Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Chicago Surface Lines car # 1374 built in 1904. The Illinois Railway Museum. Union Illinois USA. June 1993.

These vintage black and white scenes were photographed by Myself on a June 1993 visit to the Illinois Railway Museum, wich is located 50 Miles northwest of Chicago in the town of Union Illinois. This operating railroad museum located in northwestern Mc Henry County features a large collection of vintage locomotives -buses -railroad equipment -and electric streetcars that can be seen and ridden during the operating season from April to October.
Seen here is Chicago Surface Lines (A CTA predescessor)
electric streetcar number # 1374. This car was built in 1904 by the St. Louis Car Company, and used in trolley passenger service until approximately the mid 1940's. It spent it's final years in M.O.W or "Maintenance of Way" service as a work motor, mainly as a winter Salt Spreader on Chicago's streets.
After several years of restoration, this car now operates today.

Chicago Transit Authority 4000 series rapid transit car. The Illinois Railway Museum. Union Illinois USA. June 1993.

Seen here on a June 1993 trip I took with some friends to the Illinois Railway Museum, is an old
1920's era CTA Elevated Rapid Transit car. Just for the sake of having some creative "Fun"...I decided to shoot a roll of "Black and White" 35 MM film that day. My photographs look like a
summer daydream from the past. The old 4000
series CTA car is rounding the interchange curve and is heading to the high leval 50th Avenue CTA rapid transit station from suburban Cicero Illinois. The Junction tower in the background was relocated from Spaulding Illinois, and is now a museum display for visitors.

Preserved Chicago, North Shore & Milwaukee Railroad electric interurban coaches. The Illinois Railway Museum. Union Illinois USA. June 1993.

Seen here between another demonstration run on the museum's mainline, are two former Chicago, North Shore & Milwaukee Railroad electric interurban coaches. These coaches travelled daily between Chicago Illinois and Milwaukee Wisconsin until January 21st 1963, when the line was shut down due to bankruptcy. It's too bad the North shore Line didn't survive, as the traffic congestion on Interstate I-94 can be tough these days. Parts of the old C,N S & M
survive today as a bicycle trail in north suburban places like Winetka and Ravinia.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Inbound Amtrak train approaching Forest Glen depot. Chicago Illinois USA. January 2007.

Good morning everybody!
Welcome aboard another edition of My blog site
"Eddie's Railfan Page", wich comes to You from the city of Chicago Illinois USA. Seen here is an inbound Amtrak "Hiawatha Service" passenger train from Milwaukee Wisconsin, enroute to it's terminal destination at Chicago Union Station. This is on the Metra /CP Rail former Milwaukee Road "North Line", wich has commuter train service to Fox Lake Illinois. The locomotive seen here, is actually a Baggage car with a control cab. This was originally a late 1970's vintage EMD F-40PH passenger locomotive. At some time during the 1990's as their age was starting to show mechanically, Amtrak removed their diesel prime mover, and converted several of these veteran locomotives into cost saving Baggage Control Cab Cars to save time in terminal operations. On the other end of the train is a General Electric P-40 Genesis Series passenger diesel locomotive pushing the inbound Amtrak train to Chicago Illinois.

Brighton Junction.Chicago Illinois USA. January 2007.

Seen here on a very cold and windy Chicago winter morning, is a BNSF Railway unit coal train waiting for clearance to proceed across the Canadian National Railroad ex Illinois Central mainline. The BNSF train was being held for an incoming Amtrak train to Chicago Union Station.
Unfortunately, My digital camera batteries died on Me just as the Amtrak was approaching from the west. Dang it! However...This scene made it all worthwhile in the long run.

Craigin Junction. Chicago Illinois USA. January 2007.

Seen here waiting on the curve that connects the Belt Railway of Chicago tracks, to the Canadian Pacific ex Milwaukee road mainline, is a CP Rail freight train, with diesel locomotives that are still painted for the former Soo Line Railroad. Once clearance is given by the dispatcher, the train will leave the BRC trackage, and proceed west to Bensenville Yard near Chicago's O'Hare International Airport. Craigin Junction is located just east of the Metra Cicero/ Grand commuter rail station on Chicago's northside.

D.R.S Rail Services operating on former BN branchline. Chicago Illinois USA. January 2007.

A very heavilly grafitti tagged EMD switcher, is seen working industries on west 22nd Street -
aka Cermak Road, in Chicago's Pilsen Neighborhood. The large factory in the background is the Commonwealth Edison Throop Street generating station. At some point after the 1995 A,T&S,F /BN merger, the new company BNSF decided that it didn't need this industrial branchline anymore, and sold it to DRS Rail Services. I have a few photographs from November of 1983, of the former Burlington Northern RR switching a siding on South Paulina Street west of Ashland Avenue on this line.

Twilight in Cicero Illinois USA. January 2007.

This overhead railroad crossing signal seen here being silhouted by the approaching winter night, is located in west suburban Cicero Illinois along west 16th Street near Cicero Avenue. This line is the CSX Transportation 16th Street industrial spur branch, wich serves a handful of local industries in the village of Cicero Illinois.

Union Pacific Railroad switching local leaving siding. Chicago Illinois USA. January 2007.

A Union Pacific Railroad EMD GP-15T light roadswitcher, has just dropped off a freight car on a factory spur siding in the Northwest Industrial Park, along north Kilbourn Avenue.
I photographed this lovely winter morning scene, in frigid sunshine conditions. The small hills and large abundance of trees, make this photograph appear to be out in the country. Actually, it is on Chicago's westside. The snow along this industral branchline give this photograph a very Christmas
card sort of a look and feel.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Your host and photographer in March of 1985.

Hello everyone!
Welcome aboard "Eddie's Railfan Page"from the city of Chicago Illinois USA.
Todays photographs were taken in late March of the year 1985 on a gloomy -Sunday? I forgot.
Anyway...Here I am just days away from My 23rd birthday on a fun and educational railfan excursion sponsored by the Illinois Railway Museum, located in Union Illinois. The old 1950's vintage 6000 series rapid transit cars were in their final years of operation in Chicago, and were gradually being "Phased out" over the next 6 years or so. Some were only being used during off peak hours. Others had been demoted into "Maintenance of way" service. Within the next year or so, many would wind up in various railroad museums. I grew up in Chicago with these cars.

Chicago Transit Authority 6000 series rapid transit train. Chicago Illinois USA. March 1985.

This is a CTA rapid transit train of aging 1950's vintage 6000 series cars. I took this photograph on a chartered fantrip sponsored by the Illinois Railway Museum. Our trip was entitled -
"The snowflake special", and operated all over the entire CTA rapid transit system, except for the "Skokie Swift line" wich is todays 'Yellow Line" rapid transit, and "Still" does not operate at all on the weekends. I believe that this photograph was taken at the Western Avenue station on the old "Douglas Park L", wich in 2007 is the CTA "Pink" line.

Interior view of CTA 6000 series rapid transit car. March 1985.

This is an inside view of a CTA 6000 series rapid transit car. These cars were starting to show their age mechanically, and during the 1980's, a number of charterred fantrips by various railfan groups took place in the city of Chicago Illinois. These cars were gradually being replaced or placed into maintenance of way service for the CTA. This was on a March 1985 charter fantrip sponsored by the Illinois Railway museum in Union Illinois. Our excursion was a late winter outing entitled
"The snowflake special". It was a nice way to enjoy a gloomy Chicago weekend.

The brand new CTA O'Hare Airport transit terminal. March 1985.

The New CTA rapid transit terminal at O'Hare Airport was big news back in the mid 1980's.
This was our charterred excursion train in the new terminal facility.

CTA Howard Street rapid transit yard. Evanston Illinois USA. March 1985.

My how the times have changed. This is the CTA rapid transit yard and maintenance facility in north suburban Evanston Illinois at Howard Street. This yard has long since been remodeled and improved. You wouldn't believe it if You can see the new facility today. A fleet of aging 6000 series rapid transit cars in the 1960's color scheme, of "Mint Green and Alpine White", sit between assignments in the yard storage tracks to the right. The 6000 series cars were partly built from CTA Electric streetcar components during the 1950's. (The pcc green hornet fleet.)

Friday, January 26, 2007

Your host and photographer at work.

Hi everyone!
Here I am at My job, driving to My sales accounts.
I work as an outside sales representative for a local
Chicago soft drink bottling company. Outside sales
is a career I honestly love. When I am on location, I
occasionally find places to come back to later on, to
photograph the many nice transportation photos
that You see here at Eddie's Railfan Page.
My career comes first, the train photos come later.

Thank You.

Fresh air and sunshine, thats for Me.

Two train meet on the IHB. Brookfield Illinois USA. January 2007.

A southbound Canadian National freight train, is seen passing a northbound Union Pacific Railroad unit coal train,in suburban Brookfield Illinois.
These trains are travelling over the three track Indianna Harbor Belt Railroad. I took this photo
on west Harding Avenue just east of La Grange
road Route # 12 /45.

Westbound Iowa,Chicago & Eastern RR freight train. River Grove Illinois USA. January 2007.

Seen here in the late morning sunshine, is an Iowa,Chicago& Eastern Railroad freight train passing through northwest suburban River Grove Illinois. This train is travelling via
trackage rights on the Canadian Pacific RR
former Milwaukee Road mainline.

Soo Line grafitti tagged caboose. Chicago Illinois USA. January 2007.

Seen here on the Belt Railway of Chicago embankment heading northbound, is a
former Soo Line caboose that has become
a victim of the Ugly side of urban railroading.
The sun is setting to the west as the train heads to Craigin Junction.

A winter sunset in Berwyn Illinois USA. January 2007.

Another day is coming to a close in Chicago's western suburbs. The station, lights,trees, and everything else is silhoutted against the approaching evening sky. Winter sunsets can be quiete spectaculair on location.

Twilight in suburban Berwyn Illinois USA. January 2007.

This is a view to the west on the BNSF mainline in the suburb of Berwyn Illinois. We are on the east side of Berwyn on Ridgeland Avenue at the LaVergne Metra commuter train depot. The sun is already over the horizon as an inbound Metra train to Chicago Union Station is seen in the distance. This was a fine ending to a nice workday for this salesman.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

CTA Route # 53A South Pulaski Rd bus arriving at south terminal on w 111Th Street. Chicago Illinois USA. December 1986.

Hello everyone!
Welcome to "Bus Day" here at Eddie's Railfan Page. Today we will view some old and new photographs of Chicago Transit Authority buses.
I took this photograph from the southeast corner of west 111Th Street and south Pulaski Road, in Chicago's "Mount Greenwood" neighborhood. This is an older early 1970's era GMC bus in the eastbound turning or "Only" lane on south Pulaski Road. Once the driver gets the green turning arrow signal, he will enter the south terminal on west 111Th street approximately one block east on the south side of 111Th Street.

Chicago Transit Authority bus loop at w 111Th St and s Pulaski Rd. November 1989.

This is the bus terminal loop at west 111Th Street and south Pulaski Road on Chicago's far southwest side. This turnaround bus loop serves the West 111Th Street CTA line and the Route # 53A South Pulaski Road bus line. This terminal is located in the neighborhood community known as Mount Greenwood, wich has a large population of people from Irish heritage. A recently rebuilt 1970's era GMC Fishbowl bus in the new CTA color scheme, is sharing terminal space with a 1985 M.A.N transit coach from West Germany.
The old GMC coaches were rolling out their last years in service at this time.

Chicago Transit Authority's Forest Glen Garage on North Elston Avenue. Chicago Illinois USA. January 2007.

Seen here are a group of CTA 1990's era Nova buses between assignments. This is a view looking through one of the entrance gates to the large Forest Glen Garage at North Elston and West Bryn Mawr Avenues, on Chicago's far northwest side. Prior to 1973, this was a large electric trolleybus garage facility.

Chicago Transit Authority's "Newest" bus model.

I took this photo from n Elston Ave on Chicago's far northwest side. Seen here at the CTA Forest Glen garage facility at n Elston and w Bryn Mawr Avenues, is the newest transit bus addition to the CTA fleet. This is a 2006 Optimus -Opus 30 Ft transit coach photographed in January of 2007. They look a lot like the 40 Ft Nova buses as they have common structural window and roof details.
Until I found out that these buses were made by the company known as "Optimus"...I had mistakenly referred to them as "Baby Nova's".
Buses 30 feet or less in lenght like this are referred to by bus fans as "Baby Buses".

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The BNSF Railway's Corwith Yard south hump. Chicago Illinois USA. January 2007.

I took this photo facing east on Archer Avenue at the intersection of west 47Th Street. A BNSF Railway intermodal double stack container train is being switched on the south hump at Corwith Yard. A "New" 2006 CTA New Flyer transit coach is waiting for the light to change. This was a one time beautiful concrete viaduct with railings carved out of concrete and many asthetic architectural features. By the 1980's, years of heavy train traffic -Chicago weather -and tall semi trailers either hitting it or getting stuck below, caused the Santa Fe to jackhammer the old concrete railings off around 1987 and replace them with a chain link fence. The city of Chicago lowered the street under it in the early 1990's to accomodate tall semi truck trailers. Notice the sections of missing concrete that expose the overpass bridge's steel girder beams today.

Switching the south hump. BNSF Railway's Corwith Yard. Chicago Illinois USA. January 2007.

This is the south hump of the former Santa Fe Corwith Yard on Chicago's southwest side. We are looking east on south Archer Avenue at the intersection of west 47Th Street in the Brighton Park neighborhood community. This old concrete viaduct is showing years of heavy use -errosion -missing concrete from years of being hit by tall semi trailers -and a floor that was lowered sometime during the early 1990's to accomodate them more easily. The EMD roadswitcher coupled immediately to the double stack container cars is in the pre 1995 A,T&S,F blue and yellow "Yellowbonnet" color scheme, while the unit ahead of it is in one of the later and more recent BNSF color schemes seen daily here.

Former Burlington Northern RR locomotives on the south hump. BNSF Railway's Corwith Yard. Chicago Illinois USA. January 2007.

Looking like something in the "N" guage section of a hobby store at this distance, tow former Burlington Northern Railroad EMD roadswitchers are seen on the south hump at Corwith Yard. I spent much time railfanning this location back in the A,T&S,F days during the 1980's. These locomotives are still in pre 1995 Burlington Northern "Cascade Green" colors.
The locomotive to the right has a large Burlington Northern logo still on it's nose.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Hayford Junction 20 years ago this month. January 1987.

20 years ago this month, I had went to Hayford junction at w 76Th Street and s St. Louis Avenue after work one saturday afternoon in January of 1987. I was only working part time at this particulair point in time, but upcoming months would land Me full time steady work elsewhere.
I had a fresh roll of 35mm Kodak asa 100 speed film and a trusty Pentex M.E Super camera in hand ready to record some scenes of Chicago winter railroading.
Chicago had experienced a heavy morning snowstorm, wich had just stopped less than an hour ago when I arrived at Hayford Junction.
Seen here is a Belt Railway of Chicago track maintenance crew shoveling out a track switch.

GTW freight train approaching interchange connection. Hayford Junction. Chicago Illinois USA. January 1987.

A grand trunk Western RR freight train has just left the nearby Belt Railway of Chicago Clearing Yard, and is now entering the southbound interchange track connection to the GTW mainline. Hayford Junction is located on the southwest side of Chicago at w 76Th Street and s St. Louis Avenue near Richard J. Daley College and the Ford City Shopping Center. I was up to My shins in accumulated snow to get this photo.
This is an example of Chicago Winter Railroading after a passing snowstorm.

Eastbound Norfolk Southern Railroad freight train. Hayford Junction. Chicago Illinois USA. January 1987.

A Belt Railway of Chicago track dept crew is busy clearing out a track switch after a heavy morning
snowstorm struck the city of Chicago this day.
An eastbound Norfolk Southern RR freight train has just recieved clearance from the dispatcher, and is seen passing the busy snow shoveling crew. The morning weather was bad that day, but the afternoon winter railfan photography could not be beat.

Eastbound GTW freight train waiting for clearance. Belt Railway of Chicago's Clearing Yard. January 1987.

Seen here looking west from the s Pulaski Road bridge, is an eastbound Grand Trunk Western RR freight train waiting to leave Clearing Yard. Chicago had experienced a heavy morning snowstorm on this wintery saturday in January of 1987, and now the sun was finally coming out.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Happy December memorys from 2006. Holiday Decorations in suburban River Grove Illinois.

Seen here on a lampost adjacent to the River Grove Public Library on w Grand Avenue, is an example of the many festive light up decorations that light up the town, and help to spread seasonal holiday cheer to all.
December of 2006 was a very happy time for Myself and My wife and family.

Your host and photographer in December of 2006.

Here I am at home after work. December 2006 was a great month for Chicago Area railfan photography, and between My work day demands and all the occasional photographic opportunities, I am exhausted at the end of it all.
December 2006 started out with a heavy snowstorm on Friday December 1st, and I had plenty of winter Christmas Card style snow scenes for two weeks at least. Shortly after that, Chicago's weather turned mild and springlike for the rest of the month of December. We had a Muddy Christmas instead of a white one. Still...I had a lot of happy railfan memories to share from December of 2006.

EMD Demonstrator. Union Pacific Railroad M-19 Diesel Shop. Chicago Illinois USA. December 2006.

I am not sure exactly what EMD Model Number this is, but I spotted it at the Union Pacific Railroad M-19 Diesel Shop at 400 n Pulaski Rd on Chicago's westside back in December of 2006. I was on My way to a sales appointment with a prospective business manager, and only had time to get out and take a brief snapshot enroute.
I have never seen a color scheme like this.
It's like a Psychadelic Great Northern.
Far out man. Groovy. (Yeah -right.)

Westbound Norfolk Southern train on CP Rail trackage. Elmwood Park Illinois USA. December 2006.

A westbound Norfolk Southern RR transfer /run through freight train passes through NW suburban Elmwood Park Illinois on a cloudy and cold December morning in 2006. I took this digital photograph on My way to work one morning. This is the former Milwaukee Road mainline. A very busy line in the greater Chicagoland area, with frequent Metra -Norfolk Southern -Canadian Pacific -and Iowa Chicago and Eastern RR freight trains passing through.

Were going home at last. Metra train at Hanson Park Station. Chicago Illinois USA. December 2006.

A long work day has come to a close for many Chicago area workers commuting downtown.
A westbound Metra commuter train prepares to head into a lovely winter sunset, taking many people home for the night.

Western Avenue Metra commuter rail station. Chicago Illinois USA. December 2006.

A westbound Metra commuter train stops for passengers at the Metra Western Avenue station on Chicago's near northside. This train is bound for the Elgin Illinois / Big Timber road station. The diesel locomotive is an MP-36 Ph built by Motive Power Industries of Boise Idaho USA. These are Metra's "Newest" diesel locomotives. They had replaced the old EMD F-40C models that were built in 1974 and used exclusively on this former Milwaukee Road line.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Track Inspectors Ford pick up truck. The Belt Railway of Chicago. 55th St Junction. January 2007.

I was passing by one of My old High School days railfan hangouts from My Curie High School days, and stopped to see how 55th Street Junction near Midway Airport looks like these days.
Luckily I photographed the tower back in April of 1984, because it was demolished by 1990.
Seen here heading south to Clearing Yard at 70th and Knox Street, is a BRC Maintenance dept foreman about to pass over the crosstracks.
I attended nearby Curie High School from the years of 1977 to 1981. 55Th Street Jct is a much different place in 2007.

Orange Indianna Harbor Belt diesels working Argo Yard. Summit Illinois USA. January 2007.

The sky was gray and the air was cold on this January day in Chicagoland, but the Indianna Harbor Belts bright orange diesels compensated for a lack of sunshine. They are a colorful sight.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Southbound Canadian Pacific freight train at Hawthorne Junction. Chicago Illinois USA. January 2007.

Old color schemes die hard. A southbound Canadian Pacific freight train, with diesels still painted and lettered for the Soo Line Railroad, is approaching the Junction with the Canadian National RR's former Illinois Central Iowa division mainline. The Canadian Pacific Railroad bought out the old Soo Line Railroad through merger in 1990. 17 years later, there is still plenty of Soo Line painted equipment to be seen in Chicago, including wide vision cabooses too.
Chicago winter railroading in the 21st century.
The crew on this train saluted Me with a toot on their air horns and a friendly wave.

Northbound Canadian National freight train on the Belt Railway of Chicago. Hawthorne Junction. Chicago Illinois USA. January 2007.

Crossing the former Illinois Central crosstracks at Hawthorne Junction, is a northbound Canadian National Railroad freight train. Prior to 1990, a wooden interlocking tower stood where that silver signal cabinet behind the small Chain Link fence is seen to the left of the photo.
Hawthorne Junction is located just east of the suburban village of Cicero Illinois.

Eastbound Canadian Pacific covered hopper train. Hanson Park Station. Chicago Illinois USA. January 2007.

Moving east under the n Central Avenue overpass bridge, is a Canadian Pacific Railroad unit grain train heading toward the interchange with the Belt Railway of Chicago at Craigin Junction. Once clearance is approaved at the
junction, the CP Rail train will proceed south to the Belt Railway of Chicago's Clearing Yard, in southwest suburban Bedford Park Illinois USA.
A light snow was falling at the time of this photo.

Healy station. Chicago Illinois USA. January 2007.

A somewhat unremarked Metra commuter station on the former Milwaukee Road mainline, is the little Healy flag stop depot located near
the intersection of w Fullerton Avenue and n Pulaski Rd on Chicago's northside.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A blast from the past! Manufacturers Junction Railroad interchange local. Chicago Illinois USA. January 2007.

This locomotive is an old EMD SW-1 diesel switcher wich goes back to the steam to diesel transition era (1940's and 50's) and so does the Demonstrator style color scheme it's wearing.
I photographed this scene at Hawthorne Junction, wich is at the Chicago city limits with the suburban village of Cicero Illinois. This crosstrack junction is where the north /south Belt Railway of Chicago line, crosses the Canadian National Railroad's former Illinois Central Iowa division mainline. Seen here on the northbound interchange curve track, is a 3 car local that the MJ Railroad has picked up from the CN Hawthorne Yard in Cicero Illinois. The MJ is a little industrial shortline approximately a little over a mile long. The grassy hill seen in the background is the abandoned Bel Aire Drive In movie theatre at w 31st Street and s Cicero Ave.

Preserved Illinois Central caboose. Lemont Illinois USA. January 2007.

This old 1970's era wide vision caboose from the former Illinois Central Gulf Railroad, can be seen in the village of Lemont Illinois. This caboose is the centerpiece of a Civic display known as the
"Lemont Safety Village", wich is located on the east side of Lemont -adjacent to the Illinois and Michigan Canal near the north bank of the old waterway. Lemont is a nice town to visit and is
located in the vicinity of the citties of Lockport -
Willow Springs -Romeoville -and Joliet Illinois.

Westbound Norfolk Southern Railroad locomotives on BNSF trackage. Mc Cook Illinois USA. January 2007.

A cold and windy morning in January of 2007, finds a westbound UPS intermodal trailer train passing through suburban Mc Cook Illinois. This train is being handled by 2 Norfolk Southern Railroad diesel locomotives instead of the usual orange BNSF ones normally seen on this line.
I have been seeing a lot of Norfolk Southern "Run Through" and transfer operations on the BNSF lately, as well as their engines mixed in with BNSF units on freight trains. A possible merger?

BNSF Clyde Yard. Cicero Illinois USA. January 2007.

Seen here on the north side of Clyde Yard adjacent to w 26th Street, is a 2 unit set
of EMD roadswitchers making up an intermodal container train. The lead unit is in the EMD Demonstrator / Lease -color scheme, while the 2nd unit is in the current BNSF color scheme.
Bright sunny days like this require one to wear
sunglasses to help one cope with bright glare conditions associated with sun and snow.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Sunrise in suburban Elmwood Park Illinois USA. January 2007.

Good morning everybody!
Welcome to Eddie's Railfan Page.
I took this photograph one morning in January of 2007, as I was leaving My home to go to work.
A new day was begining, and I was fortunate enough to capture the beautiful bright colors the rising sun projected onto the cloud formations.
This view is looking east on George Street.
If one uses their imagination, this could be a scene out of the song "Beautiful Morning" wich was a big hit recording for the 1960's pop music group known as "The Rascals" back in 1968.
Yes, it was a beautiful morning, and a great day.

Eastbound Canadian Pacific switching move. Franklin Park Illinois USA. January 2007.

An eastbound CP Rail EMD roadswitcher with one car in tow, has just cleared the railroad crossing on Scott Street in NW suburban Franklin Park Illinois.

Westbound Norfolk Southern morning freight train on CP Rail.mainline. Chicago Illinois USA. December 2006.

I took this photo at the Metra "Montclair" station at the Chicago city limits with suburban Elmwood Park Illinois. A fast westbound Norfolk Southern Railroad freight train is leaving Chicago and entering suburban Elmwood Park Illinois in a short distance of 2 city blocks east of Harlem Ave. This is the Canadian Pacific Railroads former Milwaukee Road mainline. Many of the freight trains on this line are Transfer trains going or coming from CP Rails Bensenville Yard, to the Belt Railway of Chicago's Clearing Yard in southwest suburban Bedford Park Illinois.