Thursday, August 30, 2007

Another great summer is coming to a close. The Palos Park pool. August 2007.

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I took this photo approximately 2 weeks ago. This is the Palos Park pool, located on west 127th Street near U.S Route # 7 -Southwest Highway in Palos Park Illinois. The swimming session I had attended after work on this day had ended 15 minutes earlier at 7:00 PM. The pool had officially closed for the night, but the fading daylight and gentle waters added to the end of the summer day setting. This was also the last week that the pool would be open for the summer season, and would officially close on the upcoming Sunday afternoon. A last pleasant look.

The Hesston steam museum. Hesston Indiana USA. July 2007.

One of My happiest memorys this summer, was the July 21st, 2007 roadtrip outing My Wife Cheryl and I had taken to the Hesston steam Museum , located in northwest Indiana near New Buffalo Michigan. A two foot meter guage 0-8-0 outside frame steam locomotive originally from East Germany, waits at the Hesston junction depot alongside a 14 inch guage 4-6-4 miniature live steam locomotive. An interesting comparison. Lots of coal smoke and whistle blowing here. The open coaches behind the German steam locomotive, are originally from Chicago's Brookfield Zoo railroad.

Eastbound BNSF Railway switching move. Clyde Yard. Cicero Illinois USA. August 2007.

I took this photo looking south, from the Metra Cicero commuter rail station in August of 2007. Clyde Yard located in immediate west suburban Cicero Illinois at the Chicago city limits, has always been a very busy Chicago rail hub. I could remember as a child in the early 1970's, red and gray Chicago, Burlington & Quincy EMD SD-9's and black and gray EMD SW-7's switching the yard in this area alongside post 1970 Burlington Northern black and green locomotives. Yes, 1972 was a very colorfull year in this area. The Burlington Northern and the Atchinson Topeka & Santa Fe merged in 1995 forming todays BNSF Railway. Once again, colorfull history is repeating itself, as orange and green BNSF locomotives, as well as green and black former BN and blue and yellow, as well as red and silver former Santa Fe locomotives can be seen here daily.

Westbound Metra express commuter train. Hanson Park flagstop depot. Chicago Illinois USA. Early August 2007.

Stand back!
The Metra Hanson Park flagstop depot located near Central and Grand Avenues on Chicago's northside, provides a steady stream of rush hour express and local commuter trains on the CP Rail ex Milwaukee road mainline. The ground leval pedestrian platform crossing signals began ringing nearly two minutes before this westbound Metra express came racing through the station at speed. Whooosh!

The Metra commuter rail station in Worth Illinois. August 2007.

I took this photo just before sunset, in early August of 2007. Seen here on an elevated embankment just east of South Harlem Avenue , just 2 blocks north of West 111th Street, is the Metra, Worth commuter rail station in Chicago's southwest suburbs. This depot is located on the Norfolk Southern ex Wabash railroad mainline. During the 1970's and 80's, this commuter train operated between Chicago and Orland Park Illinois, and was locally refered to as "The Orland Park Cannonball". The line has since been expanded, with Monday to Friday only commuter service between Chicago and Manhatten Illinois. Prior to 1979, this railroad mainline was at ground leval. In the summer of 1979, the right of way was elevated over South Harlem Avenue. There is maybe one or two local switching freight train locals on this line, but most if any of the train service, are the scheduled Metra weekly commuter trains.

Switching in the weeds. The Union Pacific M-19A Diesel Shop. Chicago Illinois USA. August 2007.

I took this photo in August of 2007, looking north from West Kinzie Street. A Union Pacific EMD MP-15 DC yard switcher, is seen spotting a few cars near the Union Pacific M-19A Diesel Shop located at 400 North Pulaski Road in the city of Chicago Illinois. The tall weeds and grass sit above the concrete retaining wall on West Kinzie Street, also the railroad right of way is also a little taller here, as it enters and leaves the underpass viaducts over South Pulaski Road.

Assembling a unit tank train. Crawford Yard. Chicago Illinois USA. August 2007.

Two EMD Roadswitcher diesel locomotives from former railroads -Grand Trunk Western and the Illinois Central, are seen putting together a unit tank car train at the Canadian National Crawford Yard. In the foreground can be seen a trackswitch heater / blower, for use during Chicago's brutally cold winter conditions. I was out on this location shooting pictures at 8 above zero with a stinging windchill factor out of the west in Febuary of 2007. Believe me....Those track switch heater blowers were on 24 -7 and were getting a real mechanical workout during Chicago's deep freeze of 2007.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A summer sunset in Norridge Illinois. June 2007.

Hi everyone!
Welcome aboard Eddie's Railfan Page from Chicago Illinois. I took this photo in early June of 2007. We are looking northwest, from the upper parking deck at the Harlem and Irving Plaza. A lovely early summer day is coming to a close in northwest suburban Norridge Illinois, as the setting sun is heading below the horizon.

Westbound Metra express commuter train. Cicero Illinois USA. August 2007.

I took this photo after work one day, in August of 2007. A westbound Metra express commuter train, is seen racing past the Metra Cicero Illinois commuter rail station enroute to Aurora Illinois. The train is entering the BNSF Railways Clyde Yard, one of many areas this train will pass on it's westbound rush hour journey.

Eastbound CTA Orange line train passing over South Lawndale Avenue. Chicago Illinois USA. June 2007.

I took this photo in early June of 2007. Seen here on Chicago's southwest side, is an eastbound Chicago Transit Authority Orange line train enroute to downtown Chicago. The train has just left the South Pulaski Road rapid transit station, and is now passing over South Lawndale Avenue. Prior to December of 1988, the CTA Orange line right of way, was originally the badly deteriorated ground leval, Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad Stockyards branch.

A former Soo Line engine in Schiller Park Illinois. June 2007.

I took this photo, on a pleasant early summer afternoon, in June of 2007. A young lady is seen taking a leisurely afternoon walk on West Lawrence Avenue, as a former Soo Line locomotive idles in the nearby ex Wisconsin Central yard on the viaduct.

Norfolk Southern transfer train waiting on a hold order. Cragin Junction. Chicago Illinois USA. June 2007.

I took this photo in June of 2007, near the Metra Grand-Cicero commuter rail station on Chicago's northside. A Norfolk Southern transfer train, is seen waiting on the interchange curve at Cragin Junction. Once the trains crew recieves clearance from the dispatcher, the train will then leave the Belt Railway of Chicago trackage and proceed westbound on the Canadian Pacific ex Milwaukee Road mainline to Bensenville Yard.

BNSF Railway EMD roadswitcher at work. Clyde Yard. Cicero Illinois USA. September 2006.

I took this photo after work, on a rainy afternoon in early September of 2006. A BNSF Railway EMD locomotive working in yard switching service, is seen alongside West 26th Street working the large CECO intermodal container facility in west suburban Cicero Illinois.

Westbound BNSF Railway empty unit coal train at sunset. La Grange Illinois USA. September 2006.

Another late summer day is coming to an end in early September of 2006, as a westbound BNSF Railway empty unit coal train heads off into the sunset. I took this photo from the north platform of the Metra La Grange Road commuter rail station, in downtown west suburban La Grange Illinois.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The flooded Des Plaines River. River Grove Illinois USA. Tuesday, August 21st 2007.

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Welcome aboard Eddie's Railfan Page. I took this photo looking east, at the Grand Avenue bridge in northwest suburban River Grove Illinois. The greater Chicagoland area was experiencing heavy night time thunderstorms and torrential rains. This view was taken on Tuesday morning, August 21st 2007 , showing just how high the Des Plaines river had risen. On Thursday, August 23rd 2007 at approximately 4:00 PM...A tornado was spotted in Bolingbrook Illinois, and a nasty storm with high velocity winds racing eastbound, hit the greater Chicagoland area with damaging effects. Many people were without electricity due to fallen trees and branches landing on buildings and power lines. It was a mess!

The poorly maintained Cicero Illinois Metra commuter rail station. August 2007.

The award for the ugliest , most poorly maintained Metra commuter rail station in Chicagoland, has to belong to the Cicero depot.
The Metra Cicero Avenue station, located on South Cicero Avenue between West 26th Street and South Ogden Avenue, has definately seen better days. The station is decaying, and mostly provides a degree of shelter from rainy weather.
The area to the left, is the abandoned former parking lot, now with weeds and grass growing between the cracks. A new parking area exists to the right, out of view from this photograph, and the station platforms are surprisingly, actually well maintained. Hopefully, Metra will replace this station with a newer and more modern flagstop with pleasant architecture and landscaping.

Westbound Canadian Pacific transfer train. River Grove Illinois USA. August 2007.

I took this photo on a rainy afternoon, in August of 2007. The overcast sky and occasional rain showers didn't stop this photographer from capturing this scene at the River Grove Metra commuter rail station. A westbound Canadian Pacific transfer train, is seen passing by the recently painted River Grove station on Thatcher Avenue. In early August of 2007, the upper section of the station below the Spanish style roof, was painted in this attractive shade of light pale green.

BNSF Railway track maintenance crew at work. Hodgkins Illinois USA. August 2007.

I took this photo after work on a cloudy afternoon in August of 2007. Seen here looking east from the former site of the now closed 67th Street grade crossing, is a BNSF Railway M.O.W (maintenance of way) department crew, doing some track work.

The Metra Chicago Ridge commuter rail station. Chicago Ridge Illinois USA. Early August 2007.

I took this lovely sunset photo one evening in early August of 2007. This is the Metra commuter rail station on South Ridgeland Avenue, in Southwest suburban Chicago Ridge Illinois. Another hot summer day was coming to a close in the greater Chicagoland area, as night was just begining to approach shortly after I had left this photo location.

The Rock River Cannonball steam train. Thresherman's Park. Edgarton Wisconsin USA. September 2006.

My Brother in law Ralph took this photo on Labor day weekend in 2006. The narrow guage Rock River Cannonball steam train, operates on the grounds of Thresherman's Park in Edgarton Wisconsin, only on Labor day weekend for the Rock River Thresher's Association reunion / Threshing bee celebration. The locomotive shown here, is a meter guage o-4-0 well tank Henshell steam locomotive from Germany. The locomotive is of an industrial design, and was cosmetically Americanized to look like a western movie locomotive.

Monday, August 27, 2007

The sternwheel steamboat Natchez. New Orleans Louisianna. Febuary 1978.

I took this old photograph in Febuary of 1978. My Family and Me went on a short vacation to New Orleans Louisianna, for the Mardi Gras celebration. Our tour group got us in on many activities. Seen here on the Missisippi River waterfront near the Cafe Du Monde, is the sternwheel steamboat Natchez, wich is a very popular local tourist attraction.

Your Host and Photographer at age 16. The Illinois Railway Museum. Union Illinois USA. September 1978.

Hi everyone!
Welcome aboard Eddie's Railfan Page.
My Family took this photo of Me back in 1978. Here I am using an old secondhand railroad lantern for a photo prop. We were visiting the Illinois Railway Museum on a cool weekend back in September of 1978. The museum was in the process of contemplating future expansion, as the present day trolley loop, and mainline extension wasn't there just yet. The museum made major expansion, acquisitions, and improvements during the early 1980's.

Westbound Norfolk Southern transfer train. The Metra Grand -Cicero commuter rail station. Chicago Illinois USA. July 2007.

A westbound Norfolk Southern Railroad transfer train, has just left the Belt Railway of Chicago interchange at nearby Cragin Junction, and is proceeding westbound on the Canadian Pacific ex Milwaukee Road mainline. The train is passing through the Metra commuter rail station at Grand and Cicero Avenues in Chicago's Cragin neighborhood. Notice the former Conrail locomotive in the engine consisit.

A westbound Canadian National freight train with ex Illinois Central locomotives. Crawford Yard. Chicago Illinois USA. June 2007.

I took this photo after work, one day in early June of 2007. Several north and south transfer trains were occupying the nearby crosstracks at Hawthorne Junction, and this Canadian National freight train with two former Illinois Central locomotives, was suck waiting on a lenghty hold order. Once clearance was given, this train proceeded westbound and departed Chicago.

Eastbound Canadian Pacific intermodal transfer train. Elmwood Park Illinois USA. June 2007.

I took this photo, at the Elmwood Park Illinois Metra commuter rail station on a quiet Sunday afternoon. There wasn't much going on that day, so I decided to take an afternoon walk. Luckilly I had My camera with Me, and spotted this example of a short intermodal train passing through town. Except for a handfull of scheduled Metra commuter trains, the CP Rail ex Milwaukee Road mainline is relatively quiet on Sundays and Holidays, or so it appears to be.

Looking south at Hawthorne Junction. Chicago Illinois USA. March 2007.

Winter was giving way to early Spring, when I took this photo after work back in late March of 2007. We are looking south from Hawthorne Junction, at the Chicago city limits near Cicero Illinois. A southbound CSX Transportation EMD SD 40-2 locomotive is seen up ahead, passing a Canadian National freight train heading into Hawthorne Yard from the Belt Railway of Chicago interchange curve. The steel shed behind the chain link fence, is where the old wooden interlocking tower had stood untill 1990. Just above the name Hawthorne on the sign placcard, is the Belt Railway of Chicago logo.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Dinnertime at the Harlo Grill. 2400 West North Avenue / U.S Route # 64. Melrose Park Illinois. August 2007.

I took this photo one Friday evening after work, in August of 2007. Seen here is this roadside eatery from the 1950's, still serving those inexpensive and hearty homestyle entrees today.

This is the Harlo Grill, located at 2400 West North Avenue, in northwest suburban Melrose Park Illinois. This quaint roadside diner has been in business since 1953, and it is a place that I enjoy visiting occasionally. The food is good here.

Chicago Terminal Railroad EMD yard switcher. Chicago's newest railroad. August 2007.

I took this photo one hot August afternoon in 2007. This is the Chicago Terminal Railroad's rebuilt EMD SW -9 yard switcher parked between assignments. I have spotted this classic 1st generation 1950's vintage locomotive many times, from the adjacent I-90 Kennedy Expressway. The locomotive was parked by the yard office, adjacent to the Elston Block company on North Elston Avenue in Chicago Illinois.

A Burlington Northern RR EMD SD-9 switching in Clyde Yard. Cicero Illinois USA. June 1985.

I took this photo looking southwest, from the Laramie Avenue overpass bridge in Cicero Illinois. An elderly 1950's vintage EMD SD-9, is seen spotting a Burlington Northern 50 foot outside braced boxcar in Clyde Yard.

The old Hawthorne Junction interlocking tower. Chicago Illinois USA. March 1987. Demolished in 1990.

I took this photo in March of 1987. This is the old interlocking tower that controlled the train traffic at Hawthorne Junction. I had spoken to a few railroad crew that were working in the area on My visit that day, and back then...This tower was refered to as "ICG / BELT Tower. The tower guarded the crosstrack junction of the north -south Belt Railway of Chicago, and the east-west Illinois Central Gulf -Iowa Division Mainline.
This view is looking north. The location is approximately 5 city blocks east of the border with west suburban Cicero Illinois at West 33rd Street. The tower was officially phased out and demolished in the year of 1990.

Flagging the railroad crossing. The East troy Electric Railroad and Museum. East troy Wisconsin USA. September 1994.

A museum vollunteer is seen flagging the rural highway crossing to stop all the vechicle traffic, so that a small procession of electric equipment can pass through. The red car ahead of My train, is a former Chicago, South Shore & South Bend modernized heavyweight M.U coach, that has been converted into a ding car.

Eastbound CTA Orange line train approaching South Lawndale Avenue. June 2007.

I took this photograph on a hot early summer day in June of 2007. An eastbound CTA Orange line train to downtown Chicago, has just departed the South Pulaski Road station, and is seen approaching the South Lawndale Avenue underpass bridge enroute to the next stop at South Kedzie Avenue. The ground leval track in the foreground, belongs to the Belt Railway of Chicago, and serves the nearby BNSF Corwith Yard. The overhead floodlights behind the train, mark the location of the Curie High School / Chicago Park District -athletic field. I attended Curie High School from 1977 to 1981, and enjoyed many an outdoor gym class here.

The Hindsdle Illinois Metra commuter rail station. Late June 2007.

I took this photo one evening after work, in early June of 2007. This is the westbound platform and canopy style shelter, at the BNSF / Metra commuter rail station in west suburban Hindsdale Illinois. The cloudy day was winding down as night would soon be approaching. A westbound Metra local to Aurora Illinois would soon be arriving here any minute.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Montana Charlie's Little America flea market. Lemont Illinois USA. May 1987.

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During the mid to late 1980's, My family would occasionally visit the Montana Charlie's flea market , located on South Joliet Road in Lemont Illinois. Montana Charlies was just a short distance from the I-55 Stevenson Expressway exit, near the border of Romeoville Illinois. During the spring and early summer, it was nice to come here, stroll around in the fresh air, and occasionally find a nice bargain or two to come home with. We enjoyed coming here in the 80's.

Westbound Iowa, Chicago & Eastern Railroad freight train. River Grove Illinois USA. August 2007.

I took this photograph two weeks ago, in northwest suburban River grove Illinois. A westbound Iowa, Chicago & Eastern Railroad transfer train, is seen crossing thatcher Avenue on a hot August afternoon. The train is traveling over the Canadian Pacific ex Milwaukee Road mainline.

Disabled 1908 wooden interurban coach. The East troy Electric Railroad and Museum. East troy Wisconsin USA. September 2006.

A recently restored 1908 Cincinnati Car Company wooden interurban coach from Sheboygan Wisconsin, has run into mechanical problems, and was ordered to stay put untill further notice. One of the cars axel bearings began to run hot while operating on the museum's demonstration trolley mainline. The red 1920's vintage car from Philidelphia Pennsylvania, has just brought a load of passengers to this midway point on the line. Soon a 1924 vintage Milwaukee Wisconsin city streetcar, will arrive from the east, and take the transfering passengers to the Elegent Farmer produce stand and terminal in Mukwonogo Wi.

Oregon Lumber Company 3 Foot guage Shay logging locomotive. The Hesston Steam Museum. Hesston Indiana USA. July 2007.

I took this photo inside the enginehouse and shops, at the Hesston Steam Museum in northwest Indiana. The Shay logging locomotive seen here, was built by the Lima Locomotive Works in Lima Ohio in the year of 1927, and had origianlly worked for the New Mexico Lumber Company, and a short time later -The Oregon Lumber Company. After retirement in the early 1960's, this locomotive briefly pulled narrow guage tourist trains on the Black Hiolls Central RR in Keystone South Dakota USA. The locomotive came to the Hesston Indiana museum during the early 1970's and was mechanically restored. The Shay locomotive operated for 10 years from 1975 to 1985, when a disasterous May 1985 enginhouse fire severely damaged # 7.
After many years of renewed restoration efforts and a new enginehouse, Number # 7 returned to steam on Labor day weekend in September of 2006.
Shay locomotives where a practical industrial design, and was at home working on logging, mining and various industrial railroads. Notice the three verticle marine style cylinders alongside the boiler and how they connect to driveshafts leading to the locomotives geared trucks. These locomotives had plenty of torque, and where very agile on rough or uneven track as well as on sharp curves. However, they where not very fast on speed.

Metra cab controll car details. Chicago Illinois USA. August 2007.

I took this underside detail photo at the Metra Forest Glen commuter rail flagstop depot. The solonoid operated stationary bell, gives this commuter coach's identity away, as being a cab controll car. Cab controll cars, are the cars You see leading the inbound Metra commuter trains to downtown Chicago. They have an engineers / operators compartment with a locomotive controll stand. The controll stand is hooked up to cable , and air brake line connections that run through the lenght of the commuter coaches, all the way to the locomotive that pushes the train on the rear end of the arriving train to Chicago. In past decades, locomotives had to be turned or run around the commuter trains at the terminal destinations. Cab controll Bi leval cars were introduced in Chicago during the mid 1950's. The Chicago & NorthWestern RR had the 1st ones.

Former Southern Railroad boxcars. Bridgeview Illinois USA. August 2007.

I took this photo after work one evening in early August of 2007. Seen here at the outdoor loading dock of a construction materials company spur siding, is a group of three slightly grafitti tagged, pre 1982 Southern Railroad 50 foot outside braced boxcars. In the year of 1982, the Southern Railroad and the Norfolk & Western, had merged and became todays Norfolk Southern Railroad. This is an example, of how former railroad names and color schemes can still be found rolling around many years after their names and color schemes disappeared through mergers , bankruptcies or abandonements. Into the early 1990's, I would still see freight cars from the pre 1970 Great Northern, Northern Pacific and Chicago, Burlington & Quincy railroads that made up the Burlington Northern, still passing through La Grange Illinois after the fact.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Mario's Italian Lemonade on West Taylor Street. Chicago Illinois USA. June 1985.

I took this photo on Chicago's famous Taylor Street, back in June of 1985. My family made an occasional visit or two at Mario's Italian Lemonade for some delicious and refreshing summertime neighborhood treets. Mario's on West Taylor Street near the University of Chicago Circle Campus, brought back many a happy summer memory growing up here in the windy city. This is one of the last examples, of a seasonal neighborhood refreshment stand business, like You would have seen in past decades in the city of Chicago or anywhere.

Northbound Pace bus on Thatcher Avenue. River Grove Illinois USA. August 2007.

Hello everybody!
Welcome aboard Eddie's Railfan Page. Today is "Bus Day" here at My local Chicagoland transportation blog site.
I took this photograph Monday afternoon this week, looking east from the Metra River grove commuter rail station on North Thatcher Avenue. A suburban Pace bus in the attractive yellow stripe scheme, added a dash of color to an otherwise cloudy and rainy Chicago afternoon.

Gomaco replica streetcar trolley bus. Chicago Illinois USA. July 2007.

I photographed this Gomaco replica trolley bus, on West Addison Street near the ! 90 Kennedy Expressway. Seen here parked at a muffler service garage, is a specially built replica bus used for Wedding Rentals, or other special chartered occasions ,such as parades or various different civic events. These buses are built on a straight truck chasis, and are designed to look like the old electric streetcars that rolled along city streets during the early 20th century.
It even has a trolley gong as well. Clang Clang!
Many of these have gained popularity in recent years working for sightseeing tour companys.

Westbound CTA Nova bus passing under the West 47th Street railroad viaduct. Chicago Illinois USA. July 2007.

A westbound CTA Route # 47 -West 47th Street Nova bus, is seen in rush hour traffic on West 47th Street near South knox Avenue. The bus is passing underneath the Belt Railway of Chicago viaduct, wich is the only way "Not" to get stopped by long slow moving transfer trains on the Belt Railway of Chicago in this neighborhood.

The Greyhound bus maintenance facility on North Halsted Street. Chicago Illinois USA. October 2006.

I photographed this Greyhound bus on the upper deck of their maintenance facility on North Halsted Street alongside the Chicago River. This is located on the east side of North Halsted Street between West Division Street and west Chicago Avenue, just outside of downtown Chicago.

School bus in trafffic. Maywood Illinois USA. October 2006.

I took this photo while heading northbound on 1st Avenue, in the suburb of Maywood near the Hines Veteran's Administration Hospital. The tinted windows, safety flashers, roof lights and turn signals with arrows, gives one an idea of the details that these buses are built with.

Rush hour at West 26th Street and South Kedzie Avenue. Chicago Illinois USA. March 2007.

I was passing through My old Chicago neighborhood I grew up in one day after work, back in March of 2007. A Chicago Transit Authority 2006 New Flyer low floor transit coach working the Route # 60 Blue Island bus line, has just came to a stop at 26th and Kedzie to pick up passengers. The building containing the large Rossi Brothers furniture store, once held several other businesses prior to 1975. The corner of the building on South Kedzie Avenue, once was the home to the "Snow White Grill." ( a greasy spoon)
Where the bus has stopped used to be a Rexall Drug Store. This is Little Village in 2007.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The North Ashland Avenue bridge. Chicago Illinois USA. August 2007.

I took this photo looking north on the east side of this old decommisioned drawbridge on North Ashland Avenue. This old now stationary former drawbridge, is located on North Ashland Avenue between West Fullerton and Armitage Avenues in an industrial district. This bridge is located on the North branch of the Chicago River. Most of the bridges on the Chicago River, have been repainted into a maroon / rust primer color. This one is surprisingly still in the old light gray colors from past years. It has been a stationary bridge for many years now with the pedestrian and automobile gates and signals removed, however the bridge tenders towers are still in place.

Union Pacific locomotives idling. Proviso Yard. Bellwood Illinois USA. August 2007.

I took this photo looking east, from the Manheim Road -U.S Route # 12 /45 overpass bridge. A three unit set of Union Pacific EMD Roadswitchers, are seen idling in the hot summer sun approximately 6 city blocks east of the diesel shop. Proviso Yard is a major railroad hub terminal located in Chicago's near northwest suburbs. Prior to the 1998 merger and absorbtion by the Union Pacific, this was a Chicago & Northwestern Railroad facility.

Old photograph. Chicago & NorthWestern Railroad train wreck. Geneva Illinois USA. 1976.

My cousin Allen took this wreck scene photo, in Geneva Illinois back in 1976. Even though this is an old faded pocket camera photo, it still shows a behind the scenes view of a derailment accident, and the cleanup from the aftermath of it all. The C&NW Maintenance of Way Department had to utilize this large heavy duty diesel wrecker crane to re-rail the large EMD roadswitcher. Cranes like this were referred to by railroad crews as a "Big Hook", and were called on when needed.

Evening departure for the Kiddieland Limited. Kiddieland Amusement Park. Melrose Park Illinois USA. June 2007.

I took this photo one evening in June of 2007. The local public schools had just closed for summer vacation approximately one week earlier, and now the Kiddieland Amusement Park in northwest suburban Melrose Park Illinois was begining their summer weeknight season. The miniature 14 inch guage Kiddieland Limited, was preparing to leave the Miniature Railroad station for another lap around the property at sunset.