Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Chicago's Riverview Park. (Gone.) 1904-1967.

I found this photo on the internet recently.

For a 63 year period from 1904 until the place had closed for good in 1967, many Chicagoans would enjoy a pleasant Summer afternoon or evening visit to a local fun place known as Riverview Park.

Riverview Park was located on the northside of Chicago along North Western Avenue. The park was surrounded by West Belmont Avenue to the south, the north branch of the Chicago River to the west, and West Roscoe Street to the north.

Aside from their ever popular roller coaster rides, Riverview Park also featured several portable carnival style rides like the Roll O Plane shown here.

Today the former Riverview Park site, is now the Riverview Plaza Shopping Center. The former Riverview Roller Rink site along the southeast side of the property, is now the Chicago Police Departments huge Riverview police station and headquarters.

Eddie K.

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