Monday, February 20, 2012

The demolition of the Marquette Theatre building at West 63rd Street and South Kedzie Avenue. Chicago Illinois. August 1987.

I took this photograph, way back in August of 1987.

Neighborhood landmarks come and go. Unfortunately....the Marquette Movie Theatre building on West 63rd Street and South Kedzie Avenue in Chicago's Marquette Park neighborhood, was one that had went.

This view facing southeast, shows the demolition of the building. Notice that there wasn't any temporary rental fencing at the demolition site like You would see today.

Safety standards have come along way according to this.

Edie K.


roy wojahn said...

Thanks for the view. While I grew up in Downers Grove, and now live in Orange, CA, my dad grew up near that theater. He lived near 63rd and the GTW (now CN). He probably visited that theater, and may have worked there as a kid.

Roy Wojahn

Richard Douglass said...

Wasn't the main entrance to the Marquette on Kedzie?
If one is facing SE looking at the demo picture, it would appear that the main entrance was on 63rd.

I never went to this theater. But my father was working at the Marquette in 1933, and about April was promoted to assistant manager.

Thanks for posting the photos.

Richard Douglass
Kent, Washington

Unknown said...

I think I remember the entrance was on 63rd st. Went there a lot as a kid. But that was long ago and I'm getting crs.