Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Welcome aboard the Tiger Bus. September 2000.

Hello everybody!
Welcome aboard Eddie's Railfan Page. Today is "Bus Day" here at My blog site. This photograph was taken in September of 2000 at the Midwest Transit Bus Museum.
Here I am posing with RTA #890 aka "The Tiger Bus" at the Cresthill Illinois location near the city of Joliet. Some of the buses at the museum were operable, and some weren't. Some of these transit treasures had diesel engines, and some didn't. The tiger bus did and runs wonderfully after all these years. I got to drive the tiger bus and a few others on museum property under supervision. The Tiger Bus is originally a 1967 GMC transit coach from the West Towns Bus Company, wich was a pre RTA -pre Pace suburban bus company from the greater Chicagoland area many years ago. This bus was hand painted to promote Chicago's Brookfield Zoo. "No Decals!"


Anonymous said...

When was this bus in operation around Chicago? I seem to remember it....

Eddie said...

The Tiger Bus aka RTA# 890, is a 1967 GMC Transit coach that originally was employed by the West Towns Bus Company. It was originally painted dark blue around the window areas while the roof was white, and the sides were fluted stainless steel siding. (silver)
In 1974, RTA was formed and took over Chicago's suburban bus and some commuter rail operations. I believe this bus was painted in this color scheme around 1974 and rolled through Chicago's western suburbs like this for approximately 12 years before retirement and acquisition by the Midwest Transit Bus Museum.

Thank You.

Anonymous said...

You're an animal Eddie!!!

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