Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Roller blading and roller rinks program to air in May on "The Larry and Mike Show". Comcast Public Access Channel 19 in the greater Chicagoland area. With special guest "Eddie K" from Eddie's Railfan Page!

Hi everyone!
This is Eddie K, your host and photographer here at Eddie's Railfan Page.
As you may have become aware in recent times, aside from my trains
and transportation interests, I am also an avid inline roller blade
skating enthusiast. I love to head to the park, and go roller blading
when the weather is nice outside.
I will be appearing for one month in May, on the popular local
Chicago area Comcast Public Access Channel  # 19 program,
known as "The Larry and Mike Show". The show times for
May 2015, are Saturday nights at 8:30 PM, and Sunday nights
at 7:00 PM. I will be appearing as a guest, on a show that
features roller blade skating, and Chicago area roller rinks
of the past, and present.
If you are in to roller skating, please stay tuned in May, to
the Larry and Mike Show, on the Comcast Public Access
Channel, Channel 19 in the greater Chicagoland area.
Eddie K.

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