Thursday, November 30, 2006

Metra Western Avenue Station. Chicago Illinois USA. October 2006.

I was working in the area near Western and Grand Avenues on Chicago's near northside one morning, in October of 2006. Seen here up on an elevated embankment, is the Metra Western Avenue commuter station. This station is on the Canadian Pacific -Ex Milwaukee Road mainline. This is a busy station and junction location, and features "Twin" adjacent Metra coach yard facilities. The coach yard on the north, is the former Milwaukee Road yard and locomotive servicing facility along west Grand Avenue. The facility to the south, is the former Chicago & North Western commuter coach yard, now operated by the Union Pacific railroad.

Union Pacific Railroad coach yard switcher. Chicago Illinois USA. October 2006.

I took this phot looking southwest, from the Metra Western Avenue station. This station is located on Chicago's near northside at western Avenue and Hubbard Street. The locomotive seen here, is a late 1970's vintage EMD GP-15T. This locomotive was being used for spotting commuter coaches at the former Chicago & North Western Railroad coach yard. Notice the U.P.Y markings and red diagonal striping on the end of the locomotive. The Union Pacific Railroad does this to designate locomotives used for Yard and-terminal switching operations.

Switching a Metra coach yard. Chicago Illinois USA. October 2006.

I was working in the area around the Metra Western Avenue station and twin coach yards one Wednsday morning in October of 2006. This location is at Western Avenue and Hubbard Street on Chicago's near northside. A Metra EMD SW 1500 Yard switcher is pulling a cut of cars from the former Milwaukee Road commuter
train servicing facilities at Grand Avenue. Just adjacent a 100 feet or so south of the platform, is the Metra Union Pacific coach yard, wich was the Chicago & North Western Railroads facilities before the 1998 Merger and Acquisition by the Union Pacific railroad.

Brighton Junction. Chicago Illinois USA. October 2006.

I was passing through the area around Archer and Western Avenues one cloudy morning in October of 2006, so I had decided to see if there was any activity at the crosstracks at the embankment above. The dispatch operator had just raised the upper right side mechanical semaphore signal when I had gotten out of My car. This set of semaphores are not run by electric motors, but rather old fashioned manual mechanical rod linkage. I heard the signal go -'Squeeeek -Click!" soon a CSX Transportation intermodal freight train had stopped at the crosstracks -confirmed the train orders -and proceeded south past the junction.

Southbound CSX Transportation intermodal freight train. Brighton Junction. Chicago Illinois USA. October 2006.

A cloudy autum morning in October of 2006, is seen here at Brighton Junction. This busy railroad crosstrack / interchange junction, is located at Archer and Western Avenues on Chicago's near southwest side. A southbound CSX Transportation intermodal train has just recieved a "Raised Semaphore" signal indication, and an order to "Proceed" from the dispatcher. This is an old fashioned "Steam Era" manual junction. Notice the red "Stop Signs" the crews encounter before reaching the crosstracks. All trains are required to stop before recieving further clearance. This busy junction is shared by the Norfolk Southern Railroad -CSX Transportation -The Canadian National Railroad (Ex Illinois Central -Gulf Mobile and Ohio) and several railroads who operate over NS -CSX via trackage rights and interchange arrangements. Amtrak and Metra utilize the east -west Canadian National mainline through here.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The corner of West 63rd Street and South Cicero Avenue. Chicago Illinois USA. June 1988.

Hi everyone!
Welcome to Eddie's Railfan Page.
In todays edition, I will be sharing with You a
selection of railroad photographs I had taken around Chicago during the 1980's.
We will start our journey at the corner of west 63rd Street and South Cicero Avenue by Chicago's Midway Airport. A southwest Airlines jet plane has just passed over the White Castle Restaurant on the northeast corner. My family used to take Me and My older sister to eat here and watch airplanes when we were just kids.
This is located on Chicago's southwest side, and for many generations, has been a source of cheap entertainment for many Chicago parents.
I wonder just how many of those children actually wound up working for the airlines as adults.

Union Pacific Railroad yard switching move. Hayford Junction. Chicago Illinois USA. May 1987.

I was at Hayford Junction enjoying a very pleasant Saturday afternoon, in May of 1987.
Hayford Junction is a busy cross track interchange junction, located on Chicago's southwest side at West 76th Street and South St.Louis Avenue. This junction location is where the Belt Railway of Chicago crosses and interchanges with the GTW or Grand trunk Western Railroad. The two late 1970's vintage EMD GP-15T diesel locomotives, are switching the nearby Belt Railway of Chicago Clearing Yard. This was one of many back and forth switching movements these two locomotives made here at the crosstracks. We are looking east. The bridge in the background to the right is South Kedzie Avenue. Hidden behind the locomotives , is the very fragrent "Nabisco"cookie factory.

Westbound Amtrak. Western Springs Illinois USA. April 1989.

Stand back!
A very fast moving Amtrak train is seen racing through Western Springs in Chicago's western suburbs, on an overcast Sunday afternoon in the early spring of 1989.

Amtrak leaving Chicago. Chicago Illinois USA. November 1983.

I had taken this photo near South Canal Street.
An outbound Amtrak local seen here, has just left the south gates of Chicago Union Station.

Burlington Northern Railroad switching local. Chicago Illinois USA. November 1983.

I was on South Paulina Street near Blue Island Avenue in the Pilsen neighborhood, when I had taken this late morning photograph in November of 1983. The Burlington Northern Railroad, was in the process of removing an empty bulkhead flatcar from a lumberyard spur siding.
This particulair section of the Pilsen community was in a large industrial park setting, and was referred to as "The lumber yard district".

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Kenosha Electric Streetcar System grand opening day. Saturday, June 17th 2000.

Hello everyone!
Welcome to Eddie's Railfan Page.
Here I am in sunny Kenosha Wisconsin on Saturday, June 17th 2000 for the official opening day of
electric streetcar operation. I took the Metra commuter train from Chicago for a great day in Kenosha.

The ribbon cutting ceremony. Kenosha Wisconsin USA. June 17th 2000.

This was the official ribbon cutting ceremony on 54th Street, at the trolley car barn. After some speeches, an elderly man who operated Kenosha's original electric streetcars during the 1920's and 30's....operated this former Toronto Ontario Canada PCC car (Under supervision) for the first trip with Dignitaries around the trolley system loop.
For the first time since 1932, Kenosha Wisconsin once again has electric streetcars. I hope that they extend the line eventually beyond the 2 mile loop downtown. The line is so short that You can actually walk it.

Yellow PCC streetcar heading east on 56th Street. Kenosha Wisconsin USA. June 17th 2000.

I had taken this photo along 56th Street, in downtown Kenosha Wisconsin. The Streetcar right of way is mostly in a grassy median for safety and operational reasons. The grassy median right of way resembles the Saint Charles streetcar line in the city of New Orleans Louisianna USA. The yellow car represents the city of Cincinnatti Ohio USA, who had this type of modern streetcars in this color scheme during the 1940's and early 1950's.
Because it is yellow with green stripes, it is sometimes unofficially referred to as the
Green Bay Packer trolley by the local NFL football fans.

Kenosha Wisconsin electric streetcar. Kenosha Wisconsin USA. June 17th 2000.

I had taken this photo later that afternoon. This was the official "Grand Opening Day" for the newly created historic trolley system in the city of Kenosha Wisconsin. A former TTC -Toronto Transit Commision electric PCC streetcar built in 1951, is passing the Kenosha Courthouse on 56th Street. Kenosha Transit has 5 former TTC electric trolleys on it's roster. The car here was retained and restored in "Toronto" colors. The other 4 represent other citties that used PCC type trolleys. At the time of the grand opening...only 2 cars, the Maroon Toronto car -and the Yellow Cincinatti Ohio car, were on the property that day. The green (Chicago) the red (Pittsburgh P.A) and the orange (Johnstown P.A) cars were soon to arrive in Kenosha Wi.

The little rubber tired sightseeing trolley. Kenosha Wisconsin USA. June 17th 2000.

Seen here on the official "Grand Opening Day" of the Kenosha electric streetcar system, is a small rubber tired "Replica" trolley used for sightseeing. This quaint wood bodied "Stand In" was promoting New real estate opportunities in the proposed "Harbor Park" development, where the old Chrysler plant had once stood.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Welcome aboard the "Bus Day" Express!

Good morning everybody!
Welcome to Eddie's Railfan Page. Today I am featuring
a special "Vintage Bus Day" photograph posting at My blog site for all My fellow Rail and Bus enthusiasts.

Here I am actually driving (under supervision) a 1950
General Motors TDH Series Transit Coach from the
West Towns Bus Company. The bus drivers back then
I swear "Had to be body builders", as there was no
"Power Steering". Uuumph! There was also no "Windshield Wash Sprayer mechanism" either. My how the times have changed. Ha ha!

This bus is owned by a "full time" pace bus operator, and -
good friend of mine , Mr. David Buzek. This was fun!
"Next stop -Cermak and Harlem Shopping Center, Berwyn"!

West Towns Bus Company # 776. The Midwest Transit Bus Museum. Cresthill Illinois USA. September 2000.

I had taken this bus photo, during the September 2000 "Members Day" open house at this obscure little bus museum. I used to work as a delivery truck driver in the Joliet Area, and had discovered a collection of privately owned "Antique Transit Buses" sitting in an industrial storage yard at Route 53 and Caton Fard Road in suburban Cresthill Illinois. I had soon became a member. This bus is a 195o General Motors TDH Series from the West Towns Bus Company. This bus operator was pre RTA /Pace ,in Chicago's western suburbs, and was headquareterred in suburban Oak Park Illinois. This bus was in service until approximately 1979. The blue and white West Towns bus to the left, is an "Inoperable" (no engine) 1947 Mack bus.

Pace bus passing through Brookfield Illinois USA. May 1990.

A westbound suburban Pace bus, is seen passing through the fountain square area known as "Eight Corners" in the village of Brookfield Illinois. This Orion transit coach is heading for nearby suburban La Grange Illinois.
Although I wasn't paying attention to the gasoline station sign at the time -notice how much a gallon of unleaded gasoline costed in May of 1990.

CTA 1951 Marmon Herrington trolley bus. The Illinois Railway Museum. Union Illinois USA. June 1999.

This picture is very dear to My heart. I had
grown up on Chicago's southwest side during the 1960's and 70's, and witnessed these electric powered buses in daily operation during their final years of operation. The Chicago Transit Authority had retired all the electric bus operations for good in March of 1973. A route that I had frequently rode these buses on with My family, was the Route # 52 Kedzie / California bus line. A new bridge was being built on the Chicago Sanitary and Shipping Canal at 33rd and Kedzie in 1969, and this route was immediately converted to propane and diesel bus operations on March 15th 1969. Some of the other lines that used these were -North Avenue -47th Street (southside) -Belmont Avenue -Cicero Avenue -Central Avenue -Fullerton Avenue -
Irving Park Road -Grand Avenue -Chicago Avenue -and Pulaski Road. Thanks to the Illinois Railway Museum, I can once again see and ride an example from My childhood in Chicago.

CTA bus turnaround terminal at West 63rd Place and South Kedzie Avenue. Chicago Illinois USA. December 1985.

I had taken this early winter photo on Chicago's southwest side. Seen here is the CTA bus terminal at West 63rd Place and South Kedzie Avenue. This was in the neighborhood community known as "Chicago Lawn" wich was also in the "Marquette Park"area of the city. On the left is a 1970's vintage GMC "Fishbowl"bus, so nicknamed for their unique windshield design. This bus is at it's south terminal. Once it leaves, it will proceed north to the terminal at California and Roscoe Avenues on Chicago's northside. The bus on the right, is a 1983 Canadian Flyer coach assigned to the Route # 52A South Kedzie Avenue bus line. It will proceed south on Kedzie Avenue and terminate at 115th and Springfield Avenue in the neighborhood community known as Mount Greenwood.

Route # 52A South Kedzie Avenue bus rounding the corner at West 43rd Street. Chicago Illinois USA. April 1989.

I was still living in the city of Chicago Illinois when I had taken this photograph in the Spring of 1989. A mid 1970's Vintage Chicago Transit Authority General Motors "Fishbowl" bus, is turning the corner at South Archer Avenue and West 43rd Street, wich was also known as the "Pope John,Paul 2nd Drive" from his 1979 visit to the city of Chicago.
For a period of time, certain CTA Route 52A south Kedzie buses actually terminated at 43rd and Kedzie Avenue. I am not sure, but I think it was mainly during weekday rush hours. Most Route # 52A South Kedzie Avenue buses terminated at Kedzie Avenue and 63rd Place on the North, and 115th Street and Springfield Avenue in the Mount Greenwood Neighborhood, on the border with the town of Alsip. On school days during the week, the bus would terminate at Marist High School in suburban Alsip Illinois.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Old neon sign at Randolph Street Station. Chicago Illinois USA. August 1984.

This old neon sign that I had photographed here, was located in the boarding plattform area at the old Randolph Street station. This station was located in downtown Chicago Illinois at Randolph Street and Michigan Avenue. This station served trains from the Chicago,South shore,& South bend Railroad -and the Illinois Central electric commuter trains (now Metra Electric).
In recent years, the station tracks were remodeled into an underground subway type terminal, and is now known as the Millenium Park Station.

Live steam through the woods.The Hesston Steam Museum. Hesston Indianna USA. July 1994.

Seen here running through a wooded setting, is a 7 and 1/2 inch guage working miniature live steam model at the Hesston Steam Museum. This museum is located a few miles from New Buffalo Michigan on the border.
The locomotives operator seems to be enjoying his Saturday afternoon on this miniature railroad line.

Westbound Belt Railway of Chicago train passing under the Kedzie Avenue Bridge. Chicago Illinois USA. August 1987.

I had taken this photo looking east from the South Kedzie Avenue bridge at approximately West 75th Street. A westbound Belt Railway of Chicago transfer train, powered by two EMD SW 1500 diesel switchers, is heading to the Belt Railway of Chicago's Clearing Yard in Bedford Park Illinois. Notice the lead unit still in American Bicentenial colors from the mid 1970's.

Friday, November 24, 2006

November mornings in Chicago Illinois USA.

Good morning everybody!
Welcome to Eddie's Railfan Page.
Seen here through My cars windshield, is a common sight that greets Me regulairly on these November Mornings here in the greater Chicagoland area. Thats Right folks...It's time to start looking for that misplaced ice scraper from last winter, or see about obtaining a new one.
Although our nights are rather chilly this time of the year, The spirit is very warm amongst My Family -Friends -and fellow railfans on the world wide web. Here are a couple of photos I had taken at work last week. I hope you enjoy them.

CTA Addison Street Red Line rapid transit station. Chicago Illinois USA. November 2006.

I had taken this photo en route to a service call in Chicago's Wrigleyville Neighborhood. A southbound Red Line train has stopped to pick up and drop off passengers. This rapid transit station is just east of Wrigley Field -The home of the Chicago Cubs National League baseball team.

Eastbound CTA Green Line train at sunset. November 2006.

I had taken this end of day picture from My company's parking lot looking southwest. An eastbound Chicago Transit Authority "Green Line" aka Lake Street rapid transit train, is passing over the Belt Railway of Chicago tracks at North Kenton Street. Sunset photos are sort of a fringe benefit when You are working late.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Eastbound Belt Railway of Chicago transfer train. Hayford Junction. Chicago Illinois USA. April 1987.

This photo was taken in April of 1987 at a place known as Hayford Junction. This busy cross track interchange junction is located at West 76th Street and South St.Louis Avenue on Chicago's southwest side. I was lucky to photograph the 2nd EMD SW 1500 still in Bicentenial colors from the year of 1976.

Burro crane at abandoned GTW Elsdon Yard. Chicago Illinois USA. September 1986.

Seen here awaiting a demolition assignment, is a maintenance of way department Burro Crane.
This scene was photographed by Me around sunset looking south from West 51st Street.
The 14 track Grand Trunk Western Elsdon Yard sat abandoned in "Limbo" since october of 1983.
This area has been seeing redevelopment in sections during recent years.

Eastbound Santa Fe intermodal train. Chicago Illinois USA. November 1989.

I had taken this photo,looking west from the
South Pulaski Road overpass bridge. An eastbound intermodal A,T &,S,F train is heading for Corwith Yard. Notice 2 red diesel locomotives in the aborted "Merger" color scheme. The proposed merger between the Southern Pacific and the Santa Fe Railroads never materialized.
The courts said "No" in 1986.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Metra -C & N W -RTA Last Run EMD E-8 Excursion notice.

Here is a photo copy of an old Fantrip Charter notice, that somehow magically showed up when I moved recently.

This trip took place on Saturday, October 28th, 1989.
Last week, I found an old set of pictures I had taken on that particulair charter trip, and I thought it would be nice to share them with all the railfans who have supported My blog site.

This posting is bound to bring back many happy memorys for people who once rode the old Chicago & North Western commuter rail lines out of Chicago.

All Aboooaaaard!

Last run EMD E-8 fantrip awaiting departure. Chicago Illinois USA. Saturday, October 28th 1989.

Seen here inside of what used to be known as Northwestern Station in downtown Chicago, are 3 old early 1950's vintage EMD E-8 passenger diesels, awaiting departure on their "Last Run" retirement excursion to Harvard Illinois. If You look at this photograph long enough, You can proboubly remember the distinctive sound of the old EMD 567 Primemover engines inside of the terminal coming from these classic machines.

An old friend Jody Price, waiting to depart on excursion train. Saturday October 28th 1989. Chicago Illinois USA.

Along for the ride this day with Me, was an old friend I knew back in the 1980's . This is My friend Jody Price, whom My friends and Myself called "Joe". Our friend is seen between tracks # 7 and # 8 at the old Northwestern Station in downtown Chicago.
Jody used to live around 63rd and Troy Street on Chicago's southwest side. We have unfortunately since lost contact.
Does anybody know how I may find him?

Me and the guys would love to see him again someday.

Last run EMD E-8 charterred fantrip. Harvard Illinois USA. Saturday, October 28th ,1989.

On an overcast Autum Saturday afternoon in late October of 1989, I rode this "Last Run" excursion from Chicago to Harvard Illinois. The last 3 remaining early 1950's vintage EMD E-8 passenger diesels from the Chicago & North Western Railroad, were operated on a "Last Run" retirement excursion. The trip was sponsored by the Chicago Chapter of the NRHS
(National Railroad Historical Society) -RTA -Metra -and the Chicago & North Western Railroad. It was a fitting farewell.

EMD E-8 Locomotive cab. Harvard Illinois USA. Saturday October 28th -1989.

This is a rare behind the scenes photograph that I had taken, on a "Last Run" railfan excursion. This picture shows the locomotive cab and controls of an early 1950's vintage EMD E-8
passenger service diesel locomotive.
This charter trip operated between Chicago and Harvard Illinois, on the former Chicago & North Western Railroad's "Northwest Line".
These locomotives originally pulled long distance "Pre Amtrak" passenger trains on the Chicago & North Western Railroad, and ended their service lives hauling Chicago area commuter trains. This cab unit passenger locomotive was photographed at the end of the line in Harvard Illinois.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Autum in the city of Chicago Illinois USA.

Good morning everyone!
Welcome to Eddie's Railfan Page.
In todays edition, we will see the visiting
Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey
circus train. Autum 2006 was a very nice
and colorful time here in the windy city.
Nature gave us a nice demonstration of
seasonal colors this year. It was lovely.

Visiting circus train being serviced. Chicago Illinois USA. November 2006.

This view was taken looking down from the east side of the Central Avenue overpass bridge. The Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey circus train, is getting some much needed maintenance and attention. The particulair car seen here is getting its onboard Sewage / Septic system serviced.

Circus train sleeping car. Chicago Illinois USA. November 2006.

Seen here parked for a lenghty annual visit, is the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey circus train. The train is parked on former Milwaukee Road trackage adjacent to the Metra station known as Hanson Park, just below the Central Avenue overpass bridge near Grand Avenue. This passenger car appears to be a secondhand Amtrak Heritage Fleet sleeping car. Until they were replaced by new equipment in recent years, these cars worked for other Pre Amtrak carriers prior to 1971. These cars once hauled passengers on such trains as -The Pennsylvania Railroad's "Broadway Limited" -The Southern Pacific Railroad's -San Joaquin Daylight -The Northern Pacific Railroad's -North Coast Limited -The Santa Fe Superchief -or any number of famous and non famous pre Amtrak passenger trains. Amtrak used these cars from their 1971 start up -
well into the 1990's and beyond. They now carry the circus performers and support crews.

The Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey circus train. Chicago Illinois USA. November 2006.

I was on My way to work one morning in November of 2006, When I had spotted the
visting circus train. The train was parked below the Central Avenue overpass bridge just south of the intersection of Grand Avenue on Chicago's northside. This is adjacent to the Metra Hanson Park commuter rail station, located on the former Milwaukee Road railroad mainline.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Hey look! It's Austin Powers! -Yeah baby!

This picture is like so groovy baby! Ha ha ha!
Good morning everybody!
Welcome to Eddie's Railfan Page. In todays edition, We will view some recent photographs that I had taken in November of 2006, in and around Chicagoland. November unforfutunately has been very gloomy so far. However...I was lucky enough to capture some of those "Rare" days with bright sunshine. We do have some occasionally in November.

I have always enjoyed those silly "Austin Powers" spy
movies that actor / comedian Mike Meyers put together in recent years. This is how I would look like if I played the part. Yeah baby! Man, this is so groovy.

See? Even I can poke a little fun of Myself on occasion.
Life is much too short. A good laugh goes a long way.

Inbound CTA Blue Line rapid transit train. Chicago Illinois USA. November 2006.

I was traveling west on the I-90 Kennedy Expressway in the express lanes, and took the opportunity to photograph this Chicago Transit Authority Blue Line train in the expressway's center median. Not too far ahead, I had found Myself stuck in a traffic jam.

Industrial style railroading. Chicago Illinois USA. November 2006.

This scene of Chicago was taken near Division and Halsted streets on Chicago's near northside.
This is an example of industrial style railroading, wich often utilizes trackage in the street, much like the electric trolley cars of decades ago. This empty center beam lumber car was photographed outside of a lumber yard.

November morning fog. River forest Illinois USA. November 2006.

A foggy morning in November of 2006, is seen looking west at the Metra River Forest Illinois Metra commuter rail station.

Westbound Metra commuter train. River Forest Illinois USA. November 2006.

I had taken this gloomy November morning scene in a dense fog, in November of 2006. A westbound Metra local to Elburn Illinois, is pulling in for a station stop at northwest suburban River Forest Illinois. River Forest
is an upscale suburb that Pace and Metra both
serve on a daily basis.
The railroad line pictured here is the Union Pacific Railroad. Prior to the 1998 merger...
this was the Chicago & North Western Railroad.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Eastbound Pace bus on Grand Avenue. Elmwood Park Illinois USA. April 2006.

Hello everyone!
Welcome to Eddie's Railfan Page.
Today is "Bus Day" here once again at My Chicago area blog site.

Seen here on an absolutely beautiful mild spring morning in April of 2006, is an eastbound suburban Pace bus, in the comemorative blue color scheme introduced in 2005. This was a great morning to be on location, with outside temperatures around 73 degrees and a camera in My hand. Notice freshly bloomed flowers along the curbside. It was a lovely spring in 2006.

Southbound CTA Route # 49 Western Avenue bus. Chicago Illinois USA. April 2006.

We are standing on the southwest corner of Western and Lealand Avenues in Chicago's Lincoln Square neighborhood. This northside neighborhood with a heavily German population, is a hub of rush hour traffic activity. This is a Chicago Transit Authority 1990's vintage NOVA transit coach. These buses are fuel efficient, and the extremely congested northside rush hour traffic conditions, are bound to test the fuel efficiency of these coaches on a daily basis.
Believe Me...You have not experienced Rush hour, until You have been in a northside rush hour. Chicago's northside rush hours have got to be the worst of all of them around town.

Eastbound CTA NOVA bus on North Avenue. Chicago Illinois USA. April 2006.

This photo was taken in April of 2006 on West North Avenue just east of North Pulaski Road. This is a panned photo of an eastbound Chicago Transit Authority low floor NOVA bus during a weekday rush hour on Chicago's northside.

International / Navistar school bus on Belmont Avenue. Chicago Illinois USA. April 2006.

Seen here heading east on West Belmont Avenue near North Francisco Avenue, is a school bus manufactured from the company formerly known as International Harvester, Now International / Navistar.

Suburban Pace bus. Elmwood Park Illinois USA. April 2006.

Seen her between runs, a Pace Route # 307 Harlem Avenue bus waits for the scheduled departure. We are at the end of the line at the Elmwood Park public library.
The flowers had started blooming on this lovely mild spring day in April of 2006.

My friend Punkin. 1991 -2006.

Seen here in May of 2006, is a nice photograph of My wonderful friend "Punkin" spending some quality bonding time with Me. Punkin was an exceptional Chihauhau dog with a very kind mannerism and a very loving heart and spirit. My wife Cheryl raised her from a puppy -gave her lots of love -and recieved 15 outstanding years together. I had only known Punkin for 4 years...but She loved Me so much that You would think the dog knew Me all of her life. We had spent many hours together.
Punkin was a lively dog full of fun and occasional mischief.

Punkin lost her 3 Year battle with heart illness on November
14 - 2006. The house is empty without her today, but the happy memories -the joy -and love she brought to My wife -
her family -and Myself, will live on forever.
Our friend Punkin was the best.

Rest in peace My friend. God bless.