Thursday, September 21, 2006

Welcome aboard the "Bus Day" posting.

Hello Everyone!
Welcome to Eddie's Railfan Page. Today is "Bus Day" once again at My
Blog Site. Today we will be viewing some of My Bus photographs I had
taken in and around the city of Chicago Illinois USA during May of 2006.
Thank You for coming along. This is You'r Host and Photographer "Eddie",
hoping You enjoy You'r ride today. Next stop..."Chicago"!

Grayline Sightseeing replica trolley. Chicago Illinois USA. May 2006.

I took this photograph in early May of 2006 on Chicago's near southwest side. Seen behind a chain link fence at a local contract bus and truck repair shop at 33rd Street and South Pulaski Road, is a Grayline Sightseeing replica Trolley. These relatively inexpensive buses, built on a truck chasis, have become quiete populair in many citties around North America. These are fabricated to look like the old Electric Streetcars from the early 1900's and even feature a Trolley Bell. Clang Clang! The local Sightseeing Season in downtown Chicago and along the Lakefront was about to get started soon. This bus is proboubly getting a "Tune Up" before starting service.

Two Coach USA interstate highway buses. Chicago Illinois. USA May 2006.

Seen here on South Canal Street near West Roosevelt Road, are two long distance Coach USA long distance highway buses. I photographed this scene just outside of downtown Chicago Illinois on My way home from work, in May of 2006.

Westbound Pace bus. Bridgeview Illinois USA. May 2006.

I took this photograph on West 79th Street in the Village of Bridgeview Illinois. We are looking east on 79th Street just west of Harlem Avenue U.S Rt # 43 as a westbound Pace bus is seen heading for the end of the line at the Morraine Valley Community College, in Suburban Palos Hills Illinois. There after a short layover, it will begin it's eastbound journey to the Chicago Transit Authority's "Midway Station" on the CTA Orange line rapid transit at West 59th Street and Knox in the city of Chicago.

CTA and Pace bus terminal. Summit Illinois USA. May 2006.

I took this photograph on a beautiful morning in May of 2006. This bus turnaround facility is located at West 63rd Street and South Archer Road in the southwest suburban Village of Summit Illinois. This outpost on the Chicago city limits is immediately adjacent to the Indianna Harbor Belt Railroad's Argo Yard facility.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Canadian National locomotives at the Belt Railway of Chicago Diesel Shops. September 2006.

I took this photograph after work one day in September of 2006. Looking east from where South Central Avenue ends approximately at West 69th Street, are Two Canadian National Railroad EMD Diesel locomotives in the old
"Sergent Stripe" color scheme, wich had it's roots in the early 1960's. This was originally used on Canadian National passenger trains, replacing an older Olive Green -Black -and Yellow color scheme. This color scheme lasted well into the 1990's. Notice the Belt Railway of Chicago "Logo" on both the Fuel Storage Tank to the left, and the Sanding tower to the right.

Servicing online customers. The Belt Railway of Chicago. September 2006.

I took this photograph after work one day at the Belt Railway of Chicago's north entrance to Clearing Yard on Central Avenue. Backing up into the evening sun, is an EMD GP40 roadswitcher spotting cars alongside an industrial branchline track on BRC property.

What to do when a railroad crossing signal malfunctions. Bridgeview Illinois USA. September 2006.

This metal information placard, is seen on the railroad crossing signals on West 71st Street in the Suburban Village of Bridgeview Illinois. This is on the Indianna Harbor Belt Railroad line, of wich CSX Transportation is a major owner of.

The Belt Railway of Chicago. Clearing Yard, Bedford Park Illinois USA. September 2006.

A Belt Railway of Chicago EMD roadswitcher, is seen here spotting cars along a branchline on the north side of their Clearing Yard at West 69th Street and South Central Avenue. Clearing Yard is located at the Chicago City Limits in the village of Bedford Park Illinois. This is in the imediate area of Chicago's Midway Airport on the Southwest side of the city of Chicago.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Amtrak coach yard switcher at work. Chicago Illinois USA. May 2006.

I took this photograph on My way home from work one day in May of 2006. An elderly rebuilt EMD SW Series diesel switcher is seen working the Amtrak coachyard in the city of Chicago.

Monday, September 18, 2006

The Rock River Cannonball between runs. Edgarton Wisconsin. September 2006.

Seen here operating during the anual Edgarton Wisconsin labor day threshing bee ceremony, is the narrow guage Rock River Cannonball steam train. This locomotive is a Meter Guage 0 -4 -0 "Well Tank" used for Industrial applications in Europe. Well Tank steam locomotives were "Compact Designs" that featured the water tank incorporated in the locomotives Frame / Running Gear. The Driving Axels pass through the water tank incorporated in the locomotives "Chasis". This locomotive has a homemade "Tender" for additional Fuel and Water capacity. This locomotive of German Ancestory, has been Americanized with a New Cab of Wooden Design -A Bell -Box Headlight -Baloon Smokestack -and an American Whistle. Instead of spotting dump cars at a loader, it now hauls Tourists on this little steam powered short line railroad. It was very nice of My Brother in Law "Ralph", to take these photos on location for Me. Thanks Ralph.

All aboard the Rock River Cannonball. Edgarton Wisconsin. USA September 2006.

Contrary to populair belief, not every single photograph shown at "Eddie's Railfan Page" was taken by "Me", I occasionally show photographs that family or friends have taken on occasion. Seen here being serviced between runs, is a narrow guage 0-4-0 steam locomotive used on the Rock River Cannonball train at Edgarton Wisconsin. My Brother in Law "Ralph" was very kind by taking these photographs for Me while visiting his family in Wisconsin on Labor Day Weekend 2006. Although cosmetically "Americanized" to look like a westerm movie locomotive, This locomotive can't entirely hide it's European Meter Guage look. Locomotives like this were built in Germany, and used in Industrial applications such as Mines -Factories -Steel Mills -and Quarrys. Engines like this were used for Mining operations in Mexico. Today, they are pulling passenger tourist coaches and not Industrial Dumping Cars.

Edgarton Wisconsin USA. The Rock River Cannonball. September 2006.

Seen here chuffing along the narrow guage mainline, is the Rock River Cannonball steam train. My Brother in law "Ralph" was visiting family in Edgarton Wisconsin on Labor Day Weekend 2006. The narrow guage 0 -4 -0 has a distinctly "German" look. I don't have much information about this train, but it appears that the locomotive looks like a model from the Henschell and Sohn locomotive works from Germany. Many German steam locomotives of industrial narrow guage Ancestory came to America during the 1960's and 70's, and found work not in "Mines or Quarrys"...but rather in Amusement parks and Tourist Railways. This locomotive, like so many other European steam locomotives, has been fitted up with a "Fake" baloon smokestack and a Box headlight, to look like American steam locomotives from the "Old West", or even from the "Western Movies". It has been "Americanized" cosmetically.

Friday, September 15, 2006

You'r Host and Photographer in 1993.

Hello everyone!
Welcome to Eddie's Railfan Page.
This is an example of going on location to photograph when there is absolutely nothing to do. Everybody I knew was busy doing their own thing that day, and there was absolutely nothing going on anywhere that day for Me to enjoy. I decided to take My camera out to the Highlands Depot in Hindsdale Illinois that late afternoon just for the heck of it. ( I was bored.) There wasn't much train activity on the Burlington Northern mainline at the time, but a nice Double Stack container train eventually came along and made the waiting worthwhile. The weather was very nice, but it was a quiete day with nothing to do. Everybody seemed to be out of town.

Highlands Depot. Hindsdale Illinois USA. September 1993.

I took this photograph on a late Sunday afternoon in early September of 1993. This is the Metra "Highlands" depot in West suburban Hindsdale Illinois. This depot is on the south side of the BNSF mainline tracks on the east side of the village of Hindsdale Illinois. Prior to 1970, this was the Chicago,Burlington & Quincy railroad. from 1970 to 1995 this was the Burlington Northern Railroad. Today it is the BNSF or Burlington Northern , Santa Fe Railway.

Eastbound Burlington Northern freight train. Highlands Station,Hindsdale Illinois USA. September 1993.

I took this photograph on a late Sunday afternoon in early September of 1993. We are looking West from the North platform of the Highlands commuter train station. There are 3 train stations on this railroad line in West suburban Hindsdale Illinois. Theres the "Highlands" depot on the east edge of Hindsdale, the Hindsdale depot in downtown Hindsdale, and the West Hindsdale depot just west of downtown Hindsdale. An eastbound Intermodal -Double Stack container train is passing through the Highlands Depot. The lead unit is painted in the "White Face" color scheme, wich at that time was an experimental "New Image" color scheme. In the year 1995, the Burlington Northern and the Santa Fe would merge and become BNSF.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

GTW Elsdon roundhouse. Chicago Illinois USA. October 1983.

Hello everyone!
Welcome to Eddie's Railfan Page.
After recieving numerous response comments and E-mails from fellow Chicago southsiders who also have happy memories of the GTW Elsdon yard and roundhouse, I have decided to do todays posting by "Request" for all the readers and supporters of My blog site. Thank You. The old 1914 built railroad roundhouse was located at West 49th Street and South Kedzie Avenue. This area was known as the "Elsdon" neighborhood community on Chicago's southwest side. I attended high school from 1977 to 1981 at nearby Curie High School at the intersection of Archer Avenue and Pulaski Road. I hung out around here during My high school years, but didn't start taking photographs until 1979 when I was in a photo lab class. (They were poor quality black and white.) My real photos came in 1983.

GTW and DT&I diesel locomotives on GTW Elsdon roundhouse servicing tracks. Chicago Illinois USA. October 1983.

I took this photograph in early October of 1983. These were the fueling and servicing tracks at the Grand Trunk Western Railroad's Elsdon roundhouse. This old Steam Era engine house was in it's last week of operation when I photographed these scenes on location. The EMD diesel locomotive to the right, was originally from the Detroit, Toledo & Ironton Railroad. This line was acquirred by the GTW Through a merger in 1981 and was absorbed into their corporate system.

Rear view of GTW Elsdon roundhouse and turntable. Chicago Illinois USA. October 1983.

I took this photograph in early October of 1983 from the Grand Trunk Western Railroad Elsdon Yard embankment looking south. This facility dating back to the steam era, was in it's last week of operation. This EMD GP 38-2 may very well have been the "Last" diesel locomotive to be serviced at this old railroad roundhouse. The large building in the background, was a factory building that was "Redeveloped" during the early 1980's into a K-mart store and a mall.

Railroad crossing gate operators tower. GTW Elsdon Yard. Chicago Illinois USA. October 1983.

I took this photograph in early October of 1983. We are looking east on West 51st Street on Chicago's southwest side. This was the once very busy Grand Trunk Western railroad's Elsdon Yard. This yard was located on West 51st Street betwen South St. Louis and Lawndale Avenues. There were manually operated crossing gate operators towers on 51st and 55th Street at the south end of the yard.
The railroad yard facility contained 14 tracks with frequent back and forth switching moves , requiring manual operation of crossing signals during busy operating times. The operators tower on West 55th Street had already been demolished and replaced with automatic crossing gates by the time of this photograph. The tower seen here on West 51st Street was in its last week of operation and was demolished the following week.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Suburban Pace bus in La Grange Illinois USA. March 2006.

Hello everyone!
Welcome to Eddie's Railfan Page. Today is
"Bus Day" here at My blog site. Seen here
At the Metra La Grange Road train station,
is a suburban Pace bus in the blue color scheme
that supposidly honors the Pre 1974 RTA
West Towns Bus Company. The Company for many years was known as the Chicago and West Towns Railway. They ran electric streetcars until April 11th 1948, with their last line being the line that ran to La Grange Illinois. There is one surviving West Towns streetcar. Car # 141 under restoration at the Illinois Railway Museum.

Northbound Route # 53 Pulaski Rd bus. Fullerton Avenue and Pulaski Road. March 2006.

I took this photograph in March of 2006 on Chicago's northside. A northbound Route # 53 Pulaski bus has just passed the Intersection of Fullerton Avenue on a bright and sunny March morning in Chicago Illinois USA. The bus is a 1991 Flxible Metro transit coach, as is seen heading north on it's journey to the terminal at Pulaski and Peterson Avenues.

Cook County Sheriff's Police prisoner transport bus. West 31st Street and South Kedzie Avenue. Chicago Illinois USA. June 2005.

I personally dedicate this photograph to all those Lowlife Idiots that decided to send Me some Spam E-Mails recently. This bus is for them!
Seen here at the corner of West 31st Street and South Kedzie Avenue in the Little Village neighborhood, is a Prisoner Transport Bus used by the Cook County Sheriff's Police. This bus is a Modified Blue Bird School Bus fitted with metal cage mesh on the windows. The bus is heading south on Kedzie Avenue passing the now abandoned Washburne Trade School building.

CTA Route # 52 Kedzie-California bus terminal. West 63rd place and South Kedzie Avenue. July 1985.

This is one of My all time personal favorite Chicago bus photographs. I took this photograph in July of the year 1985. An old Mid 1960's era Flxible transit coach seen in it's last year of Service, is getting ready to leave the south turnaround terminal for the Route # 52 Kedzie - California bus line. This line was served by Electric Streetcars from 1906 to 1954, and Electric Trolleybuses from 1955 to 1969.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Canadian National Railroad switching local. Forest Park Illinois USA. Late August 2006.

I was running errands after work on a rainy late august evening during the summer of 2006. As I was driving west on Cermak Road, I spotted out My passenger window what was the normally "Never to be seen" CN switching local from the former Illinois Central Railroad Iowa Division mainline. This is a nearly 2 mile "Dead End" railroad spur branch that ironically runs alongside a Cemetery. (Dead End. Get it?)

Many times I have passed this industrial branch line, but never had the pleasure of seeing the switching local that serves the factories and warehouses along this line. I spotted it on a rainy late afternon this day. I parked My car across the street, and walked into the Woodlawn Cemetery, where I took some rare railfan photographs on the grassy knoll thats on the east side of the cemetery. The weather was wet, but the opportunity for a photographer to shoot a rare piece of subject matter, put some sunshine in My attitude. It was definately the Right Time and Right place situation when one leasts expects it to happen.

Canadian National Railroad switching local facing south. Forest Park Illinois USA. August 2006.

I took this photo from a grassy knoll on the east side of the Woodlawn Cemetery in suburban Forest Park Illinois. I am not normally anywhere in this area when the switching local on this dead end spur branch is present.

We are looking south toward 22nd Street wich is also known as Cermak Road. This is a border road, as the south side of 22nd Street is in the town of North Riverside Illinois, and the north side is in the town of Forest Park.

Just south of the train along this branchline track, is the spot where "Frank Nitti", one of gangster "Al Capone's" men, took a gun to his head and committed Suicide in the year 1940. Even though He had turned "Informent", He was facing Prison time. Word has it that He walked along this track, and shot himself at the location where the Toys R' Us store is along the track, rather than face a 2nd Prison Sentance. I had found out about this through a local "Richard Crow Chicago Ghost Tour." Local scandal history.

Canadian National Railroad industrial switching local. Forest Park Illinois USA. August 2006.

I took this photograph on a rainy Friday evening after work in west suburban Forest Park Illinois. This is a photograph of one of the more "Elusive" freight trains that I have come to know. We are looking north from West 22nd Street / Cermak Road across the street from the North Riverside Shopping Mall. This is a Dead End railroad spur serving several factories alongside Woodlawn Cemetery. Beyond the grassy knoll to the left of the locomotive is Woodlawn Cemetery. This train was tied up at the time just idling away. The trains crew may have been taking a dinner break. The lead unit is still painted for the Illinois Central Railroad, while the second locomotive is painted for the Grand Trunk Western. The Canadian National merged and absorbed the Illinois Central Railroad in 1999. The Grand Trunk Western was a United States Subsidiary of the Canadian National Railroad.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Going "Retro". A night of fun at the Frosted Mug Drive In Restaurant. Alsip Illinois. September 2006.

Hello everyone!
Welcome to Eddie's Railfan Page. Today I have decided to "Take a break" from the usual posting of train and bus photos, and welcome aboard My newest link -"The Frosted Mug Drive In" located in Alsip Illinois. The link to the Frosted Mug can be seen at the right hand side of Your computer screen. On Tuesday September 6th 2006, Me and some close buddies decided to have a fun outing at our favorite old hangout. This is the Last drive in restaurant in the Chicago area that
still has "Car Hop Service", just as things were like back in the 1950's and 60's.

Old Clark gasoline pump on display. The Frosted Mug Drive in. Alsip Illinois USA. September 2006.

While not something normally associated with dining room motif, This old 1970's vintage Clark gas station pump makes a nice conversation piece for all the car enthusiasts or nostalgia buffs.

Old car show. The Frosted Mug Drive In. Alsip Illinois USA. September 2006.

On Tuesday night, September 6th 2006, A few buddies and Myself decided to have some fun at the Frosted Mug Drive In Restaurant in south suburban Alsip Illinois. The Frosted Mug is the last of the Chicagoland 1950's era "Drive In" restaurants featuring "Car Hop Service". It was a fun Diversion between railfan postings. Remember..."Variety is the spice of life".

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Old Tastee Freez ice cream stand. Berwyn Illinois USA. August 2006.

Hello everybody!
Welcome to another fun edition of My blog site
"Eddie's Railfan Page". I just got off from work, and I though that we would start our photo tour at the old Tastee Freez in Suburban Berwyn Illinois. Milkshake anyone?
Today I will share with You some nice "Digital" photographs I had taken at work on location. Working as an outside sales representative, I do a lot of traveling around the city of Chicago Illinois. This is a job with "Many" opportunities and occasional "Fringe Benefits".

CTA Articulated bus heading north on "Lake Shore Drive" Chicago Illinois USA. September 2006.

I took this photograph while driving to a far northside business district I service on Devon Avenue. We are riding north on Chicago's famous "Lake Shore Drive". This road was made famous in song by a local music group called Alliota -Haines -and Jerimiah. (Is that correct?) Just like the song says -"There aint no road just like it". I am blessed in that I actually get to drive on Lake Shore Drive all year long. I love being by the Chicago lakefront along Lake Michigan. It is alive during the summer with boaters and swimmers.

BNSF old 1950's vintage EMD SW Series switcher working a Metra coach yard. Chicago Illinois USA. September 2006.

Here is a photograph I had taken on Tuesday of this week while servicing a downtown account. Seen looking down from the Roosevelt Road overpass bridge by Canal Street, is a BNSF Railway 1st generation EMD diesel switcher, switching some of Metra's Commuter coaches at a shop facility for repairs and inspections. These coaches are used on the former "Burlington" mainline to Aurora Illinois USA.

Northbound Canadian National Railroad freight train waiting for clearance to proceed. Schiller Park Illinois USA. September 2006.

I took this photograph looking west on Irving Park Road in suburban Schiller Park Illinois.
A northbound Canadian National freight train is waiting for clearance to enter the former Soo Line Railroad yard, now Canadian Pacific since 1990. The lead unit is in the "New Image" color scheme, while the trailing unit is in the 1960's and 70's era "Sergent Stripe" color scheme.

Taking the time to notice beautifull things around us.

I took this photograph after I was through servicing an account in suburban Schiller Park Illinois. These flowers are seen in a small city park along Irving Park Road in downtown Schiller Park Illinois USA. As much as I love trains and buses, it is very important not to let ones mind get stuck in a rut. We have been blessed with many bright sunny days during the summer of 2006 in the greater Chicagoland area. The flowers - sunshine -and landscape help bring life and a new dimension to My blog site.

Eastbound CTA Brown Line rapid transit train arriving at Southport Avenue station stop. Chicago Illinois. September 2006.

Here is a photograph that I took at work one day. One of the many northside Chicago neighborhoods I service as a Sales Representative is the "Lakeview" Community. Seen passing over Southport Avenue, is an inbound Chicago Transit Authority "Brown Line train, heading to downtown Chicago. The construction fencing below the gray portion of the elevated structure, is for the rebuilding of the brown line project. The stations and facilities are "Outdated" and can only hold a "Six" car train, instead of the standard rush hour "Eight".

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Public excursion on private industrial railroad. The Greater Chicago Water Reclamation District open house. September 1989.

A very interesting and quiete "Pungent" railroad excursion I had ridden on, was one at a sewer treatment plant is suburban "Stickney" Illinois. This view I photographed, is seen looking down from the Central Avenue overpass bridge. The cars fitted with benches and canopies, are normally used for hauling sewer solids to a dump site. You heard of the Soo Line Railroad, I had jokingly referred to this as the "Sewer Line Railroad". The scenery outside of the plant area ran through sections of wood and fields with much wildlife to be seen along the 6 mile run. There were tours of the plant with detailed and informative lectures on how You'r water is treated and processed, as well as how there is a great effort towards cleaning up the waterways in a move toward conservation and ecology. The Greater Chicago Water Reclamation District gave detailed information about Chicago's major waterways, as well as about our local creeks and the Deep Tunnel Project. Did You know, that the Chicago River -The Sanitary and Shipping Canal -and the Cal Sag Channel are maintained at a depth of 22 feet deep for Commercial River traffic and shipping?

Train ride excursion on private sewer plant railroad. September 1989.

One of the more "Interesting" railroad excursions I rode on, if not the "Smelliest", was at a September 1989 open house at a water and sewer treatment plant. The open cars the passengers are riding in are actually Brand New side dumping cars used for hauling treated sewer solids. They were temporarily fitted with wooden benches -loud speakers -and some had canopies. The railroad is a six mile shortline that runs through Scenic and very private property in the villages of Cicero -Stickney -and Forest View Illinois in Chicago's western suburbs. The trip started at the makeshift loading platform below the Central Avenue bridge, and proceeded west to the Dump Site on a baloon track a half mile west of Harlem Avenue. It was a fun and educational outing.

1975 Vintage EMD MP-15 Diesel Switcher. The Greater Chicago Water Reclamation District open house. September 1989.

Seen here on private industrial property, is an old EMD MP-15 Diesel Switching locomotive . The occasion was an open house, with free train rides on the sewer plants "In House" private industrial railroad. This locomotive is the regulair locomotive assigned to the daily "Sludge Trains" at the Stickney Water and Sewer treatment plant. When this locomotive is down for servicing, 3 old 1951 vintage EMD SW-1 Switchers are available to handle the work on this private line. The school buses seen in the background took visitors from the nearby Morton College parking lot at 39th Street and Central Avenue, through the plants entrance at 39th Street and Austin Avenue. It was an interesting outing learning about Chicago's rivers -creeks -streams -and sewer system. An interesting part of this Family "Field Trip" was learning about the Chicago Deep Tunnel Project. You'r tax dollars at work behind the scenes that day.

1951 Vintage EMD SW-1. Greater Chicago Water Reclamation District open house. September 1989.

This old early 1950's vintage EMD Switching locomotive, is seen on display during a rare open house at one of Chicago's large sewer treatment plants. This special event was sponsored by the Greater Chicago Water Reclamation District at their plant in suburban "Stickney" Illinois. This plant is a large sewer and water treatment facility, located along the Chicago Sanitary and Shipping Canal on the south, and 39th Street , also known as "Pershing Road" on the north. Seen on display behind the locomotive, are side dumping cars used for hauling and dumping treated sewer solid waste used for fertilizer applications. The treated sewer water is pumped into the Chicago Sanitary and Shipping Canal where nature takes over from there. This occasion was an interesting outing on property normally closed to the public. It was one of the more Educational outings that I attended, and unfortunately one of the most Fragrent. Pee yoooo!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Westbound Burlington Northern Commuter train at Riverside Illinois USA. October 1989.

Seen here in October of 1989, is a westbound Burlington Northern commuter train leaving Suburban Riverside Illinois. This commuter train makes a fine sight heading into the late day sun. The locomotive is an old EMD E-9 passenger cab unit diesel serving it's last years in Chicago commuter train service. These locomotives were retired in September of 1992.

EMD FT # 103. (Recreated) Electromotive Division of General Motors open house. September 1989.

In September of 1989. EMD had an Open House at their factory in Mc.Cook Illinois USA in honor of the 50th Aniversary of their first successful road freight diesel locomotive. The locomotive was an EMD FT Cab Unit diesel locomotive from the year of 1939. This was not an easy task to have an actual EMD FT Model diesel on display as almost all of them had been "Scrapped" before 1970. The original FT # 103 Demonstrator was a "Four Unit" diesel locomotive that toured the country during the late steam era. The cab or "A" Unit was from the original 1939 FT #103 demonstrator set, and was retired from the Southern Railroad during the 1960's. It was on display at the St. Louis Museum of Transport in the State of Missouri. The "B" Unit had come from another railroad museum. Although inoperable, they were quickly painted in the original FT # 103 Demonstrator color scheme, and made a fine "Stand In".

Northbound CSX Transportation freight train passing through Alsip Illinois USA. August 1990.

I took this transitional "Merger Era" photograph in Alsip Illinois during August of 1990. I was riding My Bicycle south on Kostner Avenue at the time. I heard the distant sound of an approaching freight train, The crossing signal activated, and I pulled over and reached for My camera. CSX Transportation is a merged conglomerate of several railroads -Chessie System -Seabord System -Family Lines -Louisville and Nashville -and the old former Baltimore and Ohio -Chesapeke and Ohio -and Western Maryland railroad companies. Notice trailing unit still in Chessie System markings. This fast freight train is speeding northbound on the Indianna Harbor Belt Railroads mainline. The CSX paint scheme was relatively "New" at the time of this summer photograph. Alsip Illinois was a favorite railfanning location for Me.