Monday, March 07, 2011

Former Detroit, Toledo & Ironton Railroad EMD road switchers idling at the Grand Trunk Western RR Elsdon Yard. ( Gone.) Chicago Illinois. June 1984.

I took this photo way back in June of 1984.

The now fallen flag Grand Trunk Western Railroad, had just recently closed their Elsdon Yard facility on West 51st Street in Chicago, during October of 1983. A small remnant of the once busy Elsdon Yard located immediately on the north side of West 51st Street, was operated as a temporary makeshift locomotive and crew terminal, until September of 1986.

These former Detroit, Toledo & Ironton Railroad EMD roadswitchers acquired through merger in 1981, are viewed idling at the post 1983 Elsdon yard site. Notice the GT under locomotive # 6404's cab window.

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