Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The last run of the Milwaukee Wisconsin GMC fishbowl windshield bus fantrip. Milwaukee Wisconsin USA. Saturday, June 8th, 2000.

I took this photo on Saturday, June 8th 2000 in the city of Milwaukee Wisconsin USA.

I traveled to Milwaukee from Chicago, with a group of bus fans from the Chicago chapter of the Omnibus Society of America, and The Midwest Transit Bus Museum in Cresthill Illinois.

On this day, the people at The Milwaukee County Transit District, were operating the official last run charter fantrip, of the MCTD 1960's era rehabbed GMC TDH Series fishbowl windshield transit bus # 1925.

The Milwaukee County Transit District had recently retired several older transit buses, and 2000 would be the last year of operation in Milwaukee Wisconsin for these classic "New Look" General Motors transit buses.

GMC introduced this design in the year of 1959, and this model of transit bus had a long reign on the streets of many North American citties.

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