Monday, March 14, 2011

Old western Pacific wooden steam era caboose in modern 1950's era silver and orange paint. From the internet.

I found this rare Western Pacific Railroad color photo on the internet, however...I do not recall what was the Website I spotted this one at.

This photo, shows how some North American railroads, would do most anything to desperately modernize their image during the early diesel locomotive era.

Wooden cabooses from the steam era like this example shown here, were normally painted in a brown or dark red color scheme. Some railroads experimented with orange or yellow color schemes during the steam era as well.

The Western Pacific Railroad, was bent on modernization from the get go after World War two had ended in 1945. This caboose, is shown painted in the Western Pacific's 1950's era silver and orange color scheme, honoring their California Zephyr streamlined passenger train. Many of Western Pacific's diesel locomotives wore this color scheme, until the mid 1960's.

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