Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Saint Clair of Montifalco Catholic Parish annual summer carnival. Chicago Illinois. June 1987.

After having to deal with Chicago's blizzard of 2011, it's nice to know that We are entering in to the annual Springtime season here in the Chicago area.

Old photographs, like this one I took back in June of 1987...helped Me to focus on warm thoughts during a long cold Winter season in 2011.

i took this photo in June of 1987, at the former Saint Clair Of Montifalco Catholic Parish, during their annual summer carnival.
I used to enjoy visiting this carnival in Chicago's Gage Park neighborhood at West 54th Street and South Washtenaw Avenue.

I was informed recently by a friend of My family, that this Catholic Parish has since changed hands, and is operating under a differnt name now. Of course, they do not have summer carnivals here anymore either.

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