Friday, September 20, 2013

The Kiddy Town Amusement Park. ( 1953 - 1966.) Norridge Illinois.

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During the immediate post World War 2 years, the greater Chicagoland area was once the home of several roadside, seasonal family owned and operated amusement parks. Many of these were "Tiny" establishments not much larger in size than a traveling carnival midway, and often featured portable carnival style rides that could be easily disassembled for the wintertime off season.
One of those local little amusement parks, was a small neighborhood place located at the southwest corner of North Harlem and West Cullom Avenues in neighboring Norridge Illinois, known as the "Kiddy Town Amusement Park".
A popular trend during the 1950's and 60's at these little carnival like amusement parks, were children's birthday parties, that featured their own in house fire truck, that would pick up the families at their houses, and take them to and from the amusement park.
Today, this is the site of the Harlem Irving Plaza Shopping Center's north mall extension, which is scheduled to open soon in the  fall of 2013.
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