Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Your Host and Photographer in East Troy Wisconsin. September 2000.

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Here I am, Your host and photographer on location at the East Troy Electric Railroad and Museum. This open 4 wheeled electric streetcar, was actually "scratchbuilt" from old plans and several salvaged parts. Just for fun...It's even equipped with a multi chime ( Possibly Nathan.) Air Horn like You would hear on modern diesel locomotives.

Nonetheless, it's really fun to ride on an open air summer trolley like people did decades ago.

The Metra Park Ridge commuter rail station. Park Ridge Illinois USA. March 2008.

I took this photo one afternoon in March of 2008. This is the Metra commuter rail station in northwest suburban Park Ridge Illinois. This old depot had originally served commuter and local passenger trains from the Chicago & NorthWestern Railroad, but now serves Metra commuter trains on the Union Pacific -Northwest line to Harvard Illinois.

Belt Railway of Chicago EMD switcher # 538 at work. Clearing Yard. Bedford Park Illinois USA. March 2008.

I took this photo after work one evening, in late March of 2008. There is much activity on the Belt Railway of Chicago's industrial bypass branch on the north side of Clearing Yard. Switcher # 538 is pulling a cut of cars foreward toward South Central Avenue on a lovely and very sunny late afternoon in the early Spriingtime.

Two Canadian Pacific General Electric diesels idling at the Belt Railway of Chicago Clearing Yard. March 2008.

I took this photo after work one evening in late March of 2008. Two General Electric model AC-4400 CW roadswitchers, are seen idling on one of the ready staging tracks at the Belt Railway of Chicago's Clearing Yard in Bedford Park Illinois.
This was the first official week of Springtime on the calander for the greater Chicagoland area.

Two train meet at the West Lake Avenue railroad crossing. Glenview Illinois USA. Early March 2008.

I took this photo at the West Lake Avenue railroad grade crossing in north suburban Glenview Illinois. A southbound Canadian Pacific transfer train meets a northbound Union Pacific unit coal train in transit. The light snow cover on the ground indicates that it is late winter, while the trains moving oposite of how trains normally operate (Brittish style.) indicates that this is the former Chicago & NorthWestern Railroad.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Your Host and Photographer on location at foggy Lake Geneva Wisconsin. October 1986.

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Here I am, Your host and photographer Eddie K, at the age of 24 in Lake Geneva Wisconsin during a very overcast Autum day in October of 1986. As You can see, Lake Geneva looked more like San Francisco bay on My October 1986 visit, but Me and My friends had a nice time anyway.

Lake Geneva is an active and upscale resort town not far from the Illinois State line, with plenty of activity and places to visit. Wether You are into summertime water and beach activities, or things like cross country skiing , snowmobiling or ice fishing, Lake Geneva is a nice getaway.

Servicing a steam locomotive between departures. The Illinois Railway Museum. Union Illinois USA. September 1982 Members weekend.

I took this photo at the museum's East Union depot during the September 1982 Members Weekend Celebration. It was a very active weekend in 1982, with plenty of electric equipment in operation on Saturday, as well as diesel and steam operations on Sunday. J.Neils Lumber Company shay locomotive # 5 built by the Lima Locomotive Works in Lima Ohio, is getting some mechanical attention between demonstratioon trips at the depot. Steam locomotives have many parts that require maintenance and lubrication to function properly.

Eastbound Union Pacific double stack container train. Glen Ellen Ilinois USA. July 2007.

I took this photo on a hot Saturday afternoon, in July of 2007. A speeding eastbound Union Pacific intermodal container train races through west suburban Glen Ellen Illinois enroute to Chicago.
This is the Union Pacific ex Chicago & NorthWestern Railroad -West line. This busy mainline sees daily commuter trains between Chicago and Elburn Illinois, as well as numerous and sometimes very frequent freight trains.

Eastbound Kenosha electric streetcar on 56th Street. Kenosha Wisconsin USA. June 2000.

I took this photo on the official opening day of the New Kenosha Wisconsin electric streetcar line. This photo was taken in the late afternoon toward the end of the days operations on Saturday, June 17th , 2000.
Compare this scene today on 56th Street, as many new housing complexes have emerged known as Harbor Park. In 2000, there were many vacant city lots and wide open spaces where the Chrysler factory had once stood near the city harbor on Lake Michigan.
The refurbished 1951 vintage PCC streamlined electric streetcar, was restored in the color scheme of it's former owner, the Toronto Transit Commision from the city of Toronto Ontario Canada.

Northbound Pace # 305 bus on Thatcher Avenue. River Grove Illinois USA. April 2007.

A passenger has just disembarked from a suburban Pace bus on North Thatcher Avenue in the village of River Grove Illinois, on a lovely but chilly afternoon in the early Spring of 2007. This is early April of 2007 and the grass is turning a brilliant shade of light green. Soon the trees and shrubs will be following along, as another season changes in the greater Chicagoland area.

Nightfall at the Norwood Park Metra commuter rail station. Chicago Illinois USA. April 2007.

I took this photo after work one evening in early April of 2007. The sun has just passed under the western horizon, as the station platform lights turn on for their night time ritual.
Another working day has come to a close on Chicago's northwest side. The rush hour is just about over on the Union Pacific ex Chicago & NorthWestern -Northwest line. Soon a handfull of sporadic night time commuter trains will arrive and depart here.
Norwood Park is a pleasant and upscale community on Chicago's northwest side, near the Chicago city limits. Nearby suburban villages include Park Ridge, and Niles.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Lionel and MTH trains operating on a demonstration layout. Berwyn Toy Trains Hobby Shop. Berwyn Illinois USA. June 2007.

The greater Chicagoland area is surrounded by numerous railroad mainlines serving the Windy City.

A local railfan hotspot to visit in "Miniature", is this large demonstration O Guage 3 rail model train layout at the Berwyn Toy trains Hobby Shop. This hobby store is located on Ogden Avenue -Illinois U.S Route # 34 and old # 66 in west suburban Berwyn Illinois. Where else can a 1950's era Pennsylvania Railroad freight train meet a train from the Denver & Rio Grande western in Chicago or anywhere? Ah yes. The joy of Model Railroading.

A scene of Washburne Trade School during demolition. Chicago Illinois USA. Febuary 2008.

I took this photo looking south toward the intersection of West 31st Street and South Kedzie Avenue in Chicago's Little Village neighborhood.

Another era in Chicago's alternative vocational trade school programs and facilities is meeting the wrecking ball. Seen here on the southwest corner of South Kedzie Avenue and West 31st Street, is the former Washburne Trade School wich was owned and operated by the Chicago Public Schools. Myself, and several of My Curie High School Alumni, as well as students from Kelly and other CPS High Schools attended here during the early 1980's. Washburne trade School had learning technical programs in the career fields of Electrical engineers, Capentry, A Chef progrm, welding, Auto Shop, Body and Fender, and Vending Machine Repair. The 1980's were a very hard Recessionary period economically in the city of Chicago, and on a number of occasions...The Industry reps who bragged about Career Opportunities on Orientation Day, represented companies who were either -Laying off workings, Cutting their staff, Filing for bankruptcy, or were just all out having a company Hiring Freeze at the time. I actually approached one of those vending industry "Braggers", and He gave Me a sob story of Half of their staff being laid off. ( Boooo!)

Washburne Trade School eventually closed around 1989 or 1990, and has been abandoned since.

Plans at this time are to develope this site into a large city park.

Northbound Canadian National transfer train. Hawthorne Junction. Chicago Illinois USA. Early October 2007.

The sun will soon be setting on a summer like day in early October of 2007. Seen here is a northbound Canadian National transfer train, traveling over the Belt Railway of Chicago at Hawthorne Junction just east of the Chicago city limits near Cicero Illinois. Hawthorne Junction is located on Chicago's near southwest side at approximately West 33rd Street and what would be South Kenton Avenue. Here the north and south Belt Railway of Chicago's trunk line interchanges with and crosses over the Canadian National ex Illinois Central Iowa Division Mainline. There are numerous lenghty and slow moving transfer trains enroute to and from the BRC Clearing Yard facility in southwest suburban Bedford Park Illinois near Midway Airport.

A curbside photo of the Memphis Main Street Trolley. Memphis Tennesee USA. September 2007.

I took this photo on My September 2007 vacation to Memphis Tennesee. The sun was getting ready to set at the intersection of Madison Avenue and Main Street in downtown Memphis Tennesee, as red streetcar # 452 prepares to head to the trolley car barn for the night. Car # 452, is a refurbished 1920's era car from the city of Melbourne Australia down under. Today, it hauls tourists and commuters in downtown Memphis Tennesee. A nice attraction.

Metra M.O.W ( Maintenance of way) Hi Rail equipped pick up truck. Chicago Illinois USA. September 2007.

I took this photo on West North Avenue on Chicago's northside, in September of 2007. This is located west of the Metra / Canadian Pacific ex Milwaukee Road mainline near South Central Park Avenue.

The small retractable flanged wheels, enable this vechicle to travel to any work site over the railroad mainline tracks. Maintenance is important to the infrastructure and operation of any commuter rail operation everyday.

Frisco Railroad # 1630 backing out of the engine servicing area to begin it's workday. The Illinois Railway Museum. Union Illinois USA. June 1983.

I took this working behind the scenes photo on a June 1983 visit to the Illinois Railway Museum.

Frisco Railroad # 1630 is a Baldwin built 2-10 -0 Decapod type steam locomotive built in 1918. It is seen here backing out of the steam servicing area near the shop building on the wye track. Soon the locomotive will run around to the front or "East" end of the assigned passenger train at the East Union Depot, couple up to the consist, and begin a day of demonstration steam powered passenger train rides on the mainline.

Looking west on 35th Street toward the intersection at South California Avenue. Chicago Illinois USA. May 2007.

I took this photo in May of 2007 during the begining stages of the afternoon and evening rush hour commuting period. A northbound CTA Nova transit bus,has just recieved a green light on South California Avenue, and is resuming it's journey across town.

The corner sign for a nearby fast food establishment known as "Superchicken" caught My attention. I grew up in Chicago during the 1960's and 70's...and have fond Saturday morning memorys watching a classic Jay Ward Productions cartoon called "Superchicken". Although the sign doesn't look anything like the cartoon character "Superchicken" ( Buck! Buck! Buck! Buck!) The name brought Me a smile and happy memorys nonetheless. This local Superchicken character looks like He's on Steroids.

The Superchicken cartoon theme song can be downloaded on My links page
"Mike's Classic Cartoon Themes" to the right of Your computer screen.

Chicago bound Metra commuter local at the Chicago Ridge commuter rail depot. Chicago Ridge Illinois USA. May 2007.

I took this photo on an overcast early afternoon in May of 2007. An inbound Metra commuter rail local train, is now boarding passengers at southwest suburban Chicago Ridge Illinois. This depot is located on the Norfolk Southern ex Wabash Railroad mainline. Commuter train service is provided here Monday to Friday between Chicago and Manattan Illinois.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Tommy James and the Shondells in concert. Lambs Farm. Libertyville Illinois USA. August 1996.

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Springtime is here once again in the greater Chicagoland area. With warmer weather on the upcoming agenda, soon it will be outdoor summer concert season again around town.

I took this photo in August of 1996 at the Lambs Farm in Libertyville Illinois. Every year in late summer, the directors of Lambs Farm host a summertime rock and roll oldies concert.

When I heard that Tommy James and the Shondells was going to be there back in 1996, I dropped any if all plans and went to see them.

I was born in Chicago in the year of 1962, and grew up musically with the likes of such entertainers and groups like -The Dave Clark Five -The Buckinghams -The 5th Dimension -Three Dog Night -The Temptations -Dusty Springfield -The Edison Lighthouse -Simon and Garfunkle -Neil Diamond -Elvis Presley -Petula Clark -Credence Clearwater Revival - The Raspberries- T Rex- and the Doobie Brothers. It was a great time to grow up in Chicago back then.

I learned how to play the guitar in 1979, and found a special inspiring quality in the music group from Niles Michigan known as Tommy James and the Shondells. The many hit records they had from 1966 to 1971 were favorites of mine since My own childhood, and still are today.

I always enjoyed listening to and playing their hit songs on guitar. Some of My all time favorite selections from Tommy James and the Shondells are.....Hanky Panky -Mirage -Sugar on Sunday
Sweet Cherry Wine -Getting together -Ball of fire -Say I am -Crimson and Clover -Mony Mony -
She -I think were alone now ( Wich was banned because the parents groups said it was too suggestive) -1-2-3 and I fell -and of course...the 1971 classic "Draggin the line".

Tommy James and the Shondells still do an occasional Oldies concert or two nowadays.
Tommy James has been a successfull record producer for many years now as well.

Thank You.
Eddie K.

The Yellow Submarine drive in on South Archer Avenue. Chicago Illinois USA. April 2007.

I took this photo on a lovely Springtime morning in April of 2007. This is the Yellow Submarine Drive In, located on South Archer Avenue in Chicago's Garfield Ridge neighborhood near Midway Aiorport.

I passed by the Yellow Submarine for many years, and often wondered if there was any affiliation what so ever with the 1966 Beatles hit song "Yellow Submarine."Was there?

The Yellow Submarine was located just west of the intersection of Archer and Oak Park Avenue, and has unfortunately closed recently.

Switching tank cars at the CN Crawford Yard. Chicago Illinois USA. May 2007.

I took this photo after work one late afternoon, in May of 2007. Seen here on Chicago's near Southwest side at West 33rd Street and South Kostner Avenue, are two Canadian National diesel locomotives ( One a former GTW unit.) assembling a unit train of tank cars at the former Illinois Central Crawford Yard near the Chicago city limits east of Cicero Illinois. The seasonal longer daylight hours made railfanning after work much easier for Myself and several other railfans.

An eastbound BNSF Railway freight train passing through Riverside on a Springtime morning. Riverside Illinois USA. April 2007.

The BNSF Railway's former Burlington Northern / ex Chicago, Burlington & Quincy 3 track mainline in Chicago's western suburbs is a very busy mainline in the greater Chicagoland area. Although there are mostly commuter trains traveling between Chicago and Aurora Illinois during the morning hours, I spotted this eastbound BNSF Railway freight train passing the large Riverside Illinois commuter rail station. The station lawn was turning green, and the trees and shrubs would soon follow as another season changes in Chicagoland.

Northbound Canadian National transfer train. Seen in La Grange Park Illinois USA. May 2007.

I took this photo on a lovely Springtime morning, in May of 2007. The Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad line was a very busy place to be at with a camera on this lovely morning in May, as a northbound Canadian National transfer train approaches the railroad grade crossing on West 31st Street in west suburban La Grange Park Illinois.

Switching activity below the South Central Avenue bridge. Chicago Illinois USA. May 2007.

I took this photo after work one late afternoon in May of 2007. A former Illinois Central EMD roadswitcher, is slowly pushing a large cut of tank cars into the east side of the Canadian National ex G,M & O Glen Yard at the Chicago city limits near Stickney and Forest View Illinois. This view is looking east from the South Central Avenue overpass bridge.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Chicago Transit Authority's Dempster Street station on the CTA Yellow line. Skokie Illinois USA. August 2007.

I took this photo looking north from the crossover pedestrian sidewalk at the CTA Dempster Street station, in north suburban Skokie Illinois. A Yellow line / Skokie swift service train has just arrived and has disembarked it's passengers. Soon the CTA motorman/ operator will change car ends and take the train to the right track switch lead into the southbound platform loading area. Soon another shuttle trip to the Howard Street station in downtown Evanston Illinois will begin.

Chicago bound Amtrak train passing through the Cicero Metra commuter rail station. Cicero Illinois USA. September 2007.

I took this photo one day after work, in September of 2007. An eastbound Amtrak train enroute to Chicago Union Station, is seen speeding past the Metra commuter rail flagstop depot at South Cicero Avenue, just east of the BNSF Railway Clyde Yard in Cicero illinois. The train shown here, possibly the Southwest Chief or the California Zephyr, is on it's last leg of the journey as it enters the city of Chicago Illinois.

Eastbound Kenosha electric streetcar near the harbor. Kenosha Wisconsin USA. Opening day Saturday, June 17th, 2000.

I took this photo looking east on 56th Street toward the lakefront and harbor, in downtown Kenosha Wisconsin. The day was Saturday, June 17th , 2000. This was the official Grand Opening day of operations for the new Kenosha historic streetcar line. New Sod Grass was recently placed in the median on 56th street, and hadn't bloomed yet. This area is known as Harbor Park, and was yet still in the planning stages at the time of this photo, as evidenced by the wide open undeveloped urban spaces. There are now buildings and a nature museum in this same view today.

The north suburban Glenview Metra / Amtrak train station at 5 AM. Glenview Illinois USA. Febuary 2008.

I took this photo on My way to work one morning this winter. Paratransit Bus Drivers like Myself and several others, start our workday mornings before sunrise.

This is the Glenview Illinois commuter rail station. This facility is shared by both Metra commuter rail trains, and regional Amtrak Hiawatha corridor trains to Milwaukee Wisconsin.

The village of Glenview was just barely waking up at the time of this pre dawn morning photo.

Looking north on Clark Street. Chicago Illinois USA. July 2006.

I took this photo looking north on Clark Street in Chicago's Wrigleyville neighborhood, on a hot summer day in July of 2006. A southbound CTA Red line train is passing over North Clark street just south of West Addison Street.

Eastbound Burlington Northern freight train with a caboose. Berwyn Illinois USA. July 1985.

I took this photo looking east from the south platform of the Metra / Burlington Northern commuter rail station, located at South Oak Park Avenue and west Windsor Street in Berwyn Illinois. An eastbound Burlington Northern freight train is slowing down as it approaches and enters nearby Clyde Yard in Cicero Illinois. The Majorette Restaurant with the tall red neon sign to the left of the photo, was recently demolished and is undergoing redevelopment into a large luxery condominium building complex today.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Your Host and Photographer at the Wilmington Railroad Museum. Wilmington North Carolina USA. April 1995.

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Here I am, Your host and photographer on an April 1995 vacation in the city of Wilmington North Carolina.

I am enjoying a visit inside the cab of preserved Atlantic Coast Line Railroad # 250, a 4-6-0 Ten Wheeler steam locomotive that was built in the early 1900's and used on fast passenger trains. This locomotive, a caboose, a model railroad and many railroad artifacts also displayed indoors can be viewed and enjoyed by all, at the Wilmington Railroad Museum.

It was a small museum, but very nice nonetheless.

Southbound Norfolk Southern transfer train. Hawthorne Junction. Chicago Illinois USA. June 2007.

I took this photo after work one afternoon in June of 2007. A slow moving and very lenghty Norfolk Southern Railroad transfer freight train, is passing through Hawthorne Junction at the Chicago city limits near Cicero Illinois, enroute to the large Belt Railway of Chicago owned Clearing Yard in Bedford Park Illinois. I took this photo looking west from the interchange curve connection east of the crosstracks.
Railroad junctions like Hawthorne,can sometimes be rural and countrylike in any given large city. When it is between train times, one can often spot Birds or other Wildlife
as well as native Prarie Grasses and plantlife.

Eastbound Metra commuter local departing Roselle station. Roselle Illinois USA. Early September 2007.

I took this photo one morning, in early September of 2007. A Chicago bound Metra local commuter train, is seen departing the Metra commuter rail station in Roselle Illinois. The Motive Power Industries model MP 36 PH passenger diesel locomotive is blowing diesel smoke skyward as it pushes a loaded string of commuter coaches under heavy starting load conditions. This scene is located on the Canadian Pacific ex Milwaukee Road commuter main line to Elgin Illinois.

Retired Chicago Transit Authority 6000 series rapid transit cars. The Illinois Railway Museum. Union Illinois USA. August 2000.

I took this photo on an August 2000 visit to the Illinois Railway Museum, located in Union Illinois.

These former Chicago Transit Authority lightweight rapid transit cars, were built during the 1950's using recycled electrical and interior components from retired and scrapped CTA PCC Green Hornet electric streetcars. These economical rapid transit cars worked all over the CTA Rapid Transit network untill the early to mid 1990's. retirements began taking place during the mid 1980's, with some becoming demoted into Maintenance of way work motors.
The two cars shown here, are modified with trolley poles to accomodate operation over the Illinois Railway Museum's overhead wire equipped mainline and trolley loop. The color scheme on these two units is from the 1980's /1990's era. The two units were retired and donated in this color scheme.

Miniature Mamod live steam operating toys from England on display. Thresherman's Park. Edgarton Wisconsin USA. September 2007.

My Brother in law Ralph took this photo on Labor Day weekend in September of 2007.

Seen here on display at Thresherman's Park in Edgarton Wisconsin, is a display of Brittish live steam toys manufactured by a company known as Mamod. To the left is an operating steam threshing tractor, in the middle is a steam locomotive from their line of G Scale # 1 Guage trains, and to the right is a model of a stationary factory boiler.

During the early 1980's. I used to own a Mamod minor # 1 stationary steam engine. It operated on water and a white rectangular tablet known as "Dry Fuel". It had a flywheel and a safety valve, but wasn't equipped with a whistle. It wasn't very powerfull, but I had fun operating it as well.

A former Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific 1970's era covered hopper still rolling around. Berwyn Illinois USA. October 2007.

I took this photo looking east from the railroad grade crossing on Riverside Drive near South Harlem Avenue in west suburban Berwyn Illinois.

The Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railroad was very bankrupt, and had ceased operating in March of 1980. Although the equipment was eventually sold , scrapped , auctioned off, or even winding up in a railroad museum or two...a fair number of the later 1970's era Rock Island co0vered hoppers can still be spotted today occasionally on most any rail line. The reporting marks give this car away as belonging to a different owner, but the 1975 era blue colors and "The Rock" markings on the side, have stood the test of time for various reasons unknown.

Southbound CTA Red line rapid transit train. Chicago Illinois USA. Early November 2007.

A southbound Chicago Transit Authority Red line train, is seen passing over Waveland Avenue just east of Chicago's Wrigley Field National Leaque Baseball Stadium. This scene was photographed in early November of 2007, in Chicago's Wrigleyville neighborhood on the northside of the city. The CTA Red line is a nice alternative choice to driving and parking when attending a Chicago Cubs baseball game.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Welcome aboard the "Bus Day" edition!

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Today is "Bus Day once again at My Chicago area transportation blog site.

Our photographic journey will now begin with a collection of transit bus photos from My archives.

Please be seated. And thanks for riding aboard
Eddie's Railfan Page today.

Eddie K.

The CTA Route # 77 Belmont Avenue West Terminal bus loop. River Grove Illinois USA. June 2007.

I took this photo on a beautifull summer morning in June of 2007. This is the Chicago Transit Authority's west terminal loop for the Route # 77 Belmont Avenue bus line on Chicago's north side.
Prior to 1973, this was a turn around loop for CTA electric trolley buses. This bus terminal is located on the south side of West Belmont Avenue, just east of the intersection at North Cumberland Avenue in northwest suburban River Grove Illinois.
A photo or two of the CTA trolleybuses using this loop can be seen on My links page "Tom's Trolleybus Pictures", to the right of Your screen.

Southbound CTA Route # 53A South Pulaski bus approaching the south terminal at West 111th Street. Chicago Illinois USA. December 1986.

We are facing north at the intersection of West 111th Street and South Pulaski Road, in Chicago's Mount Greenwood neighborhood. I took this photo on a somewhat mild Saturday afternoon, in December of 1986, just a week or so before the annual Christmas Holiday.

A southbound CTA Route # 53A Pulaski Road bus is at the end of it's journey, and is turning east on 111th Street, and will soon arrive at the south terminal loop at South Springfield Avenue.

The bus is a 1976 era GMC TDH series bus with what was known as a Fishbowl Windshield. These buses were nicknamed "Fishbowls" by many transit bus enthusiasts. They were retired from the Chicago Transit Authority roster in 1996.

Early 1950's era CTA General Motors TDH series transit bus. The Illinois Railway Museum. Union Illinois USA. July 1996.

The Illinois Railway Museum located in the village of Union Illinois, is known for it's large collection of steam locomotives, 1st Generation diesel locomotives, elctric streetcars and interurban freight and passenger cars, mainline railroad equipment, or even a large assortment of railroad artifacts on display. Some actually operate too.

An overlooked aspect of museum operations, are the many antique transit buses operating or under restoration at the museum today.

This is a 1951 vintage General Motors TDH series transit bus, that had originally been built for and used by the Chicago Motor Coach Company. The Chicago Motor Coach Company was officially acquired by the 1947 formed Chicago Transit Authority in 1952. It worked for the CTA untill retirement in the early 1970's.

Today it is operable and occasionally carries passengers on demonstration runs at the museum.

I was born in 1962, and rode the last of these buses on Chicago city streets until 1972.

Thank You.
Eddie K.

Pace wintertime transit bus operations. River Grove Illinois USA. January 2008.

January 2008 was a tough time for all commuters in the greater Chicagoland area. With heavy lake effect snowstorms, ice, freeze advisories and bad weather conditions everywhere, the transit buses at Pace kept rolling throughout it all. Here are two suburban Pace buses heading westbound one morning on Grand Avenue in the village of River Grove Illinois. Evidence of a heavy overnight lake effect snowstorm is more than abundant on this winter morning in January of 2008.

The CTA west terminal for the Roosevelt Road bus. located at West Roosevelt Road and South Monitor Avenue. Chicago Illinois USA. 2003.

I took this photo back in 2003. This is the west terminal for the CTA Route # 12 Roosevelt Road bus line. This terminal loop with a diner restaurant on the north side of West Roosevelt Road, has changed very little since electric trolley bus days. This is located just east of the Chicago city limits near South Austin Avenue, near the intersection of Roosevelt and Monitor.

An old 1960's era black and white photo of this terminal and other in service photos of Chicago's electric trolleybuses can be seen at My links page Tom's trolleybus Pictures to the right of Your computer screen at

Friday, April 18, 2008

Your host and photographer at the former Randolph Street Station. Chicago Illinois USA. June 1994.

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Here I am in June of 1994, at the former Randolph Street Station in downtown Chicago Illinois. This station site has since been redeveloped into todays Milenium Park. A large overhead deck was erected in the late 1990's and early 2000's moving the Chicago, South Shore & South Bend trains, and the former Illinois Central Metra electric trains underground. This is how it looked like when this was still an open air facility.

Southbound CSX Transportation Auto Rack train. Mc Cook Junction. Mc Cook Illinois USA. May 2007.

I took this photo one lovely Spring morning in May of 2007. A southbound CSX auto rack train is passing slowly over the BNSF Railway's former Atchinson, Topeka & Santa Fe crosstracks in the village of McCook Illinois near Lyons. The train is traveling southbound over the Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad.

Switching activity at the Canadian National Crawford Yard. Chicago Illinois USA. May 2007.

I took this photo after work one lovely afternoon in May of 2007. This two unit Canadian National set of EMD roadswitchers, is seen pulling a cut of tank cars foreward on the interchange curve connection at nearby Hawthorne Junction. This is a former Illinois Central facility located on the former Iowa Division Mainline.

The Belt Railway of Chicago Clearing Yard locomotive shop and terminal. Bedford Park Illinois USA. August 2006.

I took this photo after work one hot summer afternoon, in August of 2006. This is the busy Belt Railway of Chicago clearing yard locomotive terminal and shops building. This facility in near southwest suburban Bedford Park at the Chicago city limits, services and maintains locomotives from the Belt Railway of Chicago, and the other Class 1 carriers that come and go on transfer trains entering Clearing Yard. This is located just south of Chicago's Midway Airport on South Central Avenue.

Northbound Metra commuter local stopping for passengers at the Edgebrook flagstop depot. Chicago Illinois USA. June 2007.

We are looking west on Devon Avenue from the intersection at North Central Avenue in Chicago's Edgebrook neighborhood near the Chicago city limits. A northbound Metra commuter local has just arrived at the Edgebrook flagstop depot, and is now halting all traffic on West Devon Avenue. Soon the train will be departing and making all stops between here and Fox Lake Illinois.

Atlantic Coast Line 4-6-0 type # 250. The Wilmington Railroad Museum. Wilmington North Carolina USA. April 1995.

I took this photo on an April 1995 vacation I had taken to Wilmington North Carolina. This is an early 1900's vintage 4-6-0 ten wheeler type steam locomotive, that the ACL had used in fast passenger train service in the south. It is preserved and on display today at the Wilmington Railroad Museum. You can even climb into the cab and ring the locomotives bell too.