Thursday, March 30, 2006

Retro Railroading. May 1987.

With the Exception of the Union Pacific Railroad EMD GP-15T Diesel locomotives in the foreground, This could easily be mistaken for the year of 1972. We are on Chicago's Southwest side, at a place called Hayford Junction. This populair junction is located at 76th street and south St Louis Avenue. Here is where the Belt Railway of Chicago crosses the Grand Trunk western Railroad, and interchanges trains to and from the Belt Railway of Chicago's Clearing Yard.
The other trains locomotives, painted for the Chesapeke and Ohio, and Chessie System are rolling off their last years in these color schemes. In 1972, the Baltimore and Ohio -the Chesapeke and Ohio -and the Western Maryland Railroad "Merged" and became Chessie System. This railroad became CSX during the mid 1980's. The old Penn Central Hi Cube box car adds a very "Retro" touch to this photograph. The Penn Central existed from 1968 to 1976 . It was the Merger of the Pennsylvania Railroad - the New York Central Railroad, and the New Haven Railroad. It went "Bankrupt" and later became Conrail.

Old photograph. Baltimore and Ohio Chicago Terminal Railroad EMD SW series yard switchers.

This photograph is "Not" one of My own . I bought this photo during the 1980's at a railroad "Swap Meet". I grew up in Chicago Illinois during the 1960's and 70's era. I always enjoyed seeing the B&O CT's engines on Chicago's Southside, but was never fortunate enough to actually get to photograph their equipment. Today I occasionally "Railfan" an old branchline of the B&O CT in Cicero Illinois. The 16th street industrial spur line. (Now CSX ) I can Occasionally spot the 16th street local in the afternoon on weekdays, but it is UNPREDICTABLE , and very ELUSIVE to capture on film. I have yet to photograph it.

55th street tower. (gone) May 1984..

This location was a "Favorite" of mine when I was attending Curie High School nearby from 1977 to 1981. Unfortunately...I wasn't the Railfan Photographer yet. This is My only photograph I have of this wonderful railroad junction. I was too busy photographing other rail locations and subjects, and almost missed out altogether. 55th street tower and junction was located east of Cicero Avenue between 55th street and Archer Avenue on Chicago's Southwest side. This junction was were the Belt Railway of Chicago "Crossed Itself". The Indianna Harbor Belt Railroad's Chicago stockyards industrial branch also crossed here too. We are looking Northwest in this photograph of the tower and crosstracks. The tower was demolished around 1990. Todays CTA Orange Line Rapid Transit passes Immediately overhead at this BRC Junction.

Conrail industrial switching local. October 1983.

This is a rare photograph of a Conrail industrial switching local on Chicago's southwest side. This beautiful sunny and mild Indian Summer day in Chicago, was spent photographing trains on the Grand Trunk Western railroads "Elsdon Yard"
embankment just west of Kedzie Avenue and 49th street. The Conrail switching job seen here was actually serving the factories along 48th street, in the final years of service on this section of Industrial Spur Sidings. Approximately 3 years later....The siding tracks and the connecting branch serving them were torn up. This line was abandoned and the tracks were Dismantled for good. The remaining factories would now get their shipments by Truck 100%. The connecting branch was dismantled and redeveloped into the CTA Orange Line Rapid Transit to Midway Airport right of way.

Burlington Northern Railroad fast freight train. Western Springs Illinois. April 1989.

A fast westbound Burlington Northern freight train is seen passing through the suburb of Western Springs Illinois, in April of 1989. This train is on the "Wrong" (Normally Eastbound) mainline track, But has a Green Signal nonetheless. Western springs, located between
the towns of La Grange and Hindsdale in Chicago's western suburbs, is a very pleasant place to photograph Mainline railroading in the greater Chicagoland area.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Fun in Kenosha Wisconsin. April 29, 2000.

Hello everybody!
Welcome to Eddie's Railfan Page. Once again, today is"Bus Day" here at my site.
This photograph was taken in Kenosha Wisconsin on April 29th , 2000. Myself and several bus enthusiasts were on a chartered excursion that day, with the Omnibus Society of America. It was a very bright and sunny day, however the air and wind were quiete chilly on this spring day. Here I am showing off a Kenosha Transit GMC RTS coach. These are the kind of buses that Kenosha transit is currently using in day to day commuter bus operations Mon-Sat.
Our Chartered coach we rode on was a 1975 GMC new look "Fishbowl" coach. This Bus was one of Kenosha Transits newer fleet.

Chicago Surface Lines 1944 White Bus.

This old relic of pre CTA days, can be ridden on at the Illinois Railway Museum in Union Illinois. This is an early transit coach built by "White Trucks" in 1944. Although electric streetcars were the main transit vechicles during these times, buses were also used on some routes to augment the equipment, or were utilized on lightly patronized lines. This bus has a manual "Stick Shift" transmission. After retirement by the CTA, this bus was retained as part of their Historical Collection. This bus as well as the remaining streetcars (long sitting is storage) were donated to the museum in 1985.

Kenosha Transit 1975 GMC bus at Garage.

A sunny but chilly day in april 2000 finds us on an Omnibus Society of America charter trip to Kenosha Wisconsin. After rolling around Kenosha's street since 1975, these old GMC transit coaches are now being used primarily for hauling School Students. In a few years...they will be gradually "Phased Out" and retired from service. This bus, Kenosha Transit #521 is seen here at Kenosha Transits bus garage/ maintenance facility.

Chicago Transit Authority yellow line train at Dempster Street terminal. January 2004.

This photograph was taken on a late January afternoon in 2004. This was the last year of "Overhead Wire Operations" on the CTA Yellow line, formerly known as "The Skokie Swift". This shuttle El line opened in 1964 and uses part of the former Chicago North Shore and Milwaukee electric railroad's -Skokie Valley Route right of way. For many years the village of Skokie
Illinois had an ordinance against Third Rail operations for fear of Electrocution Accidents, so from 1964 until 2004 -the segment from East Prairie Road to Dempster Street ran on overhead catenary wire. The cars pantographs would raise and lower at speed. In 2004, the ordinance was Repealed and the entire line is now 100% Third Rail operated.

1904 Chicago Surface Lines electric streetcar.

This seen was photographed at the Illinois Railway Museum located in Union Illinois.
This restored electric streetcar was built in 1904 and worked for the Chicago Surface Lines. During the early 1940's, the car was placed into Maintenance Service, and was used as a salt spreader. It was used in later years as a storage shed. The Illinois Railway Museum has doon a fine job restoring this car to it's original CSL appearance. It can be ridden at the museum.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Baca's Cook Shop on 51st Street.

This building seen here, in december of 1983,was where many a local Railroad worker -truck driver or factory worker would go to have lunch.
Baca's Cook Shop was a Bar and Grill located on Chicago's southwest side, on 51st street just
east of Lawndale Avenue. Many railroad crews from the Grand Trunk Western railroad and the nearby Santa Fe would dine here and swap stories with their counterparts in the industry.

Chicago Surface Lines car #144. Illinois Railway Museum. Union Illinois.

This photograph was taken at the Illinois Railway Museum, located in Union Illinois. This is a 1908 pullman electric streetcar. This streetcar worked for the pre CTA company -Chicago Surface Lines.
It ran in regulair service untill 1954 in Chicago, but was used on many "Fantrips" throughout the 1950's. This car has been lovingly restored and can be ridden at the museum. "Clang Clang!"

Amtrak switching move. November 1983.

An overcast november Chicago day in November of 1983, finds an old EMD SW-1 switcher at work.
An Amtrak train has just been turned around at South Wye Junction, near Union Avenue tower.
Once the dispatcher gives the crew clearance, the train will be backed into Chicago Union Station.

Grand Trunk Western Railroad roundhouse. 49th street and Kedzie Avenue. October 1983.

This is the old 1914 built Locomotive roundhouse that used to service the Grand Trunk Western railroads locomotives. The roundhouse was torn down around 1987. One of the "Bricked Up" windows came about from a 1979 incident when a locomotive actually crashed through a wall at slow speed. A strip mall now occupies this site.
The electric light poles seen here, originally are from the Kedzie Avenue CTA trolleybus line.
From 1955 to 1969 , they supported twin overhead trolleybus wires on each side of Kedzie Avenue.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

New image Illinois Central caboose. June 1987.

This view was taken from the Pulaski Road bridge near the Ford City Shopping Center, on Chicago's southwest side in june of 1987.
The freight train is seen heading into the Belt Railway of Chicago's "Clearing Yard". The Illinois Central railroad "Merged" with the Gulf Mobile and Ohio" railroad on August 10th 1972, and became the Illinois Central Gulf railroad. It was a bad move, because several years of bankruptcy and misc financial difficulties followed. During the mid 1980's, the Illinois Central had Reorganized it's management and operations, and soon "sold off" several ex GM&O lines to many regional and short line railroad companies. The caboose here shows off the "New" Ilinois Central image and logo. Replacing an Orange color scheme that dated from the year 1967.

Chicago South Shore and South Bend commuter train at Randolph Street Station. June 1988.

The Chicago lakefront skyline is complimented by a South Shore commuter train at the Randolph Street Station. The station seen here, was recently "Rebuilt" and upgraded with several modern improvements. This area was redeveloped in the early 2000's. Steel support collums and decking moved the tracks Underground. The station area just above the train, is now Chicago's "Milenium Park". The trains today arrive and depart below the park in an underground subway.

1940 Czech Republic steam locomotive. June 1987.Seen at the Hesston Steam Museum. Hesston Indianna.

A recently acquired four wheel industrial steam locomotive from Czechloslovakia, is seen here working at the Hesston Steam Museum in Indianna. The cars behind the locomotive were on temporary lease from the closed Brookfield Zoo Railroad near Chicago Illinois. In 2002, the former zoo cars and the three brookfild zoo locomotives were "Donated" to the museum, and are undergoing restoration in the museums -shops. Notice "Brookfield, Salt creek, and Western"markings on open passenger coaches. This locomotive was recently acquired to replace in service, the museums badly fire damaged locomotives from the Memorial day 1985 enginehouse fire, wich destroyed several wooden cars.
The engine was using its "high pitched" and very peanut like "European Whistle" on this day.
Shortly afterwards, an american whistle was soon fitted to the locomotive. The American whistle is mostly used these days, but the Engineer has been known to occasionally give a Shrill european "Tweet" on occasion.

GTW Burro crane. September 1986.

This late Summer photograph, taken in early September of 1986, was taken at 51st street at the abandoned GTW Elsdon Yard on Chicago's Southwest side. Elsdon yard was located on 51st street between St louis and Lawndale Avenues. Before October of 1983, This was a very busy 14 track Switching yard. For a few years after Elsdon yard was closed, Diesel locomotives were staged between runs by the now "boarded up" yard office seen in this photograph. I was surprised to still see a Grand Trunk Western railroad "Transfer Caboose" still parked by the now boarded up yard office. The crane was here to begin "Dismantling" the yard tracks and associated engine servicing tracks by the old 1914 built roundhouse at 49th stret and Kedzie Avenue. This yard area has since been redeveloped into a railroad Material Storage facility. The yard area around 55th street was redeveloped into a Chicago Public School building. There is more redevelopment 20 years or so after the closure.

Side by side in retirement.

A 1940's vintage Steam Locomotive from the Grand Trunk Western Railroad, and the 1940's era Diesel locomotive that replaced mainline steam locomotives are seen here, sharing retirement at The Illinois Railway Museum located in northwest Union Illinois. This seen could easily be mistaken for one from the 1950's.
Steam Locomotives in America were gradually being phased out during the 1940's and 50's.
This was known as the "Transition Era". Milwaukee Road #118c is an EMD F-7 Diesel locomotive built for Freight train service from that era in Railroad history.

Southbound Norfolk Southern Railroad freight train at 63rd and Knox street. September 1988.

A southbound Norfolk Southern Railroad transfer freight train, is seen here traveling over the Belt Railway of Chicago tracks to Clearing Yard. This photograph was taken at 63rd street near Chicago's Midway Airport in early September of 1988.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Northbound Burlington Northern train at Brighton Interlocking. January 1989.

We are looking North on a cold but sunny Saturday afternoon in January of 1989. A northbound Burlingtom Northern freight train has just gotten clearance from the Dispatcher, and is now crossing over the Illinois Central Railroads mainline. The location here is called Brighton Interlocking -or Brighton Junction by some of the local Chicago Railfan Community. Brighton Junction was unique, as they were still using Antique "Steam Era" maual Semaphore Signals well into the age of Satalite Communications.
Brighton Interlocking is located at Archer and Western Avenues on Chicago's southwest side. This is an Isolated Location on an embankment.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Pleasant Summer Vacation Surprises I have seen.

Hello once again everybody!
Welcome to Eddie's Railfan Page. Today we are looking back at some fun vacation memories. It was a very pleasant experience for me, finding some old vacation photo's That my family and myself had taken on trips.
Some of these places had many wonderful and pleasant surprises enroute for railfans like myself and a few others.
Sure, I have photographs of things like -My Family -Tourist Attractions -Scenery -Amusement Parks -Historic Monuments -Famous Places -Museums -Tour Boats and etc like anybody else, plus gift shop souveniers to boot. To a Railfan or Transportation Officionado, finding these antique and obscure pieces from our American Traveling or industrial past...Is a real Treet in itself. Here I am pictured during August of 1982 at the Mid Continent Railroad Museum in North Freedom Wisconsin.

Antique wooden Railroad Cabooses. July 1980.

In July of 1980, My family and Myself took a Motor Coach vacation tour from Chicago to the New England States. This duo of antique wooden Railroad Cabooses was seen near one of our rest stops. I was" not In Charge" of our Camera on this tour, but that didn't stop me from "Sneeking" an occasional "Snap Shot" or two when I was holding it. The Cabooses had markings for a Tourist Railroad called "The Otter Valley Railroad", wich I believe had gone out of business around that time. I do not recall what state this was in, possibly New Hampshire or Vermont. If anybody has any information about the defunct Otter Valley Railroad...I would like to know more about it and where it had operated. The antique cabooses -Tall Sailing Ships -Coastline scenery -Seaports -and fascinating places we had visited, like Weirs Beach in New Hampshire -Killington Vermont and Boston Massachusettes
had made this a very happy and memorable Summer Vacation, with many pleasant surprises.

Summer Vacation Surprise in Vermont. July 1980.

In July of 1980, My family and Myself took a Motor Coach vacation tour to the New England States. The vacation itself was well appreciated and long overdue. We travelled aboard a Large Motorcoach through a Company Called "Furlough Tours", and visited such places as Rhode Island -Connecticut -New York State -Vermont -Massachusettes and Maine. I don't recall what town this was in, Proboubly a place where the bus tour made a "Rest Stop" to eat.
The familiar rumbling of an Antique early 1950's Vintage ALCO RS-3 diesel switcher and loud squeeling wheel flanges caught my attention. This locomotive from the Vermont Railway would later be sold to a New York State tourist railroad , known today as the "Batten Kill Railroad". This photograph of a Chance Encounter shows how this engine looked , and what kind of work it did in Pre Tourist Railroad Days.

Union Pacific Railroad engine #533. On display in Rawlins Wyoming.

I took this photograph in June of 1984 in Rawlins Wyoming. My Mother and Myself took a Motor Coach vacation to Yellowstone National Park, and the Grand Teton Mountains in Northwestern Wyoming. It was a Pleasant tour we took through a company called "Mayflower Tours". Traveling via Motorcoach enabled us to see much of America. This vacation was especially pleasant for me. The mountain Vistas -Starry Nights -Fun Activities -Sightseeing Attractions and many wonderful friendly people we met on our tour helped make a very happy and memorable Summer Vacation for us. The trip itself was very special for me, as we encountered a number of preserved Steam Locomotives on display .

Westbound Amtrak train speeding through suburban Riverside Illinois.

A hot july day in 1985, finds a fast westbound Amtrak train speeding through Riverside Illinois. This train, more than likely filled with Vacationers heading west, has got a Green signal and making fast time on clear track.

Porter mining locomotive on display in South Dakota.

This photohraph was taken near The Chief Crazy Horse Monument in South Dakota during June of 1984. This locomotive is a small industrial type steam locomotive built by the Porter Locomotive Works in the Early 1900's. This engine was used on a Small Mining Railroad, and was later acquired by a Private owner, who later lovingly restored it cosmetically and displayed it for all to see with proper shelter
from the weather and natures elements. I do not remember the town this was in...but it was definately a pleasant vacation surprise for this Chicago area Railfan to see.

Monday, March 13, 2006

The old 1911 era Northwestern Station in Chicago Illinois.

Hello everybody.
Welcome to another edition of Eddie's Railfan Page. In todays installment, we will visit and pay tribute to another fallen Chicago Landmark, the old Northwestern Station in downtown Chicago Illinois during it's final months in existance. The photograph seen here was taken in june of 1983. We are looking northwest from Madison street.
Northwestern Station was located in the west end of Chicago's downtown section on Madison Street between Canal and Clinton Streets. The old and very artistic concourse building was demolished in the spring and summer of 1984.

Transitional era color schemes. Northwestern Station. January 1984.

This was one of those "Rare"right time/right place chance photographs. We are inside Chicago's Northwestern Station in January of 1984. The commuter train on the left is seen Painted in the mid 1970's RTA color scheme, while the departing Commuter Train on the right is still in the original colors and markings of the Chicago and Northwestern Railroad. By the time this photograph was taken, sightings of Commuter train cars still in the Chicago and Northwestern colorscheme had become rare.

Engine servicing / layover area. Chicago's Northwestern Station. January 1984.

This view is looking northeast from the end of the passenger platforms at Chicago's old Northwestern Station. This late 1970's era EMD F-40PH Passenger diesel locomotive in then RTA colors, lays over between assignments. The large building to the left of the Locomotive is Chicago's Merchandise Mart building located on the North bank of the Chicago River.

Interior of Northwestern Station Concourse Building. January 1984.

This photograph taken in January of 1984, is yet a last look at another Chicago Landmark that eventually met the Wrecking Ball. This is the lobby in the old Northwestern Station concourse building. This would be demolished a few months
after this photographed was taken. Northwestern Station was located in Downtown Chicago Illinois on Madison street between Canal and Clinton Streets. The Commuter trains still operate out of a new glass skyscraper facility now known as the Richard B. Ogilvie Transportation center. At the time of this photo...Chicago's Commuter Trains were operated by RTA. A few years later, the RTA would later change the name of its mainline commuter train division to todays -METRA system.

Outbound train awaiting departure. Chicago's Northwestern Station. January 1984.

An elderly 1950's vintage EMD E-8 Passenger
diesel locomotive prepares to leave the old-
Northwestern Station in downtown Chicago Il.
Northwestern Station shown here was actually
photographed by me, just a few months before
the old terminal concourse building was to be
demolished. The station was torn down during
the spring and summer of 1984. It was replaced
by a glass skyscraper building originally called
the "Northwestern Atrium Center". After the
1995 Merger of the Chicago and Northwestern Railroad and the Union Pacific Railroad, It was renamed to the "Richard B. Ogilvie transportation center", in honor of the late Illinois Govoner Richard B. Olgilvie. The E-8 diesels made their last runs in October 1989.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Welcome to Eddie's Railfan Page.

Hello Everyone! Welcome aboard Eddie's Railfan Page. Today is our First Aniversary, (actually one month ago today.) here at My Railfan Site.
Thank you for Logging on, and enjoy your ride.

Today is "Bus Day" here at Eddie's Railfan Page, and we are Honoring the Chicago Transit Authority's Electric Trolleybuses, wich operated in the City of Chicago from 1930 to 1973. As Electric Streetcars were being "Phased Out", many of the old trolley lines were Converted to Electric Bus operation. Many electrical substations and facilites were still in place, and it was more economical to add an extra overhead wire in each lane. CTA's Propane and Diesel Buses eventually phased out the Electric Bus Operations for numerous economic reasons. This is your Host and Photographer "Eddie" inviting you to experience Chicago's Electric Buses.

1973 Chicago Transit Authority Bus Fares.

The Chicago Transit Authority retired it's Electric Bus operations for good on March 25 1973. Shown here above the Driver's Seat, is a advertising card for the passengers to see upon entry. This is how much a bus fare costed in 1973. It has more than "Doubled" since then.

Trolley Bus barn at the Illinois Railway Museum.

While not exactly the CTA's North Avenue Carhouse, (A major CTA trolley bus garage)
This modest and modern structure serves it's Electric Bus Dept purpose at the Museum quiete well. A 1951 Chicago Transit Authority coach, shares the driveway apron with a Brill Trolley Bus from Des Moines Iowa.

Foreward Interior View. 1951 CTA Electric Trolley Bus.

We are looking foreward on a 1951 Marmon Herrington Trolley coach from the CTA. This day to day view was shared by many a Chicago Bus Commuter untill 1973. This Chicago Transit Authority Electric Bus is preserved and operated at the Illinois Railway Museum in Union Illinois. Notice the very "Unusual" front windshield design, as well as the "Unique" fare box.

Interior View of 1951 CTA Electric Trolley Bus

This photograph is an Interior view of a Chicago Transit Authority Electric Trolley Bus. This fine 1951 Marmon Herrington Trolley coach has been preserved at the Illinois Railway Museum located in Union Illinois. I had grown up in Chicago during the 1960's and 70's era, and my family frequently rode these buses on the route #52 Kedzie/ California bus line. Some of the other CTA electric bus routes were -Belmont avenue -Diversey (Chicago's first 1930) 47th st
Pulaski - Cicero avenue -Central Avenue -North Avenue -Fullerton Avenue, and Montrose avenue. Kedzie Avenue electric bus service ended on March 15 1969, as a New Bridge was being built on the Sanitary and Shipping Canal.

Passengers boarding and alighting from a CTA 1951 Marmom Herrington Trolley Coach.

This ariel photograph was taken in 1999 at the Illinois Railway Museum in Union Illinois. On
this fine June weekend, we have the pleasure of seeing the museum operate a Chicago Transit Authority Trolley Bus from 1951. Chicago had electric bus service from 1930 to 1973. There were 20 Trolley Bus Routes in Chicago, Most of them were on the Northside of the City. The Chicago Transit Authority ordered 300 of these Marmon Herrington corp Trolley Buses in 1951.
These were the last new Electric Buses for the CTA and were the last in day to day service. Chicago Transit Authority's electric buses operated untill March 25 1973.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Welcome aboard Eddie's Railfan Page.

Hello everybody. Welcome aboard another edition of Eddie's Railfan Page. Though this is primarily a page for train and bus enthusiasts...You don't have to be one to enjoy the many photographs and memories I enjoy sharing with everyone.
These photographs shown on my site here, were taken during the 1980's in and around the Chicago Illinois area. The times were "Much better" back then for Railfans and Photographers alike. I very seldom ran into Trespassing or Security Issues of any kind. I asked "permission" and signed "Releases" when necessary. Most of the time I was invited to go on location and shoot photographs, but be responsible while I did it. I was very safety conscious and Alert. Thanks to the many people behind the scenes...I ended up Photographing and Documenting Many things that have since "Vanished" from Chicago railfan locations. I have preserved this era for future generations to Enjoy.
Thank You.
Edward Kwiatkowski.
Chicago area Railfan and Photographer.

Amtrak City of New Orleans leaving Chicago Illinois.

This photograph was taken from a South shore Railroad commuter train in june of 1988. Here we see the southbound Amtrak City of New Orleans leaving Chicago Illinois.

Eastbound Amtrak train at Willow Springs Illinois.

A beautifull Sunday afternoon in September of 1988 is spent Railfanning the former Gulf Mobile and Ohio Railroad mainline in Southwest Suburban Willow Springs Illinois. An eastbound Amtrak train zooms past my camera lens enroute to Chicago Union Station.

Eastbound Chicago Central and Pacific train at North Riverside Illinois.

A beautiful sunny but cold early December 1988 Saturday afternoon finds us watching a set of former Illinois Central Gulf railroad diesel locomotives, leading a Chicago Central and Pacific Railroad freight train. This mainline was the former Illinois Central Railroad "Iowa Division".

Eastbound Chicago Central and Pacific (Ex Illinois Central Iowa Division Mainline) Rolling through North Riverside Illinois. December 1988.

A beautiful early December Saturday afternoon in 1988, finds us on 26th Street just west of Harlem Avenue in west suburban North Riverside Illinois. This is a rare photograph of a "short lived" regional Railroad. The Illinois Central Gulf Railroad sold off this line, wich ran from Chicago Ilinois to Waterloo Iowa. The new
railroad was the Chicago Central and Pacific.
This Railroad lasted approximately 10 years before the Re-organized Illinois Central had
"Bought it back" and reincorporated it into their

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Southbound GTW train turns south on Interchange track at Hayford Junction. January 1987.

A southbound Grand Trunk Western freight train has just got clearance and is seen on the Interchange Track at Chicago's Hayford Junction. The train seen here has just turned off the Belt Railway of Chicago's track, and will soon be heading south on the Grand Trunk western mainline track.

Eastbound Belt Railway of Chicago transfer train approaches Hayford Junction. January 1987.

Heavy morning snow showers and cloudy skies dominate this January day in 1987. A Belt Railway of Chicago Transfer run has just passed under the Pulaski Rd bridge and is heading for the southeast side of Chicago.

Eastbound Norfolk Southern freight train passes track crew at Hayford Junction. January 1987.

An eastbound Norfolk Southern Railroad freight train has just left the Belt Railway of Chicago's Clearing Yard, and has just passed under the Pulaski Rd bridge. Heavy snow fell on the city of Chicago Illinois on this january day in 1987. The Track Maintenance Dept Crew has its hands full trying to keep the many Track Switches free of snow and ice. The train is approaching Hayford Junction at 76th Street and South St Louis avenue. Hayford Junction is where the Belt Railway of Chicago crosses the Grand Trunk Western Railroad and interchanges trains.

Track Crew at Hayford Junction. January 1987.

A heavy snow had fallen in the morning on this january day in 1987. A Belt Railway of Chicago Track Maintenance Dept crew is seen here shoveling out a track switch clogged with snow.
Railroads operate 24 hours a day -7 days a week in all kinds of weather and conditions. Not even the likes of a Chicago Snowstorm can stop the Norfolk Southern Railroad freight train seen here in the background.

Eastbound GTW waiting for clearance. January 1987.

This photograph was taken from the Pulaski Road overpass looking west into the afternoon
sunshine. A heavy snow fell in the morning on
this january day in 1987. A train from the Grand Trunk Western Railroad, is seen waiting for the dispatcher to give them clearance to leave the Belt Railway of Chicago's Clearing Yard. The Belt Railway of Chicago's Clearing Yard is located in the Village of Bedford Park Illinois, between Midway airport on the north , and the Ford City Shopping Center to the south of it.