Monday, June 02, 2014

Penn Central Railroad Alco C 630 diesel electric roadswitcher locomotive # 6340. Chicago Illinois. June 1968.

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Growing up on the near southwest side of Chicago like I did during the late 1960's and early 1970's,
one of my favorite railroads I enjoyed seeing, was the former Penn Central Railroad. I did not live
anywhere near a Penn Central owned rail line or facility, but I would sometimes witness their trains
traveling over other local Chicago area railroad lines, like the Belt Railway of Chicago.

This financially troubled from the "get go", was created from the January 1968 merger of the
Pennsylvania Railroad, and their one time rival New York Central. Their color scheme was a
plain and very basic black with white graphics and yellow end handrails. Some of their freight
cars and cabooses however, were painted in a unique Jade or Empire green color scheme similar
to what the former New York Central began painting their freight cars during the late 1950's.

This early Penn Central photograph, was taken in 1968 at Chicago Illinois.

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