Monday, June 09, 2014

Jackie Gleason and the cast of the tv show The Honeymooners.

One of my all time favorite television sit com shows I had grown up with,
was the all time 1950's era classic "The Honeymooners".
Being a bus driver myself, I can really relate to Jackie Gleason's character
"Ralph Kramden", the career New York City transit bus driver.
Although my 24 foot Ford paratransit mini bus I operate is nothing compared
to the 40 foot air brake equipped model like Jackie Gleason and his fellow
tv show cast members posed in....I still collect fares, try to maintain schedules,
communicate with dispatch, and occasionally deal with the nonsense that the often
crazy public can dish out. Still, I am a people person, and I enjoy being a bus driver.
Although I have Jackie Gleason's (Ralph Kramden's) job, I somehow wound up
with fellow cast member Art Carney's (Ed Norton's) personality. L.O.L
My wife and I, are both big fans of The Honeymooners today.
Eddie K.

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