Thursday, May 30, 2013

Welcome aboard Eddie's Railfan Page, from the city of Chicago Illinois USA.

The former Elgin, Joliet & Eastern Railroad Bridge # 631. Hammond Indiana. Sunday, November 25th, 2012.

This old steam era single track railroad Bascule drawbridge, is located in a very isolated industrial section of Hammond Indiana. I took this photograph late in the day just before sunset, on a group photo outing back in late November of last year. My good friend and fellow Chicago railfan buddy Anthony C, drove us to this unique photo location. I do not even know what gravel road this was on. It wa definately in the far backside of Hammond Indiana. This bridge serves the freight trains of the Canadian National, that travel over this former Elgin, Joliet & Eastern Railroad line acquired through merger in 2009.

Wabash freight train enters the swing bridge.

This video was photographed at the Oak Park Society of Model Engineers,H.O Scale Model Railroad Club in Oak Park Illinois.

A classic free standing roadside neon sign from the past at the Berwyn Eagles Lodge on West 26th Street. Berwyn Illinois. October 2007.

For many years in the past, the greater Chicagoland area was the fabled land of neon business establishment signs. They ranged from colorful window signs, to tall free standing roadside models. These local advertising icons of the past, were utilized daily by neighborhood taverns, diners, and fast food restaurants, bank buildings, insurance agencies, new and used car dealerships, barber and beauty shops, auto repair garages, bowling alleys, funeral homes, flower shops, dry cleaners, bakeries, and even local civic clubs and community organizations. Many of these have disappeared in recent years, due to sometimes complicated and expensive repairs needed to keep them in working order. Luckilly the local Berwyn Eagles Lodge on West 26th Street in the village of Berwyn Illinois, has left theirs as it is intact today, for all to enjoy. Thanks. Eddie K.

Eastbound CSX Transportation Company 2 unit light engine movement. Chicago Illinois. Sunday, April 21st, 2013.

I photographed this two locomotive CSX light engine movement back in April, just east of the Belt Railway of Chicago's West 68th Street wye junction near Midway Airport. These two locomotives were traveling eastbound over the Belt Railway of Chicago owned trackage, and would soon meet a westbound Canadian National transfer train waiting on a hold order nearby.

A former Milwaukee Road Ford Bronco S.U.V Hi Rail maintenance truck. The Illinois Railway Museum. Union Illinois. Saturday, May 18th, 2013.

If you were one of the many people who lived near the former Milwaukee Road railroad during the late 1970's and early 1980's era, there is a good chance that you may have seen this railroad Hi Rail equipped Ford Bronco patroling the tracks and maintaining the railroad infrastructure. Now retired, this vehicle is working a second career performing track maintenance and other maintenance related work, at the Illinois Railway Museum in the town of Union Illinois.

A westbound BNSF Railway freight passes a Metra local. La Grange Illinois. May 2012.

Busy is the word to describe the 3 track BNSF Railway owned Chicago to Aurora Illinois commuter mainline, which is also refered to by some railfans as "The Racetrack". I photographed this video near sunset, at the La Grange Road Amtrak / Metra commuter rail station, in downtown west suburban La Grange Illinois. A westbound BNSF Railway freight train, is viewed passing a stopped westbound Metra local commuter train at the station.

A 1990's era C & N,W freight train crosses the Missisippi River.

This video was photographed at the Oak Park Society of Model Engineers,H.O Scale Model Railroad Club in Oak Park Illinois.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

ICG local overtakes a U.P steam freight.

Those very unlikely, and sometimes extremely unlikely two train meets..are one of the many reasons I enjoy being a member of a local H.O Scale Model Railroad club. A 1950's era Union Pacific Railroad steam powered freight train, waits in the hole while my early 1970's era Illinois Central Gulf Railroad (Circa 1972) switching local passes by on the mainline.

New York Central 2-8-2 steam locomotive # 2712 pulling a freight train past the depot. Belfontaine Ohio. 1946.

During the steam era, locomotives with a 2-8-2 wheel arrangement, were the everyday workhorses assigned to freight train service on most American railroads. Railfan photographer Fred C. Stoes, captured on film New York Central Railroad 2-8-2 steam locomotive # 2712, pulling a fast freight train past the Belfontaine passenger train station in 1946. This photograph and many other historical ones like this, can be found at my Link page Yesteryear Depot.Com, which is located to the right of your computer screen at

Greater Winnipeg Water District Railroad work train.

This railfan video comes to Eddie's Railfan Page via You Tube, from one of the many Canadian railfans up north. A short behind the scenes work train from the industrial Greater Winnipeg Water District Railroad, is viewed making a runby on an overcast winter day.

Northbound Metra local arrives at the Edgebrook station. Chicago Illinois. May 2007.

Chicago's Metra commuter rail agency, operates several daily commuter trains between Chicago and Fox Lake Illinois over the former Milwaukee Road northline. This route today is known as the Metra / Milwaukee District northline. A mid day northbound local, is viewed arriving at the Edgebrook station near Niles Illinois on a pleasant springtime day.

Chicago, Aurora And Elgin Railroad interurban coach # 409. The Illinois Railway Museum. Union Illinois. Saturday, May 18th, 2013.

Electric interurban passenger cars from the former Chicago,Aurora And Elgin Railroad, are alive and well in preservation at the Illinois Railway Museum, located in the town of Union Illinois. Chicago, Aurora And Elgin electric interurban coach #409, was purchased by the late Gerald E. Brookins for scrap value, after the Chicago, Aurora And Elgin ceased operating after 1957, along with several other former cars from this fabled Chicago area interurban railroad. Mr Brookins moved these cars to Olmsted Falls Ohio, were they operated for several years on the property of the Columbia Park trailer park as a seasonal trolley museum operation, that was known for many years known as "Trolleyville U.S.A. After Trolleyville folded, the collection was temporarilly moved to Cleveland Ohio, where a much hoped for new trolley museum operation could be started. When this eventually failed to materialize...the collection was auctioned off to several interested railroad museums in the United States. Several former Chicago, Aurora And Elgin cars were purchased by the Illinois Railway Museum including car # 409, and a 4 wheeled open bench summer trolley car from Vera Cruz Mexico.

NYC and C & N,W two train meet. November 2012.

This very unlikely two train meet from different eras of American railroading, was photographed last November at the Oak Park Society of Model Engineers,H.O Scale Model Railroad Club. A 1940's era steam powered New York Central Railroad passenger train, meets my 1970's and 80's era modern Chicago & NorthWestern Railroad short local freight train at the tunnel on the club layout.

Northbound Amtrak Hiawatha with a rare dome car. Glenview Illinois. November 2012.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Eddie's Railfan Page honors America's Memorial Day holiday.

Support our troops. God Bless America.

1970's era Santa Fe freight train crossing the tall steel trestle.

Photographed at the Oak Park Society of Model Engineers,H.o Scae Model Railroad Club. Oak Park Illinois.

Preserved Porter 0-4-0T fireless steam locomotive. Tinley Park Illinois. August 2006.

A proud monument to Chicago's historic railroading past, is this colorful 0-4-0T Porter fireless industrial steam locomotive switcher. This purpose built industrial steam locomotive, has been on display now for 21 years adjacent to the Tinley Park Illinois Metra commuter rail station. It was placed their in 1992, to honor the towns Centenial celebration.

Southbound Amtrak Hiawatha passing through the Forest Glen Metra commuter rail station. Chicago Illinois. August 2007.

I took this photograph back in August of 2007. The southbound Amtrak Hiawatha passenger train enroute to Chicago Union Station from Milwaukee Wisconsin, is viewed passing through the Metra, Forest Glen commuter rail station on a sunny summer morning.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Eddie's recently acquired H.O scale freight cars.

Hi everyone! This is Eddie K, your host and photographer here at Eddie's Railfan Page. Just recently, I purchased these really nice Athearn, Walter's and Atlas freight train cars at Chicagoland Hobby, 6017 NorthWest Highway in Chicago, and made a few "Vintage" additions to my own freight car fleet. I grew up in Chicago during the 1960's and 70's era, and I enjoy modeling the trains I seen as a kid growing up back then. My cars are viewed here at the Oak Park Society Of Model Engineers,H.O Scale Model Railroad Club during a recent operating session night.

You don't take your showers anymore. Wierd Al live on the Dr. Demento radio show.

I thought that it would be fun to toss in a good laugh here today on my blogsite. One of my favorite comedians / musicians, is Wierd Al Yanchovic. Here is Wierd Al making a live appearance on the Doctor De Mento Radio Show, which featured a unique collection of novelty record and comedy bits that was aired for laughs. Wierd Al and his accordian, perform a gross humored "Spoof" of the very "Overplayed" 1979 hit song by Neil Diamond and Barbara Streisand entitled "You don't bring me flowers anymore". Believe was very overplayed back then. Thanks. Eddie K.

Southbound Grand Trunk Western freight train passing through Hayford Junction at twilight. Chicago Illinois. May 1989.

I took this photograph one very lovely springtime evening way back in May of 1989. It is ten years before the acquisition of the GTW by the parent company Canadian National through merger in 1999, and already C N locomotives have become regular sights on some GTW road freight trains here in Chicago. This train was photographed facing north on adjacent South Central Park Avenue near West 75th Street, in Chicago's Ashburn neighborhood. This freight train is photographed passing through Hayford Junction, and is on approach to the West 79th Street railroad crossing, during the last fading rays of daylight.

Metra departure at sunrise. Glenview Illinois. August 2009.

The orange and white 1970's era Illinois Central color scheme. Introduced by the Illinois Central in 1967, to help modernize their image.

Being a member of a local model railroad club such as the Oak Park Society Of Model Engineers,H.O Scale Model Railroad Club, has given me the opportunity to see and photograph the trains I witnessed as a young boy growing up in Chicago, before I became a camera carrying railfan that I am today. One of my favorite color schemes I remember seeing on the near southwest side of Chicago, was the orange and white color scheme introduced by the former Illinois Central Railroad in 1967, to help modernize their image.This color scheme was to replace a basic black and white color scheme,that featured the Illinois Central's green diamond corporate logo on the side of the locomotive cabs. This new orange and white color scheme was used from 1967, and lasted until the end of the 1980's. Unfortunately...this attractive "Dreamsickle" like color scheme, did not weather very well, and was prone to grime and fading paint. The 1972 succesor company Illinois Central Gulf, began experimenting with an ugly and utilitarian dark gray and orange color scheme in 1980. This is the Illinois Central Gulf as I remember it before I began taking railfan photos. (I wished that I had started sooner.)

Belt Railway Of Chicago short transfer caboose. Chicago Illinois. May 1987.

I took this photograph way back in May of 1987. We are facing north / northeast from on top of the South Cicero Avenue overpass near Bedford Park Illinois. This BRC caboose, is viewed temporarily parked on the industrial spur sidings branchline lead, just east of South Cicero Avenue, in the Chicago side of the huge Belt Railway Of Chicago's Clearing Yard facility. A BRC switcher locomotive, is proboubly spotting freight cars on the spur sidings, out of view to the right.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Northbound Amtrak Hiawatha departs Glenview Illinois. April 2009.

Gulf, Mobile & Ohio Railroad EMD E 7 passenger locomotives # 103A and # 103. Unknown photographer and location. 1968.

One of the nicer color schemes found on diesel locomotives in North America during the 1950's and 60's era, was that of the Gulf, Mobile & Ohio Railroad. I found this photograph at my Link page Yesteryear Depot.Com, which is located to the right of your computer screen at

A Canadian National freight train waiting on the Hawthorne Junction interchange. Chicago / Cicero Illinois. July 2007.

I took this photograph on a very hazy hot and humid summer afternoon after work one day, back in July of 2007. A Canadian National freight train, waits for clearance to depart from the former Illinois Central Hawthorne Yard in nearby Cicero Illinois, and proceed southbound over the Belt Railway of Chicago tracks at Hawthorne Junction.

Broadway Limited PRR T 1 Duplex 4-4-4-4 Paragon 2 in H.O Scale.

A Union Pacific Railroad Ford M.O.W Department truck. Chicago Illinois. 2007.

Abandoned railroad lift bridges south of East 95th Street. Chicago Illinois. Sunday, April 21st, 2013.

I took this photograph during a recent springtime group photo outing, to the far southeast side of Chicago and neighboring northwest Indiana. A small group of railroad lift bridges on the Calumet River, can be found just south of the East 95th Street drawbridge. Only the bridge to the far right is still in use today, while the other two have long since had their tracks removed. Evidence of a once extremely busy railroad location on the far southeast side of Chicago, dating back to the steam era.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Early springtime on the Lake Michigan shoreline. Hammond Indiana. Sunday, April 21st, 2013.

A two car electric interurban train from the Chicago, North Shore And Milwaukee Railroad. The Illinois Railway Museum. Union Illinois. Saturday, May 18th, 2013.

I took this photograph this past Saturday afternoon, at the Illinois Railway Museum, which is located in the town of Union Illinois. A two car electric powered interurban train from the Chicago, North Shore And Milwaukee Railroad, is viewed parked between mainline demonstration runs at the museum's East Union depot. These cars are wearing the final paint color scheme that the North Shore had used prior to abandonment in January of 1963.

S B Canadian Pacific freight train crossing the Cherry Lane viaduct. Northbrook IL. May 2010.

A westbound Amtrak arriving at the Whiting Indiana train station. Sunday, April 21st, 2013.

I took this photograph during a recent group photo outing to the far southeast side of Chicago, and neighboring northwest Indiana. A westbound Amtrak passenger train traveling west / northwest enroute to Chicago Union Station, is viewed arriving at the Whiting Indiana Amtrak passenger train station.

Eastbound Metra. Berwyn Illinois. March 2012.

World War 2 Days at the Illinois Railway Museum. Union Illinois. Saturday, May 18th, 2013.

This past saturday afternoon, my lovely wife Cheryl and I visited the Illinois Railway Museum, located in the town of Union Illinois. The museum was hosting a two day special event entitled "World War 2 Days". Actors from various World War 2 Re enactment societies were on hand, re enacting battles between Allied and Axis forces, as well as displays of military guns and various other weapons. Many actors appearing at the museum included people playing the parts of Civilians wearing 1940's era clothes. Several ladies wore period dresses with gloves and ladies hats as well. From time to time "Gunshots" would ring out from the field south of the museum's grounds during the mock staged battles. It was definately an interesting day to visit the museum. Thanks. Eddie K.
I took this photograph on location at the West Lake Avenue railroad crossing in Glenview Illinois, back in early March of 2008. A Canadian Pacific freight train traveling south / southwest over the Union Pacific Railroad's former Chicago & NorthWestern Railroad freight only cut off line, crosses West Lake Avenue on a late winter season afternoon.

A Bachman H.O Scale Alco S 4 yard switcher, leads an Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad switching local from the 1950's and 60's era.

I took this photograph last week, at the Oak Park Society of Model Engineers,H.O Scale Model Railroad Club. With my own Bachman model of an early 1950's era American Locomotive Company (Alco) model S 4 yard switcher diesel locomotive wearing the classic Santa Fe "Zebra" color scheme, as well as several vintage box cars in tow, this is a railroad branchline scene right out of the 1950's and 60's era here in the United States.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

A community flower garden at the Sayre Avenue railroad crossing. Chicago Illinois USA. Saturday, July 16th, 2011.

H.O steam excursion crossing the swing bridge.

Photographed at the Oak Park Society of Model Engineers,H.O Scale Model Railroad Club. An Athearn U.S.R.A Light 2-8-2 steam locomotive, pulls a railfan special excursion featuring steam era Baltimore & Ohio Railroad heavyweight passenger cars on the club layout.

Nicky's at South Archer and Austin Avenues. ( Aka "Nicky's Gyyros") Chicago Illinois. March 2013.

Hi everyone!
This is Eddie K, your host and photographer here at Eddie's Railfan Page.

Growing up on the near southwest side of Chicago many years ago, occasionally brings back happy memories of some tasty and inexpensive local neighborhood eateries.

One of my personal favorites from back then that I am glad to see is still in business today, is this quaint little Greek owned neighborhood take out fast food stand known as "Nicky's".

With more than a few locations on the southwest side of Chicago, Nicky's is a place many people from the southside remember.

During my young days when I was unfortunately "Stuck" working for minimum wage, this place was a tasty and inexpensive option for me to enjoy on a tight budget on any given lunchtime visit.

Nicky's was always famous for their Grecian Gyros, as well as their "Big Baby" double cheeseburgers. I still enjoy an occasiona "Tamale Boat (Chilli and a tamale) here today whenever possible.

Eddie K.

Eastbound Belt Railway of Chicago transfer train approaching Hayford Junction. Chicago Illinois. April 1987.

I took this photograph way back in April of 1987.

An eastbound Belt Railway of Chicago transfer train being pulled by an old EMD model TR 4 Cow and Calf switcher set, are viewed passing through Hayford Junction after departing from the nearby BRC Clearing Yard facility near Midway Airport.

Eastbound CTA green line rapid transit train alongside South Boulevard. Oak Park Illinois. August 2007.

I took this photograph in west suburban Oak Park Illinois, back in August of 2007.

An eastbound Chicago Transit Authority green line rapid transit train, has just departed from the Harlem Avenue station at the west terminal, and is now heading for downtown Chicago and points south, via Chicago's west side neighborhoods along West Lake Street.

Joe Dolce. Shaddap your face!

Comedy and novelty songs are one of my favorite topics, as I am always up for a good laugh. Here is one of those "One Hit" novelty records from Italian comedian Joe Dolce. This song about family life in an ethnic Italian family, was a big hit song during the early 1980's.

The Hindsdale Illinois Metra commuter rail station. November 1989.

Chicago's Brookfield Zoo. Brookfield Illinois USA. September 2011.

Family atractions like Chicago's Brookfield Zoo and other popular places, would not be the nice places they are, without the all too important behind the scenes maintenance crews and the equipment that they use.

The small green Ford dump truck shown here, helps the groundskeeping and maintenance crews at Chicago's Brookfield Zoo to keep the place tidy , safe and functional for all the visiting patrons to enjoy.

This little dump truck can easilly patrol the zoo's many walkways, perform infrastructure repairs, landscaping, and light hauling dutties.

Eddie k.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The outdoor water fountain at the Harlem Irving Plaza. Norridge Illinois USA. Tuesday, July 12th, 2011.

Steam on the San Luis & Rio Grande.

A preserved Chicago Transit Authority 1920's era 4000 series rapid transit car passing Spaulding Tower. The Illinois Railway Museum. June 1993.

I took this 35 mm black and white photograph during a June 1993 visit to the Illinois Railway Museum in Union Illinois.

This retired 1920's era 4000 Series rapid transit car from the Chicago Transit Authority, is viewed passing preserved Spaulding Tower and a vintage Wig Wag crossing signal, enroute to the museum's own CTA 50th Avenue rapid transit station from west suburban Cicero Illinois to disembark the passengers.

Let Eddie host your next public speaking event!

BNSF Railway intermodal switching movement passing underneath a westbound Canadian National freight train. Berwyn Illinois. February 2010.

I took this photograph on a dry and somewhat mild winter morning, back in February of 2010.

Looking east from the Ridgeland Avenue railroad crossing in west suburban Berwyn Illinois, we see a BNSF Railway switching movement heading westbound and pulling out of the nearby BNSF Railway Clyde Yard in neighboring Cicero Illinois with a cut of cars in tow, and now passing underneath a Canadian National freight train on the former Illinois Central mainline above.

Night time CTA Skokie Swift train. Skokie Illinois. September 2009.

This video of a westbound Chicago Transit Authority Skokie Swift / Yellow Line rapid transit train, was photographed heading west / northwest at the Kostner Avenue railroad crossing after dark. This line, is a salvaged portion of the former Chicago, North Shore And Milwaukee interurban railroad's own Skokie Valley Mainline.

Metra maintenance department truck. Rondout Illinois. Early September 2009.

Chicago, Burlington & Quincy RR # 4978 at it's original display location. Ottawa Illinois. August 1986.

I took this photograph way back in August of 1986.

Seen here in it's original display location in a local city park at Ottawa Illinois, is preserved Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad 1920's era Baldwin 2-8-2 freight service steam locomotive # 4978 and a wooden caboose.

Many years later, these two artifacts from railroading's historic past, are now the centerpiece at the Mendota Railroad Museum, located in the western Illinois town of Mendota Illinois, alongside the BNSF Railway's former Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad mainline.

G, M & O Alco R S 1 at the Elmhurst Model Railroad Club.

Fallen flag railroad's of the past that I had grown up with in Chicago during the early 1970's like the Illinois Central Gulf, have always been a favorite of mine. This short local freight train operating at the Elmhurst Illinois Model Railroad Club, shows how some of the early 1972 merger era trains of the "New" ICG looked like in service for the first few years or so, after the August 10th 1972 merger of the Illinois Central, and the Gulf, Mobile & Ohio Railroad.

Canadian National locomotive running light past the Horseshoe Casino. Hammond Indiana. Sunday, April 21st, 2013.

A Union Pacific EMD GP 15 idling at the Metra California Avenue coach yard. Chicago Illinois. October 2006.

I took this photograph on a beautiful Indian Summer -Autum morning back in October of 2006.

This Union Pacific Railroad late 1970's era EMD GP 15 light roadswitcher used for local freights and terminal switching operations today by the Union Pacific Railroad, is viewed idling just east of the Metra's former Chicago & NorthWestern Railroad commuter coach yard facility at North California Avenue in Chicago.

This photograph was taken from the adjacent Metra Western Avenue commuter rail station on the former Milwaukee Road line near North Grand Avenue.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Oak Lawn Roller Rink on South Cicero Avenue. (Gone-Demolished.) OakLawn Illinois. May 1983.

Hello everyone!
This is Eddie K, your host and photographer here at Edie's Railfan Page.

Just recently, I located several of my old early 35 mm photographs I had began taking during the 1980's here in the greater Chicagoland area.

I have been an avid roller skater for many years, and a place that I used to skate at on Sunday nights occasionally, was the Oak Lawn Roller Rink on South Cicero Avenue near West 93rd Street in southwest suburban Oak Lawn Illinois.

The roller rink and a small printing company had shared the same building. Unfortunately...the place was sold by the mid 1990's, and the Oak Lawn Roller Rink was demolished, and would become a Saturn auto dealership. Darn! Sigh..oh well.

Eddie K.

A Bachman Santa Fe Alco S 4 yard switcher pulling a local freight train across the Missisippi River lift bridge model.

Westbound BNSF Railway unit grain train passing through Hayford Junction near sunset. Chicago Illinois. March 2007.

I took this photograph after work one evening, back in March of 2007.

A partly sunny and somewhat chilly early springtime day is now coming to a close in Chicago Illinois, as a westbound BNSF Railway unit grain train, passes through Hayford Junction just before sunset, and heads to the nearby Belt Railway of Chicago's Clearing Yard near Midway Airport.

Digital Live Sound Video: An H.O Scale C & N,W freight train crossing the Missisippi River.

This video was photographed at the Oak Park Society of Model Engineers,H.O Scale Model Railroad Club. Located in Oak Park Illinois.

The official Chicago city seal.

Westbound CN train at dusk. Elmwood Park Illinois. August 2011.

Westbound Metra local commuter train. Elmhurst Illinois. August 1988.

The intersection of South Kedzie Avenue and west 95th Street. Evergreen Park Illinois. May 1989.

I took this photograph one lovely springtime evening, way back in May of 1989.

The times were much simpler in south suburban Evergreen Park Illinois back then.
Seen here is the southeast corner of West 95th Street and South Kedzie Avenue.

Pano's package goods lounge with it's classic light colored brick and stone architecture with an iconic neon sign from America's roadside past, stood at this corner for many years.

Today, Pano's has been replaced by a Chase Bank building, while the Shell convenience gasoline station across the street at the northeast corner, has been replaced with a strip mall.

Eddie K.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Welcome aboard the "Bus Day" edition of Eddie's Railfan Page!

The Banana Splits. Pop Cop. Circa 1968.

Northbound Chicago Transit Authority Rt # 52A / South Kedzie bus approaching the intersection at West 111th Street. Chicago Illinois. April 2007.

Chicago's Mount Greenwood neighborhood at South Kedzie Avenue and West 111th Street was always a favorite bus hopping destination for me during the 1980's before I bought my first car.

I still love to visit the place today whenever I am able to do so. I always enjoyed this part of the southside of Chicago for many years.

I took this photograph one evening back in early April of 2007.

A northbound Chicago Transit Authority Rt # 52A / South Kedzie bus, is viewed approaching the intersection of West 111th Street and South Kedzie Avenue on a quiet springtime evening.

W B Motorcoach on Dempster Street. Des Plaines Illinois. May 2012.

Midway Rental Car Shuttle Gillig 35 ft transit bus. Glenview Illinois. March 2013.

I took this photograph at work, back in March of 2013.

The Midway Rental Car Shuttle bus operation based at Chicagi;s Midway Airport, was a new operation began by First Transit in 2013.

This 35 foot Gillig transit bus for the new service, was viewed parked in the wash bay at the First Transit north cook garage in Glenview Illinois.

The front half of the bus is luggage racks, while the portion from the center to the rear, features sideways facing passenger seating accomodations.

These buses are assigned to Chicago's Midway Airport.

The Midwest Transit Bus Museum. Cresthill Illinois. September 2001.

From 2000 to 2002, I was a member of The Midwest Transit Bus Museum, which was located on a private industrial storage rental yard at Rt # 53 and Caton Farm Road in Cresthill Illinois near the city of Joliet.

I used to be employed in the area, and would sometimes come here after work, and hang out with a group of transit bus collectors. It was like an unofficial antique auto club for people who were in to vintage transit buses. Some were actually operable, and would be driven on the property for fun occasionally. Others were rescued from junk yards, and were missing engines or various other parts and did not operate...but made for some nice storage sheds.

I eventually found work on the northside of Chicago, met a wonderful woman who I eventually married, moved north, and was now never in the area anymore to visit the mueum.

Although a series of important life events dictated that I leave this museum group, I still have happy memories of those fun two years that I was a member. Since that time, some of the other members also disbanded, while new ones came aboard.

Eddie K.

Silent Digital Video: Northbound CTA Route # 22 Clark Street bus. Chicago Illinois USA. April 2007.

A Gomaco replica trolley bus. Chicago Illinois. July 2007.

This is a popular rental limosuine option for large parties, parades, weddings and charters.