Friday, March 18, 2011

Central Illinois Railroad EMD SW 1200 yard switcher # 1209. Chicago Illinois USA. March 2011.

I took this photo recently, at the former Chicago headquarters of the Central Illinois Railroad in Chicago's Pilsen neighborhood.

The Central Illinois Railroad, was leasing the former Burlington Northern Railroad's industrial branchline known as "The lumber Yard District" in Chicago's Pilsen neighborhood, from the BNSF Railway. This line was never very profitable in the long run, and the Central Illinois Railroad terminated their lease with the BNSF in July of 2010. The Central Illinois Railroad decided to leave Chicago.

This photo was taken in March of 2011, at the Central Illinois Railroad's former Chicago headquarters and locomotive storage facility, at 918 West Cermak Road in Chicago. Supposidly, the railroad switching chores, are handled by the BNSF Railway.

The Central Illinois Railroad may have left Chicago, but they also left their two 1950's era EMD SW 1200 yard switchers in Chicago. Their was one box car parked across the street at the Colonial Brick Company spur siding, indicating that there is still some freight traffic on the line. The BNSF Railway just might be leasing the two Central Ilinois Railroad engines, and switching the line as needed with them.

If anyone knows any more information about the former Central Illinois Railroad's BNSF line today in Chicago's Pilsen neighborhood, I would really like to know. It would be greatly appreciated.

Eddie K.

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