Friday, October 28, 2016

The Newleywed Game hosted by Bob Eubanks. A show I grew up with and absolutely loved watching on television.

One of my all time favorite television shows that I had grew
up watching, was the original "Newleywed Game", hosted
by Bob Eubanks.
I was born in 1962, and the show itself, made it's debut
in the year of 1966. Although I was too young to actually
understand the show when I was a kid during the 1960's,
I vaguely remember watching the original daytime
Newleywed  Game with my Mother and Grandmother,
and all having a good laugh together in the living room.
The Newleywed Game was a fun, interactive, live game
show , where sometimes funny or sometimes embarrassing
things would happen on air, with the newly married couples
that were contestants on this game show.
I would watch the later versions of this show, hosted by
Bob Eubanks, during the 1970's and 80's, and would
still always enjoy a good laugh.
I have been married ten years now, and If my wife Cheryl
and I would have appeared on that show...who knows?
I might have got smacked in the head with the answer card. L.O.L!
I have a wonderful wife, and happy memories of growing
up watching the original Newleywed Game show too.
Here is the Newleywed Game television theme song, just
click on to this link below.
Eddie K.

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