Friday, November 04, 2016

Eddie's Railfan Page, is nearing the end of the line.

Hello everyone. This is Eddie K, your host and photographer
here at Eddie's Railfan Page.
I began Eddie's Railfan Page, in February of 2006. After a good
10 and 1/2 year run, I have decided to eventually discontinue
posting here at in upcoming weeks, and will be
moving to my more active and more interactive with the public
site "Eddie's Railfan Page # 2" @ Facebook.
Eddie's Railfan Page, was a good way for me to channel my
creativity, share photographs and stories, and eventually
meet a few of my dedicated readers. Unfortunately...due to
a lack of reader's input and comments, and a declining
number of members...Facebook is the better choice.
Please stay in touch at my Facebook site.
Thank You.
Eddie K.

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