Saturday, May 20, 2006

A message from Eddie.

Hello everybody!
Welcome once again to Eddie's Railfan Page. I have to admit, this has got to be one of the nicest group of people one could ever get to know. I have recieved numerous E-Mails from the United States of America and abroad.

Just recently, My web page was viewed by many people from England. The people from Great Britain that have E-Mailed Me from the United Kingdom have welcomed My Chicago Illinois based Railfan page with "Open Arms" and many kind regards. This "Yank" Railfan here from the Windy City was quiete flattered. Though I have never physically been to England, I have met many nice people of English , Irish, and Scottish origin over the years here in Chicago.
England is known as "The mother of railways" and their railfan following is truelly phenominal.
English trains , primarily "steam locomotives" have held a place in My heart for at least 34 Years. I have many notable Brittish steam locomotive favorites such as -The Gresley A-4 Pacifics -The Stanier "Black 5" class 4 -6 -0 -The Great Northern "Single Wheeler and Many others. I have watched Many PBS Television shows about Brittish Steam Trains.
To My new found Brittish Railfan friends across "The Pond"...Welcome Aboard My Site.

During the upcoming week, I will be posting many more Chicago Area railroad photographs from the "1980's and Beyond", as well as more Bus photographs in upcoming weeks. Stay tuned.

For those who have just recently discovered "Eddie's Railfan Page", please take some time and be sure to highlight the postings in the "Archives" section. If You are as Impressed as You seem to be, Via these numerous "Anonymous" comments...You have Barely scratched the surface.
his site has been up and running since Febuary 8th 2006, and there are Many photo treasures.

Please be sure to explore the "Links" section of My web page. Toms photos is a fun page site, as is Railway Roundabout from My English railfan buddy Iain.
Another link that I will Be adding soon, is for a wonderful friend of mine who is a lively Dance Dj and Karaoke host in Hammond Indianna. Please be sure to visit
My friend Billee has a fun site if you enjoy good amature entertainment.

Thank You.
Edward Kwiatkowski (Eddie)
Eddie's Railfan Page.

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