Thursday, June 23, 2011

Foreward interior view of a Chicago Rolls Royce Limosine Company trolley bus. Elmwood Park Illinois USA. May 2011.

I took this photo recently, innear northwest suburban Elmwood Park Illinois.

A local resident who works for the Chicago Rolls Royce Limosine Company of Chicago, was cleaning up his Gomaco replica trolley bus in preparation for an evening party charter group. After I introduced Myself as a fellow bus driver...I was invited to come aboard and see the bus for Myself.

This is the foreward facing interior view inside a replica sightseeing charter service trolleybus. The bus doesn't operate under overhead trolley wires at 600 volts DC like the old CTA electric "Trolleybuses" did prior to 1973, rather...this bus has a body that is designed to look like an early 1900's era electric city streetcar.

Yes. There is a trolley bell here. Clang Clang!

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