Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Huh? No wonder this phone isn't working! The line went dead! Halloween fun at Aurturo's Mexican Restaurant. Bridgeview Illinois USA. October 2007.

Happy Halloween everybody!
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I took this photo inside of Aurturo's Mexican Restaurant in southwest suburban Bridgeview Illinois. I was getting myself some delicious Carne Asada tacos al carbon to go, when I spotted this comical little halloween joke gag sitting on the counter.
The restaurants pay phone actually wasn't working at the time, and the Family who owns Aurturo's used this as an opportunity for some on the spot halloween fun and humor.

Northbound Canadian National transfer train. Hawthorne Junction. Chicago Illinois USA. Early October 2007.

A Canadian National freight train heading northbound on Belt Railway of Chicago trackage, is passing the location where the old brick interlocking tower stood untill 1990,and is proceeding onward to Cragin Junction and points west.

DRS Rail Services industrial trackage in Chicago's Pilsen neighborhood. Early October 2007.

I took this photo looking north from Canalport Street near west Cermak Road in Chicago's old Pilsen neighborhood. This industrial branchline was formerly owned by the Burlington Northern Railroad, and after the 1995 merger with the Atchinson, Topeka & Santa Fe, was sold to shortline railroad operator DRS Rail Services, who services it.

The Metra River Grove Illinois commuter rail station at sunset. Early October 2007.

I took this photo after work one evening, in early October of 2007. We are looking west from Thatcher Avenue into the setting sun, as a small group of passengers await for their commuter trains to arrive booth inbound and outbound.

The Summit Illinois Metra and Amtrak passenger depot. Summit Illinois USA. October 2006.

I took this photo on an overcast October morning in 2006. This is the Metra commuter rail depot in Summit Illinois, wich is also shared by Amtrak regional trains.

Eastbound Union Pacific unit coal train occupying the North Kilbourn Avenue railroad crossing. Chicago Illinois USA. October 2006.

I took this photo after work one day, in October of 2006. An eastbound Union Pacific Railroad unit coal train, is seen entering the city of Chicago , as it passes through the Northwest Industrial Park on North Kilbourn Avenue between Lake Street and Chicago Avenue.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Chicago Park District Ballfields Restoration Project. Mc Guane Park in the Bridgeport neighborhood. Chicago Illinois USA. September 2007.

Hello everyone!
Welcome aboard Eddie's Railfan Page.

Todays posting is dedicated to one of My readers
named Aaron C. Garner, who has E-mailed and corrosponded to Me from Knoxville Tennesee many times.

Aaron is a former Chicagoan who also is a railfan, as well as having an interest in the remaining Chicago neighborhood park baseball fields.

I took this photo at Mc Guane Park, wich is located at West 30th and South Halsted Streets in Chicago's Bridgeport neighborhood on the southside. The old park district baseball field has been showing signs of wear and tear over the years, and is now recieving a little help through the friendly people at the Chicago White Sox American Leaque baseball team. The Chicago Park District has been making strides through the public and private sector, for making many civic improvements, such as this one at Mc Guane Parks baseball field.

Incidentally, The Chicago White Sox play at the nearby U.S Cellular Field / formerly Komisky Park also in Chicago's Bridgeport neighborhood as well, and won the World Series in 2005.

Thank You Aaron.
This was an excellent idea You had for a posting subject.

Thanks buddy.

Northbound Canadian National freight train on the West Lawrence Avenue underpass viaduct. Schiller Park Illinois USA. October 2007.

I was working in northwest suburban Schiller Park Illinois one day last week, and spotted this CN transfer train waiting for clearance to enter the former Wisconsin Central yard. The bright morning sun highlights the details on the Canadian National GM /EMD diesel locomotives.

Miniature live steam Shay locomotive. Thresherman's Park. Edgarton Wisconsin USA. Labor Day Weekend. September 2007.

My Brother in Law Ralph, took this photo for Me at the Rock River Thresheree in Edgarton Wisconsin on labor day weekend of 2007.
Locomotives like this one represented in miniature, were of an industrial design utilized in Logging, Mining, and various Industrial applications. They were shy on speed, but had tremendous torque and good tracking qualities.

A number of surviving former logging shays,have found a new lease on life today, by pulling excursion trains on tourist railroads.

Assembling tank car trains at the former Illinois Central Crawford Yard. Chicago Illinois USA. Early April 2007.

I took this photo on an overcast afternoon in early April of 2007. Two diesel locomotives acquired by the Canadian National from the former Grand Trunk Western, and the Illinois Central, are seen switching and assembling a solid cut of tank cars, at Crawford Yard in Chicago Illinois. Crawford Yard is located at approximately West 33rd Street between South Pulaski Road and South Kostner Avenue, and is one of the former Illinois Central terminal facilities on what was the Iowa Division Mainline.

A railfan photographing a Metra Hi-Liner electric M.U commuter coach. Chicago Illinois USA. May 1990 C.E.R.A fantrip excursion.

In May of 1990, I rode on this all day excursion with the Central Electric Railfans Association, over the three former Illinois Central electric commuter lines on the south and southeast sides of Chicago Illinois. One of the many railfans onboard the excursion, is seen snapping this photo at one of the runby locations. It was a beatifull Spring day with plenty of sunshine and mild temperatures.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Eastbound Iowa, Chicago & Eastern freight train passing through Roselle Illinois USA. Early September 2007.

I took this photo one morning at the Metra commuter rail station in Roselle Illinois. Seen here passing through the station enroute to Chicago, is an eastbound Iowa, Chicago & Eastern Railroad unit grain train. The train is traveling eastbound on the Canadian Pacific ex Milwaukee Road mainline. Word has it that the Canadian Pacific is acquiring the Iowa, Chicago & Eastern, and affiliate railroad Dakota, Minnesota & Eastern through a merger in the fall of 2007.

Metra's last three EMD E-8's backing up for a photo runby on the Saturday, October 28th 1989 last run fantrip. Richfield Illinois USA.

The last three former Union Pacific / Chicago & NorthWestern Railroad early 1950's vintage EMD E-8's owned by Chicago's Metra commuter rail agency, are seen backing up after the first photo runby at the 2nd runby location in Richfield Illinois. The train will back up approximately one mile, and come back charging by at speed for all the railfan photographers aboard this one day last run fantrip special. This chartered excursion train operated between Chicago and Harvard Illinois over the Chicago & NorthWestern / Metra Northwest line in Mc Henry county. It was a fitting farewell charter.

Railroad security at work. The BNSF Railway Corwith Yard. Chicago Illinois USA. January 2007.

I took this photo near the northwest corner of the BNSF Railway's Corwith Yard in Chicago IL.
I was passing through the industrial park at West 42nd Street near South Pulasi Road, and spotted a two unit set of BNSF Railway locomotives in the predecessor railroad Atchinson, Topeka & Santa Fe post 1972 blue and yellow color scheme backing into the intermodal facility, while a railroad police officer in an S.U.V keeps watch.

Indiana Harbor Belt EMD roadswitchers in the 2005 orange color scheme working at Argo Yard. Summit Illinois USA. January 2007.

A two unit set of Indiana Harbor Belt locomotives in the New Image 2005 Orange color scheme, are seen backing into a siding to retrieve a cut of covered hopper cars. I took this photo on an overcast winter morning, in January of 2007.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Dodge new car billboard advertisement. The Metra Forest Glen commuter rail depot. Chicago Illinois USA. Early October 2007.

You know that the year of 2007 will soon be coming to a close, when You start seeing billboard advertisements like this one.

I photographed this Billboard at the intersection of North Foster and Forest Glen Avenues on Chicago's far northwest side. This billboard was next to the Metra Forest Glen flagstop depot, on the former Milwaukee Road line to Fox Lake Illinois. The Dodge Avenger is a very nice looking car to drive around the greater Chicagoland area.

Northbound BNSF Railway light engine movement. Hawthorne Junction. Chicago Illinois USA. Early October 2007.

I took this photo one day after work, in early October of 2007. A set of BNSF Railway EMD roadswitchers are returning from the Belt Railway of Chicago's Clearing Yard in southwest suburban Bedford Park Illinois, and will soon be back home at the nearby BNSF Railway Clyde Yard in west suburban Cicero Illinois, just north of the Hawthorne Junction location at the Chicago city limits.

Northbound Canadian National transfer train approaching West 31st Street. La Grange Park Illinois USA. May 2007.

This northbound Canadian National Railroad transfer / Unit grain train, was passing through west suburban La Grange Park Illinois over the Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad line enroute to the former Wisconsin Central yard in northwest suburban Schiller Park Illinois. This was a lenghty and slow moving freight train, and would soon bring all traffic on West 31st Street to a complete and very time consuming stop.

Eastbound Metra commuter local departing the tiny Congress Park flagstop depot. Brookfield Illinois USA. May 2007.

I took this photo one morning in May of 2007. The Chicago bound Metra commuter local train seen here, has just departed the nearby Congress Park flagstop depot on the Border of Brookfield and La Grange Park Illinois, as is approaching the railroad crossing on Maple Avenue in west suburban Brookfield Illinois. This action was photographed on the Metra / BNSF Railway Chicago to Aurora 3 track mainline.

BNSF Railway one car transfer train. Chicago Illinois USA. Late January 2007.

I took this photo of a one car intermodal special movement on Chicago's southwest side. A BNSF Railway former Burlington Northern 1970's era EMD SD 40-2 roadswitcher, has just left the BNSF Corwith Yard, and is proceeding westbound on the Belt Railway of Chicago trackage just west of South Lawndale Avenue near West 50th Street. The embankment to the right of the train, is the Chicago Transit Authority's Orange line to Midway Airport.

Enjoying My H.O model railroad after work.

Sometimes after work when I actually have the energy or ambition to do it occasionally, I enjoy bringing out My portable 40" X 48" H.O scale model railroad that is currently under construction, or in limbo. I model a shortline/ industrial branchline style of railroading, as I enjoy spotting cars on industrial spur sidings. The older model Athearn EMD SW 1500 yard switcher doesn't have handrails, but it will take a lot more than that to stop Me from having fun operating My H.O model railroad.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Autum splendor in Bensenville Illinois USA. October 2006.

I took this photo last year, in the suburban village of Bensenville Illinois near Chicago's O'Hare International Airport. The rustic style street lamps and gold seasonal Autum foliage, add a very pleasant feel to this annual scene repeated every year in the greater Chicagoland area. Autum is a very lovely time of the year to visit the shopping district near the Metra station.

Chicago's Brookfield Zoo train. Gone but not forgotten. October 1984.

Yes it's true folks.....Chicago's Brookfield Zoo once had a genuine 2 foot narrow guage operating steam train many years ago.

The Brookfield Zoo had it's own in park railroad from May of 1967 to Labor Day weekend in September of 1985. Seen here on an October 1984 visit, is a cosmetically Americanized meter guage world war 1 era 0-8-0 steam locomotive from Germany. This view is looking east near the north gate.

The zoo's Brookfield, Salt Creek & Western narrow guage railroad closed for good on Labor Day Weekend in September of 1985, and the track and roadbed were dismantled in stages over a small period of years afterwards. The 3 locomotives ( 2 steam and 1 diesel replica.) and coaches, sat in storge for 17 years. In the year of 2002, the locomotives and equipment were donated to the Hesston steam museum located in Hesston indiana. The open coaches are in use today at Hesston, but the three locomotives are currently undergoing restoration efforts. See their web site

Westbound Metra express commuter train racing through Brookfield Illinois. October 2006.

I took this photo one evening after work, in October of 2006. A Westbound Metra express commuter train, is seen speeding past the Metra Hollywood depot on the east side of west suburban Brookfield Illinois. Another work day has come to a close for these Chicago area rail commuters, as this train is racing westbound on the three track Chicago to Aurora "Racetrack", as this busy mainline is nicknamed so today.

The modest DRS Rail Services engine facility. Chicago Illinois USA. Early October 2007.

Looking for a simple and yet prototypically correct modeling project for Your model train layout? How about this one on West Cermak Rd in Chicago's Pilsen neighborhood?
This is the very "Modest" engine storage and maintenance facility for the shortline operator DRS Rail Services located at West Cermak Road / 22nd street and Canalport Street in Chicago's Pilsen neighborhood. Unfortunately, the locomotive to the right is heavilly grafitti tagged on it's sides. A victim of the ugly side of urban railroading. Prior to the 1995 A,T&S,F / BN merger, this was a Burlington Northern Railroad industrial switching line. DRS owns it today, and the various factories and industries are switched as needed. A sign of the times.

The preserved Chicago & Great Western Railroad depot from Elmhurst Illinois. Febuary 6th 2007 Chicagoland snowstorm. Elmhurst Illinois USA.

I took this unusual photo during a heavy snowstorm in Febuary of 2007. Seen here just east of York Street near Valette, is this old early 1900's era depot from the Chicago Great Western Railroad. This depot is preserved in a city park in the village of Elmhurst Illinois. The greater Chicagoland area was hit with an all day snowstorm on Febuary 6th 2007, and the photographic effect is much like a Holiday Christmas card scene.

Union Pacific EMD GP-15 backing up on the Belt Railway of Chicago interchange connection. Chicago Illinois USA. September 2007.

I took this photo one sunny afternoon in Chicago, during early September of 2007. A Union Pacific late 1970's era EMD GP-15 light roadswitcher, is seen backing a small cut of flatcars up the interchange curve leading to the Belt Railway of Chicago embankment. This photo is looking northwest from West Kinzie Street just west of North Kostner Avenue, along the Metra / Union Pacific West line to Elburn Illinois. The tall abandoned building to the left, is the old Brach's Candy factory. In September of 2007, The former Brach's employee parking deck garage, was destroyed with explosives by a hollywood movie studio crew, for a scene in an upcoming Batman movie in 2008. The parking deck garage was made over with signs that read Gotham Hospital. The smoke, explosions, and sirens alarmed numerous local citizens in this neighborhood that day, and the Chicago Police and Fire Depts were flooded with 911 calls.

The Grand Trunk Western RR Elsdon roundhouse at West 49th Street and South Kedzie Avenue. Chicago Illinois USA. October 1983.

I took this rare photo of the GTW Elsdon roundhouse and turnatable, in October of 1983 during the last week of GTW operation before abandonement. This is a rare view facing east looking at the rear of the building and turntable.

The old 1914 built GTW Elsdon roundhouse at West 49th Street and South Kedzie Avenue sat abandoned and forelorn after the closing of Elsdon Yard in October of 1983, until it was finally demolished in the year of 1987.
A retail strip mall occupies the site today.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Your Host and Photographer on vacation in the Wisconsin Dells. August 1982.

Hi everyone!
Welcome aboard Eddie's Railfan Page.
Here I am at age 20, on a Family vacation in the Wisconsin Dells back in 1982. The amphibious "Duck Ride", has always been one of My favorite attractions to visit whenever I would go to the Wisconsin Dells. The "Ducks", are refurbished former U.S Army World War 2 Amphibious Assault Vechicles. Vechicles like this were also used in the famous D-Day Invasion in France.

These retired mechanical veterans now haul tourist on land and water in the Wisconsin Dells.

Southbound Canadian National transfer train passing the Schiller Park Illinois Metra commuter rail station. September 2007.

The loud and distinct sounds of a heavy freight train starting up under load conditions, was heard in the distance on a lovely September afternoon in 2007. I was at the Metra Schiller Park commuter rail station in Chicago's northwest suburbs, when I spotted this heavy southbound CN Transfer train leaving the former Wisconsin central yard. Notice the unique wedge shaped waiting shelter design on the northbound commuter rail platform. The Metra "Mars" depot on Oak Park Avenue in Chicago also has this architectural feature.

Northbound CP Rail intermodal transfer approaching Hawthorne Junction. Chicago Illinois USA. Early April 2007.

A northbound Canadian Pacific double stack container train, is slowly creeping northbound and will soon be near the former Illinois Central crosstracks at Hawthorne Junction near the Chicago city limits. Once the dispatcher gives the O'K, the locomotives bright headlight will kick on, and the train will throttle up under load conditions and proceed to Cragin Junction and points west. The straw brown winter scenery, will soon be giving way to bright green in approximately two weeks from the time of this photograph, as Chicago enters springtime.

Two trains meet at the Groff's Grove depot. Strasburg Pennsylvania USA. August 1990.

I took this photo on a vacation I had taken to Strasburg Pennsylvania in August of 1990.
I took this black and white photo on the Strasburg Railroad one hazy, hot and humid summer morning. Groff's Grove depot located just across Cherry Hill road /shanty -is the halfway point where two scheduled trains meet on the 4 and 1/2 mile Strasburg Railroad. Baldwin 2-10-0 type No# 90 to the right, was built in 1924 for the Great Western Railway of Colorado. Locomotive # 90 is slowing for it's scheduled stop at Groff's Grove, while former Canadian National 0-6-0 No # 31 passes on the runaround track during a break in test run.

Amtrak trains being serviced. Chicago Illinois USA. December 2006.

I took this photo last year looking south from the West Roosevelt Road bridge near South Canal Street. Looking down from the bridge, we see Amtrak equipment being serviced between departures. To the right is the adjacent Metra commuter rail coachyard, that services commuter rail equipmeny assigned to the BNSF Railway Chicago to Aurora 3 track mainline. This was a sunny and surprisingly mild morning in Chicago considering that it was December 2006.

Eastbound Canadian Pacific transfer train. Franklin Park Illinois USA. December 2006.

I took this photo on an overcast but mild December afternoon in 2006. An eastbound CP Rail transfer train is seen departing the former Milwaukee Road Bensenville Yard, and is passing the Franklin Park Metra commuter rail station.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Your Host and Photographer at Goebert's Farmstand. Barrington Illinois USA. October 2007.

Hello everybody!
Welcome aboard Eddie's Railfan Page.
Here I am, Your host and photographer last Sunday, at Goebert's Farmstand on U.S Route # 72 Higgins Avenue in northwest suburban Barrington Illinois. Goeberts is one of the last working farms in this rapidly developing section of the greater Chicagoland area. Every year, there are displays of seasonal autum harvest time decorations, pumpkins, hayrides, and lots of good Family fun to be had in the fresh October country air. It is a wonderfull place to take Your Children, buy a Pumpkin, or browse the gift shop. This is a fun place to visit in Chicagoland.

Metra EMD E-8 on display at the end of the line. EMD E-8 last run fantrip. Saturday, October 28th 1989. Harvard Illinois USA.

An era in Chicago commuter train locomotive power, had came to an official close on Saturday, October 28th 1989. The Chicago & NorthWestern Railroad, and Chicago's Metra commuter rail agency...operated this last run fantrip charter from Chicago to Harvard Illinois on the C&NW Northwest line. Metra's last three early 1950's vintage EMD E-8 passenger cab unit diesels were used on this one day retirement charter. The train had just arrived in harvard Illinois after performing a series of photo runbys in Palatine and Richfield Illinois respectively.

The locomotives are seen at the end of the commuter line in Harvard Illinois. The passengers were given the opportunity to climb up into the cab of the lead unit for inspection and photographs. The three old diesels went out in style.

Your Host and Photographer at the Illinois Railway Museum at age 14. July 1976.

This photo of Me, was taken on a July 1976 family visit to the Illinois Railway Museum located in Union Illinois. Here I am at age 14, standing beside an old electric trolley bus from Dayton Ohio. The city of Chicago had electric trolley buses from 1930 to 1973. The Chicago Transit Authority ran their last trolleybuses on the weekend of March 24th 1973, but the city of Dayton Ohio was still running theirs.
I had lost My CTA electric trolley buses three years earlier and was still lamenting the loss. Luckilly this example, plus a few secondhand Chicago trolley buses at the museum helped to soften the blow. It was nice to know that some had actually been preserved as early as the 70's.

Union Pacific yard switching. Chicago Illinois USA. September 2007.

I took this photo in early September of 2007. Seen here on Chicago's northside, in the Goose Island industrial district just west of North Elston Avenue, is a Union Pacific Railroad late 1970's vintage EMD GP 15 light roadswitcher with a small cut of boxcars. The train was assembled before I had arrived, and the locomotive was just idling away on a siding lead. The billboard in the background is advertising local Chicago television stations to consider watching. This little yard is located between North Elston Avenue and the I-90 Kennedy expressway just northwest of downtown Chicago. It is shared by both the Union Pacific, and the Chicago Terminal RR.

Southbound Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad transfer train. Alsip Illinois USA. Late October 1990.

What could be better than spending an unseasonably warm afternoon in late October, than being on location railfanning with a camera in Your hands. I took this photo in late October way back in the year of 1990, while I was out riding My bicycle.
Seen here just east of the Cicero Avenue / U.S Route # 50 highway overpass near West 123rd Street, is a southbound Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad transfer train passing through south suburban Alsip Illinois. The outside temperature that day, I recall was around 70 degrees. Nice!

Westbound Burlington Northern Railroad unit coal train. Hindsdale Illinois USA. October 1989.

I took this photo on a beautifull Sunday afternoon in late October of 1989. A westbound Burlington Northern unit coal train, has a green block signal, and is seen gaining speed as it passes through west suburban Hindsdale Illinois.

Monday, October 22, 2007

October in the greater Chicagoland area. Elmwood Park Illinois USA. October 2006.

Hi everyone! Welcome aboard Eddie's Railfan Page. I took this photo last year, in near northwest suburban Elmwood Park Illinois. This pumpkin was carved by My Brother in Law Chris, and is seen on his Family's front porch.
Autum in Chicago, is a very colorfull time of the year with Seasonal foliage, colorfull decorations, and relatively mild weather on occasion. It is a lovely time to visit the windy city. Happy Halloween everybody!

Eddie K.

Narrow guage steam train approaching. The Hesston steam Museum. Hesston Indiana USA. Late October 1991.

I took this photo on the last operating day of the season, way back in October of the year 1991.
The outside temperature was in the mid 40's with an occasional light rain. Although it was cold and damp, the photos I took that day made it all worthwhile. Seen here on the museum's mainline, is a meter guage / U.S 2 foot guage industrial 0-4-0T steam locomotive from the nation formerly known as Czechloslovakia.
The cold air and damp conditions made for many pleasant steam effects, while the overcast Indiana late fall sky added a work a day feel to this narrow guage railroad scene. After todays runs, the equipment would be put away for the winter months, and the museum would close.

Eastbound Union Pacific unit coal train entering Chicago at sunset. Chicago Illinois USA. October 2006.

The late day sun is heading toward the horizon, as an eastbound Union Pacific Railroad unit coal train enters the city of Chicago Illinois. The train is carrying a large shipment of coal from Wyoming's Powder River Basin. The train is running along the north side of west Kinzie Street just east of North Kilbourn Avenue. This is the former Chicago & NorthWestern Railroad line.

Westbound Canadian Pacific transfer train. River Grove Illinois USA. August 2007.

A freshly painted bright red Canadian Pacific EMD roadswitcher, leads a westbound Canadian Pacific transfer train past the Metra commuter rail station on Thatcher Avenue, in near northwest suburban River grove Illinois.

Wintertime at Chicago's busy Hawthorne Junction. Chicago Illinois USA. January 2007.

I took this photo on a sunny and very blustery cold morning, in January of 2007. A northbound Canadian National transfer train on the Belt Railway of Chicago tracks, had to wait for clearance from the dispatcher to proceed north. While the transfer freight train was stopped, I spotted a former Grand Trunk Western blue and red EMD roadswitcher waiting for clearance to proceed eastbound on the former Illinois Central Iowa Division Mainline.

CTA Orange line train on approach to Midway station terminal. Chicago Illinois USA. January 2007.

I took this photo on an overcast winter morning, back in January of 2007. A Chicago Transit Authority Orange line rapid transit train, has just passed South Kostner Avenue, and is approaching the curve to enter the end of the line terminal at Midway Station. The CTA Orange line opened for service in 1993, and provides frequent trains between Midway Airport and downtown Chicago Illinois.

Friday, October 19, 2007

St. Celastine Catholic Parish water fountain. Elmwood Park Illinois USA. August 2007.

I took this photo on a beautifull summer morning, in August of 2007. This is the outdoor water fountain and flower garden on the east side of Saint Celastine's Catholic Church in northwest suburban Elmwood Park Illinois. I have enjoyed many a pleasant Mass or Church Service here, as well as My own wedding that took place here on June 24th 2006. The beautifull water fountain and adjoining well landscaped flower garden, highlights the beauty of a sunny Chicagoland day.

Eastbound Union Pacific freight train. Brookfield Illinois USA. August 2007.

An eastbound Union Pacific freight train was seen speeding through west suburban Brookfield illinois over the BNSF Railway mainline. The train is passing through the Metra Brookfield commuter rail station near Prairie Avenue.

Northbound CTA Orange line train stopping at the Roosevelt Road station. Chicago Illinois USA. October 2006.

I took this photo looking west from the intersection of South Michigan Avenue and West Roosevelt Road. An inbound Chicago Transit Authority Orange line train, has just come to a stop at the West Roosevelt Road rapid transit station located just south of downtown Chicago.

Former Southern Railroad covered hopper. The Belt Railway of Chicago. Chicago Illinois USA. October 2006.

Remnants from former railroads show up occasionally in the windy city. I spotted this pre 1982 Southern Railroad covered hopper traveling on a northbound Belt Railway of Chicago transfer train near West Lake Street. The Norfolk & Western and the Southern Railroad merged and became todays Norfolk Southern Railroad in the year of 1982. The best thing of all, was that this car was relatively grafitti free after all of these years as well.