Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Chicago Transit Authority 1983 Canadian Flyer work bus # WB-2. Chicago Illinois. July 2006.

I took this photograph on the north side of Chicago, back in July of 2006.

During the mid 1980's, I frequently rode aboard the Chicago Transit Authority's 1983 Canadian Flyer transit buses that were assigned to the CTA Rt # 52A / South Kedzie line.

For some reason or another, proboubly mechanical...these particular buses did not enjoy a long reign on Chicago's city streets, and many were retired from service by the ten to 15 year mark.

Seen here near North Clark Street, is a demoted 1983 CTA Flyer bus, now reassigned to maintenance work bus service. No longer carrying passengers, this bus now transports tools, supplies and workers to various job sites, maintaining the CTA infrastructure.

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