Thursday, February 16, 2012

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I was born in the city of Chicago Illinois in the year of 1962, and I have many happy childhood memories of riding and observing the Chicago Transit Authority's remaining fleet of electric powered trolleybuses, during their final years of operation on Chicago's many city streets. Chicago had electric trolleybuses from 1930 until 1973.

This photo was taken on the north side of Chicago on North Pulaski Road and West Wilson Avenue in 1969, along the CTA's Route # 53 pulaski Road bus route. This bus route operated electric trolleybuses from 1955 until the end of service on Sunday, March 25th 1973.

Eddie K.

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After trolleybus service ended in Chicago, 124 CTA trolleybuses were sold to Guadalajara, Mexico, where they were overhauled and provide service on four route into the 1980 before being replaced with new Mexican trolleybuses