Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The abandoned Playland Park amusement park site after the park had closed. Justice Illinois. Circa December 1979.

I found this photograph at the Playland Park Amusement Park site from Justice Illinois on Facebook.Com, which is located to the right of your computer screen at my links page listings.
Photographer Bruce Cossi took this abandoned and forlorn photo of the former Playland Park amsusement park site, after the park had closed and was sold to the adjacent trailer park.
It is December of 1979 or even possibly January of 1980, and the Playland Park Amusement Park that was located in unincorporated southwest suburban Justice Illinois, had closed down for good at the end of the 1979 season. The rides have already been auctioned off, and the many little park buildings have been demolished rather quickly, to make way for today's Sterling Estates Manufactured Home Park / Trailer Park establishment.
Playland Park had opened approximately sometime in the year of 1949, and served a very undeveloped growing suburban community of Justice Illinois with seasonal family entertainment.
In the background can be seen the Illinois Rt # 294 / Tri State Tollway bridge.
I could remember seeing this very same sight from the backseat of my familie's 1971 Plymouth Scamp, when we were taking a Sunday drive past the place back in January of 1980.
Who knows?   Maybe Bruce Cossi and myself were both out there on the same day.
Playland Park was a small amusement park, in an outlying "County Fair" style of setting in
Chicago's southwest suburtbs near Wilow Springs Illinois.
Eddie K.

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