Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The locally popular Nicky's Gyros at the intersection of South Archer and Austin Avenues in Chicago's Garfield Ridge neighborhood. Chicago Illinois. Tuesday night, February 25th, 2014.

I took this photograph last night, in Chicago's Garfield Ridge neighborhood near Midway Airport.

I was visiting my old friend Bill after work, and decided to stop for a bite to eat at the Nicky's Gyros on South Archer and Austin Avenues. That brutal long rush hour commute from Glenview Illinois in heavy traffic, made me very hungry, and I just had to stop at one of my old favorite neighborhood eateries that I used to frequent during the 1980's and 90's.

It's been many years, and the food here is still very tasty and inexpensive today.

I just couldn't resist having a Tamale boat to go. This was always one of my favorites that they served here featuring a delicious bowl of Chilli with cheese and a Tamale. Their signature Big Baby Double Cheeseburger is always welcome here anytime.

Good food and happy memories last night for me last night when I visited this favorite old haunt from my southwest side Chicago days past.

Eddie K.


winslow said...

Where's all the snow!!!!!!

Eddie said...

Hi Winslow.

We had a short lived thaw last week. There were a few days in the low 40's...and that was about it. The Polar Vortex soon returned with sharp winds and night time lows of ten below zero, and daytime high temperatures in the single digits.


Eddie K.