Thursday, February 23, 2012

Eddie K celebrates His 4th anniversary as a Paratransit driver!

Hi everyone!

This is Eddie K, Your host and photographer here at Eddie's Railfan Page.

Wow! Has it actually been four years already?

It just seems like yesterday, that I left a Dead End- Go Nowhere job as an unhappy outside sales rep for a company that gave Me NO Sales Support or Respect, and ended up becoming a handicapped bus operator.

Four years later, I couldn't be happier!
I work with one of the all time "Coolest" work crews. We all get along great, and We treat each other like a big family.

It has been a wonderful experience, and it only gets better with time.

Eddie K.


Anthony C said...

Are you really a "handicapped bus operator" or an operator of a bus for the handicapped?

Nyuck nyuck nyuck. At any rate, happy anniversary! The company is lucky to have a good guy like you on the staff.

Eddie said...

Thanks Anthony!

At least these people don't "DEGRADE" You in public.

Eddie K.

Anthony C said...

Yes, having a respectful working environment is definitely important. Glad you have found a good place to work. Stay safe out there!