Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Eddie K, "The Lunchtime Roller Blader!" Des Plaines Illinois. September2013.

Hi everyone!
This is Eddie K, your host and photographer here at Eddie's Railfan Page.

After many years of being in the driving / transportation profession and many long overtime hours behind the wheel...I noticed that I was putting on some weight and was becoming quite "Out of shape". Not cool.

Although most of my personal time is actually taken on a daily basis, I found a way to incorporate some much needed exercise in to my daily routine.

In early August, I purchased a new pair of inline roller blade skates. I haven't skated in nearly 8 years and was quite wobbly at first. Now however with some practice behind me, I have started to visit a number of local Chicago area parks that have asphalt paths to skate on.

I am becoming a regular at this, and now I am becoming known as "The Lunchtime Roller Blader".

I am working slowly on getting back in to shape, and I am starting to make a little progress. Weight loss and endurance are my personal goals in the upcoming autum weeks ahead.

Eddie K.

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