Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A large yellow CCC garbage truck. Des Plaines Illinois USA. Monday, March 14th, 2011.

I took this photo in traffic, looking out of My driver's side window.

While I was waiting for the traffic light to change at the intersection of Mount Prospect Road and Oakton Street in northwest suburban Des Plaines Illinois, I spotted this unique large yellow CCC garbage truck heading east on Oakton Street and preparing to make a right turn on to southbound Mount Prospect Road.

Although I couldn't decipher the trucks markings or city seal on the side of the cab, a viewer at My Flickr Photo Page recognized this as being from the City of Milwaukee Wisconsin.

The reason this truck was proboubly here in Des Plaines Illinois, is because there is a service repair shop for refuse trucks just west of here on Oakton Street, just east of the intersection at Busse Highway.
This is near the area, where American Airlines Flight # 191 crashed on Friday, May 25th, 1979.

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