Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Chance encounter on Diversey Avenue. April 2004.

This is an example of one of those -Right time / Right place -photograph situations for railfans.
I was employed at this time as a Life Insurance Agent, and was on my way to visit a client on a business call. The train photographed here was one of the most "Elusive" I have encountered. We are on Diversey avenue by the Brickyard Shopping Center, about 5 blocks west of Narraganset Avenue. Approximately 4o feet to the right of the Soo Line railroad locomotive is the end of the track. This is a Dead End railroad spur serving the factories behind the Brickyard Mall. once the engine reaches the end of track..
It will back the graffitti tagged boxcar onto a south facing spur siding and drop it off. After this is done, The engine will back up approximately 5 blocks to the Former Milwaukee road railroad mainline and go to where the dispatcher sends the crew on their next assignment. I have an unofficial nickname for this switching run. I call it "The Brickyard Local".

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