Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Belt Railway of Chicago track inspectors truck. August 1986.

We are facing east at 49th Street and Lawndale Avenue on Chicago's Southwest side. This seen would be greatly altered in a few years, as the area to the left of the Track Inspectors pick up truck...would soon become the embankment for the Chicago Transit Authority's "Orange Line" rapid transit to Midway airport. Behind the bushes in front of the factory to the left, were the tracks to the Indianna Harbor Belt Railroads Chicago Stockyards Industrial branchline, wich unfortunately was in badly deteriorating shape. IHB abandoned this line in late 1988, and began using the adjacent BRC track shown in this photograph. The IHB right of way would be redeveloped into parking lots and embankment. The belt railway track in the forground is still here and in use, but this view is changed. Notice the "Hi-Rai Wheels" wich when lowered, allow ordinary vehicles to run on railroad tracks.


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