Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A short Norfolk Southern local freight train approaching the crosstracks at Chicago's Brighton Junction. Chicago Illinois. September 2006.

                               Viewed heading northbound, and passing underneath the Chicago
                                Transit Authority orange line rapid transit line to Midway Airport,
                                 near the intersection of South Archer and Western Avenues.

The locomotive operator's cab on the miniature gasoline powered San Antonio Zoo Train. San Antonio Texas. June 2014.

What vacation trip to San Antonio Texas, would be complete without hot sauce? June 2014.

Photographed on display in a downtown San Antonio gift shop.

A northbound Metra local commuter train departing from the Glen of North Glenview station. Glenview Illinois. July 2014.


                                 I took this photograph one day last week during my lunch break.

                                 A northbound Metra / Milwaukee District north line train enroute
                                 Fox Lake Illinois, has began to ring the locomotive bell and rev up
                                 the engine, and is now slowly creeping out of the station.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Welcome aboard the "Bus Day" edition of Eddie's Railfan Page!

Whiting Indiana 2014 Pierogi Fest parking lot shuttle bus. Whiting Indiana. Saturday, July 26th, 2014.

This past Saturday, mu lovely wife Cheryl and I, ventured out to
nearby Whiting Indiana, for the city's annual Pierogi Fest.
This local ethnic "Taste Of" type of civic festival, featured many
food stands that were set up along west 119th Street in downtown
Whiting Indiana, that featured polish delicacies like Potato Pancakes,
Pierogis, Kielbasa, and other food favorites like Tacos, Pizza Slices
and Bar B Q Ribs.
These modern air conditioned Thomas built school buses from a local
public school district, provided shuttle transportation from the big -
parking lot on Calumet Avenue, to the city fair grounds on the street.

A nostalgic late 1800's look at the early days of public transportation in America.

A privately owned 1970's era former San Francisco California GMC commuter bus. The Midwest Transit Bus Museum. Cresthill Illinois. September 2000.

The locally popular Alamo Trolley sightseeing shuttle bus in downtown San Antonio Texas. June 2014.

CTA Buses

The Westin Hotels Ford airport shuttle mini bus at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport. June 2014.

A foggy start one morning at the bus garage. Glenview Illinois. April 2014.

                              I took this photo at work one morning this past spring, in Glenview
                              Illinois. It was a typical rainy springtime morning in late April, with
                              heavy fog, steady rain, chilly outside temperatures in the upper 40's,
                               and plenty of local rain slicked streets to practice those all way too
                             important safe driving practices expected of us professional bus drivers.

                                                              Eddie K.

MTA Maryland - Baltimore Buses

Eastbound Pace commuter express bus on West 95th Street. Oak Lawn Illinois. March 2006.

Friday, July 25, 2014

1970's era American railroading in H.O Scale. Photographed at the Oak Park Society of Model Engineers,H.O Scale Model Railroad Club. Oak Park Illinois. June 2014.

I grew up in Chicago during the 1970's, and now I fondly model
in miniature, some of the trains and railroads I had come to know
on the near southwest side of Chicago as I remember them back
then as I had seen them in daily operation.
In a scene right out of the 1970's, a 40 foot box car from the former
Penn Central Railroad and a modern wide vision caboose from the
former Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad, are viewed bringing
up the rear of a typical 1970's era Santa Fe freight train in Chicago.
Photos and news stories from this local Chicago area model railroad club, can be found on Facebook at OPSME.

Westbound Belt Railway of Chicago transfer train approaching the South Kedzie Avenue bridge. Chicago Illinois. August 1987.

Curb side trash collection in downtown San Antonio Texas. June 2014.

I took this candid behind the scenes photograph of a one man
sanitation department crew member and his small GMC side
loading garbage truck at work, in downtown San Antonio Texas.
I noticed while my wife and I were vacationing in San Antonio,
the city seemed to be almost spotless in many areas. There is
a strong sense of civic pride in this lone star state city.

Repairing the overhead trolley wire on the museum's mainline. The Illinois Railway Museum. Union Illinois. July 2009.

I took this photograph during a July 2009 family outing, to the
Illinois Railway Museum, located in the town of Union Illinois.
Photos and news stories from the IRM, can be found at their web
site page www.irm.org.
Prior to our arrival at the museum that day, the museum was having
technical difficulties. A section of trolley wire on the mainline had
somehow broken off or came loose. I was treated to a rare and very
vintage looking behind the scenes view, of some of the museum's
volunteer crew members, repairing the overhead wire with vintage
electric railway maintenance equipment motors, just as it was a good
60 to 70 years ago or more here in the United States and Canada.

The great big intersection of Dempster Street and Waukegan Road / Illinois Route # 43. Morton Grove Illinois. Late May 2014.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A 1960's era Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad freight train, heads in to the blinding early morning sunshine.

I took this photograph recently, at the Oak Park Society of Model
Engineers,H.O Scale Model Railroad Club in Oak Park Illinois.
Photographs and videos from this Chicago area model railroad club,
can also be viewed at their Facebook page  OPSME.
I am a big fan of the former Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad,
and I enjoy modeling and operating their 1960's and 70's era freight
trains in H.O Scale, as I fondly remember seeing these in Chicago
Illinois when I was growing up back in those years on the south side.
A little too much camera flash, turned this photograph in to a scene
many people operating equipment in the transportation industry are
known to occasionally despise.  The bright rising early morning sun,
is known to cause blinding visual effects causing one to squint, and
often requires the use of sunglasses for eye protection. It is not
a pleasant time of the morning, to be riding aboard any train or
mode of transportation, when the operator has to drive directly in
to the blinding and very bright sunshine.

A floor leval interior view of a CTA 6000 series rapid transit car under restoration.

                     I took this photograph during an August 2006 visit to the Illinois Railway
                     Museum, located in the town of Union Illinois. www.irm.org

                       I was walking through one of the display barns at the museum, and found
                       an open door on a 1950's era Chicago Transit Authority 6000 Series rapid
                       transit subway car, built by the St. Louis Car Company using several good
                       recycled and very usable electrical and interior components, from many of
                        the Chicago Transit Authority's recently retired and scrapped streamlined
                        postwar PCC "Green Hornet" electric streetcars. These cars lasted in daily
                       CTA  rapid transit service on some routes, through out the 1980's, and in
                       some cases, in to the mid 1990's.

                      This is a behind the scenes candid photograph, of a museum car undergoing
                       extensive restoration at the Illinois Railway Museum.

Eddie K.

Flagg Coal 75 at Whitewater Valley Railroad

Union Pacific Railroad 2-8-0 steam locomotive # 489 at work. Coumbus Nebraska. December 29th, 1956. Photo from the Dennis Schmidt collection.

I found this wonderful historic Union Pacific Railroad steam
locomotive photograph at my Link page Fallen Flags.Org,
which is located to the right of your computer screen at -
The Union Pacific Railroad, was known for being a late user of
steam locomotives during the 1950's, when most United States
railroads including the Union Pacific itself, were rapidly phasing
out steam locomotives, and replacing them with modern diesel -
electric locomotives. The Union Pacific took excellent care of their
steam locomotives, and operated some of them in service until 1959.
Locomotive # 489 shown here, was typical of the once modern
larger steam locomotives from the early 1900's era. Well maintained
engine # 489 operated well past what would be normal working years,
and finished out her career working branch line freight and mixed trains.
The Union Pacific actually preserved several steam locomotives for display.
A sister look alike Union Pacific steam locomotive # 428, is undergoing a
lengthy and comprehensive overhaul for eventual operation, at the Illinois
Railway Museum in Union Illinois today.  www.irm.org

Monday, July 21, 2014

Welcome aboard Eddie's Railfan Page!

Coming to you from the city of Chicago Illinois USA!

Your host and photographer roller blading during his lunch break. Des Plaines Illinois. July 2014.

With plenty of sunshine, nice weather and a somewhat light morning schedule
of pick up and drop off passengers on my bus route, I had time to enjoy a fun
outdoor roller blading exercise session at West Park in northwest suburban
Des Plaines Illinois.

This is a great way to enjoy a day at work during your off duty time.

Eddie K.

A 1970's and 80's era Santa Fe local freight train in H.O Scale.

Photographed at the Oak Park Society of Model Engineers,H.O
Scale Model Railroad Club in Oak Park Illinois. OPSME on Facebook.
An Athearn early round cab EMD CF 7 light roadswitcher diesel
locomotive from the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad, pulls
a switching local freight train made up of period freight cars.

"The Candy Van!" Niles Illinois. July 2014.

A local Chicago area candy salesman's van from the
M & M Mars Candy Company parked in a local
Marathon convenience gasoline station on Harlem Avenue.

Hesston Steam Museum

For many years, one of my all time favorite Midwest operating railroad
and vintage transportation museums I have always enjoyed visiting, is
the Hesston Steam Museum, located in La Porte County Indiana, just east
of Michigan City Indiana, and approximately 3 miles south of neighboring
New Buffalo Michigan.

More information about this fun and very family friendly museum attraction
can be found at their website www.hesston.org

BTW...yes, that is the former Kiddieland Limited miniature 14" track gauge
live steam train that operated at the Kiddieland Amusement Park in Melrose
Park Illinois for many years.

Eddie K.

A wooden steam era caboose from the Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railroad brings up the rear of an H.O Scale freight train.

I took this photograph recently, at the Oak Park Society of Model
Engineers,H.O Scale Model Railroad Club in Oak Park Illinois.
Fellow club member Tom, was operating his vintage freight train
from the former Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railroad, as they
were back in much better times. The Rock Island is still a local -
Chicago area railfan favorite in the windy city today.

A westbound Union Pacific covered hopper car train crossing Wolf Road. Des Plaines Illinois. Monday, July 21st, 2014.

I took this photograph today during my lunch break at work.
A Union Pacific Railroad unit train made up mostly of short
covered hopper cars heading west / southwest, is viewed at the
Wolf Road railroad crossing in northwest suburban Des Plaines
Illinois. It is a hot and humid day in the greater Chicagoland area,
with a predicted daytime high temperature of 88 Degrees Farenheight.
Eddie K.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Chicago's Cragin Junction. Located just immediately east of the Metra Grand / Cicero commuter rail station.

This busy rail junction located on the north side of Chicago is the
north terminal and interchange for the Belt Railway of Chicago,
and also the Canadian Pacific owned Metra Milwaukee District
west line commuter mainline, formerly the Milwaukee Road.

A southbound CSX Transportation Company auto rack train passing through Mc Cook unction. Mc Cook Illinois. May 2007.

I took this photograph one lovely Springtime morning, back in May
of 2007, in near southwest suburban Mc Cook Illinois near Lyons.
A southbound CSX Transportation Company auto rack train that
is viewed traveling over the Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad, has
finally received clearance from the railroad dispatcher, and is
now passing through the BNSF Railway crosstracks at a somewhat
remote location known as Mc Cook Junction.

A former Woolworth's discount store turned local art mural in Chicago's Portage Park neighborhood. July 2014.

I took this photograph recently, on North Milwaukee Avenue in
Chicago's Portage Park neighborhood, just north of the 3 way
intersection known as Six Corners, where West Irving Park Road,
North Cicero Avenue, and the diagonal North Milwaukee Avenue
cross at a very busy and heavily trafficked section of Chicago.
During the 1970's, My mother, my aunt Rosemary and I, would
hop a few Chicago Transit Authority buses from our old near -
southwest side Chicago neighborhood, and travel to the north side
of the city to spend a fun afternoon at the Six Corners shopping
district in the Portage Park neighborhood. As I recall, we always
would stop at this old Wolworth's store, which was actually quite
large. Closed for many years, the east side storefront to this  old
Woolworth's store on the North Cicero Avenue side, was eventually
demolished around 2003. The west side on Milwaukee Avenue, is
now a local art mural for all to see today.

Chicago And West Towns Railway 1924 built electric streetcar # 141. Preserved, restored and operating today at the Illinois Railway Museum in Union Illinois. www.irm.org

For many years prior to the late 1940's, electric streetcar transit
service to Chicago's near western suburbs, was provided by the
Chicago And West Towns Railway Company.
Although the company began converting some of their streetcar
routes to cost effective motor transit bus operation during the early
1940's, one line that stayed in service was the La Grange line, which
operated between west suburban Cicero Illinois, to the town of
La Grange. This route served the businesses on West Cermak Road
in the towns of Cicero and Berwyn Illinois, North Riverside, as well
as Brookfield Illinois, and finally terminating at the intersection of
Hillgrove and Brainard Avenues in west suburban La Grange Illinois.
many people would ride the La Grange line, which traveled through
some of the outlying Cook County Forest Preserves in a scenic setting,
and often would disembark at the south gate of Chicago's Brookfield Zoo.
The La Grange line, was the last Chicago & West Towns line using the-
old electric streetcars, and was taken out of service, and converted to -
motor transit bus operation, during April of 1948. The company would
soon become the West Towns Bus Company as well.
Car # 141, is currently the only known surviving streetcar from the
former Chicago & West Towns Railway, and after many years in
storage, it was restored and returned to service within the past several
years at the Illinois Railway museum. Car # 141, was a regular car
that was assigned to operate on the La Grange line as well. It was
built by the Mc Quire Cummings Car Company in 1924.

A 1940's era streamlined steam powered New York Central Railroad passenger train.

I took this photograph recently last month, at the Oak Park Society
of  Model Engineers,H.O Scale Model Railroad Club in suburban
Oak Park Illinois. This club also has a Facebook page entitled OPSME.
My good friend and fellow club member Martin Faland, was operating
his MTH New York Central Railroad streamlined Alco J # Class 4-6-4
Hudson type passenger service steam locomotive and cars from the -
NYC's famous 20th Century Limited deluxe passenger train.
Although myself and some of the other club members were actually
born too late to see and experience the steam era New York Central
firsthand in Chicago and other cities where it operated, their steam
locomotives are still a real attention getter even in miniature.
Thanks Martin.
Eddie K.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Welcome aboard the "Bus Day" edition of Eddie's Railfan Page!

A northbound Chicago Transit Authority Route # 56 / Milwaukee Avenue bus passing through Chicago's Portage Park neighborhood. July 2014.

                                   I took this photograph recently one morning, near Chicago's
                                   Six Corners shopping district, in Chicago's Portage Park -
                                   neighborhood on the near northwest side of Chicago, just south
                                   of the neighboring Jefferson Park neighborhood.

                                  A Chicago Transit Authority Route # 56 /  Milwaukee Avenue
                                  bus, is viewed just north of the intersection of North Cicero Ave
                                  North Milwaukee Avenue, and West Irving Park Road .

Classic Commercials from the 1960s -Greyhound & Car accessories

Modern air conditioned compressed natural gas powered transit buses in San Antonio Texas. June 2014.

New CTA Buses

A disabled paratransit bus requiring heavy towing. May 2014.

Northbound Chicago Transit Authority bus on North Broadway Avenue in Chicago's Uptown neighborhood. Chicago Illinois. March 2006.

I took this photograph one cold and brightly sunny late winter morning,
back in March of 2006. We are facing north on North Broadway Ave, at
the border of Chicago's Uptown and Rogers Park neighborhoods on the
far north side of the windy city.
A Chicago Transit Authority GMC model RTS 40 foot transit bus, is
viewed heading northbound on North Broadway Avenue, approaching
the intersection at West Granville Avenue.

Friday, July 11, 2014

The tall Thatcher Avenue railroad crossing signal. River Grove Illinois. July 2014.

A Chicago & NorthWestern Railroad freight train heads across the tall steel trestle.

Photographed at the Oak Park Society of Model Engineers,H.O Scale Model Railroad
Club. Located at 255 Augusta Street in Oak Park Illinois, in the basement of the
Oak Park Public Library's Dole Learning Center building.
This club also has a site on Facebook known as OPSME.

The Texas Transportation Museum. San Antonio Texas. The one attraction I ended up missing. Darn!

I took this photograph during my recent June 2014 vacation to San Antonio Texas.
Although my wife and I did take in a lot of local fun attractions, the one I really
wanted to go to, was the one we actually weren't able to visit due to "Extremely"
limited hours and days of the week it was opened (Friday, Saturday and Sunday
only), many things to do, and not enough time for much of anything else.
We went out to visit the Texas Transportation Museum located in the outskirts
of town near the San Antonio International Airport after getting directions from
the front desk of our hotel, only to find it closed upon our arrival." NUTS!"
This attraction is so small, that there are no folders available of this attraction
in the hotel lobby local attractions rack, and it seemed like none of the locals
we spoke to even heard of the place to begin with. Oh well, better luck next time.

A modern International heavy dutry garbage truck. Norridge Illinois. July 2014.

Some of my best transportation subject photos, are often last minute,
look alive here it comes opportunities taken in traffic on the spur
of a moment. You may never know when something good is going
to head your way.
I took this photograph facing east at the intersection of West Lawrence
and North Cumberland Avenues, at the Chicago city limits border at
Norridge Illinois.  Seen here is a big modern, plain white and more than
likely privately owned International 3 axel heavy duty garbage truck.
The right tool for the right job.
Eddie K.

A 1960's era Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railroad 40 foot box car in H.O Scale.

I am a big fan of modeling 1960's and 70's era American railroading
in H.O Scale. I was born in 1962, and grew up seeing the various -
railroads, equipment and color schemes from this period first hand
on the southwest side of Chicago, and other areas of the windy city.
Last week, I purchased this nice H.O Scale Kadee model of a standard
40 foot box car, painted in the 1960's style colors and markings of the -
former Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railroad. The Rock Island, was
a popular local railroad, that operated on the south side of Chicago, and
operated commuter trains between Chicago and Joliet Illinois. I just had
to have one of these cars to help capture the look and feel of 1960's and
70's era Chicago railroading as I somewhat remember it being back then.
Eddie K.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Progress and transportation improvements are coming soon to San Antonio Texas.

exporail la john molson 27.05.2012.avi

What shopping trip to any San Antonio Texas gift shop would be complete with out a browse through the "Hot Sauce" section?

I took this photograph during my recent June 2014 vacation to the
city of San Antonio Texas.
A popular item found in many of the local downtown San Antonio
Texas gift shop stores, are the many varieties of spicy Hot Sauce -
used to add flavor and occasional fire to ones toungue on any given
meal such as Breakfast, lunch, Dinner or even snacks.
With unusual and interesting brand names like "Whoop Ass", it has
got to be good. For those who aren't used to all of these very spicy
and sometimes gun powder like food flavors, just keep the roll of
Rolaids handy just in case.

Weird Al Yankovic - I Can't Watch This (with lyrics)

Hi everyone!
This is Eddie K, your host and photographer here
at Eddie's Railfan Page.

like many of my peers, I am always up for a "Good Laugh'!

I have been a big fan of singer comedian Weird Al Yankovic
since the early 1980's, and the unique "Spoofs" he does on those
way too overplayed pop music songs on the charts.

Here is his own "Spoof" on the 1990 hit "Can't Touch This" by M.C Hammer.

A 1970's era Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad caboose hop in H.O Scale.

I took this photograph last night, at the Oak Park Society of Model
Engineers,H.O Scale Model Railroad Club in Oak Park Illinois.
A common everyday sight I once enjoyed when I was growing
up on the southwest side of Chicago, were the many freight trains
and occasional "Caboose Hop" extra movements operating out of
the former Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad's Corwith Yard.
My Athearn Santa Fe EMD CF 7 early round cab rebuilt diesel
roadswitcher locomotive, pulls my recently acquired Santa Fe
1970's and 80's era Athearn wide vision caboose past a tower on
the club layout. A scene I fondly remember from my own youth.
Eddie K.

The Village of Harwood Heights Illinois municipal water tank is gettting a makeover. Harwood Heights Illinois. July 2014.

After many years of wearing a coat of badly faded and weathered paint.
the Village of Harwood Heights has begun a local civic project, and
the village water tower on North Oketo Avenue, is finally getting a
much deserved "New" paint job.
Sand Blasting the old paint away, is currently in progress as of the week of
July 8th, 2014. This water tower should look presentable very soon.
Eddie K.

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

1960's era Santa Fe freight train crossing a tall trestle.

An eastbound Union Pacific Railroad unit grain train crossing Wolf Road in the distance. Des Plaines Illinois. July 2014.

I was visiting West Park yesterday in northwest suburban
 Des Plaines Illinois, and had just barely steeped out of my
car, when I heard the all too familiar sound of railroad  -
crossing signal bells ringing nearby. I quickly grabbed my
camera, and caught this eastbound Union Pacific unit grain
train crossing Wolf Road, adjacent to West Park on a hot and
very sunny July summer afternoon, in the greater Chicago area.

A nice hot delicious order of chilli cheese fries after work. Celli's Italian Beef and Sausage. Niles Illinois. July 2014.

                                  I took this photograph after work last night.

                                 A full day of driving my bus, left me craving some of those
                                 unique delicious home cut French fries and savory chilli that
                                I have come to know and love locally in northwest suburban
                                Niles Illinois.  Celli's Italian Beef and Sausage located at 8800
                                North Milwaukee Avenue, was the place for me that hit the spot
                                for e last night, on the way home from work.

                               Celli's, pronounced "Sell -Eees", is tasty and very cost effective.

                                    Eddie K.