one evening after work, in July of 2007. Seen here working in the east end, or the "Chicago side" of the Belt Railway of Chicago Clearing Yard, are a large EMD six axel heavy roadswitcher and a slug unit. I took this photo looking east from the South Cicero Avenue overpass bridge / Illinois U.S Route # 50, at the Chicago City Limits just across Cicero Avenue from the village of Bedford Park Illinois. South Cicero Avenue is actually the municipal border.
This area is located just south of west 67th street near Chicago's Midway Airport.

Former Grand Trunk Western locomotives at the former Illinois Central Hawthorne Yard engine terminal. Cicero Illinois USA. April 2006.

I took this early Spring time photo in Cicero Illinois back in April of 2006. The former Illinois Central Railroad was bought out by the Canadian National Railroad through a large corporate merger in 1999. In the process, the Canadian National also bought out and merged it's U.S affiliate subsidiary GTW, and the Wisconsin Central. Today diesel locomotives from the Grand trunk Western, Canadian National, and some former Illinois Central units can be spotted both here, and at the nearby Crawford Yard and Hawthorne Junction locations. The building in the background, is the abandoned former Sportsman's Park horse racing track, wich is slated for redevelopment in the near future. During the 1970's, Illinois Central locomotives in the black and white, and the later (post 1967) orange and white color schemes, and some occasional former Gulf, Mobile & Ohio locomotives acquired through the 1972 merger that created the financially ill fated Illinois Central Gulf, could be found being serviced here.

DRS Rail Services former A,T & S,F Illinois Northern branchline update. Febuary 2008.

I passed through Chicago's Little Village neighborhood last Thursday evening, and was in the area around West 31st Street and South Spaulding Avenue. This photograph was taken in May of 2006, and shows a temporary "End of Track" for the former Santa Fe I.N Branch located approximately 70 feet east of South Spaulding Avenue. I noticed that this fence was recently removed, and that there may have been some recent track maintenance work. Although the railroad crossing signals on West 30th Street and South Kedzie Avenue still appear to be out of service at this point in time, the fence removal and track work indicates that service east of this location may have been partially restored. I
grew up just a few blocks from the Atchinson, Topeka & Santa Fe's Illinois Northern industrial branchline during the 1960's thru the 1980's, and could vaguelly recall old Alco S Series switchers in a black 1950's era Santa Fe color scheme with silver or white diagonal safety stripes. After 1972 when Santa Fe bought out the Illinois Northern from it's former partners, the railroad switched the 6 mile line with blue and yellow EMD SW series yard switchers, untill they were retired and sold in 1983. From 1983 untill the year of 2000 , five years after the BNSF Railway merger, the line was switched with rebuilt 1950's era EMD GP-9 roadswitchers, and an occasionall pinch hitting EMD CF-7 rebuild locomotive. In 2000 the line was sold to DRS Rail Services who switch the line as needed with a rebuilt EMD SW Series end cab switcher.

There just may be an I.N Branchline revival hopefully sometime soon.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Chicagoland winter snowstorm aftermath. Elmwood Park Illinois USA. Early Febuary 2008.

The winter of 2008 has been a very rugged experience for residents of near northwest suburban Elmwood Park Illinois just west of the Chicago city limits. Scenes like this of cars burried in snow and streets waiting to be plowed and salted, greeted many people on this winter morning in early Febuary of 2008. This scene was taken looking south, toward the intersection of North 74th Court and West George Street. The Elmwood Park department of Public Works had this street cleared within a few hours of the snowstorms passing. It's been a tough winter.

A former Hesston Indiana landmark. June 1991.

I took this photo in June of 1991, at the intersection of State Road # 239 and County Line 1000 N, in the rural town of Hesston Indiana just a few miles south of New Buffalo Michigan.

For many years, this derelict standard guage industrial 0-4-0 T saddle tank steam locomotive, marked the intersection where to turn east enroute to the nearby Hesston Steam Museum.

The locomotive was sold in recent years, to the Little River Railroad in White Pidgeon Michigan, where it was mechanically restored and now pulls short demonstration tourist passenger trains on a scenic branchline railroad. Steam locomotives like this, were primarilly used for switching industrial operations like quarrys, steel mills, shipyards, and various other heavy industries. Their 4 wheel designed worked well on sharp curves and inside tight industrial confines.

Eastbound BNSF Railway unit coal train behind former Burlington Northern locomotives. Brookfield Illinois USA. December 2006.

I took this photo looking west, on a very sunny and somewhat mild morning in late December of 2006. An eastbound BNSF Railway unit coal train is seen approaching the railroad crossing at Prarie Avenue. On the head end, are two late 1980's era EMD roadfreight units wearing still wearing early 1990's era Burlington Northern colors and markings. This color scheme was as the "Grinstien Green" color scheme, and was nicknamed so in honor of one of the BN'S officials.

The Burlington Northern and the Atchinson, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroads merged in 1995, and became todays BNSF Railway.

Switching the spur tracks in Bensenville. Bensenville Illinois USA. September 2007.

A pleasant afternoon in late summer, finds a Canadian Pacific industrial switching local at work in Bensenville Illinois. We are looking west from Wolf Road just south of Green Street. The factory spurs are being switched by a former Soo Line locmotive still wearing Soo Line colors and markings dating back to the 1960's and 70's

Southbound Canadian National freight train. Schiller Park Illinois USA. September 2007.

I took this photo looking east, from the Metra commuter rail depot in Schiller Park Illinois. A southbound Canadian National freight train, is seen slowly leaving the former Wisconsin Central yard with many Canadian National boxcars in tow.

Notice the yellow reflective safety tape on the sides of the exterior post boxcars. This is used to prevent night time accidents at railroad crossings, by increasing mid train safety and visibility. Some motorists occasionally plow into moving freight trains at night or in fog.

The servicing and ready tracks at the Union Pacific M-19A Diesel Shop. Chicago Illinois USA. September 2007.

I took this photo looking north from West Kinzie Street near North Kilbourn Avenue. These two Union Pacific Railroad modern road freight diesel locomotives, are seen between assignments on the ready tracks at the Union Pacific M-19A Diesel Shops, on Chicago's westside. This facility is located at 400 North Pulaski Road, and was originally owned by the pre 1998 predecessor railroad Chicago & NorthWestern , and acquired through a large corporate merger.

The old semaphore signals that controlled the east and west traffic at Brighton Junction. Chicago Illinois USA. Early April 2007.

I took this photo looking east at Chicago's Brighton Junction near the intersection of South Archer and Western Avenues.

The writing was already on the wall when I took this photo in early April of 2007. Brighton Junction was America's last manually operated crosstrack and interchange railroad junction. Plans were already in the works for modernizing and automating this rustic old steam era junction on Chicago's near southwest side. Concrete foundations and preparations were in place for a new automated signaling plant with a large steel shed that would be surrounded by a chain link fence. Satalite technology would soon replace the levers, the semaphore signals, and the operating crewmember on duty in the wooden dilapidated shanty.

Brighton Junction closed on July 3rd, 2007. The crosstracks were replaced, and the new automated signal system was put into operation A.S.A.P.

The historic signifigance of Brighton Junction hasn't been totally forgotten though. This set of mechanical steam era semaphores that controlled traffic on the former Gulf, Mobile & Ohio Railroad mainline ( Now Canadian National as of 1999.) and the wooden operators shanty, were destined to The Illinois Railway Museum in Union Illinois for future preservation.

Forgotten landmarks from Chicago's Elsdon neighborhood. Chicago Illinois USA. 1983.

I took this photo looking west on West 51st Street toward South Lawndale Avenue way back in 1983. The Grand Trunk Western Railroad operated and maintained the wooden 2 story Elsdon depot on West 51st Street, on the west side of the rustic 14 track intercity Elsdon Yard on Chicago's southwest side. Behind the depot, is Baca's Cook Shop and Bar. Baca's was a local bar and grill that served many transportation workers from railroaders to truck drivers. Baca's also had small hotel rooms for transient workers upstairs. Elsdon Yard was closed in October of 1983, and the Elsdon depot was demolished in November of that year. The GTW had moved their Elsdon operations to the Belt Railway of Chicago Clearing Yard in Bedford Park Illinois. A small portion of Elsdon Yard served as a small locomotive and crew terminal untill September of 1986. Baca's Cook Shop and Bar was more than likely demolished a few years later. Today, the site of the Elsdon depot and Baca's Cook Shop is a large vacant lot slated for redevelopment on the southside of west 51st street.

Westbound Burlington Northern freight train. La Grange Illinois USA. December 1988.

There is nothing like a mild Saturday or Sunday afternoon in December, to do some end of the year railfanning on location with a camera in hand.

I took this photograph looking east from the railroad crossing at La Grange Road and Burlington Avenue, in the village of La Grange Illinois. approaching the La Grange Road Metra station and gaining speed, is a westbound Burlington Northern Railroad freight train.

Friday, February 22, 2008

The little neighborhood diner with the neon "EAT" sign on South Pulaski Road. Chicago Illinois USA. April 2000.

I took this photo in April of 2000 on South Pulaski Road just north of West 49th Street, in Chicago's Archer Heights neighborhood.

This cozy little neighborhood diner restaurant was in business from 1950 to the year of 2000. This charming establishment was owned by a nice little Italian lady named Elvira, but for some reason or another...many local area patrons called her "Emilly". The food was always made fresh to order, and the coffee was practically half the pleasure of stopping in for Breakfast or Lunch anytime. Emilly ran a very friendly restaurant with a pleasant neighborhood charm.

A local bragged about "Must Have" breakfast favorite, was the thick sliced potatos with onions that she would serve with the eggs and omelets. I always enjoyed breakfast, as well as the homemade Mostacolli and Italian macaroni and bean soup. Many times the place would be crowded with workers from the city of Chicago, Peoples Gas, or Commonwealth Edison having lunch at the counter. When You ate here, You were treated like You were part of the Family. It was nice.

I discovered this place in 1978, while I was attending nearby Curie High School. I took this
photo in April of 2000, around the time that Emilly was retiring and selling the business.
I had many happy memorys, and delicious home style meals here. It was that good.

Electric freight style railroad demonstration. The East troy Electric Railroad and Museum. East troy Wisconsin USA. September 2000.

I took this photo on a chartered fan trip I had attended to the East troy Elctric Railroad and Museum in nearby East troy Wisconsin, back in September of 2000.

Electric steeplecab freight motor # L-9 and a former Milwaukee Road transfer caboose, gave rides and a demonstration on the newly constructed spur line branch that served a recently opened factory in East troy Wisconsin.

The East Troy Museum's equipment was a natural choice for online shipping for this factory located so close to the museum's mainline. Although there were no pick up's, set outs or anything resembling a switching local in tow, this gave a small illustration of how electric railroad freight operations are like on spur trackage serving industries. Some electric streetcar and interurban railroads in North America and Canada did haul freight trains many years ago as well.

The restored New Buffalo train depot. New Buffalo Michigan USA. Early June 1993.

I made many weekend one day roadtrips to Michigan City Indiana, Hesston Indiana, and New Buffalo Michigan during the 1990's.

This was the recently restored Pere Marquette/ Chesapeke & Ohio Railroad depot from New Buffalo Michigan. This was on display next to the former Pere Marquette roundhouse and turntable in New Buffalo Michigan. The roundhouse was recently developed intop a small indoor retail mall and fitness gym. The little 2 foot guage Henschel and Sohn industrial 0-4-0 German side tank steam locomotive, was from the nearby Hesston Steam Museum in Hesston Indiana. The little steam engine was severly damaged in the May 1985 Enginehouse fire at the museum, and was now on display after a cosmetic restoration.

Epilouge : It has many years since I have been to New Buffalo Michigan in person. I have
heard that this locmotive was later sold to a private individual elsewhere and was
eventually removed from the site. The Roundhouse I was told became a fitness
gym for weight lifters, and the old turntable was removed and is now in operation
at the Michigan State Trust for Railroad Preservation Museum, located in the
town of Owasso Michigan. If anybody has any further information of photos of
this photo location, I would love to hear from You.

Thank You.
Eddie K.

Northbound BNSF Railway double stack container train entering Corwith Yard. Chicago Illinois USA. June 2007.

I took this photo on a hot and hazy summer morning, in early June of 2007. A double stack container train is seen entering the south hump at the BNSF Railway's large Corwith Yard intermodal facility, in Chicago's Brighton Park neighborhood on the southwest side of Chicago.
This scene was photographed just east of South Lawndale Avenue at approximately west 49th Street. I spent a lot of time railfanning here before or after school, while I was attending nearby Curie High School from 1977 to 1981.

Two train meet on the Belt Railway of Chicago. Hawthorne Junction. Chicago Illinois USA. Early April 2007.

I took this photo just south of the Canadian National ex Illinois Central crosstracks at Hawthorne Junction. A southbound Norfolk Southern Railroad heavy transfer train, approaches a northbound Canadian Pacific transfer train with former Soo Line locomotives waiting on a hold order. This is just north of the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal.

Switching tank car trains at the CN Crawford Yard. Chicago Illinois USA. Early April 2007.

I took this photo after work one day, in early April of 2007. We are looking east from Hawthorne Junction at the Chicago city limits near Cicero Illinois. Canadian National diesel locomotives acquired through merger from former railroads Grand Trunk Western and the Illinois Central, are seen making up tank car trains at the nearby Crawford Yard on Chicago's near southwest side. The brown landscape of winter would soon give way to springtime green.

Northbound BNSF Railway light engine movement. Hawthorne Junction. Chicago Illinois USA. Febuary 2007.

I took this photo around sunset on a bitterly cold day, in Febuary of 2007. The outside temperature was 8 degrees above zero and falling as night was approaching. With a sharp wind out of the west and fleeting daylight in the sky, a BNSF Railway light engine movement has just cleared the Canadian National ex Illinois Central crosstracks at Hawthorne Junction, and heads north over the Belt Railway of Chicago tracks. The locomotives are returning to the nearby BNSF Railway Clyde Yard in nearby Cicero Illinois. Another Chicago winter day was ending.

Northbound heavy transfer train on the Belt Railway of Chicago line. Chicago Illinois USA. Febuary 2007.

I took this photo one afternoon, in Febuary of 2007. I arrived on the scene to late to see what particular railroad company locomotives were on the head end, however this is an example of the many transfer trains that travel daily over the Belt Railway of Chicago on their north and south trunk line. This line operates between Cragin Junction at Grand and Cicero Avenues on Chicago's northside, to West 70th Street and South Kostner Avenue near Chicago's Midway Airport at the north entrance and interchange to Clearing Yard. This flyover junction and interchange passes over the Union Pacific ex Chicago & NorthWestern Railroad "West Line" at North Kenton Avenue and West Kinzie Street. There are several other junctions and interchanges on the southside enroute to Clearing Yard. This is a very busy Chicagoland railroad.

Northbound Union Pacific transfer train. Bridgeview Illinois USA. Febuary 2007.

I took this photo on a bitterly cold 6 degrees above zero farenheight day, in Febuary of 2007. A Union Pacific transfer train traveling northbound over the Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad, waits on a hold order on a bright and sunny winter day.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Late day switching activity. Crawford Yard. Chicago Illinois USA. Early October 2007.

I took this photo after work one day in early October of 2007. We are on Chicago's near southwest side at South Kostner Avenue and West 33rd street looking east. A former Grand Trunk Western Railroad EMD roadswitcher, is seen between switching moves at the Canadian National Railroad ex Illinois Central Crawford Yard. The large building in the background, is the Commonwealth Edison Company Crawford Generating Station on South Pulaski Road.
The late day sun was getting ready to set.

Eastbound Canadian Pacific transfer train approaching North Oak Park Avenue. Chicago Illinois USA. December 2006.

I took this photo one afternoon in December of 2006. An eastbound Canadian Pacific transfer train, is seen approaching the Metra Mars commuter flagstop depot at North Oak Park Avenue. The train is more than likely heading to Cragin Junction at Grand and Cicero Avenues, where it will then interchange and head south over the Belt Railway of Chicago to Clearing Yard.

Three train meet on Chicago's west side. Chicago Illinois USA. December 2006.

I took this photo after work around sunset, in December of 2006. An eastbound Norfolk Southern freight train traveling over the Union Pacific west line, is seen waiting on a hold order near North kilbourn Avenue, while a westbound Metra commuter train enroute to Elburn Illinois, and a southbound transfer train passes overhead on the Belt Railway of Chicago trunk line ,passes through the area.

Eastbound Union Pacific unit coal train. Chicago Illinois USA. December 2006.

I took this photo after work one evening in December of 2006. An eastbound Union Pacific unit coal train, is seen entering the city of Chicago Illinois, over the former Chicago & NorthWestern Railroad "West Line" running along the northside of west Kinzie street.

Steaming through the woods. The Hesston Steam Museum. Hesston Indiana USA. June 1994.

I took this photo along the museum's dual guage demonstration narrow guage railroad. An 0-4-0 T Side tank steam locomotive built in 1940 from Czechloslovakia, rounds one of several curves through the woods at the Hesston Steam Museum.
The Hesston Steam Museum is one of the most scenic tourist demonstration railroads in the midwest. It is located in the rural town of Hesston Indiana, near the Michigan State line and the nearby border town of New Buffalo michigan.

New Amtrak General Electric Genesis series passenger diesel locomotive on display. Galesburg Railroad Days. Galesburg Illinois USA. June 1998.

I took this photo at the annual Galesburg Illinois Railroad Days celebration in the year of 1998. Seen here was one of Amtraks newest diesel locomotives from General Electric, on display for public viewing.

Steam powered caboose train. The Illinois Railway Museum. Union Illinois USA. July 1996.

I took this photo on a July 1996 visit to the Illinois Railway Museum, located in Union Illinois. J. Neils Lumber Company steam powered Shay logging locmotive # 5, is seen heading eastbound with three cabooses in tow on the museum line.

Union Pacific industrial switching local at work. Chicago Illinois USA. January 2007.

I took this photo looking north on North kilbourn Avenue in Chicago's Northwest Industrial Park. A Union Pacific EMD model GP 15 light roadswitcher, is seen backing two cars onto a spur siding during a bitterly cold January morning in 2007.

CSX Transportation Company West 16th Street local returning from Cicero Illinois. Chicago Illinois USA. January 2007.

The various industries on West 16th Street in the village of Cicero Illinois have been switched, and now the local is back inside Chicago city limits and heading the the Belt Railway of Chicago interchange at South Knox Avenue. I took this photo after work in January of 2007.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The old Colony movie theatre at West 59th street and South Kedzie Avenue. Chicago Illinois USA. Febuary 2008.

I was traveling westbound on 59th Street one evening last week, and spotted this old memory from My southside past still standing today.

We are looking west on 59th street at the intersection of South Kedzie avenue in the Chicago Lawn neighborhood. This was the old Colony Movie theatre that I had seen many movies at during the 1970's before the era of VCR's , Video Rental Stores, and Cable TV.

The theatre showed movies untill approximately 1981 when it had closed. The theatre was sold to a new owner who planned to have Live Stage shows at the Colony, one of them being a broadway stage play entitled "Beatlemania" wich honored the Fab 4 1960's Brittish Invasion music group known as "The Beatles". An angry local Elderly lady resident complained to her local politicians, obtained a signed petition or two from fellow neighborhood residents, and blocked the debut of Beatlemania and other live shows due to mounting community preasure from a small group of Chronic Complainers in the neighborhood.
Once again......The Colony Theatre closed.
For a short while afterwards, the theatre was remodeled and featured a short lived indoor flea market. Unfortunately, that effort didn't last long either.

The Colony Theatre has been closed and boarded up now for nearly thirty years now.
The storefront on the corner, was one of the original Gertie's Ice Cream Shop locations.
There was nothing like going to the Colony Theatre on a Friday or Saturday night, and
stopping for a delicious and refreshing Ice Crean Sundae at Gerties on the corner before
or after the movie. It was good Family fun.

I recall seeing the following movies at the Colony during the 1970's and early 80's.

Feature Film ...............................................Starring

Gone with the wind ......................Vivian Leigh / Clark Gable

Honeysuckle Rose ......................Willie Nelson / Slim Pickens

For Your eyes only ( James Bond 007) ...........Roger Moore

Mad Magazine's Up the Academy .............( unknown young cast)

The Computer that wore tennis shoes ..( Disney) .....Kurt Russel l/ Joe Flynn

Indiana Jones and the temple of doom..............Harrison Ford.

Thank You.
Eddie K.

Westbound Metra express commuter train. Elmwood Park Illinois USA. Febuary 2008.

I was approaching the railroad crossing on 73rd Avenue in Elmwood Park Illinois just as the gates were lowering. I got out of My car and photographed this westbound Metra express commuter train enroute to Elgin illinois. The locomotive is a Motive Power International model MP36PH passenger locomotive built at their factory in Boise Idaho. This model locomotive is a powerfull and dependable modern machine today, and is in demand by commuter rail agencys all over North America.