Thursday, May 31, 2007

Switching activity at the BNSF Railway's Clyde Yard. Cicero Illinois USA. May 2007.

I took this photo after work one evening, in May of 2007. Seen here just east of the south Laramie Avenue overpass bridge, are two diesel locomotives from predecessor railroads Burlington Northern, and the Atchinson, Topeka & Santa Fe switching a cut of intermodal container cars. The BNSF Railway Clyde Yard in immediate west suburban Cicero Illinois, has always been a major Chicagoland rail hub. I took this view alongside west 26th Street in the village of Cicero Illinois, just before sunset.

A cut of locomotives on a hold order. The BNSF Railway mainline. Chicago Illinois USA. May 2007.

I was walking across the south Central Avenue bridge in the area around west suburban Stickney Illinois, in May of 2007 after work.

A four unit set of General Electric roadswitchers from the Norfolk Southern Railroad and BNSF, are seen waiting on a hold order to proceed east.

Just ahead of this train approximately 60 feet on the same track, is a BNSF intermodal container train that was also stopped on a hold order.

Approximately one mile east of here, is Nerska Junction, where the BNSF ex A,T & S,F mainline crosses and interchanges with the Belt Railway of Chicago. Approximately 2 miles east of Nerska Junction is Ash Street Junction where the Norfolk Southern ,CSX and several railroads cross over. Several north and south transfer trains were proboubly the cause for this railroad traffic jam on the southwest side of Chicago, on this lovely spring afternoon.

The end of the line in Harvard Illinois USA. June 1996.

I took this photo one afternoon in Harvard Illinois USA, back in June of 1996. I was on
a one week vacation from My then STINGY -and very
CHEAP PAYING JOB, and unfortunately couldn't really afford to go anywhere on a vacation. I ended up settling for a local vacation instead, and discovered a few Chicagoland places
to visit.
One day, I bought a roundtrip ticket and took a ride on the Chicago & NorthWestern RR / Metra Northwest line, and spent a lovely afternoon in Harvard Illinois. Harvard is the west terminal on this line. The train I had just arrived on, had just cleared a track switch the conductor had thrown, and was now getting ready to back out of town and head southeast back to Chicago. It was a pleasant 3 hour visit to a rural, but yet upcoming community in northwest Mc.Henry County.
Harvard Illinois was a small farm town / mini city with many storefronts over 100 years old.

The Canadian National Railroad Glen Yard. Chicago Illinois USA. April 2000.

I took this photo at work 7 years ago, when I was employed as a delivery truck driver. Seen here at approximately south Austin Avenue and west 49th Street, is the Canadian National Glen Yard.

The previous year of 1999, saw this former Illinois Central facility become Canadian National through a merger. Blue and red Grand Trunk Western and Central Vermont diesel locomotives, were becoming a now common sight at this time. There was still plenty of black and white Illinois Central locomotives working here, but now engines from the Grand Trunk Western and the Canadian National were taking over.
I was making a delivery to a nearby factory alongside the railroad property on this day.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Northbound Metra early afternoon arrival at the Edgebrook commuter rail station. Chicago Illinois USA. May 2007.

I took this photo at work one day in May of 2007. Seen here arriving just around noon, is a northbound Metra commuter rail train enroute to Fox Lake Illinois. This line is a former Milwaukee Road mainline. The Edgebrook station, is on the far northwest side of Chicago, and is located near the intersections of Devon, Caldwell, Central and Lehigh Avenues. This outpost community on the Chicago city limits, is located near the towns of Niles and Skokie Illinois. Edgebrook is a pleasant upscale community.

A Chicago & NorthWestern RR diesel locomotive on display. The West Chicago Illinois Railroad Days Celebration. July 1983.

I took this photo at the July 1983 West Chicago Railroad Days celebration. Seen here on display, is an EMD roadswitcher with hood doors opened for display, and exposing the diesel prime mover.

A springtime morning in La Grange Park Illinois. Early April 2007.

I took this lovely morning photo, in the early Springtime back in April of 2007. We are looking westbound on Washington Street near U.S Route # 12 /45, in west suburban La Grange Park Illinois.
Although the tracks were empty as it was between train times, the crossing gate on the Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad is always at the ready, and is kept in excellent operating condition.
It was a chilly morning with temperatures in the upper 40's, but the bright sunshine, blue skies and fresh green grass had made it look special. The morning quiet was punctuated by the sounds of birds.

Eastbound CSX Transportation intermodal train. Hayford Junction. Chicago Illinois USA. March 2007.

I took this photo after work one evening in March of 2007. Seen here proceeding eastbound through Hayford Junction on the southwest side of Chicago, is a recently painted General Electric A.C 4400 CW diesel locomotive pulling a long transfer train of container cars.

Case steam tractor in action. Steam threshing meet at the Taylor Marshall Farm. Sycamore Illinois USA. August 1986.

In August of 1986, I went on a family outing to Sycamore Illinois to a place called The Taylor Marshall Farm. They were having a steam threshing bee on this farm. Part of the festivities included a parade of antique steam and gas powered tractors. Seen here chugging past Me, is an old J.I Case steam powered agricultural threshing tractor from the early 1900's.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Chicago during the 1920's.

I took this photo at work one day in May of 2007.
This is a picture I had taken, of a picture behind the service desk, at the Market Place on Oakton store in Skokie Illinois. (Sorry, time machines weren't invented just yet folks. Dang it!)

This photograph, is believed to have been taken at the six corners shopping district. Six corners is located in the Cragin neighborhood community on Chicago's northwest side, at the intersections of west Irving Park Road, north Milwaukee Avenue ,and north Cicero Avenue. 1920's era automobiles share the street with Chicago Surface Lines electric streetcars, in what is still a very congested Chicago shopping district today.

If anybody has any information on this photo or location, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You.

Franksville Restaurant.Located on the southwest corner of North Harlem Avenue and west Addison Street. Chicago Illinois USA. October 2006.

I took this night time photo back in October of 2006, on Chicago's northwest side. Seen here at the corner of Harlem and Addison, is a locally successfull hot dog and fast food restaurant known as Franksville. The steam locomotive characture, and engineer using french fries for fuel, gives their sign a unique local charm.

Evening rush hour at the La Grange Illinois Metra commuter rail station. Early April 2007.

I took this photo after work one evening in early April of 2007. A cold and wet rain was begining to fall, as a westbound commmuter local to Aurora Illinois, had just stopped to pick up and detrain passengers.

Retired 1981 vintage Santa Fe caboose. The Santa Fe Prairie exhibit. Hodgkins Illinois USA. January 2007.

I took this photo back in early January of 2007.
This preserved caboose from the former Atchinson, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad, is now on display in Hodgkins Illinois, at a nature preserve on the north bank of the Des Plaines River. This exhibit, a few other artifacts, and prairie plants and grasses, is located on River Road south of the BNSF Railway mainline, just east of the village of Willow Springs Illinois.

The preserved Chicago & Great Western Railroad depot from Elmhurst Illinois. November 2006.

I took this night time photo in early November of 2006. I was passing through Elmhurst Illinois on York Street, when I spotted this old preserved train station in a city park near Valette Street.

The Chicago & Great Western Railroad was absorbed by the Chicago & NorthWestern Railroad in a 1968 merger. Their mainline ran through northwest suburban Elmhurst Illinois, immediately adjacent to the Chicago, Aurora & Elgin Railroad mainline. The C,A & E abandoned electric passenger service in 1957 and freight trains in 1959. The C,A & E right of way, is now the Illinois Prairie Path bicycle trail. The C&GW railroad line through here was abandoned and dismantled shortly after the 1968 C&NW merger.

Friday, May 25, 2007

A former Illinois Central locomotive switching the east end of the CN Glen Yard. Chicago Illinois USA, May 2007.

I took this photo after work this monday evening. We are looking down from the east side of the south Central Avenue overpass bridge, on the south side of the I-55 Stevenson Expressway.

A former Illinois Central Railroad diesel engine, is seen at work pushing a cut of tank cars west, at the Canadian National Railroad's Glen Yard.

Glen Yard prior to 1972, was originally a facility used by the Gulf, Mobile & Ohio Railroad.

This black EMD locomotive, was still at work wearing the colors and markings of the former Illinois Central Railroad, wich was absorbed by the Canadian National Railroad through a merger back in the year of 1999.

Stopped by a CSX intermodal train on west 123rd Street. Alsip Illinois USA. Early May 2007.

I took this photo at work one afternoon, in early May of 2007. Once again, a northbound CSX Transportation intermodal train travelling over the Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad, has blocked the railroad crossing on west 123rd Street in south suburban Alsip Illinois. Luckilly, it was moving at a pretty good speed.

A,T & S,F caboose brakewheel. Hodgkins Illinois USA. January 2007.

This is a scene all too familiar to railroad crews.
This view was taken from the platform of a-
retired Atchinson, Topeka & Santa Fe 1981
vintage wide vision caboose.

This caboose is part of a nature display in
suburban Hodgkins Illinois, knows as th
Santa Fe Prairie.

The Berwyn Illinois Metra commuter rail station at twilight. March 2007.

I took this photo one very overcast evening after work, back in March of 2007. Seen here at the intersection of Oak Park Avenue and Windsor Street, is one of three Metra commuter rail stations in west suburban Berwyn Illinois.

The Kiddieland Railroads only crossing gate. Kiddieland Amusement Park. Melrose Park Illinois USA. November 2006.

I took this photo one morning on My way to work, back in early November of 2006. This behind the scenes photo, was taken from the east parking lot, looking through a chain link fence.

This is the one and only railroad crossing gate on the miniature 14 inch track guage Kiddieland RR.
This gate, is modeled after an older style of railroad crossing gates from the steam era.
Todays modern railroad gates are of an offset design, and have a single breakaway arm.

The gate shown here, is an older 2 blade straight arm design from the 1930's and 40's era. The black and white stripes were the industry standard on American railroad crossing gates untill
1972, when the current red and white was adopted for safety and visibility. Many crossing gates from this period were manually controlled from an operators tower, and were usually powered
pnuematically -by compressed air -or electric motors. Some were chain drived or even hand cranked back in the early crossing gate days. Notice the bell on the electric motor box.

Many older style "Straight Gates", can be found in operation today on many of the drawbridges on the Chicago River.

Kiddieland had just closed for the season approximately 2 weeks before I took this photo.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

CTA Route # 77 Belmont Avenue bus just west of Harlem Avenue. Chicago Illinois USA. August 2006.

Hello everyone!
Welcome aboard Eddie's Railfan Page.
Today is "Bus Day" here at my transportation blog site from the city of Chicago Illinois USA.

I took this photo in the afternoon around the time that rush hour was begining on west Belmont Avenue. The Chicago Transit Authority uses this extra bus turnaround at Belmont and Octavia during rush hour operations.

Eastbound GMC / Bluebird school bus. Chicago Illinois USA. Early April 2007.

I took this photo at work one morning, in early April of 2007. Seen here heading eastbound at the intersection of west Lawrence and north Cumberland Avenues, is a local school bus heading into suburban Norridge Illinois.

Westbound CTA Route # 78 Montrose Avenue bus. Corner of west Montrose and north Lincoln Avenues. Chicago Illinois USA. Early April 2007.

A westbound CTA Flxible Metro transit coach has just got the green light at the Lincoln avenue intersection, and is now proceeding west along Montrose Avenue. This is in Chicago's Lakeview neighborhood community.

Chicago Transit Authority 2006 Optimus Opus 30 foot coach. Chicago Illinois USA. Febuary 2007.

I took this photo during the Chicago deep freeze back in Febuary of 2007. Seen here on Chicago's far northwest side at north Harlem and west
Bryn Mwar Avenues, is a very salt stained 2006 Optimus Opus transit coach. These little 30 foot buses are used primarilly in the area around suburban Norridge Illinois.
The exteme cold sub zero conditions in Chicago, made it next to impossible to keep vechicles clean. It was too cold to wash cars dure to door locks freezing and ice forming, so there was no choice than to live with rock salt and road grime stains.

Church bus. Chicago Illinois USA. Febuary 2006.

I took this photo of a retired Greyhound bus, on Chicago's westside during Febuary of 2007.
I was enroute back to My company with My sales paperwork at the end of another workday.
Seen here on north Pine Avenue near west Lake Street, is a former interstate coach now used as a church bus for a local neighborhood parish.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Westbound Canadian National switching train at Hawthorne Junction. Chicago Illinois USA. May 2007.

I took this photo after work one evening in May of 2007. A westbound Canadian National train of tank cars, is seen passing over the Belt Railway of Chicago crosstracks at Hawthorne Junction, at the Chicago city limits. Once this train is past the crosstracks, it will back down the interchange lead alongside the abandoned and soon to be redeveloped, Bel Air Drive In movie theatre property. Prior to 1999, the railroad line this train is moving on, was the former Illinois Central Railroad's Iowa Division mainline.

Covered hopper cars from successsor and predessescor railroad. Hawthorne Junction. Chicago Illinois USA. March 2007.

I spotted an interesting comparison firsthand, on this southbound BNSF unit grain train. I took this photo after work one evening in March of 2007. Seen here moving slowly, is a southbound BNSF Railway unit grain train traveling over the Belt Railway of Chicago tracks at Hawthorne junction.
In the year of 1995 , the Burlington Northern Railroad, and the Atchinson, Topeka & Santa Fe had merged and became todays BNSF Railway.
The car to the left is in the current BNSF color scheme and markings, while the car to the right, is still wearing the 1970's era Cascade Green with a large BN logo.

Former Burlington Northern RR wide vision cabooses. BNSF Railway Clyde Yard. Cicero Illinois USA. January 2007.

Although the Burlington Northern, and the Atchinson, Topeka & Santa Fe railroads had merged in 1995 and became todays BNSF Railway...You can still find old rolling stock in the former railroads markings and color schemes.
These two old 1960's and 70's vintage wide vision cupola cabooses, were seen in January of 2007 near the south Cicero Avenue underpass bridge along west Ogden Avenue.
The BNSF Railways Clyde Yard in west suburban Cicero Illinois, has always been a major Chicago terminal hub operation for freight trains. There is lots of activity here.

The Chicago Transit Authority Kimball Avenue yard and terminal. April 1986.

I took this photo at west Lawrence and north Kimball Avenues, back in April of 1986. Back in 1986, this was the CTA Ravenswood Elevated Line, but today it is known as the CTA Brown line. This is the north -west terminal at Lawrence Avenue. The two 1950's era cars with the green stripe around the standee windows, are the CTA's original 6000 series cars # 6101 and 6102.
These two cars are preserved and on display today, at the Fox River Trolley Museum located in South Elgin Illinois.

Eastbound Atchinson,Topeka & Santa Fe freight train. Mc.Cook Illinois USA. November 1989.

I took this photo one November evening, back in pre BNSF days. An eastbound A,T & S,F freight train has just passed over the Indiana Harbor Belt RR crosstracks at Mc.Cook Junction, and is seen racing to Chicago just around sunset.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Westbound Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad auto rack train. Franklin Park Illinois USA. Early September 2006.

A westbound IHB transfer train of auto racks, is seen heading to the Canadian Pacific Railroad yard in nearby Bensenville Illinois USA.

Eastbound Kiddieland Limited approaching the boarding station. Kiddieland Amusement Park. Melrose Park Illinois USA. August 2006.

I took this photo near the west end of the amusement park. This was a difficult photo to take due to the chain link fencing along the south side of the railroad line. The now eastbound Kiddieland Limited gas powered replica streamliner, has just rounded the curve on the west end of the property, and is heading to the Kiddieland train station to disembark these riders, and take on more passengers. The Kiddieland miniature railroad, circles the amusement parks perimiter in a counter clockwise rotation. The train is painted in the "Daylight" color scheme used by the Southern Pacific Railroad during the 1940's and 50's era. This is a short but pleasant ride.

Rapid transit cars from Chicago and Philadelphia. The East Troy Electric Railroad and Museum. East Troy Wisconsin USA. September 2006.

A 1920 's era standard 4000 series rapid transit car from Chicago Illinois, and a lightweight later model from Philadelphia Pennsylvania, are seen coupled together on a shuttle passenger train. The red Philadelphia car, was refered to as a Stratford car, and was originally used on the 3rd rail high speed Norristown Line.
Although this train is operating under overhead wire, the former Chicago car still retains it's third rail shoes on the cars trucks.

The last run C,& N,W / Metra EMD E-8 fantrip. Saturday, October 28th 1989. First photo runby location. Palatine Illinois.

Saturday, October 28th 1989 was an overcast Autum day in the greater Chicagoland area. The Chicago chapter of the NRHS, the Chicago & NorthWestern Railroad, and Metra, ran the farewell retirement fantrip charter for the 3 remaining early 1950's vintage EMD E-8 diesels. This trip ran from Chicago to Harvard Illinois and back behind the 3 E-8's.
This was the first photo runby location, at the Palatine Illinois commuter rail station. Several people were on the platform with cameras and home video equipment to record this historic event.

Monday, May 21, 2007

A message from Boris Badenov.

Come poopsie!
First We get on Eddie's Railfan Page, and then
We get Moose and squirrel. Nyeah heh heh heh!

Hi everyone!
Welcome aboard Eddie's Railfan Page from Chicago.
My Wife and Brother in law, were having a little fun
recently clowning around on camera with this fedora
hat one night, and I got to join in and have a blast.

I grew up in Chicago during the 1960's and 70's, and
I have always been a fan of the old Jay Ward cartoons.
The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle were always
a favorite of Mine, as well as Superchicken -Roger Ramjet
George of the Jungle -Tom Slick -Fractured Fairy Tales
Hoppity Hooper, and many others. ( I enjoyed the humor.)

I always wondered how I would look like as a cartoon villain.

The Western Springs Illinois Metra commuter rail station. Early September 2006.

I took this photo after work one evening, back in September of 2006. Seen here in a beautiful sunset scene, is the Metra commuter rail station that serves the upscale village of Western Springs , located in Chicago's western suburbs.
Western Springs, is located between the towns of LaGrange and Hindsdale Illinois on the BNSF Railway mainline. Prior to March 2nd 1970, this was originally the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad line.

Eastbound Belt Railway of Chicago transfer train. Hayford Junction. Chicago Illinois USA. May 1987.

I took this photo on a lovely Spring afternoon, back in May of 1987. A two unit set of Belt Railway of Chicago yard switchers, are bringing a transfer train eastbound at Hayford Junction.
Hayford Junction is located at west 75th Street and south Central Park Avenue in Chicago's Ashburn neighborhood. This is in close proximity to Daley College, and the Ford City shopping center. The single story white control tower, was demolished during the early 1990's.

Steam locomotive details. Union Pacific 2-8-0 # 533. Rawlins Wyoming USA. June 1984.

I took this photo on a June 1984 vacation.
I was returning to Chicago on a motorcoach
vacation. On the return leg of a vacation that
took My Mother and Myself to Yellowstone
National Park ,Jackson Hole Wyoming,-
Mount Rushmore ,The Chief Crazy Horse
monument (in the early phases of construction)
and many other destinations in the American
West, We had spent a night in Rawlins Wyoming.
Not far from our Motel lodging, was this old
steam locomotive on display in a local city park.
The late day sun, really shows the detail of the locomotives driving wheels, rods, and appliances.

Sunset in Chicago's Norwood Park community. April 2007.

I took this end of the day photo after work, one evening in early April of 2007. I was on the outbound platform, of the Metra Norwood Park commuter rail station. Although it was a quiet period between train times, the magic of an early Springtime sunset made My journey worthwhile. This is the crossing gate on Raven Street, on Chicago's far northwest side. The rail line , is the Union Pacific /Metra northwest line to Harvard Illinois.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Fun Chicago summer memory's. Saint Clair of Montifalco parish carnival. West 54th Street and south Washtinaw Avenue. Chicago Illinois USA. June 1987.

Hello Everyone!
Welcome aboard "Eddie's Railfan Page".
Before We begin our photographic railfan journey today, I thought it would be nice to share one of My many happy Chicago summer memorys with You.
Summer is coming soon once again to the Windy City. Seen here, in early June of 1987, is an annual summer carnival that I used to attend in Chicago's -Gage Park neighborhood community.

Every year in early June, the Saint Clair of Montifalco Catholic Parish near west 55th Street and south California Avenue, puts on this really nice neighborhood summer carnival. It was fun.

Sewer treatment plant railroad. Stickney Illinois USA. Early September 2006.

I took this unique ariel photograph after work one day, from the south Central Avenue overpass bridge in west suburban Stickney Illinois. This is the locomotive enginehouse and servicing shop, for the Greater Chicago Water Reclamation Districts plant on west 39th Street / Pershing Road. In the background behind the two green 1951 vintage EMD SW-1 yard switchers, is the Chicago city skyline. This industrial railroad hauls processed solid sewer waste product, to various dumpsites alongside the I-55 Stevenson Expressway in the areas near Hodgkins -Countryside -and Willow Springs Illinois.

Milwaukee Road 4-8-4 steam locomotive # 261. Better late than never. Arriving at the 1998 Galesburg Illinois Railroad Days.

On Saturday, June 17th 1998...I rode behind restored Milwaukee Road steam locomotive #261 from Chicago to Galesburg Illinois, on a fantrip sponsored by the 20th Century Railroad Club of Chicago.

The trip started out alright, but by the time we were riding through Meridan Illinois out in the cornfields, Number # 261's number # 2 right side main axel bearing began running "Hot". The train had to be stopped for some emergency servicing. We sat out in the hot Illinois sun, and waited for clearance. We were rolling again on a slow order, and soon had to make an emergency servicing stop again, and let some freight trains go around us. This happened a few more times that day, and we finally made it out to Galesburg Illinois just before sunset. By then, it was too late. The Galesburg festival was winding down, and the stores were closed for the day. We were told to wait by the Galesburg station, as our return train to Chicago, pulled with a substitute diesel locomotive, would be here in about an hour. I was able to take a few photos at the Galesburg Railroad Museum nearby, but that was about it. Around twilight, we were heading back to Chicago behind an Elderly EMD SD-9 still in Burlington Northern markings and colors.

After spending a night at the Galesburg enginehouse, the # 261 pulled the Sunday return train to Chicago after having her driving axel bearings machined / replaced. Oh well.

The Metra commuter rail station in SW suburban Chicago Ridge Illinois USA. Early May 2007.

I took this photo looking southwest from Ridgeland Avenue, in the suburban village of Chicago Ridge Illinois. Chicago Ridge , is a pleasant suburban town in the Oaklawn Area.
The commuter rail service on this former Wabash Railroad line has been steadilly increasing, and now the trains terminate in Manhatten Illinois.

Westbound Metra commuter rail train. The Metra Cicero / Grand Avenue station. Chicago Illinois USA. May 2007.

I took this photo at work one morning, in Early May of 2007. Seen here looking south on north Cicero Avenue near Armitage, is a westbound morning Metra commuter local. The train has just pulled into the station at Cicero and Grand avenues just west of Craigin Junction. Prior to 1985, this railroad line was the former Milwaukee Road Railroad.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

a 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air coupe. A neighborhood "Classic". Elmwood Park Illinois USA.

I took this photo in My neighborhood last year.
Seen here in lovely northwest suburban Elmwood Park Illinois, is this privately owned black and white 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air coupe.
It is good to have a camera with You, because You will never know when a really cool looking set of wheels will come along. This is a timeless classic amongst antique car collectors today. The owner has done a wonderful restoration job.

Westbound CTA "Pink line" train leaving the Kostner Avenue station. Chicago Illinois USA. Late April 2007.

I took this photo after work one day, in late April of 2007. I was fortunate enough to have a front row seat i directly in front of the crossing gate.
It appears that the trains motorman has spotted Me taking a snapshot from My cars open window.
I guess that us railfans aren't too common here.

The train is just approximately 6 blocks from the Chicago city limits, at the border of Cicero Illinois.

Orange IHB locomotives switching Argo Yard. Summit Illinois USA. Early January 2007.

One of My favorite railroad color schemes in recent times, is the beautiful bright orange and black that the Indiana Harbor Belt began using in 2005. This isn't the first IHB orange color scheme either. During 1980, the IHB began painting a small fleet of their old EMD NW-2 switchers in a much more plain looking orange with black letters, and was "Short Lived".
Seen here moving eastbound past the yard office with a cut of cars, are two larger EMD roadswitchers in the IHB's "New" orange colors.
These beautiful bright orange locomotives were just the thing to add color to a gray winter sky.

Motormans cab view from a 1924 Milwaukee Wisconsin city streetcar. The East Troy Electric Railroad and Museum. East Troy Wisconsin USA. September 2006

I took this photo last September on My honeymoon vacation , in lovely East Troy Wisconsin, near Lake Geneva.
We are looking east on the museum's demonstaration mainline from the motormans cab. Compare these simple controls with todays "Hi Tech" computer controlled systems.

Northbound Iowa,Chicago & Eastern freight train on a hold order. The Belt Railway of Chicago trackage. Chicago Illinois USA. November 2006.

I took this photo one morning at work, back in late November of 2006. Seen here on the Belt Railway of Chicago's elevated embankment just north of west Lake Street, is a northbound unit grain train from the midwest regional railroad -"Iowa ,Chicago & Eastern". There was lots of morning east and west railroad traffic approximately one mile north at Craigin Junction. This train and one approximately 30 feet ahead of it on the same track, were stuck there waiting for clearance from the dispatcher.

Night time at the La Grange Road commuter rail station. La Grange Illinois USA. March 1983.

This is one of My "Early" railfan photographs.
I took this photo on a cold night, in early March of 1983. A westbound Burlington Northern commuter local enroute to Aurora Illinois, had just stopped to let off a few commuter passengers at the La Grange Road station. Some of the trains cars were now running empty, wich is why the conductors decided to shut off the coach interior lights on the first two cars. Soon the twin engined 1953 vintage EMD E-9 on the head end, will be rumbling off into the night making all stops between Chicago and Aurora Illinois.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Restaurant specials. Darcy Lynn's Snack Shop. 8605 west Ogden Avenue. Lyons Illinois USA.

Good morning everyone!
Welcome aboard "Eddie's Railfan Page".
I thought it would be nice to start todays posting with a good hearty BREAKFAST today, so let's all meet up at Darcy Lynn's Snack Shop in suburban Lyons Illinois. I occasionally go to Darcy Lynn's Snack Shop after work. The food is very good here, and is very cost effective with prices well within reason. I personally enjoy their delicious biscuits and gravy, as well as an occasional stack of hot pancakes with coffee. I love those local homestyle eating establishments around Chicago.