Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Fox River Trolley Museum. South Elgin Illinois. Early September 1990.

I took this photograph, during an early September visit to the Fox River Trolley Museum way back in 1990.

Seen here parked next to a vintage station Semaphore signal from the former Chicago, Aurora And Elgin interurban railroad, is a retired 1945 vintage experimental 3 unit articulated rapid transit car, from the Chicago Rapid Transit Company.

This was one of four of these 3 unit lightweight articulated rapid transit cars bult for the Chicago Rapid Transit Company by the St. Louis Car Company in 1945. After 1947, these experimental lightweight cars wen't to work for the Chicago Transit Authority. The CTA retired these cars from Skokie Swift line service in 1986.

This preserved example, is painted in the original 1945 silver and vermillion color scheme from the Chicago Rapid Transit Comapny, and operates at the museum on occasion during the operating season.

Three of these unique trainsets, have been preserved today. The other two include one at the Illinois Railway Museum in Union Illinois, www.irm.org. and one at the Indiana Transportation Museum in Noblesville Indiana.

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