Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Grandma Josephine T. Kwit. 1921 - 2009. Photographed in Elmwood ParkIllinois, in October of 2003.

One of the most kindhearted people I have come to know, was My late great Grandmother In Law Josephine T. Kwit.

I met Mrs Kwit in 2002, shortly after I began dating her Grand Daughter Cheryl in 2002. Cheryl and I were engaged after two years, and officially became married in June of 2006. Josephine or "Grandma" as many people called her, shared many common interests with Me. She loved to sing whenever I would bring out My guitar, She always had a hot pot of coffee waiting for Me either when I was leaving for work in the morning, or when I would return home in the evening.

Grandma Josephine enjoyed posing for pictures and "Hamming it up" for My camera. She was very kind to Animals and Children, and Her greatly pronounced Polish accent along with Her warm sense of humor, could charm You in to a smile even when You were having a really bad day.

Her sudden passing in June of 2009, caught Her family and friends completely off gaurd.

You were an absolutely wonderful person Grandma, and We still miss You greatly today.
The house radiated sunshine when You were with us.

You are still in our hearts and memories today, and always. We love and miss You Grandma.

Eddie K.

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