Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The GTW Elsdon depot on w 51st Street at night. April 1983.

This is a "Rare" photograph I had taken in April of 1983. This is the long gone Grand Trunk Western Railroad's Elsdon depot on west 51st Street on Chicago's southwest side. A crew member has stepped outside by the bench for some fresh night air, while the yard dispatcher goes about his business inside the depot.

The GTW Elsdon yard was a busy place when I had taken this photograph. In October of 1983, the GTW Railroad closed the Elsdon Yard and steam era roundhouse on Kedzie Ave for good.

Frisco Railroad #1630 spotting a hopper car. The Illinois Railway Museum. Union Illinois USA. July 1981.

I took this photo of a rare behind the scenes action photograph, of a railroad museums operations. Frisco steam locomotive # 1630 didn't always pull tourist passenger trains at the museum, sometimes it had to "Pitch In" and do some chores like switching and moving cars. Here is a scene of # 1630 doing what it did in it's service life back in the steam era. Working.

Canadian Pacific ailroad train waiting for clearance. Craigin Junction. Chicago Illinois USA. Febuary 2007.

A CP Rail freight train, has no choice but to sit and wait for clearance to proceed from the dispatcher. This scene was photographed by Myself at Craigin Junction, located just east of the brand new Metra Cicero / Grand Avenue commuter rail station on Chicago's northside.

The freight train has left the Belt railway of Chicago Clearing Yard in southwest suburban Bedford Park Illinois USA, and travelled north on BRC trackage to the CP Rail interchange here at Craigin Junction. Once clearance is recieved, the train will proceed west to Bensenville Yard near Chicago's O'Hare International Airport, or other points west on the former Milwaukee road.

Metra maintenance of way department truck. The Cicero / Grand Avenue Metra station. Chicago Illinois USA. Febuary 2007.

I took this photo on a snowy and very overcast day, in Febuary of 2007. This is a Metra commuter rail maintenance department truck. The maintenance crew was doing some construction and maintenance work at the Cicero / Grand Avenue commuter station at Craigin Jct. The two tracks in the foreground are for Metra commuter trains, while the track in the background is a connecting track for freight trains entering or leaving the Belt Railway of Chicago interchange at Craigin Junction.

A low budget -do it Yourself -company promo.

This was an old photo I had taken in La Grange
Illinois USA, back in October of 1983.

I spent a lot of time photographing and railfanning the Burlington Northern RR on location, but never had the pleasure or even the privelidge of having any of My work published.

I simply used this old photo I had taken at the Stone Avenue station of a westbound freight train, and added an old cover from a book of Matches.

The effect is kind of how it would look, if I actually had became a Company photographer.

Chicago Transit Authority construction photograph of the Orange Line rapid transit. May 1990.

I took this photo looking west from south Kostner Avenue and west 52nd Street, in May of 1990. The gravel road I am standing on, was the Indiana Harbor belt Railroad's former Stockyards industrial branch, wich was abandoned in December of 1988 and dismantled the following year. These are the concrete trestle piers for the CTA Orange line rapid transit to Midway Airport, and run adjacent to the Belt Railway of Chicago tracks that serve the Santa Fe Corwith Yard. This corridor was being redeveloped for public transportation and new housing at the time of this photograph. The CTA Orange line opened for service in the fall of 1993. Rapid transit trains roar overhead today.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

An announcement from Your host and photographer.

Hello everyone!
This is Eddie saying "Welcome aboard" to My
transportation blog site, from the city of Chicago
Illinois USA.

There are many new developments taking place
at this time here at Eddie's Railfan Page. Big things
are in the works right now. I have proposed the idea
of doing a "Live Slideshow Presentation", at one or
more of the local Chicagoland public librairies, and I
am currently in the negotiating / proposal stage of
doing such an evnt.

I have recieved numerous E-mails and comments from
many current and former local Chicagoans. Many were
from the southside. This will be Your chance to take a
ride down a railfans "Memory lane", and to be able to
meet Me in person. I am working on an hour slide
show (albeit on photo CD's), and I hope You enjoy it.

Please stay tuned for further developments and updates here at Eddie's Railfan Page.

Thank You.

Westbound Burlington Northern freight train. Hindsdale Illinois USA. Late October 1989.

I took this photo on a lovely autum Sunday, in late October of 1989. Seen here racing westbound through the west suburban village of Hindsdale Illinois USA, was one of several Burlington Northern Railroad freight trains dispatched with clearance on the 3 track Chicago to Aurora Illinois "Racetrack", as this line was so nicknamed. The commuter trains terminate at the west terminal in Aurora Illinois, while the freight trains continue to points west beyond. Another mainline branches off in Aurora and proceeds northwest to Wisconsin, Minesota, and other states in the pacific northwest region of the United States of America. The BN casccade green color scheme highlights the lovely seasonal autum colors in the greater Chicagoland area.

Eastbound Burlington Northern RR freight train. West Hindsdale Illinois USA. Late October 1989.

A short Burlington Northern freight train is seen passing through the village of West Hindsdale Illinois USA , on a lovely Autum Sunday afternoon in the year of 1989. The train is being pulled by an elderly 1st Generation EMD GP-7 diesel locomotive. The long tubes on the top of the locomotives hood carbody, are air tank reservoirs. Locomotives with this option were dual service, and used on secondary passenger trains. The inside space normally used for this was taken up with a large water tank and boiler, for steam heating and power generation on passenger trains. Therefore, the air tanks were moved up to the roof. The former Chicago,Burlington & Quincy Railroad, a pre 1970 BN predecessor Railroad used these dual service early EMD's on freight and passenger trains. This may be a former unit inherited from the C,B & Q.

The Fairview Avenue Metra commuter rail station. Westmont Illinois USA. Late October 1989.

I took this photo one Sunday in late October of 1989. I was still living on Chicago's southwest side, and was riding My bicycle "cross Country"
style on the weekends. I was averaging 30 miles roundtrip and was in excellent physical shape.

This is the Fairview Avenue commuter rail station in west suburban Westmont Illinois. This rustic barn style building was a real eye catcher.
The passengers are boarding an eastbound heading to Chicago Union Station located in downtown Chicago Illinois USA.

Monday, February 26, 2007

A favorite local Chicagoland landmark. Palumbo Brothers Inc. Hillside Illinois USA. December 2006.

This unique display of antique vehicles, is located just north of the intersection of Roosevelt and Manheim Roads, in the village of Hillside Illinois.
Seen here looking west on north Manheim Road U.S Route 12-45, is a 1920's vintage Mack dump truck, and an old mining shovel used in quarry operations. The Mack truck is actually chain driven. It was nice that this equipment was preserved and not cut up for scrap metal.

Mars depot. An out of this world commuter rail destination in Chicago Illinois.

Yes it's true folks. Believe it or not...You can take a Metra train to "Mars"!
This commuter rail station is located on north Oak Park Avenue just south of west Grand Avenue, on Chicago's northside.
The stations unusual name,comes from the fact that it is located immediately adjacent to the
M&M Mars Candy Factory. This commuter flagstop depot, is located on the Metra -Canadian Pacific railroad line to Elgin Illinois. Prior to the year of 1985, this was the former Milwaukee Road mainline.

Westbound Metra track inspectors truck. The River Grove Metra commuter rail station. December 2006.

I took this photo looking east, at the Metra station in northwest suburban River Grove Illinois USA. The maintenance department superintendent spotted Me with My camera, gave Me a beep on his horn, and waved nicely to Me as He passed through the station between train times. This is a behind the scenes view of maintenance operations on a commuter rail system. He may have been enroute to a job site.

Amtrak Superliner train being serviced. Chicago Illinois USA. December 2006.

I took this photo looking sw from the west Roosevelt Road overpass near south Canal Street. This is a day to day,behind the scenes view of what happens at the Amtrak coach yard.
Once the train has been serviced -cleaned -repaired -inspected -and had food provisions loaded at the nearby Commisary, it will be backed into Chicago Union Station for it's next journey across America.

Heading home for the night. Westbound Metra leaving Chicago Illinois. December 2006.

The light of day is fading, as a westbound Metra commuter train heads to Elburn Illinois. This train is being pulled by a late 1970's vintage EMD F-40PH passenger diesel. This is the Union Pacific "West line" wich was formerly known as the Chicago & North Western railroad. The train is speeding along west Kinzie Street.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Welcome to picture postcard day!

Hello everybody!
Welcome aboard Eddie's Railfan Page.

Today I will be sharing some samples from My personal collection of railroad picture postcards.

This postcard is from the Batavia Depot Museum, wich is located in a city park, in beautiful downtown Batavia Illinois USA.

This rustic wooden branchline train station features displays of Illinois History, a wooden Chicago ,Burlington & Quincy RR caboose, an antique semaphore signal, and an exhibit on Mary Todd Lincoln as well.
This museum is in a beautiful park setting by a retention pond, and is a nice place to take Your family to visit on a picnic or an outing together. It is an educational and fun place to visit.

A picture postcard of a Rock Island Railroad freight diesel in the red and yellow color scheme. Silvis Illinois USA. 1980.

This is a picture postcard of a Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railroad diesel locomotive.

This postcard scene was photographed in the early spring of 1980, at the Rock Island's diesel locomotive shops at Silvis Illinois USA.

The picture was taken not long after the Rock Island had gone defunct in early 1980. The locomotive is an EMD SD -40 -2 in the bright red and yellow color scheme that was introduced during the early 1970's.

A picture postcard of the Rock Island Railroads "Peoria Rocket" passenger train.

This is a picture postcard of the Rock Island Railroads's Peoria Rocket passenger train.

When Amtrak went into operation on May 1st 1971 and took over several railroads passenger train operations, The Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific, along with the Southern Railway, and the Denver and Rio Grande Western decided to not join Amtrak, and ran their own passenger trains.

The Rock Island ran this passenger train between Chicago and Peoria Illinois until December of 1978.

A picture postcard of a Rock Island commuter train at Chicago's La Salle Street station.

Here is a picture postcard I had purchased quiete some time ago.
This is a photograph, taken possibly in the early to mid 1970's at Chicago's La Salle Street Station.
The locomotive is a "One of a kind" EMD AB-6 passenger box cab unit. It had originally pulled long distance passenger trains (pre Amtrak)
on the Rock Island line, and spent it's final years hauling commuter trains between Chicago and Joliet Illinois.

Late 1970's era Rock Island picture postcard.

The Chicago ,Rock Island & Pacific railroad was
very "Bankrupt" when they had pulled the plug
and went out of business in the winter of 1980.

I photographed a few of their old 1920's era commuter coaches and a derelict steam locomotive at the Illinois Railway Museum, as
well as the old Seneca Illinois station, and a
blue Rock Island covered hopper still rolling around in Franklin Park Illinois in December
of the year 2006.

Although I never had the privelidge to actually photograph the Rock Island Railroad on the southeast side of Chicago back in the 1970's, I had bought a small collection of picture postcards of this railroad, while visiting the gift shops at some of the different railroad museums,and local post card / stamp collectors shows I attended.
The EMD locomotive seen here, is in the Rock Islands last color scheme from the mid 1970's.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Eastbound Indiana Harbor Belt freight train. Alsip Illinois USA. October 1990.

I took this photo in the town of Alsip Illinois, on a mild October afternoon in 1990. It was late October, and that wonderful 70 degree day was spent riding My bicycle. Heading southeast through southwest suburban Alsip Illinois, is an IHB transfer train passing through some tall lineside grass near west 123rd Street and south Cicero Avenue. U.S Route 50.

The now abandoned Indiana Harbor Belt Stockyards Industrial Branch. Chicago Illinois USA. April 1989.

I took this photo back in early April of 1989, near Chicago's Midway Airport. This old railroad crossbuck and partially dismantled trackage, is from the Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad's Stock Yards industrial branch. This scene is around west 52nd Street approximately one block west of south Keeler Avenue. The stockyards branch was in poor shape with operating speeds about 5 MPH and occasional slow speed derailments due to rotted ties and kinked rails. This branchline was abandoned in December of 1988, and the IHB switching locals were diverted to the adjacent Belt Railway of Chicago track, just to the south.
This line was redeveloped into the CTA Orange Line rapid transit to Midway Airport, and for various real estate housing developments.

Westbound Santa Fe intermodal train behind "New" locomotives. Forest View Illinois. December 1990.

I took this photo on a mild sunny day in December of 1990, in Forest View Illinois near the village of Stickney.
This intermodal train was being pulled by "New" locomotives in the red and silver "Warbonnet" Revival color scheme. In the year of 1989, the Atchinson,Topeka & Santa Fe had decided to bring back the pre 1971 passenger train color scheme worn
by pre Amtrak trains like the Super Chief and the El Capitain. I took this photo on the embankment that passes over south Harlem Avenue.

55th Street tower.(gone) Chicago Illinois USA. April 1984.

Here is My one and only photo that I have, from one of My early railfan locations. I attended nearby Curie High School from 1977 to 1981, and spent a lot of time visiting 55th Street junction and tower near Chicago's Midway Airport. I would sometimes come here after school to watch the Belt Railway of Chicago trains come and go from Clearing Yard in southwest suburban Bedford Park IL.
This old tower was demolished around the year of 1990. I miss it.
55th Street tower was located between west 55th Street and south Archer Avenue near south Knox Street. A southwest side Chicago icon.

Eastbound Canadian National switching local with a former GTW locomotive. Hawthorne Junction. Chicago Illinois USA. Febuary 2007.

I took this photo after work one day, in Febuary of 2007. We are looking west into a very frigid 8 degrees above zero farenheight winter sunset.
Approaching the Belt Railway of Chicago crosstracks and interchange, is a CN industrial switching local with a blue and red former Grand Trunk Western Railroad EMD roadswitcher acquired through merger. This railroad line, is the former Illinois Central Iowa division mainline.

Northbound BNSF Railway light engine move. Hawthorne Junction. Chicago Illinois USA. Febuary 2007.

A 2 unit BNSF Railway light engine movement, has just passed over the former Illinois Central RR crosstracks at Hawthorne Junction. This very active interchange junction is at the Chicago city limits,just east of the suburban village of Cicero IL. The grassy hill in the background, is the abandoned Bel Aire Drive In movie theatre east of south Cicero Avenue at approximately west 33rd Street. Chicago winter railroading.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Northbound Grand Trunk Western intermodal train approaching Chicago's Marquette Park. Chicago Illinois USA. May 1987.

I had taken this photo just south of west 71st Street, in May of 1987. I was just walking north along the GTW right of way, after spending part of an afternoon railfanning at Hayford Junction.
As I was getting closer to Marquette Park on west 71st Street, I heard the distant air horns tooting from an approaching northbound GTW freight train and got My camera ready. This GTW train with two diesels from the Canadian National Railroad in the consist will soon speed past Marquette Park (The trees on the right) and head to the piggyback yard near west 47th Street and south Damen Avenue on Chicago's southside.

Westbound Burlington Northern Railroad commuter train stopping at the LaGrange Road commuter train station. LaGrange Illinois. June 1985.

I took this lovely early summer day photo in the suburban village of La Grange Illinois. This photo was taken just east of what is todays Metra La Grange Road commuter rail station. During the 1970's and 80's...Orange diagonal reflective striping was the standard on Chicago commuter trains on some lines, prior to the creation of Metra. I had spent this lovely afternoon shopping and exploring one of My all time favorite suburban communities. It was and still is, a great place to go railfanning, shopping, or just hang out.

Addison Street CTA Brown Line rapid transit station. March 2006.

I took this photo at work, on March 1st 2006. My soft drink company I work for was doing a big promotion on Green River soda, and sent Me downtown to prospect some of the old Osco drug stores prior to the CVS takeover. Parking in downtown Chicago Illinois, is either hard to come by, or very expensive. So I took the Chicago Transit Authority's Brown Line rapid transit. Seen here is My train arriving at the west Addison Street station near north Ashland Avenue. This station has since been closed, and is being rebuilt to accomodate 8 car rush hour trains instead of the original 6 car standard, and better accessibility for the elderly and handicapped patrons. Prior to the CTA's use of color coding the rapid transit lines during the 1990's, this particulair line was known as the "Ravenswood Elevated Line". It still had wooden platforms in 2006.

A forgotten remnant of Chicagoland History.The Melody Mill Ballroom sign. North Riverside Illinois USA. September 2006.

I took this photo after work one day, on location in North Riverside Illinois. I was walking and exploring Commons Park on DesPlaines Avenue, and found the old neon sign from the legendary "Melody Mill Ballroom", in the public works little storage lot behind a chain link fence. The property that is Commons Park, was once a golf driving range. The old Melody Mill Ballroom was immediately adjacent to the property. The Melody Mill Ballroom was demolished around the late 1970's along with the golf driving range, and was redeveloped into todays Commons Park. There is a local Chicago ghost story, about how supposidly the apparition known as "Ressurection Mary" used to dance here and ask for rides home afterwards, only to dissapear into the night in front of Ressurection Cemetery. The Melody Mill was frequented by many older Chicagoans, and they would dance -socialize -and listen to 1940's swing / big band music.
The old ballroom is long gone, but the old sign is sitting in limbo for the time being. I personally think that it would be nice, if they could "Restore" the old sign, and make it an exhibit in a future local Historical Museum of some sort. It would be very nice.

Westbound Canadian National freight train. North Riverside Illinois USA. September 2006.

I took this photo one day after work, on location at a place called Commons Park , in the west suburban village of North Riverside Illinois. The Canadian National Railroad's former Illinois Central Iowa division mainline runs adjacent to the north side of this large city park. This park is located on the east side of Des Plaines Avenue between west 26th Street and west Cermak Road, and is located next to a large Police and Fire station, and also the city Public Works. The lead diesel locomotive in the gray color scheme appears to be a secondhand unit from the Kansas City Southern Railroad,wich uses this particulair color scheme. The 2nd unit looks like it may have been borrowed from CSX Transportation.
During the early to mid 1970's, this park used to be a practice Golf driving range that I had
occasionally visited with My family on summer evenings. During the late 1970's, it was sold and remade into todays Commmons Park. This is a nice place to take Your family to.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Chicago Bears fever 2007. It was nice while it lasted.Elmwood Park Illinois USA. January 2007.

I took this photo one Sunday evening in January of 2007.
This photo of a Chicago Sun Times newspaper vending machine, was taken at the Elmwood Park Metra commuter rail station. This was two weeks before Superbowl 41 in Miami Florida, and the Bears had just won the playoffs.
There was excitement all over the greater Chicagoland area, as the front page of the newspaper proclaimed that the Chicago Bears were going to be in Superbowl 41. Many people thought that the windy city would experience the same magic Chicago did in 1986 when we won Superbowl 20 against the New England Patriots.
It wasn't meant to be in 2007. The Indiannapolis Colts were the team that was victorious in a very rainy Superbowl 41.
Chicago Bears superbowl fever. It was nice while it lasted.

CTA Rapid Transit cars with Chicago Bears advertising wrap decals. Chicago Illinois USA. January 2007.

I took this photo near west 49th Street and south Lawndale Avenue, in late January of 2007. A westbound Chicago Transit Authority orange line rapid transit train heading to Midway Airport, was spotted in blue and orange Chicago Bears NFL football markings. Seen in the background behind the elevated rapid transit embankment, is My old alma matter Curie High School. I attended Curie from 1977 to 1981.

Eastbound Metra train with "Lets Go Bears" markings. Elmwood Park Illinois USA. Febuary 2007.

I took this photo on My way to work one morning, in Febuary of 2007. The Chicago Bears NFL Football team had unfortunately lost Superbowl 41 to the Indiannapolis Colts.
This Metra commuter rail train was spotted approximately a week and a half after the fact,still cheering for our local favorite after the fact. It was nice while it lasted.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Kenosha Transit 1975 GMC bus on chartered fantrip. Kenosha Wisconsin USA. April 2000.

Good morning everyone!
Welcome aboard "Eddie's Railfan Page". Today is "Bus Day" here at My transportation blog site. Here I am in April of 2000, in Kenosha Wisconsin USA. This was a chartered fantrip hosted by the Omnibus Society of America. Our bus for the charter was a 1975 GMC transit coach used by Kenosha Transit. These buses were rolling out their last years in service at the time, and the Socity decided to Charter one on this lovely but chilly spring day in 2000. My hairstyle and outfit I'm wearing almost looks like something from 1975.
Believe Me...It was unintentional, but still adds a period look.

Preserved Chicago Surface Lines equipment. The Illinois Railway Museum. Union Illinois USA. June 2001.

I took this photo of these two Pre CTA , Chicago Surface Lines vechicles. The bus on the left, is a 1944 White bus. The vechicle on the right is a 1922 electric streetcar. These historic transit vechicles were used by the company known as Chicago Surface Lines, wich was mostly a streetcar operator, but used motor buses on lightly patronized routes. The Chicago Transit Authority was formed in November of 1947, from the amalgamation of the CSL, and the Chicago Rapid Transit Company. In the year of 1952, transit bus operator "Chicago Motor Coach" also joined and became part of the CTA. Both of these two historic transit vechicles are restored and operated for the visiting public.

Southbound CTA Cicero Avenue bus passing Belmont Avenue. Chicago Illinois USA. December 2003.

I took this evening rush hour photo, on a cold December evening in 2003. We are on north Cicero Avenue near Belmont on Chicago's northside. Prior to 1973, this was a very busy Trolleybus intersection, as the overhead wires and special work from the Route # 77 Belmont, and Route #54 Cicero Avenue bus lines crossed here. A group of commuters are heading home on a southbound CTA Nova bus on the Cicero Avenue line. Another working day is over.

Southbound CTA Lincoln Avenue bus in a pouring rain. Chicago Illinois USA. November 2006.

I took this dramatic Chicago weather photo on location in November of 2006. We are looking north on Lincoln Avenue at the intersection of west Berteau Street on the northside of Chicago.
Chicago is known for many things, and sometimes "Wet Weather" is one of them.
Be sure to listen to Your news weather reports.

Northbound Western Avenue CTA Nova transit coach.Chicago Illinois USA. November 2006.

I took this photograph just north of the intersection of Western Avenue and Division Street on Chicago's near northside. It was raining out at the time of this morning photograph, but things were about to get worse. The dark black and gray clouds of an approaching thunderstorm out of the north were quickly arriving. In about 2 to 3 minutes...This place was looking like a waterfall with low visibility. I got drenched!

Preserved RTA # 890. (The tiger bus) The Midwest Transit Bus Museum. Cresthill Illinois USA. September 2000.

This 1967 GMC bus originally worked for the West Towns Bus Company in Chicago's western suburbs. After the 1974 creation of RTA...This bus was "Hand painted" into the unique color scheme shown here to honor the Chicago Brookfield Zoo. This bus ran in service until the mid 1980's, and is now privately owned and occasionally operated at the Midwest Transit Bus Museum in Cresthill Illinois near the city of Joliet.

Chicago Transit Authority 1991 Flxible Metro coach. April 2001.

I took this photo on a quiet Saturday Morning in downtown Chicago Illinois USA, during April of 2001. Seen here heading west on Madison Street near Franklin, is a CTA 1991 Flxible Metro transit coach.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Chicago's deep freeze. Febuary 2007.

The city of Chicago Illinois USA and it's surrounding areas in the midwest, have been undergoing a deep freeze condition since early Febuary of this year. With days on end of outside temperatures at either above or below zero degrees farenheight, and bitter windchill factors, the city of Chicago has been experiencing numerous problems with broken water main pipes and frozen fire hydrants. Seen here heading north at the intersection of north Broadway and west Granville Avenues, is a tractor / trailer dump truck from the Chicago Department of Water Management. He is more than likely heading to a water main repair site. Flooding and extreme ice conditions on city streets have brought hardship to the windy city during one of the worst winters that Chicago has seen in a number of years. Hurry springtime! Please.

Northbound BNSF light engine move at sunset. Hawthorne Junction. Chicago Illinois USA. Febuary 2007.

Seen here enroute to the BNSF Clyde Yard in the village of Cicero Illinois USA, is a northbound two unit BNSF Railway light engine movement. It was a bitterly cold 8 above zero farenheight with a ten below windchill factor out of the west, when I took this sunset photo on location.

A former Grand Trunk Western locomotive switching a factory siding. Chicago Illinois USA. Febuary 2007.

I took this cold winter evening photo during the deep freeze that Chicago was experiencing, in early Febuary of 2007. We are just east of Hawthorne Junction, on the Canadian National Railroad's former, Illinois Central Iowa Division Mainline. A former GTW diesel acquired through merger, is seen setting out covered hoppers, as the sunslight fades out on a bitterly cold day.
It was 8 above zero farenheight and dropping when I took this photograph near south Kostner Avenue and west 33rd Street on Chicago's southwest side.

Northbound Union Pacific freight train on the IHB. Bridgeview Illinois USA. Febuary 2007.

Seen here waiting for clearance to proceed north, is a Union Pacific freight train, travelling over the Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad. This was a blustery bitter cold day in early Febuary of 2007. The greater Chicagoland area was in a deep freeze condition at this point in time. It was a bitter 6 above zero farenheight with a windchill out of the west when I took this photograph.

Westbound unit coal train in a blizzard. Chicago Illinois USA. December 1st 2006.

I took this photo at the corner of north Kilbourn Avenue and west Kinzie Street on Chicago's west side, during the December 1st 2006 snowstorm. Chicago was hit with heavy snowfall and treacherous driving conditions that day.

Railroad traffic jam. Chicago Illinois USA. November 2006.

Seen here on the west side of Chicago, is an Iowa Chicago and Eastern RR freight train on a hold order. Approximately 40 feet ahead of this train on the same track, is yet another freight train stuck waiting for clearance at Craigin Junction about one mile north of this location. This picture was taken on the Belt Railway of Chicago trackage, where it passes over the Union Pacific Railroad's former Chicago & NorthWestern RR.
Craigin Junction is the north terminal for the Belt Railway of Chicago. Here the BRC interchanges with the Canadian Pacific Railroad's former Milwaukee Road mainline. The CP Rail line has many Metra commuter rail trains operating during the morning and evening rush hours, and these trains are more than likely waiting for some of the commuter rail traffic to subside. They were stuck here waiting a long time.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Ariel view of a Burlington Northern RR EMD SD-9 working in Clyde Yard. Cicero Illinois USA. June 1985.

Hello everyone!
Welcome aboard "Eddie's Railfan Page". I have been having so much fun searching My old photographic archives, that I had totally forgotten that this blog site is now officially "One Year Old", and still speeding down the mainline!

On Febuary 8th 2006....Eddie's Railfan Page made it's debut.
This page proboubly wouldn't have happened, if it weren't for My great friend "Tom" from My links page "Toms photos and comments", who encouraged Me to start up My own railfan blog site. Tom had remembered, how I was always going on location with a 35mm camera back in the 1980's and early 90's, and caputuring many Chicago area railroad photos back then.

This photo was taken looking down from the Laramie Avenue bridge in west suburban Cicero Illinois USA, in June of 1985.
Seen here coming out of the west, is an elderly 1950's vintage EMD SD-9 diesel roadswitcher, working at the Burlington Northern Railroad's "Clyde Yard' on a hot June afternoon. At some point during the 1990's, this old overpass bridge was rebuilt with tall chain link fencing, and is now very difficult to shoot good railfan photographs. In 1995, the Burlington Northern and the Atchinson,Topeka & Santa Fe merged, and became todays BNSF Railway.

Thanks Tom for helping Me to preserve this period of Chicagoland Railroad history.


Grand Trunk Western RR business car. Elsdon Yard. Chicago Illinois USA. May 1983.

This is a rare photo I had taken back in late May of 1983. This railroad officers business car was photographed on the east side of the GTW Elsdon Yard near south St.Louis Avenue along west 51st Street. Everything seemed normal to Me on this very lovely and warm late spring sunset. In October of 1983...The GTW Elsdon Yard on west 51st Street and the roundhouse / locomotive servicing facilitties at 49th Street and south Kedzie Avenue would be closed permanently.
This may have been the group of railroad brass that made that major economic decission visiting.

Southbound Burlington Northern RR transfer train near Midway Airport.Chicago Illinois USA. January 1990.

I took this photo near west 67th Street,east of south Cicero Avenue. The freight train seen here is a southbound Burlington Northern railroad transfer train, and it is traveling over the Belt Railway of Chicago trackage enroute to nearby Clearing Yard, in southwest suburban Bedford Park Illinois. This is just located south of Chicago's Midway Airport.

Midway Airport was once known as the Chicago Municipal Airport, and was renamed to Midway Airport after world war 2, in honor of the pacific battle at Midway Island.