Thursday, February 02, 2012

Anthony C (left) and Eddie K on the East 95th Street drawbridge over the Calumet River. Chicago Illinois USA. Saturday, October 15th, 2011.

Hi everyone!

Welcome aboard Eddie's Railfan Page, from the citty of Chicago Illinois USA.

I am an avid photographer Myself. Now while it can be fun to go out on location and take some photos on a nice and very sunny day by Yourself once in awhile, there is nothing more fun than going on location with a good buddy or two to share the fun.

Last October, I got together with My good friiend and fellow Chicago railfan Anthony C. (Left.)

What had started out as a "Railfan Photo Outing" to shoot pictures of trains, wound up being a fun adventure discovering the far southeast side of Chicago, near the state line border at Hammond Indiana.

Here We are on the southeast corner of the East 95th Street drawbridge over the Calumet River enjoying some great Autum sunshine.

The East 95th Street bridge seen here, was used for a very spectacular "Car jumps an open drawbridge scene", in the 1980 feature movie "The Blues Brothers", wich stared John Belushi and Dan Akroyd.

And yes....We did take a few train photos that day a well. It was a fun outing!

Eddie K.


Anonymous said...

Weren't you guys on Comedy Central recently?

Eddie K. said...


Hi there buddy whoever You are.

No, I think You got the wrong guys.
However, Anthony and Myself do have an occasional one liner between ourselves. We like to
occasionally crack each other up.

Eddie K.